Gavrilo Princip

Gavrilo Princip Si el siglo XXI empez con los atentados del S a las Torres Gemelas hay quien sostiene que el siglo XX no empez hasta el de junio de En Sarajevo un grupo de j venes nacionalistas serbios co

  • Title: Gavrilo Princip
  • Author: Henrik Rehr
  • ISBN: 9781910856
  • Page: 144
  • Format: None
  • Si el siglo XXI empez con los atentados del 11S a las Torres Gemelas, hay quien sostiene que el siglo XX no empez hasta el 28 de junio de 1914 En Sarajevo, un grupo de j venes nacionalistas serbios cometen un atentado mal planeado y peor ejecutado cuyas consecuencias llevaron al inicio de la Primera Guerra Mundial Gavrilo Princip dispar y mat ese d a al archiduqueSi el siglo XXI empez con los atentados del 11S a las Torres Gemelas, hay quien sostiene que el siglo XX no empez hasta el 28 de junio de 1914 En Sarajevo, un grupo de j venes nacionalistas serbios cometen un atentado mal planeado y peor ejecutado cuyas consecuencias llevaron al inicio de la Primera Guerra Mundial Gavrilo Princip dispar y mat ese d a al archiduque Francisco Fernando de Habsburgo, heredero al trono austroh ngaro, y a su esposa.El autor dan s Henrik Rehr traza en Gavrilo Princip un retrato ntimo de la vida de este joven serbio de Bosnia Herzegovina desde su nacimiento en una familia campesina pobre, miserable, hasta su posterior politizaci n cuando llega, adolescente, a Sarajevo Las ideas socialistas y anarquistas que reinaban en Europa a principios de siglo van marcando la mirada de una generaci n de j venes oprimidos, antes por el Imperio otomano, ahora por el austroh ngaro Rehr se acerca a la vida del pueblo llano mientras nos presenta la situaci n geopol tica de la poca, con un Imperio austroh ngaro en decadencia, unas extra as alianzas cruzadas entre potencias al alza y una fiebre armament stica sin precedentes hasta entonces Una historia que puede que nos hable del presente.

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    1. The publisher catalogues this as fiction, and author Rehr agrees, as for this story he invents scenes and dialogue, based on what he knows from the factual history. There's some mistakes in it, too, factual errors, but what history text doesn't have some, and what biography of a WWI doesn't have some invention or speculation in it! This is really a project of historical fiction by the Danish author of 24 graphic novels who now lives in NYC, where he researched for this book at the NY Public Libr [...]

    2. If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, would you?I've often wondered that when dealing with speculative time-travel executions, why do we always focus on Hitler, and never Gavrilo Princip?Again: highly speculative. Highly flawed reasoning here. But if killing Hitler avoids the Holocaust, and WWII - would killing Princip avoid WWI, and therefore also the Holocaust and WWII?Maybe you agree with what Otto Von Bismark's 1878 statement, "Europe today is a powder keg, and the leaders are like m [...]

    3. I read this book with the hope that it would bolster my limited knowledge of the assassination that triggered World War I; in this, the book came through for me. Some of the illustrations, particularly those in the final pages, are quite moving in their depictions of the tragic results the war brought to so many. Other illustrations were less successful; in the scenes featuring multiple characters, the figures tend to look the same, which I found confusing. There is at least one typo, and also o [...]

    4. An impressive book, categorized as "fiction" by the publisher, that makes a better history lesson than regular history books. Rehr admits that he takes liberties with this subject matter -- specifically, the conversations and everyday lives of Princip and his colleagues -- but even that is structured around the scaffolding of historical record. If any wants to learn about not only the history of the years leading up to WW I, or if someone wants more education on the ethnic conflicts that gave ri [...]

    5. The book I read is called Terrorist, I think the book genre is action and adventure. The author of Terrorist is Henrick Rehr. The book Terrorist was a good book in my opinion. The characters in this book show a lot of patriotism to the country (Serbia). The main character in this book is Gavrilo Princip, as you can tell from the title of the book. The book is about Gavrilo and a few other Serbians wanting to assassinate The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The reason for them to assassinate th [...]

    6. Et meget spændende emne, der fik mig til at droppe den bog, jeg ellers havde tænkt mig at læse bagefter og i stedet hive 1914: The Year the World Ended af Paul Ham ned fra reolen.Historien er velfortalt, og der er godt pace og suspense, de rigtige steder.Jeg er dog enig med Anetq (se hendes anmeldelse) i, at stregen til tider er lidt problematisk. Det hele er meget mørkt og illustreret på en måde, der gør det svært at skelne personerne fra hinanden, og der mister bogen lidt for mig - og [...]

    7. Εξαιρετικά ενδιαφέρουσα τεχνική σχεδίου.Οι εναλλαγές γκρίζου-μαύρου δίνουν τον κατάλληλο τόνο για να ερμηνεύσουμε την εποχή πριν το ξέσπασμα του Α.Π.Π.

    8. This fascinating graphic novel account of the events that led to WWI shines the spotlight on Gavrilo Princip, the man who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on the streets of Sarajevo. Although the author spends a great deal of time focusing on that particular day, June 28, 1914, he also explores the early days of both victim and assassin. When the young Serb leaves his village to study in the city, he is filled with ambition and excited about his future as well as proud o [...]

    9. A fictionalized graphic biography of Gavrilo Princip, who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and sparked World War I. Following the Serbian nationalist's long journey toward the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, Rehr creates a penetrating portrait of what drives people to become terrorists. Stark, powerful, and fascinating.

