The Bright Silver Star

The Bright Silver Star It s the peak of the tourist season on the beautiful Connecticut gold coast But this is no ordinary July for the picture perfect village of Dorset or for transplanted New York film critic Mitch Berger

  • Title: The Bright Silver Star
  • Author: David Handler
  • ISBN: 9780312985783
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the peak of the tourist season on the beautiful Connecticut gold coast But this is no ordinary July for the picture perfect village of Dorset or for transplanted New York film critic Mitch Berger and his alluring love, Resident State Trooper Desiree Mitry When famous, and combustible, movie star Tito Molino plunges to his death from a cliff just outside town, Des sIt s the peak of the tourist season on the beautiful Connecticut gold coast But this is no ordinary July for the picture perfect village of Dorset or for transplanted New York film critic Mitch Berger and his alluring love, Resident State Trooper Desiree Mitry When famous, and combustible, movie star Tito Molino plunges to his death from a cliff just outside town, Des s investigation along with a ravenous celebrity press corps and gawkers by the thousands threatens to reveal secrets too terrible to imagine But just when things seem to be at their worst, Mitch and Des s close friends are suddenly implicated in the case, and suspicion falls even on Mitch himself

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    1. Unaware of two prequels, I tried this on clearance and had fun with a completely different writer. I seldom read males and "The Bright Silver Star" is an unusual title. Oblivious to earlier volumes, I didn't detect an interracial couple for numerous chapters; a wonderful touch. I'm drawn to animal-rescuing hearts, people of integrity, and it was easy to like the key cast. Also as a reviewer myself, (Hi there shoppers!) I realize our interpretations don't resonate with everyone. I loved the self- [...]

    2. This is the third in a series of mysteries with an interesting main character couple. Des Mitry, a black beautiful police officer and Mitch Berger, a Jewish lumpy film critic. But it works, they team together to solve murders in their small town New England beach town. Highly recommended.

    3. This book seems to self diagnose its own problem, it gets too caught up in the Peyton Place like bed hopping. It seems each book in the series has less of Dorset in it, and that honestly is one of the things that makes these books most enjoyable is the setting. The characters were more stock and lack luster and after a while I felt like I needed a flow chart to figure out who was sleeping with who. The big reveal was also a let down, the overly careful avoidance of pronouns in the prologue gave [...]

    4. Still reading this series. The mystery’s are a little complicated, but the give and take between Berger and minty is what makes the stories compelling. Still how many murders can a small upscale town have?

    5. SYNOPSIS: Tito Molina and Esme Crockett are the Brangelina of Dorset, CT. They're famous, impossibly gorgeous and married. They, their publicist, their fans and van loads of paparazzi have descended on the peaceful, posh village of Dorset for a few weeks of relaxation. However, after a midnight extra-marital tryst goes awry, Tito winds up at the bottom of a cliff very dead, the victim of an apparent suicide.Mitch Berger, newly minted resident of Dorset and movie critic for the New York Times is [...]

    6. The Bright Silver Star is the third book in the Berger and Mitry Series. Mitch is settling into his new community in Dorset Connecticut. He is a film critic for a New York City newspaper. He has joined a morning walking group with three other Dorset citizens. Dez Mitry is settling in also to her new home and job as Dorset's resident State Trooper. Dorset is a prosperous community where newcomers will probably never really be totally accepted by the life long residents.I have now read the first t [...]

    7. Death stinks! Extramarital affairs pain! Hidden incest and rape wreck lives and a mother who does not protect her child are all issues addressed in The Bright Silver Star by David Handler.We go back to the small affluent village of Dorset, where newcomer and widower, Mitch Berger, is trying to find his balance and get back into life. His feet now planted in the Dorset Community, he reaches out to a group of three men and become a part of their weekly walking group. Soon Mitch will find out that [...]

    8. Another good story from Handler! Who the killer was was a bit obvious to me. I knew from the moment I read the prologue that Tito's killer was going to be a guy. Didn't know which guy and didn't suspect Will until Donna was murdered, but knew it would be a guy--DEFINITELY. As the story went on and I read about how he abused Esme, I definitely knew I was right since guys who are in denial about their sexuality sometimes act macho to make up for their perceived weakness. However, the getting to th [...]

