Wolf, en Garde

Wolf en Garde Three years ago Lyle made a mistake that cost him his freedom and almost his life Now sick to death of watching his father love the man that Lyle wanted Lyle accepts an offer to leave Wolf WY behi

  • Title: Wolf, en Garde
  • Author: A.F. Henley
  • ISBN: 9781620047743
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook
  • Three years ago Lyle made a mistake that cost him his freedom, and almost his life Now, sick to death of watching his father love the man that Lyle wanted, Lyle accepts an offer to leave Wolf, WY behind and see what life in Washington, D.C can do for him instead.When Lyle comes across a seductive, attractive stranger with a fascinating yet terrifying view of humanity, heThree years ago Lyle made a mistake that cost him his freedom, and almost his life Now, sick to death of watching his father love the man that Lyle wanted, Lyle accepts an offer to leave Wolf, WY behind and see what life in Washington, D.C can do for him instead.When Lyle comes across a seductive, attractive stranger with a fascinating yet terrifying view of humanity, he s than intrigued It doesn t take Lyle long to realize that Arius isn t just playing games, though, and when Lyle runs across a secret in Arius lair he has no choice but to flee, even knowing his actions will enrage Arius.On the run, with only a psychic s second sight and his own instinct to help him, Lyle has nowhere to go but home The only question is, will they have him when he shows up.

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    1. 3.5 HEARTS--A.F. Henley returns with the wolfy O'Connell family in the book #2 of the Wolf series, Wolf, en Garde. This is a series you must read in order, I wouldn't suggest as a standalone. I really enjoyed the ideas in book #1, Wolf, WY and jumped at the chance to read book #2. I'll admit I skipped over the most of the blurb in my haste and didn't see the one type of paranormal that isn't my faveychics. Thankfully, the psychic stuff was late to the game and not as heavy. Plus, this psychic w [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars for Action Packed Thriller A.F. Henley brings us an action and mystery packed goodie with book two in the Wolf Series, Wolf, en Garde starts out strong and doesn't slow down! This is Lyle's story as we watch him test boundaries, break rules, and learn things about himself and those around him. Lyle is a great MC and he keeps you totally entertained from beginning to end! In Wolf, WY Lyle was just coming into his wolf powers and was also struggling with asserting or attempting to assert [...]

    3. This is a follow up story that I didn't want to miss. The previous story had two strong alpha werewolves vying for the same suitor. It was more complicated because they were father and son. Vaughn won Randy's affections which left Lyle out in the cold. Lyle was young and had a rawness to him. I was interested to see what would come next for the one who was rejected and how it would be having to see Randy with his dad. As one can tell, this is a book that follows another continuing the story thre [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the previous book, featuring Lyle's father, Vaughn, and Randy. The rift between Lyle and his father began there, when Lyle's coming of age and becoming more and more dominant made him constantly challenge his father, including by aggressively coming on to Randy. It was all quite heartbreaking to read Vaughn is such a caring, protective father.g pushed into a dominance fight by his son was really hard for him, as was being forced to choose between Lyle and Randy. The epilogue was [...]

    5. This had very different feel than the first book but I liked it a lot. This book picks up three years down the road and Lyle has been away from home much of that time due to his aggressive behavior towards his dad and his partner. I went into this expecting that we would see a new, apologetic Lyle. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Lyle had not really changed. It felt so much truer to his personality. And, I was surprised to find that he still wants Randy and thinks he should be his. The e [...]

    6. Last night I finished book 1, this morning I woke up, I made myself a blanket fort and sent the boys packing for the day so I could read book 2.I have just emerged from said fort and boy i did really loved this next installment in the series.I must thank my girl Karen for recommending this to me, I enjoyed both books to no end and highly recommend them.We have received an ARC of Wolf en Garde and I am really looking forward reviewing it on our blog this space.

    7. justloveromance.wordpressOh my goodness, what an action packed sequel this was! I was initially unsure if I wanted to read Lyle’s story, given that his uber-hormonal actions almost spelled the end for Vaughn and Randy in Book 1, but he certainly redeemed himself. This was a thrill from start to finish, always keeping you slightly off-balance so you didn’t know exactly which way the story was going to go. Between mysterious strangers with deadly secrets and family members who weren’t what t [...]

    8. A Joyfully Jay review. 3.75 starsI finished this book with some mixed feelings, and I’m going to be bluntly honest about them. I picked up this book because I’d read and enjoyed the first one. I was a little iffy on reading this one because I didn’t particularly care for Lyle in the first book. And when this book started, well, I wasn’t feeling much like toward any of the characters. Lyle was a petulant brat, Randy came off as patronizing, Lyle’s father seemed resigned and irritating. [...]

    9. A lot more 'wolfy' that he first book, and should be aka 'the redemption of Lyle' .Lyle in book 1 was an idiot, and starts this not much betterI thought this built up the feeling of menace created towards the end of Wolf WY really well, the first 45% here was tense and totally Lyle's growing up time. After Lyle finds Rafe the pacing ramps up, and the last 30% of the book is adrenaline pumpingly good, and really set the scene (I hope) for more wolfy action.It was great to see Randy, Vaughan, Isaa [...]

