The Silver Metal Lover

The Silver Metal Lover The Silver Metal Lover is a classic tale of transforming love It s a keeper a book that gets reread til it falls apart Fans petitioned to get it reprinted and after years of waiting here it is O

  • Title: The Silver Metal Lover
  • Author: Tanith Lee
  • ISBN: 9780809950003
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Silver Metal Lover is a classic tale of transforming love It s a keeper, a book that gets reread til it falls apart Fans petitioned to get it reprinted, and after 10 years of waiting, here it is Oddly, the book is seldom mentioned when Tanith Lee s work is discussed, perhaps because Lee s usual milieu is horror, and The Silver Metal Lover is a poignant romance requThe Silver Metal Lover is a classic tale of transforming love It s a keeper, a book that gets reread til it falls apart Fans petitioned to get it reprinted, and after 10 years of waiting, here it is Oddly, the book is seldom mentioned when Tanith Lee s work is discussed, perhaps because Lee s usual milieu is horror, and The Silver Metal Lover is a poignant romance requiring at least two hankies before the end Robots have replaced human labor on earth, causing massive unemployment in a world devastated by pollution and natural disasters Then Electronic Metals releases a new line performing artists and sexual companions designed to entertain human partners Jane, a rich, lonely, and insecure 16 year old, meets one, the minstrel Silver, and falls passionately in love, despite revulsion at the idea of preferring a mechanical man to a human She gives up everything she has known for him, and discovers herself Silver becomes and human in loving her a clever illusion created by his programming Or is it This unstable society can t afford any evidence that some robots might be indistinguishable from humans Tragedy is inevitable Read it and weep and don t forget to put it on the keeper shelf Nona Vero

    One thought on “The Silver Metal Lover”

    1. Welp. Errrrrybody loved it but me. Literally. All my friends who read this gave it no less than four stars. So it must be me. But this is what killed this story for me.1) Jane. Hated her! I know she is an immature privileged 16 year old. We are told this over and over and it was still annoying. I tried to ignore it and just wait for the growth, but I couldn't take it. I could not sympathize with her and her whiny outbursts. Sigh.2) The Mother and the friends. Hated them! Horrible creatures. No w [...]

    2. "Mother, I am in love with a robot."Excuse me while I sploosh everywhere. And then worry about the sploosh tarnishing the robot's gears and machinery. This is the story of Jane, a sixteen year old sheltered, pampered and wishy-washy young woman, who falls in love with a robot called Silver. Silver, however, is not a normal robot. He has been designed to be better than human in every way and is so lifelike that Jane never sees him as anything other than a human man, except when she is at her most [...]

    3. BOOOO to me for not having read this young adult page turner during my teens.Well, falling in love with a robot isn't that odd. Considering that we fall in love over the Internet en masse, without having ever seen, smelled and touched the other. So lusting after a robot - especially when you're a sweet sixteen and the robot in question is Silver, a handsome fully equipped long haired brand new prototype, programmed to pleasure its buyer - seems pretty easy.So could we someday develop robots that [...]

    4. Buddy read with Karly AND J-Rex sometime in 2016 I think?I found this DAW edition with a bad/awesome cover at a used bookstore today.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]I still like the Kinuko Craft cover best (even though Karly hates it). This was the cover I had the first time I read the book. Honestly I probably love it because of that muscular, metallic neck. SEXY. :P(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]REVIEWWhat prompted this buddy read was another BR last November, of The Mad Scientist's Daughter. K [...]

    5. Oh God, I don't know how to talk about this really. It kind of combines all my obsessions into one amazing book: sex, robots, love, identity and philosophical questions about what makes us human. It's not perfect, and it's probably the sort of thing you have to read at the right time.But, dammit, it's still my book of books.So, Jane the heroine lives in a decadent future where the rich are super rich and the poor are super poor, and the rich have everything, and suffer from ennui.And there are [...]

    6. My love, my love. I will see you again.I happened to be off work today and this BR read started today so.ah I finished it today. I'm not very good at being alive.Now, I must admit, initially I wasn't sure about this story. Our protagonist, Jane, just seemed too vapid and inane to care about. She was 16 but incredibly immature and sheltered. Her quote unquote "friends" were a group of shallow, self absorbed narcissists, and don't even get me started on the mother. The mother, who ordered Jane fro [...]

    7. This book is so beautiful and heartbreaking. I've never read anything like it. It chronicles the life of Jane, a vapid rich girl who lives in the future and doesn't really know what it is to feel anything, or how to experiance life. All that changes when she meets and falls in love with Silver, a robot programed to sing and play music. Eventually she leaves her rich lifestyle to run away with Silver to the slums to try and carve a new life for themselves. I loved this story for so many reasons. [...]

