Voice of Mars

Voice of Mars YOU CAN NEVER GO HOMEWhen accusations of piracy and mass murder are laid against his homeworld Damien Montgomery is sent to resolve the crisis As counter accusations fly and an old flame re enters hi

  • Title: Voice of Mars
  • Author: Glynn Stewart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • YOU CAN NEVER GO HOMEWhen accusations of piracy and mass murder are laid against his homeworld, Damien Montgomery is sent to resolve the crisis.As counter accusations fly and an old flame re enters his life, the newest Hand of the Mage King of Mars finds himself in the midst of a bloody interstellar shadow war With the death toll mounting, Damien must decide whether he shYOU CAN NEVER GO HOMEWhen accusations of piracy and mass murder are laid against his homeworld, Damien Montgomery is sent to resolve the crisis.As counter accusations fly and an old flame re enters his life, the newest Hand of the Mage King of Mars finds himself in the midst of a bloody interstellar shadow war With the death toll mounting, Damien must decide whether he should trust the world he came from or the world that asked for his help.The wrong choice will trigger a civil war that could shatter human civilization.No pressure.Voice of Mars is book 3 of the Starship s Mage series.

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    1. To start, I received an ARC through the author, got the email late one nightAnd then I was up until 4am.I love this series, it hits all my inner sci fi/fantasy buttons. We got magic, ship battles in space, battles on the ground with marines, political scheming within a galactic empire, great characters, solid writing and finally cliffhangers. Not one book in the series has ended on a cliff hanger, each one can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend reading from the first book.Damiens story co [...]

    2. WOW! I find that I enjoy this series more with each book! After the dramatic events in book two, I didn't think the author could possibly write a better book, but he proved me wrong.In Voice of Mars we finally get a good look at Damien's interaction with the Mage King. Since Damien proved his capabilities on his last mission under the most stressful of circumstances, he has been promoted to Hand of the King and is being sent out on his first solo task. When I heard that the King was sending him [...]

    3. Good story. Worth to read . Recently I read two good books with Mars word in title & both are amazing book. Very beautifully written 1. Voice of Mars by Glynn Sterwart2. 2024 Man on Mars by PranBoth are great books. Awesome, keep it up.

    4. for the Audiobook. Continues a great series. Space opera, political intrigue, SciFi and magic rolled into one series. Damien is a now a Hand of Mars. a Judge, troubleshooter, one man army with the backing of the Mage King of Mars to maintain justice in the protectorate. Excellent plot, action, descriptive battles in person and in space. Well crafted characters and plot.

    5. I haven't seen a lot of buzz about Glynn Stewart but his bizarre blend of military sci-fi and fantasy is damned entertaining. The audio adaptations of his works are top notch.

    6. This is a solid continuation of one of the more promising space Operas I've read recently.What I liked- Montgomery and his new ship.- Well written political drama.- Broader conspiracy seems to start taking shape. What I didn't like- Supporting cast still needs some work.- The romantic subplots for Montgomery in these books continue to be bland.Similar to the last book, the Hand of Mars, Voice of Mars maintains very much of a epic space opera bend to the story. With our hero on a mission to preve [...]

    7. The author has really hit his stride with this book - both with the story and the mechanics of writing / editing. This was a great read. (But if you're starting the series don't start here.)Damien Montgomery is in his role as Hand of the Mage-King and it's obvious he is more settled and confident in performing that role. But the current adventure tests him as the conflict he needs to settle involves his home planet. I like that he now has a support team to shore up his edges, as it were and I th [...]

    8. The Starship Mage series is a mix between science fiction and fantasy the way that Star Wars or Frank Herbert‘s Dune is. All the novels thus far have been stand-alone, so you could theoretically read them out of order.The third novel in the series is an indirect continuation of the first book. We return to Damien‘s home world of Sheridan that build an anti-piracy flotilla in the aftermath of the events with the Blue Jay (Damien‘s first assignment). However, a neighboring world, Mingliang, [...]

    9. Despite some of the worst and cheesiest cover art I've seen (it looks like a high school art project) the book and the story and characters so far are entertaining. The stories are not terribly complex but they are satisfying and a nice easy read with only a few spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors. I'll read them all. I'd have liked it better if Damien had some emotional vulnerabilities and if there were some other characters with some depth but for a romantic space opera with an inte [...]

