The Lines on Nana's Face

The Lines on Nana s Face It s granny s birthday but her little granddaughter wonders why because of the lines on her face she looks so worried But they are simply wrinkles and grandma is very fond of her lines because the

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  • Title: The Lines on Nana's Face
  • Author: Simona Ciraolo
  • ISBN: 9781909263987
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s granny s birthday, but her little granddaughter wonders why, because of the lines on her face, she looks so worried But they are simply wrinkles, and grandma is very fond of her lines because they are where she keeps her memories.In this imaginative and charming story, Simona Ciraolo turns the lines from old age into little wrinkles of wonder and memory as a little gIt s granny s birthday, but her little granddaughter wonders why, because of the lines on her face, she looks so worried But they are simply wrinkles, and grandma is very fond of her lines because they are where she keeps her memories.In this imaginative and charming story, Simona Ciraolo turns the lines from old age into little wrinkles of wonder and memory as a little girl learns all about the precious moments in her grandma s life.Simona Ciraolo is a Sardinian born author and illustrator whose witty and endearing tales recently won her the Sebastian Walker Award.

    One thought on “The Lines on Nana's Face”

    1. Beautiful book in which a grandmother explains to her young granddaughter that the lines on her face represent memories of a life lived well.

    2. Sei que não deveria, porque tenho provas suficientes de que a literatura dos mais pequenos é do melhor que há, mas ainda me deslumbro como uma criança, ainda arregalo os olhos de puro prazer quando deito a mão a uma historinha infantil e esta, que veio da biblioteca há duas semanas atrás, veio confirmar isso mesmo. Eu, já dona também de alguns cabelos brancos e de algumas rugas, rendi-me completamente a esta história de uma avó que mata a curiosidade da neta e lhe confidencia as hist [...]

    3. What a beautiful way to talk about wrinkles with kids and let them know that they should be proud of the map that their memories make on their faces as they grow older. The illustrations are impactful, soft and colorful. And they evoke much emotion as the nana talks about her lines. An added bonus is the gorgeous red spine that nearly shouts at you to pull it from the shelf.

    4. This story is just lovely, lovely, lovely. The hardcover is gorgeous. I think I will display in my room so it’s the first thing anyone sees when they enter it. It’s the sort of book you know you’ll treasure for many years to come.Because how could you not? It’s a story anyone on this planet can connect with and Nana herself is a character you’ll love instantly.Nana’s grandchild asks her why she looks so sad, but Nana tells her that’s not sadness that has gathered in the lines on he [...]

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    6. Italian author/illustrator currently lives in London.The young narrator decides to test Nan's contention that the lines on her face represents a memory ("how can there be enough space for a memory in such a small line?"). As she points to a line, her Nana tells her about a memory, and the following double page spread illustrates the memory. The illustration for "One spring, when I solved a great mystery" shows a young girl discovering a mother cat with newborn kittens in a field of flowers -- cr [...]

    7. The title of this book reminded me of a story my family won't let me live down -- the time as a young child I asked one of my grandmothers why she had so many cracks on her face "not like other grandma." Out of the mouths of babes, right? Anyway, this is a really beautiful picture book that made me cry. I think the nostalgia and look back on life and memories will be more appreciated by adults than children to be honest. That's OK by me though because 1. I don't think picture books are just for [...]

    8. I adore Simona Ciraolo's work. Her color palettes and artwork and her true to life stories. This book is sweet, yes, but will also encourage a reader to take quick stock of life and memories and the beauty and gift of being able to make more. (I also really like the smoothness of this particular book cover.)

    9. I think that the adults will get more out of this book than the kids (I was tearing up quite a bit, of course), but what a beautifully drawn and well-written way of teaching kids that the adults in their lives have endless stories to tell them.*Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge: "A book with pictures"*

    10. Respectful and endearing take on aging, life and memories. Will make you want to go out and buy the soap your grandmother used.

    11. Although I may have preferred 'Whatever Happened to My Sister' in terms of structure, a second reading of The Lines of Nana's Face shows that Ciraolo is so accomplished at getting to the heart of family and memory. I have loved the fact that her last two books are about family and their rich complexities. This one is more about the relationship between grandchild and grandparent as Nana shares stories of her life with her granddaughter. The rather wonderful double-page spreads, without words, sh [...]

    12. What a delightful story! Nana says she doesn't mind her lines because that's where she holds her best memories so her little granddaughter decides to test her. Some gorgeous memories come out , the illustrations giving us a beautiful look at nana's life. The book is very prettily bound with a fabric margin on the spine and it would make a perfect, family orientated gift for any small person.

    13. A beautiful story seeing a young girl discover her grandmothers memories, I am lucky enough to live with my Nan and going to make an effort tonight to ask her some questions about her past (maybe not about the wrinkles on her face).

    14. A little girl asks her grandma what the lines on her face are from, and the grandma proceeds to tell her a beautiful story of where they came from and what they represent.

    15. Beautiful book. The art perspective and style is great. The story is unusual and sweet. There's a lot of quiet spreads that are surprises.

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