    9. A neighbor insisted I take 5 of this author's books to read. Refusing would have been impolite. One day I picked up one of the paperbacks and I was hooked. Quickly I put them in date order and whizzed through all five. Mr Handler's characters could be your neighbors and the local scenery described is most informative. The central characters: a movie critic and local police officer. The crimes - always interesting yet almost incidental to the character situations presented. After I finished the s [...]

    10. The author has created a couple of terrific characters. Mitch Berger is a film critic who watches old movies about giant mutant insects when he gets depressed. Desiree Mitry is the local state trooper whose teacher has advised her to take a break from painting portraits of the victims of the murders she has to deal with as a way of dealing with the trauma, and to paint trees instead. The book is worth reading if you have become involved in the dynamics of these two protagonists or you are fond o [...]

    11. Started out like a pretty good novel and turned to trash a third of the way through. The author's voice totally changed when a "woman of color", as he expresses it, shows up to investigate a supposed suicide at the waterfall in Dorset Conneticut. Suddenly, characters are saying things like, "Word did I just choke in there?" The dialogue is unbelievable, even for the time period of 2003. And to make matters worse, I rented four other books by the same author from the library. The inscription on t [...]

    12. Encouraged to read this series by a friend, I jumped in at book 3 which is the only one I could find at the time and in large print (not my favorite format). I never like coming into a story late, but I did really get to enjoy the two main characters. The mystery is not particularly compelling, but the back stories that emerge in this small beach-side resort town were quite surprising. So, I am on to book 1 to see how this all began.

    13. Love all of the Berger and Mitry mysteries. Dorest, Connecticut seems similar to Stars Hollow from the Gilmore Girls and I would happily visit either. The unlikely movie critic and Resident State Trooper are charming but the "girlfriend/boyfriend" titles can get a little tiresome but that's a tiny complaint given my overall love for the series. They're smartly written with a fantastically quirky supporting cast. Highly recommend.

    14. Berger and Mitry are very good at crime solving, they are nice characters that work pretty well together. This was a good convoluted crime story that wove together nicely at the end. Like all small town settings after a few books, you'd be thinking about moving somewhere a lot safer if it was real and you happened to live there.

    15. I would have liked this one better, but the kindle version has lots of issues--MANY, MANY words squished together. It was really distracting.Also, I'm not a huge fan of the dialogue. Some of it isn't particularly realistic (at least to me). That being said, I've grown very fond of Des and Mitch, and I'm really enjoying this series!

    16. This is a very good entry in the Berger and Mitry series by David Handler. In it, Mitch and Des join forces to find a murderer on the quiet island where Mitch lives, and they discover surprising things that change their views on the people they live among. A very good mystery and a good character study of people.

    17. Very involved story with too many characters. The intricacies were well thought out, but it seemed over the top. There were many details that weren't plot related that I just skimmed, waiting for the story to evolve. When it did, it was good: Sex, lives, cheating spouses, the seamy side of an affluent community. In a way that even seemed like a caricature.

    18. I'm really bad at rating books. Usually if I find myself wanting to read it when I'm currently doing something else, I feel I like the book-regardless of any relative literary components. So, since this was one of those books, I liked it. I think I'll save my 5 stars for something that changes my perspective on life by reading it, but this series is quite entertaining.

    19. Mitch Berger, a New York movie reviewer who resides in a small Connecticut town, finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation when a visiting movie star is found at the bottom of a cliff just outside town. This third book in the Berger and Mitry series was as well written and fast-paced as the first two, and I enjoyed it immensely.

    20. Des and Mitch have such a great bond I might be jealous if they were real. :) This one had an intense ending, very exciting. And the things that come out when you go poking under rocks in a small town! Makes me rather glad I live in a big city

    21. I like the dynamic between the main characters of Mitch and Des. What I didn't like about this one is the motivation of the murderer. It just didn't make a lot of sense. Still, Handler spins an interesting story until we get there.

    22. Third in the Berger & Mitry series & my least favorite of the series. Way too many characters that are just plain unlikable. Love the two main characters & the setting, but this book was just not as good as the first two. I am hoping this was a fluke & number 4 will get us back on track.

    23. Okay, so the dialogue is starting to get to me. There are at least 2 more books in the series, but the library did not seem to have the next one, so I am done for now.

    24. I can't believe this was supposed to be a mystery. I knew what was going on the whole time. The main character is likeable, so at least he helped me want to finish the book.

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