Pathogen When a deadly virus surfaces in the small wealthy town of Hidden Valley British Columbia Dr Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles work together to uncover the source of the outbreak As the two wome

  • Title: Pathogen
  • Author: Jessica L. Webb
  • ISBN: 9781626398337
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a deadly virus surfaces in the small, wealthy town of Hidden Valley, British Columbia, Dr Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles work together to uncover the source of the outbreak As the two women navigate their new relationship, Kate and Andy are also forced to navigate a highly political and increasingly panicked community Still bearing the scars of her recent abWhen a deadly virus surfaces in the small, wealthy town of Hidden Valley, British Columbia, Dr Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles work together to uncover the source of the outbreak As the two women navigate their new relationship, Kate and Andy are also forced to navigate a highly political and increasingly panicked community Still bearing the scars of her recent abduction, Kate is driven to discover how this virus attacks her critically ill patients while Andy investigates suspicions of bioterrorism As the death count rises, Kate struggles with a crushing sense of helplessness, the pressure to keep the residents of Hidden Valley alive, and Andy s growing concern that maybe Kate hasn t yet dealt with her troubled past.The sequel to Trigger.

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    1. Edited 11/11/2016 for some thoughts regarding the ending (see bottom of review). Because Trigger is one of my all-time favorite thrillers, this sequel was an easy choice, a drop-everything-you're-doing-and-grab-it read for me. Lead character Kate Morrison is a hardworking but unassuming ER doctor working in a busy Vancouver hospital. The harrowing events in Trigger has added a few more physical and psychological scars to the ones she's carried from before--a life-long guilt over a death she was [...]

    2. Trigger, book 1 in this series, was one of the best lesfic books released in 2016. Add in the fact that it was a debut novel for Webb, and it is really unbelievable. Pathogen was highly anticipated and I really wondered how could it live up to its predecessor. The answer, unbelievably well. This is easily another 5 Stars for Webb, without a doubt in my mind.What I loved about Trigger was the human bomb storyline. So new and different than any other lesfic book. This book is about deadly viruses, [...]

    3. Once again Jessica Webb delivers with a thriller every bit as good as anything mainstream authors are cranking out these days. A virus is infecting the locals in a wealthy community north of Vancouver and bioterrorism is suspected. It is up to Sergeant Andy Wyles and Dr. Kate Morrison to hunt down the source of this potential pandemic as well as find a way to save those infected with the virus. It takes all of Dr. Kate’s formidable skills as a physician to find ways to keep her patients alive [...]

    4. It's a totally captivating read for this author's 2nd book in this series with a well rounded cast and lots of evocative scenes,compelling narrative and the attraction between both leads was really telling because you saw the tenderness when they were together and it was clear that there was lots of respect for each other even after disagreements.d both of them were willing to move mountains to protect each otherlove the storyline about the particular's of fighting and saving lives because of so [...]

    5. Pathogen by Jessica L. Webb picks up not long after the conclusion of Trigger, the debut novel in the Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery series. If you haven’t read, Trigger, stop, go read it and then jump right into this one. These two need to be read in sequence. Otherwise, you will be wading in the dark. My review of Trigger can be found here: theromanticreaderblog/201In Trigger, Dr. Kate Morrison and RCMP Sergeant Andy Wyles were thrown together to solve a medical mystery of humans being used a sca [...]

    6. Detailed score: 3.5 rounded upI know others would disagree but for me this was a slightly less compelling version of the first book. Angst fans are in for a treat here as one of our leads has sochgst . It started to give me the irrits TBH. On the flip side, Andy is a little too good to be true.It's well written and the story cracks along at a nice pace but, as was my experience in the first book, the romance was a bit underbaked and instalove. Still. It's a really good read. I'm certainly not so [...]

    7. *The copy provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books in exchange for an honest review*I was skeptical at first, because rarely do sequels live up to their first, original books. But this one is a gem. This is an amazing thriller, a novel that keeps you on your toes all throughout every page. It's tense, very well written, filled with angst and drama, and even in those quiet moments you fear that something will happen any time now. Both Kate and Andy are well developed, complex characters, cons [...]

    8. Where did Jessica L. Webb suddenly come from!? First with Trigger now Pathogen, her stories are tight, smart nail-biters with such strong female characters or hell just characters in general. I'm a little disappointed that she doesn't have the backing of a much larger publisher behind her because her books are exceptional and truly story-oriented.Pathogen picks up several months after Trigger and assumes you have read the predecessor, as there's thankfully no rehashing or summarizing of the even [...]

    9. I loved the first book in this series Trigger so I was naturally very excited to read this book. I found this book to be more of an emotional roller coaster than the first book. At least the emotional side was more prominent part whereas the first book was more action based. I was completely pulled into this book and rode every emotional wave which made it an intense read for me. The ending was hard and to be honest didn't see that coming. I loved reading about Kate and Andy’s relationship as [...]

    10. Great story and follow-up of Kate and Andy's characters, I think the Author is doing a wonderful job bringing the events and characters to such an enticing and fascinating depth. Kate's character is complex in her way of assimilating to the turn her life has taken since book one, Andy shows a great amount of love and patience in her dealings with Kate as well as lots of understanding. Can't wait to see how these ladies fair in book three. All in all, I believe this was a wonderful sequel.

    11. What an emotional ride! Can't wait to see what's happens in Book 3 and hopefully it isn't the last of the series.

    12. Meh, I've read better.To be honest I'm a little disappointed in this book. After reading the insanely suspenseful first book Trigger I didn't expect this one to be so tame in comparison. Where book one was full of action and a truly villainous bad guy this one felt mainly like a race against the clock for both Kate and Andy. The story itself was written well enough to keep me turning the pages but I had no problem putting this one down for several days to start another book. Here's hoping book t [...]

