Waking Olivia

Waking Olivia His father s debt a failing farm and a floundering track team College coach Will Langstrom already has too many responsibilities and the last thing he needs is Olivia a beautiful new addition to hi

  • Title: Waking Olivia
  • Author: Elizabeth O'Roark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His father s debt, a failing farm and a floundering track team College coach Will Langstrom already has too many responsibilities, and the last thing he needs is Olivia, a beautiful new addition to his team with a bad attitude and a troubled past Abandoned and broken, Olivia trusts no one especially not the cocky track coach the rest of the team adores But when her pHis father s debt, a failing farm and a floundering track team College coach Will Langstrom already has too many responsibilities, and the last thing he needs is Olivia, a beautiful new addition to his team with a bad attitude and a troubled past Abandoned and broken, Olivia trusts no one especially not the cocky track coach the rest of the team adores But when her past is revealed to Will, she discovers another side to him one she could grow to love Forced together by a secret no one else can know and breaking university rules to do it Will and Olivia s connection deepens As does an attraction that could cost them everything.

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    1. 4.5 StarsI really enjoyed this book. And I really liked the character Olivia, the Cross Country runner.I should start off by saying that I personally love to run. Even when no one is chasing me. I just love the feeling I get when I am having a good running day.The endorphins are pumping.The body feels good.The wind is blowing through my hair. I feel all gazelle-like and shit. Now.Truth be toldI in no way shape or form resemble a gazelle. I am NOT fast.I am NOT streamlined.And the wind is not flo [...]

    2. ★★★★ ½! Waking Olivia (stand-alone). A beautiful, against-all-odds forbidden College love story!“It’s something far beyond running or lust or even friendship.”Waking Olivia (stand-alone) is a poignant story about a lonely girl, Olivia Finnegan, Finn arriving at a new College on an athletic scholarship after a scandal at her previous. As a track star with potential and a stunning beauty Olivia is met by hostility, envy and curiosity. For her new track coach, Will Langstrom her arri [...]

    3. 4 Sleep running Stars Mild Spoilers"Then why are you here?" "I'm here because it appears possible that I was wrong." "That's big of you," she snarls. "The way you're conceding it's possible that I'm not lying." She turns towards the door. "Thanks for stopping by. Come back if you'd like to tell me you think it's also possible that I don't deal drugs or poison children, and in the meantime, go fuck yourself."-Will and OliviaHot coach/ student action Hell Yeah I'm all over that shit! Waking Olivia [...]

    4. 4.5 STARSThis story is very engrossing, the characters well developed, and the story overall enjoyable. The heroine, Olivia Finnegan is snarky, tough, and she has a bad reputation following assault charges against her from her prior school. She is sent with her scholarship as a transfer student and to now be a member of the East Colorado University track team. Olivia’s issues come to light as her handsome coach, Will Langstrom and her go from enemies to friends and slowly to so very much more [...]

    5. ***5 "Unreplaceable" stars***Well, this story was AMAZING!!!If you like hate-love stories, or student-teacher stories, or books with athletes on college this is one book that don't want to miss!!!It had everything insideA dark past, a tortured soul, a sassy fiesty heroine, an amazing, stubborn hero and a really touching plotI will always keep this story close to my heart!!!!It made me feel almost everything!!!Olivia had a rough time with her academic futureShe was a star on track but lately she [...]

    6. “I don't want to feel sorry for her. I don't want to feel anything for her.Maybe the problem is that I already do.” This is a hard review to write.Waking Olivia was a good book, there is no doubt about it. If I'd read it a year ago, my rating would probably be higher. Hell, if Olivia didn't do certain things towards the end, it would probably be higher. But the thing is, my tolerance for stupid decisions is very low, and both Olivia and Will drove me out of my freaking skull.“No one has ev [...]

    7. I'll be honest this book exhausted me. So much running! She's runningHe's running(And can we just pause here to fully take in the crop-top Ian Ziering is sporting in this flashback to my youth.)The whole team is runningHell, even I started running(For clarification I'd be Lisa Kudrow's character in this scenario.)Who am I kidding I was NOT runningBecauseBut, as exhausted as I was with all the running I was reading about (and not actually doing). I really liked this book. It's got so many of my f [...]