    10. I was really worried that this series was going to fizzle out. His second book was good but didn't carry the punch of the first book. Don't get me wrong. I still loved it but is was just a few degrees below the first book. Anyways, this book, right back to the same level of fun as the first book. I am super looking forward to the 4th.

    11. Another solid effortIt's another chapter in an intriguing and refreshing take on the genre. The sloppy editing remains my only real objection to this book, just as it was to the previous entries in the series.

    12. Damien Montgomery has a lot on his plate in the third book of Starship's Mage series.The Story plot was full and active so following his problems and seeing how all the problems got resolved was fun. Nicely done!

    13. Enjoying this series. Not too demanding so perfect for holidays and I like the idea of a 5 ft nothing hero.

    14. Good bookLots of action and mystery. I really like these characters. I also liked that the storyline took the Hand back to Sherwood where he could see Grace again.

    15. Books are getting betterIt's rare that I see this, but this third installment is better than the first 2. I still find it hard to follow all of the characters, but that's probably because I'm reading it too fast to absorb it all. Definitely enjoying and reading the next one in the series.

    16. Ends too abruptlyGood space opera as ever but it ends on a cliffhanger; too many loose ends. Quite a complex ensemble cast of characters so keeping track can be hard but is rewarding.

    17. Well I liked the book. The storyark keeps it's suspense until the end. But as with the two previous books, there is something missing. Also, though you can identify with the protagonist, I just lost him. And he just botched the cliffhanger at the end. Well, "everyone is a critic" here. But I think, the author should just take more time for a novel. It'd make the parts more coherent and concise.

    18. Better and better!With each book, you can SEE the author growing, the characters become more believable, the world building has more depth. Thanks, and I'm off to find the next in the series!

    19. Originally posted at archeddoorwayVoice of Mars (Starship’s Mage #3) by Glynn Stewart was a fun and action packed read from start to finish. Before attempting to write this review I thought to look back at my reviews of the previous two books of the series to see what I had thought of them then, as I have reread them multiple times since, and I will still stand by my reviews. I still think picking up a copy of Starship’s Mage was one of the better choices I have made when selecting a new boo [...]

    20. This book serves as the perfect continuation of a growing conspiracy that over arches all of the books and hints at future plot lines. I think this book was a good return to space warfare that was lacking in the second book, and serves as the first real view of Montgomery serving as a hand of mars in full. I love the power that his magic allows him to use, while still keeping him vulnerable when set beside the might of advanced technological weapons

    21. Story continues much like the previous. The mystery at play in this book helps fill the story out a bit more than previous ones and keeps it from being such as straightforward a story arc as previous books. Still the same enjoyable world and writing style. Since this book is mostly about Damien solving a mystery it's difficult to talk too much about the plot without spoilers, so I'll leave it that the story might be the most interesting of the three so far.One minor gripe, Glynn needs to do some [...]

    22. Damien Montgomery is sent back to his home system for the first time since he left years before. He is now a Hand of the Mage King. There is a possible civil war brewing between his home system and a neighboring system. Damien's ex-girlfriend is in charge of the defense force in his home system now, and her grandfather is the Mage-Governor! Can he be unbiased enough to do his job and stop the civil war, before it tears apart the very foundation of the Protectorate?I enjoyed this book immensely! [...]

    23. Damien is now a Hand of Mars and speaks for the Mage King of Mars something he was not sure he was completely ready for in the last book. In this book Damien and Amiri are sent to Sherwood Damien's home of origin to settle a dispute between the nations of Sherwood and Mingliang over a shared area in space called the the Antonius system. This story is further complicated by the once love interest of Damien now Comodore McLaughlin of the Sherwood Patrol. The story starts off slightly slow but quic [...]

    24. Interesting ideasI approached the Starship's Mage series with low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. The idea of Mage powered interstellar travel is, as far as I know, unique, and the author uses it with great affect. Space battles, an unassuming hero, well developed characters, some love interests. Overall a fun to read series, and one I read in it's entirety in less than two days. Highly recommended!

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