    8. 5+++ STARS.Basically, this is the story about a young woman named Jane who falls in love with a sort of futuristic lifelike robotic minstrel/entertainer who is also a sex toy for women/men created by a company called Electronic Metals Ltd. Jane lives in a futuristic, sophisticated, but emotionally/spiritually bleak society that is eerily like our own. Half of the population is rich and spoiled, and most of that part of society is banal, superficial, and arrogant; the other half lives in the slum [...]

    9. Honestly I haven't read this book since I was 16. I will be 45 soon. Isn't it funny what stays with you. This is a story that has always lingered. Always one I have meant to reread. I can't tell you the details, I can't remember if it made me happy, sad, I am not sure. But the feeling of this story has been there for me. And I know I just said that I don't know how it made me feel, but I have thought of this often. And in honor of the authors passing I decided to write this review. I don't know [...]

    10. What an absolutely fantastic book! I can't rave enough about it. Jane is a girl in the future who meets a robotic man and then the story goes from there. I loved them together, it was so romantic. And the ending, I'm still crying! I have book #2 from the library and that is definitely the next book I'm reading. I would categorize this book as science fiction romance for both adults and young adults. Would recommend it to everyone.

    11. Last year during Spooktober the lovely Heatherdoll and I read The Mad Scientist's Daughter and while I found it a beautiful tale ensconced in the insidious nature of humanity’s prejudices against anything different than themselves, she was less impressed (read her reviewhere) owing to the fact that The Silver Metal Lover had done this same story, and better. Thus a buddy-read of same was born. Along the way we ensnaredFuture-Gurlin our webs. Thank you both for reading this at the same, relativ [...]

    12. Ok, to be honest, I did read this as a joke after finding it on the shelf at my Library (please Google the original 1982 paperback to fully appreciate). The front cover art, combined with the brilliant synopsis on the back ("He was a robot, and he could do everything a real man could do—yes, everything”), made it almost impossible for me NOT to read this book.So, I didn’t like it. This was mostly due to (suprise!) the plot: overly dramatic, wealthy teen girl falls in love with a beautiful, [...]

    13. A book like this only comes around once.Tanith Lee has never written so well before or after. Good but never as evocative, as real, as poignantly heart touching, as piercingly tearful.To render a character like Silver that will be, nay, shall be loved unanimously by all readers is no mean feat for an author. I shan't give away the plot for reading this, is believing.However, be prepared to read in one full seating for it was darn near impossible to put the book down.The dialogue is so real, so l [...]

    14. I loved it. It's not a hard core sex book or anythingre it mentions sex, but that's about it. There's the romantic quality of a "good woman" being able to give a man/robot (Silver) a soul, but it's also a story about what he does for her too. Jane basically is a young girl who doesn't understand her own feelings & for the man (robot) she loves she strips herself down to the bare basics. She gives up everything she thought defined her as a person. Her friends suck & bring to mind the sayi [...]

    15. Ah, this is the best, it's the best. It's the deepest, the sweetest, it's the saddest. What else can compare? Nuttin', I'm tellin' ya, nuttin'. No-one is ideal and perfect, here, not even the robot who was constructed to be that way. And that's good, because beauty and love are incompatible with perfection.If you don't cry a little, you probably don't have a soul. But your robot might.

    16. Review from my blog, rosesandvellum/The Silver Metal Lover is a book which questions the nature of humanity. This is a love story, where a girl falls for a humanoid robot, who also loves her back. It is never determined what gives him the power to love, except that he might have been made wrongly. In this story, the robot is more human than most of the other characters, he cares for the girl, both emotionally and physically, and he can sing and paint, things we generally see as being a human thi [...]

    17. Since I used to go by the name “Tanith” on the interwebs, I guess it’s good I finally read a Tanith Lee book. (As nice as it was to get complimented a couple of times on emulating Lee’s style in pieces of my writing, as far as I was concerned I was referencing an obscure Star Wars thing. Oh well, it’s geeky either way.) This was pretty cool. Jane, the protagonist and narrator, bugged me at first, but that made her development as a character even more compelling—Lee does a good job sh [...]

    18. One of the things I love about TSML is how Tanith explores the hard problems of consciousness without intruding on the story. It was only during times ‘away from the book,’ that I pondered her insights—how the erotic nature of love can grow souls.When I say erotic, I don’t me pornographic. I’m referring to Eros, the god of love—the original meaning is something that brings two people together in such a way that it creates a lasting transformation. In this sense, sex is rarely erotic, [...]