    8. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*So much has changed regarding my feelings*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Re-read: 04.01.2018 This is my first M/F book in ages. Why I decided to re-read this one? Well, I remember adoring it a lot, and I thought that the best way to get back to M/F is to read something I already loved. Did it work? Well, I'm uncertain. The book is absolutely adorable, yet heartbreaking. But it was still not as good as I remember it. I have become way more picky and reserved when it comes to books, so It w [...]

    9. 4.5 starsI picked up this book on a whim. I was recovering from a trauma caused by the cliffy ending of another amazing bookd then I stumbled upon this book on GR. I skimmed the blurb and some of the shelves and found the following keywords:*forbidden love (teacher-student romance)*a sports theme*enemies to lovers romance*slow burn romance*a college setting*a strong heroined I said “what the hell”. And boy am I glad I trusted my instincts! Because the writing is great and the chemistry is of [...]

    10. Ha!I love sport!I love romance, duh?! I love college shit too!And I fuckin thrive for angst!And yeah, I own the book *wink*And this turned out to be an epic love story set in college, a push and pull forbidden relationship between a "messed-up" troubled with a sleep-running nightmares as a proof of her horrid past childhood, young runner Olivia Finnegan and her new track coach/ex-climber Will Landstrom as they each fight with their own demons of the past and the undeniable attraction as well as [...]

    11. 2.75 starsI wish I could give this book more, because it's clear that the author put a lot of effort in it. I'm saying this because the dynamics are complex, we have well-deveolped side characters and the story isn't cliché. But it just didn't do it for me.But first I'll list some things I liked:1- Olivia's background. It starts as a mystery and it stays one for a long while. I liked how we got to unveil it piece by piece.2- The running world. It's refreshing after all these books about footbal [...]

    12. What can I say? There was so much to love about this book. Olivia was a young woman tormented by a past she can't remember and Will was the man determined to help her. This story evoked so many emotions and was written so beautifully that I couldn't put it down once I started. I was hooked from the first chapter. Elizabeth O'Roark is a new author to me but she's definitely gained one more fan.I've never read a book on this subject before and like Will, I had to Google it to find out whether or n [...]

    13. ****4 STARSSo let's start by saying that this book is so different from many romance novels, which is awesome. I love a good non-cliche book. (I still love a good cliche book too).I mean, I'm speechless, which is rare.I felt for Olivia, she has been through so much. I just wanted to give her a cuddle.And the chemistry.Yasssssss.Once Will opens his eyes and actually sees Olivia for who she is and stops judging he can't deny how amazing she is.Both Will and Olivia are broken souls and they find th [...]

    14. Between 4.5 to 5 stars.But full 5 stars for Olivia, I totally love the girl!I down the stars a little bit because I wanted to shake Will for few times! Not exactly the same, but remember Kissing Tolstoy by Penny Reid? Yup what I found lacking in that book, I found it here with much better story and characters.Olivia is an athlete, a runner. She supposed to be a very good runner, but there’s no consistency in her run. One time her record can be in a par with Olympic athletes, the other time she [...]

    15. Waking Olivia brings us the story of Olivia, college track star with a troubled past who is attempting a fresh start after losing her scholarship to a D1 University and Will, her track coach who gave up his own dreams in order to step in when his father passed away. Waking Olivia was a college romance with a bit of a suspenseful twist.Will can’t help but think the worse when his eyes land on Olivia. He doesn’t know much about her, but he does know that she was kicked off her last team when s [...]

    16. This was a NA contemporary romance, about a girl from an abusive family.Olivia was a bit of a prickly character, as was Will, so they seemed to make a good match! It did take Olivia a long time to open up to Will though, and share her problems, but knowing her background it became obvious why.The storyline in this was about Olivia sleep-running, and Will trying to stop her from doing it so that she could continue to run long-distance at college. The romance element was quite slowly paced, and it [...]