    10. Little is known of the fanatic who set the world in flames. This graphic novel paints the journey of a young Serb's descent into one act of assassination that changed everything. It bounces between Princip and Archduke Ferdinand who was evidently clueless of the world outside his happy family.Highly rec.

    11. This is certainly one of the harder Books I've reviewed and not only for its subject, but also for my opinion of it; that being mixed and confused. A biographical account of the life behind the infamous Gavrilo Princip and his motivations for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand is a big ask, and whilst it largely delivers, it does so with constantly shifting sympathies; something that becomes very grating in the latter half of the Book. So, if I dislike it so, why have I rated it four stars? We [...]

    12. Novela gráfica que aborda la vida del hombre que detonó la Primera Guerra Mundial, mediante el atentado al archiduque Francisco Fernando de Austria-Hungría. Considerado un terrorista por occidente (Austria y EEUU a la cabeza), es un héroe para los serbio-bosnios. Al punto que en el lugar donde perpetró el magnicidio había una placa que rezaba así: «Desde este lugar, el 28 de junio de 1914, Gavrilo Princip expresó con su disparo la protesta popular contra la tiranía y la centenaria aspi [...]

    13. I wish history was taught to students through graphic novels like this. I gained a lot of information about what triggered World War I that I had never learned in any history class I took. I never realized that things were so tense in Europe before World War I. People felt oppressed and many were afraid to voice their opinions. A group of young Serbs who loved their people and felt oppressed thought they were doing the right thing and that it would help Serbs in the long run, but the war took ou [...]

    14. This story gave an interesting take on the story of the shot that ignited World War I. Rehr took some liberties of course to imagine what daily life was like for both Archduke Fran Ferdinand and his shooter, Gavrilo Princip. But the story was well written and I think the black an white, scratchy style of artwork supported the story well.

    15. Liked the woodblock style but made some characters difficult to distinguish. Pacing uneven and a bit dull until the last 1/3.

    16. The story is interesting because that part of human history is interesting. But it has to be more than that if you want to qualify a book itself as great. But they seem to spend so much time in weirdly uninteresting part of Princip's life that it becomes boring fairly quickly. The art is nice if uneventful.

    17. One of the most fantastic ways to learn about historye graphic novel. Harrowing, heart-breaking, but informative book with great artwork.

    18. I loved the art! And the story which is based on actual historical events is quite interesting. There were a lot of linked stories happening and at times it was a bit hard to keep up with. But overall I really enjoyed it.

    19. The title of this book is Terrorist it's about a guy named Gavrilo Princip who ends up starting World War 1. ***SpoilerAlert*** Gavrilo Princip kills the Archduchess and shot the Archduke which he ends up dying. The genre of this story is realistic fiction. My opinion of this book is that it is like you are very true to your religion. Gavrilo Princip wants to learn more in the city so he travels to Austria Hungary to learn more things about what happens and history. He has some friends which he [...]

    20. WWI is one of those time periods that I always want to know more about and remains rather foggy in my mind. This was an interesting docudrama-esque comic about Gavrilo Princip, the anarchist who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. I really enjoyed the style and the quotes from trial transcripts and getting to know a little bit about the Black Hand, Princip's anarchist book. Plus, the background of why the Serbs were so unhappy with Hapsburg rule was super helpful.

    21. Henrik Rehr's Terrorist is a brave graphic novel, newly published in the US. In a time when "terrorist" conjures up nothing positive, Rehr gives us the story of Gavrilo Princip, the self-described terrorist whose assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand touched off World War I. Rehr never asks readers to condone the actions or sympathize with the emotions of Princip and his associates, just as we are never required to condemn them. We are simply asked to see and understand how the [...]

    22. Rehr, Henrik Terrorist: Gavrilo Princip, the Assassin who Ignited World War I 32 pgs Graphic Universe (Lerner), 2015. $12.00 Content: Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: PG13 Violence: PG13 GRAPHIC NOVELThis is the story of Gavrilo Princip, assassin of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914. Not very much is known about him or his motives, so the author fills in the blanks. Gavrilo was from a village in Serbia and was unsuccessful in school, instead falling in with a crowd of malcon [...]

    23. All in all, this is a well done graphic novel that will teach you and make you think. I didn't realize that the Black Hand was behind the assassination, that it was a planned affair, and that most of the conspirators were so young. I loved the art style and all of the historical details. My only complaint is that the pacing felt off at times. Gavrilo was an interesting character. He started out as a bright-eyed kid who loved his homeland, but then he fell in with the wrong crowd because he wasn' [...]

    24. When I got this book, I was rather taken aback by the size of it. I'm so used to the BD's of France, Belgium and the Netherlands and those rarely top a 100 pages. However, the book and the drawings are lovely. The black and white drawings on a black page give off the right mood for the story.I was immediately drawn to the story, and its unique perspective on the outbreak of World War 1. It gives insight into the situation in the Balkan region as well as telling the life story of Gravril Princip. [...]

    25. Terrorist: Gavrilo Princip, the Assassin Who Ignited World War I is a dark graphic novel that helped me understand a bit more of the history behind this event. This book that fits well with other graphic novels that help to explain that which is hard to explain: The Complete Maus, Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia, 1992-1995,Fax from Sarajevo, and Pride of Baghdad, to name but a few. I like the way the author/artist captures the dark desires of Princip in his art.

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