Text Talk

Text Talk Fandom Harry PotterRelationship Sirius Black Remus Lupin Sirius is in boarding school Remus is in the hospital and they don t know each other until Sirius texts the wrong number

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  • Title: Text Talk
  • Author: merlywhirls Thurifut
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 369
  • Format: ebook
  • Fandom Harry PotterRelationship Sirius Black Remus Lupin Sirius is in boarding school, Remus is in the hospital, and they don t know each other until Sirius texts the wrong number.

    One thought on “Text Talk”

    1. Is this my favorite piece of writing on this planet? U bET IT IS. Have i read it about 64 times? Maybe. Am i planning on reading it again? Y ES

    2. DNF. With some difficulty I made it to chapter 7. Not to say that this isn't cute and all, but even though this is a Sirius/Remus fic it reads like one stranger's very lengthy, very gently flowing WhatsApp convo with another stranger, and both strangers are innocent 17 year old boys. I much prefer my own WhatsApp convos (or Taylorpotatato's similar attempts Ain't Sayin' He's a Gold Digger and All's Fair in Love and Videogames). Still, it's an enormously popular fic, so there you go.

    3. this is the best thing in the world its so good in every aspect and nothing is too exaggerated or left unexplored i dont think im gonna be able to let go of it ever

    4. *lady gaga voice* talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular is this my favorite wolfstar fanfic ever ??? miGHt bethis is just so good!! the characters are just written so RIGHT & I love the use of magic things from the harry potter universe even though this is a non magic auso now I wanna know so much more about lily's friends!! marlene/dorcas is a concept i'm 100% behind (bc always wanna ship marlene w sirius for some reason)yeah this is just really good??? just re [...]

    5. remus/sirius au it's almost exclusively told via text messages - luckily the author is excellent at writing dialogue. the fic has its lengths, but overall a sweet and unconventional fic for the holidays

    6. This was the first Wolfstar fic I've read before and I feel like I've completely spoiled myself for the rest of the ones that will follow. This was perfection.

    7. This fanfic, woah, it's easily like my favourite Wolfstar fic of all time. It's absolutely amazing. If you are a fan of Wolfstar, or want to be, please just read this <3(modern non-magic!verse, writing this cause it took me way too long to realise that lmoa)

    8. this is such a masterpiece. its so cute, adorable and fun! how can you not ship wolfstar (esepcially after reading this)?

    9. Reasons why this deserved five stars:1. wolfstar obviously2. author's creative and amazing writing, especially Padfoot's dialogs

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