Little by Little: A Writer's Education

Little by Little A Writer s Education The noted Canadian writer s autobiography

  • Title: Little by Little: A Writer's Education
  • Author: Jean Little
  • ISBN: 9780140323252
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • The noted Canadian writer s autobiography.

    One thought on “Little by Little: A Writer's Education”

    1. This is only the first part of Little's life story: from her youth in Taiwan up to the acceptance of her first book for publication.(Side note: Mine for Keeps was her debut novel. /passes out)Jean Little, as always, demonstrates a fairly peppery insight into children and what they want to read:If I had included all the background material of which I was then ignorant, this might have turned into a full scale, factual autobiography. I could not let that happen. The child I was would never have fo [...]

    2. Jean Little as done it to me again. She has taken my heart, and poured her magnificant words all over it. I love it.Everytime I finish one of her books, I get the feeling that it shouldn't be over, but it is, and that makes me happy. It's one of those feelings where you can't believe it's over, and you're heart is just racing and you loved it, and just want to flip back to the beginning and read it all again.In her autobiography, to me, Jean Little expresses the struggles of being a child, along [...]

    3. "I was gradually learning that if you are different, nothing good about you mattered. And I had not really understood, until now, that I was different."These two statements say so much about Jean Little's life experiences, and the experience of so many young people. She struggled, and got frustrated, and then found the one thing that allowed her to push through her pain and soar, making this a wonderful book for young people read. I could, so easily, turn this into a personal note. So much of he [...]

    4. This little book has been sitting on my real bookshelf forever, it seems. It is a bookcrossing copy, BCID: 979-11038203. It came into my care by way of my friend, Cheryl in CC NV. She was right, I did love it.The reason, I think, that I put off reading this book is the tiny font. I often felt I could relate to Jean Little as my eyesight has been an issue of late. Trouble is, I can't put the book next to my nose to see the letters better. There seems no good way to hold a book with small font so [...]

    5. I felt sorry for you Ms.Little, but I really admire the way you faced problems. Even when you got really upset about other kids teasing you, you still faced it. I know it is hard to be called with a nickname. It reminded me when I was called by my classmates with a nickname. Unlike yours, ine was called "four-eye-chicken." I know how you feel about being picked on. I felt like I was smaller than everyone else, and like I'm a weirdo, like I don't belong here, like I belong in a different planet. [...]

    6. Jean Little is a wonderful children's writer. Because of her own disability, she has empathized with anyone with problems in life or a disability. Jean, against all odds, has written 35 books and this autobiography reveals that it hasn't been an easy life. I met Jean 15 years ago at her home and watched her Tell children a story in the middle of a busy afternoon. She deserves to be known and this autobiography shows her love of writing and determination against all odds to get the job done. Brav [...]

    7. Jean Little writes with great honestly about the pains and joys of her childhood. Most adults, it seems to me, would write of their childhood as an adult. Miss Little writes as though she is experiencing her childhood in the present. She was fortunate to have amazing parents who helped her navigate the struggles of rejection by her peers because of her visual handicap.

    8. A truly terrible book oozing with self pity about a very minor disability. Unless you like stories about someone complaining about life when they have a good one just choose a different book.

    9. Loved every minute of reading this book. I felt that this author, Jean Little, is kind and generous and insightful and I have a lot I could learn from her. I loved and learned much from her parents as well. She was very much loved by them, and yet they did not pamper her or fight her battles. So sad to see some of the challenges she encountered while growing up. She was legally blind, and was teased and shunned by classmates in school. But, much because of her parents' wise upbringing, she learn [...]

    10. I read it twice in a row. I read a number of Little's children/YA books as a kid and it was fun to see some of their roots in her own childhood. The room with the skylight, the math-test cheating, having to give up her private room, WWII, and getting caught in lies all turn up in this book. I already knew that From Anna was partly drawn from life. Little was born blind and gained partial sight later, but often no one realized how little she saw. She too attended Sight Saving classes. She was tea [...]

    11. Little by Little: A Writer's Education by the wonderful Jean Little. This is once again a powerful Jean Little work. Her ability to make the reader empathize with the plight of the handicapped is amazing. This autobiography (with a little fiction thrown in) makes me wonder at Jean's mother, a doctor in Guelph, Ontario, because of her ability to inspire and direct her daughter. What a mother model!

    12. Jean little has led an extraordinary life. Nearly blind from birth, also she had what her friends called bad eyes. I feel sad for her in this story and I think even her friend are being mean with her as well and I don’t like it when friends and mean to her. In my way I think friend should help us out not just say bad things about you. If you have friend then friend should support me and not agree with other people say things to me.

    13. As a kid with bad eyesight, who pre-glasses read with the book pressed up to my nose, this book about a blind woman was a revelation. I can vividly remember proudly delivering a book report about this book right after I got my first pair of glasses. When my parents moved out of the house I grew up in, this book was one of the few childhood belongings I rescued from the donation pile.

    14. This book is a great portrayal of the author's struggles as a young child with vision problems. It tells of her struggles with bullies and how she overcame them. It clearly illustrates her spirit of never giving up in spite of teachers and fellow students ridiculing her.

    15. It is always great to learn more about an author you admire. Jean Little is not only a wonderful writer, she is a fine example of someone who has succeeded in spite of barriers. What an inspiration. Her autobiography is written with truth, humour and emotion.

    16. Absolutely delightful. Jean Little's story of her childhood, struggle with blindness, and development into one of Canada's beloved writers was a pleasure to read. Will have you laughing and perhaps crying too.

    17. Very touching. It will make me think twice next time before I even think about looking down on someone's differences.

    18. One of my all time favourite books - an autobiography by a great Canadian children's writer.My copy is signed!

    19. I bought this book for my 12 yr old daughter and as usual, Im reading it as well. It is always an inspiration to read books about authors with an early penchant for writing. So far, so good.

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