    13. After reading the epic awesomeness that is "Trigger" I wasn't sure Jessica Webb could top her last book, but I'm very happy to say she proved me wrong. Even without the compelling slow burn of the beginning relationship of Andy and Kate Ms. Webb kept the romantic aspects of the book solid and a joy to watch develop. Their relationship is not fantastical and perfect. They have struggles and they deal with them realistically all while solving another fascinating medical thriller. Exciting, suspens [...]

    14. This is Jessica L. Webb's second book in the Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery series following this author's debut novel Trigger. I highly recommend that you read them in order otherwise you might miss a few things that will clue you into the conflicts of the main characters.This novel follows up with the budding romance between Dr. Kate Morrison, an ER director in Vancouver, and Andy Wyles, an RCMP sergeant  As in the previous book, a medical emergency is caused by criminal behaviour and the main cha [...]

    15. ARC received from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I would give this 6 stars if I could. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It is fast pacedeven more than the first. The premise is not quite as interesting but the emotional turmoil makes up for it. I couldn't stop reading it. In fact, I am already contemplating a re-read!

    16. A fascinating and gripping topic!A frightening and fascinating story. The medical terms and facts are understandable and fortunately not too technical. The construction of the story was captivating and the pace never slows down. I thought I had it all figured out but the conclusion was not what I expected. Andy's love and protection of her loved one was heart warming. She is without a doubt my favorite character. Kate's exhausting battle against this disease took a toll on her. She became an emo [...]

    17. Again, this series never fails but I like the first one better. Maybe I'm more into human time bombs than influenza.I think I'll also update my rating from the first book. Kaye and Andy's relationship have leveled up but there's still "doubts" on both their parts.This is a page turner. The moment I started reading, I can't seem to stop. Everything is very well explained. You'll never get lost even if you don't have any idea on the topic. I also remembered a Korean movie titled "The Flu" although [...]

    18. AwesomeAbsolutely awesome book to follow up to trigger, lots of suspense in the ending, I can't wait for book number 3.

    19. What can I say? Book 2 in the Dr Kate Morrison series is as well written medical-criminal mystery as the first book. It was hard to put the book down.

    20. "I love you, Andy Wiles. I know I'm doing a shitty job of showing it these days, but I love you."This book is fantastic just like Trigger. I keep loving Kate more and more at every new page. She is just a wonderful protagonist with an amazing personality and such compassion for other people. My favorite thing in this book was seeing Andy and Kate working together. It's so rare to find lesbian relationships being developed on the page and not being the main cause of drama. The plot happens outsid [...]

    21. ** I was given a copy from NetGalley for an honest review.**I think what Miss Webb attempts to do here is quite an interesting and fresh approach to books of this genre, where there seems to usually be more of an emphasis on the story than the characters themselves. Here, the story is as important as the characters in it. And it (sorta) works. And it's (kinda) interesting. Because it's actually carefully executed. (even if not too much to my liking) I have to confess that when it comes to the ro [...]

    22. *ARC provided by Netgalley and the Publisher for an honest review*I just finished reading this book and the best word that I can we to explain my feelings at this moment is, raw. The first book blew me away and although there wasn't much sexual intimacy between the main characters in that book I was still stunned by their chemistry.This book took their chemistry and used it to make me fall in love with them, I was hooked on their flawed yet perfect love and used every spare second I had immersin [...]

    23. I did enjoy reading this book, I had a hard time putting it down to do anything else. All the medical information was a little difficult for me to follow, maybe because I'm not a native speaker of English. The chacartec development and the changing realtionship of the main characters was very well written.

    24. Enjoyable book for the most part. The interactions of Kate and Andy are once again done really well and I enjoyed getting a peek into Andy's family. The virus side of the plot, while nothing exactly new, doesn't bog you down with too much detail and medical jargon and was interesting enough to keep my interest. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, felt a bit rushed and the ending fell into one of my least favorite romance tropes-- more about these in the spoiler. Which is why I give this [...]

    25. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so it was inevitable I should try this one. In some ways I thought this was an even better book. I like Kate and Andy, although Andy’s controlling nature can be irritating at times. The books read well and it is very easy to sit down to read for half an hour, only to find you have been there for hours. The story wasn’t quite as intriguing as the first one, but it was certainly compelling and held my attention throughout the book. The medical dr [...]

    26. This was such a moving story!I experienced so many emotions while I read this and I know I'll never forget this story. My heart really goes out to Andy and Kate and I am really looking forward to reading a sequel to this book.

    27. 2.5 starsDeadly virus plot was boring and I hereby disqualify it as a romancePathogen is the sequel to Trigger, which picks up about 4 months after the human bomb thriller in book one. Unlike the first installment, the author developed the romantic relationship in this one and gave it a lot more attention (in the opening, especially, versus the end). So the book opens with a very lengthy period of lesbian relationship bliss (vegetarian meals, one-sided sex, hiking etc).Here Dr. Kate Morrison (Ch [...]

    28. Where did Jessica Webb come from? This is the second Dr. Kate Morrison book, the first is Trigger and it was amazing. A reader should really read them in order, because they are both fantastic. I would sign up today to read the next 10 books Webb writes. If you read the first two books and are not a little bit in love with Dr. Kate you may not be a lesbian. Webb writes a crazy story. I think about them long after I have finished reading the book. Trigger was one of my favorite reads last year, a [...]

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