    10. ***Book provided by A.F. Henley for an honest review posted at Gay Book ReviewsThis book had a lot of potential with the plot. The author could have taken it in many different directions and it would have still been a great story. Now like the first book on the series Wolf, WY it left me with a lot of questions.I found the chemistry between the characters lacking; she introduced the other half of the main couple very late in the story; with no time to see them interact.The story developed quickl [...]

    11. AF Henley definitely steps up the pace in this thrilling sequel of the Wolf series. Out came a story that is rich of action, twists and turns, treachery, and yet very character driven and thoughtful. A perfect combination!After released from his stay with the GDBCG at the end of Wolf, WY for attacking Randy Connor, Lyle’s relationship with his father’s partner is still very tense. Lyle once had a huge crush on Randy which Randy did not return. Outwardly Lyle seems just cold towards Randy but [...]

    12. B+ (4.25*)A well written, well plotted, werewolf story – what a pleasant surprise this novel was. Before I read Wolf en Garde I bought and read Wolf WY, the opener for this series. I really liked the writing and enjoyed the romance and love story.Although much of this novel is set in Washington DC, the family home in Wolf, Wyoming still features largely in the climax of this novel. Three years ago, Lyle, a young new werewolf shifter, made a mistake by challenging his father’s dominance, and [...]

    13. ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****Wolf, en Garde is book two of the Wolf series. It focuses on Vaughn’s son Lyle, whom we didn’t really get to know well in Wolf, WY. In book one he was vying for dominance against his dad and thought he was in love with Randy. Three years later, it feels as if no time has passed. Lyle is still hung up on Randy and resents him. He hasn’t furthered his life at all.While on vacation, Lyle meets up with Arius, a vampire we first saw in book one. It real [...]

    14. I bought this book the first time it was advertised, got it a few hours before it was officially released, and took a whole month before I actually read it. xDWas very much looking forward to this, and was not disappointed.Unlike the first book, which I absorbed in almost no time at all, the beginning was a bit hard for me to get into. But that's not unusual. Books rarely catch me out of the gate. Also unlike the original, there was a lot more background plot going on. It was exciting to read an [...]

    15. Noooo! It's over! *Screams I want more! :)I loved Wolf, en Garde, the second installment to AF Henley's Wolf series. In this second book, we see a different Lyle. In here Lyle is older, a bit more rebellious and manipulative, a wolf wanting to fly the coop and see more of the world and hopefully find his own place in the sun. The desire was so strong he pounced at the chance the moment an opportunity presented itself in spite of his instincts and misgivings. As a result, Lyle had made several un [...]

    16. ReviewI was very torn about this book. I hadn’t been a big fan of Book one, but I’d read really good things about book 2.Lyle – worried me. The love triangle worried me. The thing involving Lyle’s DAD worried me. I was excited about Lyle’s new love interest and felt excited that Lyle might be more than the whiny guy he was in book one.I’m still not sure this author’s writing style is for me. But book two was a much better read (for me) than book one.Overall, for my personal tastes, [...]

    17. 3.5 StarsThe pacing in this one was much slower than the first and it dragged for the first half. Lyle did eventually redeem himself and the story finishes very open ended suggesting their will be more to come.

    18. 4.5 HeartsOh my GOSH…this one was so different from the first book. This author friggin AMAZES me!! It’s uncanny how you can take essentially the same elements from book 1 of a series and make another book so completely different and fresh. I was engrossed throughout the entirety of the story. I kept feeling like it was going one way but that particular way was cold and unsatisfying. Then, WHAM…complete turn of events and we get the warm fluttery feelings, butterflies, and real passionate [...]

    19. Oh my gosh, this book. I love it when an author only gets better through a series, and these books are an excellent example of this. My review of the first book in the series, Wolf, WY, was that it was a 4 out of 5, a pretty good book indeed. This one? 5 out of 5, and with good reason. All the issues and concerns that I had by the end of the first book were addressed to my satisfaction in the first few chapters of this one, making Wolf, WY that much more of a satisfying story.Wolf, en Garde take [...]

    20. I have to say that I honestly likes this book better then the first. There is just something special about Lyle that I liked in the first book and now that the second book is primarily about him and I was able to get to know his character better, he is still my favorite.I think that as far as Lyle is concerned, he has always felt inferior to his father the alpha of their pack. I think that he did not feel that he measured up to his father and his fathers expectations and so he was always questio [...]

    21. This is book two, and even though this starts three years after book one, I would suggest to read in order. All the same players are involved even the big bad vamp, from D.C.We start in the airport, all the family is on the way to visit Randy’s family in D.C. Lyle is back from his training, camp, attitude adjustment, whatever you want to call it. Problem is on the outside he seems to be better at controlling his feelings, but on the inside we find that he’s still dealing with the fact that t [...]

    22. Wolf, en Garde by A.F. Henley is the second book in the Wolf series. This one is the story of Lyle. We met him in the first book as an emerging Alpha in his father's pack. This one he has grown up a little still has some issues but he is slowly coming into his own. I liked his progression. I feel as though the author has met some pretty angsty teens and seen them grow up enough to become men. Lyle has moved to Washington D.C. He is a bit stuck on Randy still and really needs to get over the mate [...]

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