    19. This is a wonderful read. I kept wondering to myself why I had never read this before. For a long time it has been sitting on the outskirts of my "To Read"- list and since I was looking forward to a somewhat longer train journey than normal, I decided I'd had enough of mediocre romance and detective novels and needed something different. I was not disappointed.As it happens, this is also a romance novel, in a way, but a completely different one from the usual fare. This is not about boy-meets-gi [...]

    20. 3.5 I really wish I would have loved it more stars."Don't ever," he said, "be afraid of me."But I was. He'd driven a silver nail through my heart.This is a hard book to rate. I finished it over 3 hours ago and I'm just writing a review for this now. I'm disappointed in myself for not loving this more than I did. I loved The Mad Scientist's Daughter and was so excited to begin this. I saw that some of my friends on here were reading this and reading their updates on this, the book sounded fucking [...]

    21. Every review I tried to write for this book turned into a Socratic dialogue on why it is or isn't wrong to love a robot, and why robots can or can’t have souls, and how biology is or isn't different from sophisticated programming, and, ultimately, what the perfect love of a robot that is programmed to please can teach us about the imperfect love of humans. It was exhausting, and didn’t do much to illuminate the book.I liked that the book inspired such thoughts, but at the same time I'm not s [...]

    22. I picked up The Silver Metal Lover at my local used bookstore on a whim. It looked like mildly fun old-school scifi with a hilariously dated cover, and it was super cheap. Oh my god am I glad I picked this book up. The Silver Metal Lover is hands down amazing. Dated it is, yes, though I still think the incredible visuals would make for a great movie adaptation. But the characterization just shines. This book lives and breathes through its characters. At the center there is Jane. She's selfish, i [...]

    23. Once again, I have discovered a great new author shortly after they have died. This is the case here with Tanith Lee. This saddens me because if this book is any indicator of her talent regarding her broader body of work, the science fiction world has lost a great voice.The story concept of Silver Metal Lover is simple enough. This is a dystopian novel in which robots are threatening (supposedly) to take over very rare jobs humans still perform. It is, like a lot of novels, at its core about the [...]

    24. Classic early SF by the Fantasy mistress. Wish she'd written more SF. Wonder if I still have a copy?Martha Wells mentions this as an influence on her "Murderbot" series:"The Silver Metal Lover was one of the first books I remember where it was actually about a human-robot relationship, where that was focus of the story. It’s a romance between a young woman and a robot and it never gets into the usual “kill all humans and take over the world” territory."theverge/2017/9/16/16Gee, I didn't re [...]

    25. This books was very odd - not at all like I thought it would be from the cover and the title. Which was good. It was sort of like Jane Eyre with a late 60s, early 70s mentality. I struggle to describe this book, but it was excellently written and I'm sure it's going to stay in my mind for quite a long time.

    26. YA certainly has changed since 1981. I prefer this vintage- rather more risqué and creative, less violent, longer sentences d what an amazing title & concept! Only one thing to pick at- the main character starts out as a bit of a wet rag. She certainly does "grow" as a person as the story unfolds though. I'm looking forward to more Tanith Lee.

    27. I really wanted to like this book. I had heard nothing but rave reviews about it, but it proved impossible to find in e-book format. I finally ended up reading the “real” book, and I was disappointed.I loved the setup… I wanted to know more about how this world in the future came to be, what with an asteroid revolving around the Earth and all the changes to Earth as a result of it. I loved the Robot himself. However, the main character (and all other “human” characters) was completely [...]

    28. My review was first posted on Northern Plunder, you can read more of my reviews there too.I was really excited when Silver Metal Lover won the vote as Jenny’s book to be sent around for our group in the Travelling Book Project.Its not a long book and its small in size so it didn’t daunt me but for a book that you’re annotating the actual binding of this book was not friendly. It was so tight that it just didn’t seem to open happily.I know that is not a usual criticism of a book but it ki [...]

    29. There are far too many feels now that I've finished this. Gobbled it up like a chocolate croissant.I feel sad sad sad. Just like she said,"You see, when I stop, I break my last link with him. With my love. Yes, he’ll always be with me, but not him. I’ll be alone. I’ll be alone."I feel alone. This is so good. And weird. It awesomely futuristic in a way only the 80s could have imagined.This book mentions sex in some lewd manners. But really this book is about love, and personal growth, and n [...]

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