    17. What WorkedOlivia's sleep issue and her past that caused it is the star of the book. Olivia's problem is complex, and there's no easy solution for it. If you think sleep walkers have problems pssst Meet Olivia. It's a great plot point. I also appreciated the author didn't create - unicorn and rainbow type of bow tie fix for Olivia's disorder. I liked the sports side of the story. The writing is standard, fair, leaves little technical complaints. The characters were fleshed out and the author too [...]

    18. I really, really, really loved this. Honest to God, I never knew NA could be this powerful. This was such a page-turner and it helped me get out of the nasty reading slump.I'm so excited to read more from Ms. O'Roark!

    19. 4.5 a breath of fresh air starsYou know what I love? I love it when I read a book that is COMPLETELY different from many of the other romance novels I have read. Waking Olivia fits that to a T! Our heroine, Olivia, is an amazing runner who made a name for herself at her previous school-and not a good name at that. Known for her explosive temper and her seemingly spotty talent, Olivia transfers to a new school and is immediately disliked by the sexy track coach, Will. Will see's Olivia for the fi [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion:I was really into this book until the author lost me in the last ~1/4. I liked the premise, and I liked the h -- but there was some time jumps thrown in at the end (before the epilogue) that I had issues with. I get that the author wanted to give us closure, but I think it could've been done in one chapter with one jump ahead with a summary type thing. I wanted more time with them as a successful couple! Not just time jumps that end up just summarizing what happened betw [...]

    21. 4.5 stars.When I first picked up this book, I thought it was gonna be an easy, lighthearted fluff read, but I was so wrong. I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I loved the banter and sexual tension between Olivia and Will. There was also some angst since Will was Olivia's coach and he also had a girlfriend. I would definitely recommend this book for people who enjoyed Kulti.

    22. ~~~ 4.5 "running" stars~~~I wanted to read this book after I read Kulti, which is almost 2 years ago. Yep. Enemies to lovers + sports is my fave trope. Throw in a forbbiden teacher/student love and we have a winner.It's actually quite funny how I love to read books about sports, especially about running. Because I hate running. It's pure torture for mebut I love to read about it. "shrug"Stuff some GRs might find offensivebut didn't bother me at all. There was sexual/swapping spit stuff with OM/O [...]

    23. Oh yes, very good! Even though this is a "forbidden" love it's a coach who isn't hardly any older. The story was really great and the build up, tension, the freaking I AM GOONA JUMP YOUR BONES that didn't come soon enough about killed me. I'm sure all that have read my reviews know I want everyone to get down and nasty as soon as possible! The story held my attention either way but I didn't like that tease :) Now the heroine on the other hand, Olivia (Finn) is tough as nails, she's angry, rude, [...]

    24. 4.5You know, I've had this book in my radar for a long time. I think I even bought a copy shortly after it released. Who knows what, but for whatever reason yesterday, I felt like this was the book I needed to read and it was great! Long story short: Olivia has transferred schools due to an incident. Will is her track coach, who also has a girlfriend. So this is all kinds of forbidden deliciousness. Olivia has plenty of issues though which I actually found super intriguing because I have never r [...]

    25. Updateipping this one for a case of (view spoiler)[in my opinion cheating (hide spoiler)] and lack of Man-upedness./review/show

    26. Que livro lindo!!!!! Pode ser que quem tiver o prazer de lê-lo vai pensar: poxa, mais do mesmo. Sim, mas contado de uma forma tão inusitada e maravilhosa. Gostei da escrita da autora, não consegui parar até acabar. Recomendo? Com certeza! Leiam. <3

    27. 4.5 StarsAnother Kindle Unlimited win for me. I'm sure what I was expecting when I started this one, but what I found was an unexpectedly original story. Olivia is a talented runner, but her abilities don't always shine through. She is unreliable, cold and trouble seems to follow her. After an assault against a male track star, she finds herself transferring to East Colorado University. Even in a group of abnormal people, I'm the freak.Will Langstrom is her new track coach, and he isn't happy to [...]

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