Wicked Weeds: A Zombie Novel

Wicked Weeds A Zombie Novel Set at the contact zones between Haiti and the Dominican Republic this is a polyphonic novel an intense and sometimes funny pharmacopeia of love lost and humanity regained a most original combinatio

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  • Title: Wicked Weeds: A Zombie Novel
  • Author: Pedro Cabiya Jessica Ernst Powell
  • ISBN: 9781942134114
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set at the contact zones between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, this is a polyphonic novel, an intense and sometimes funny pharmacopeia of love lost and humanity regained a most original combination of Caribbean noir and science fiction addressing issues of global relevance including novel takes on ecological apocalyptical imbalance bound to make an impact.A CaribbeanSet at the contact zones between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, this is a polyphonic novel, an intense and sometimes funny pharmacopeia of love lost and humanity regained a most original combination of Caribbean noir and science fiction addressing issues of global relevance including novel takes on ecological apocalyptical imbalance bound to make an impact.A Caribbean zombie smart, gentlemanly, financially independent, and a top executive at an important pharmaceutical company becomes obsessed with finding the formula that would reverse his condition and allow him to become a real person In the process, three of his closest collaborators cerebral and calculating Isadore, wide eyed and sentimental Mathilde, and rambunctious Patricia , guide the reluctant and baffled scientist through the unpredictable intersections of love, passion, empathy, and humanity But the playful maze of jealousy and amorous intrigue that a living being would find easy to negotiate represents an insurmountable tangle of dangerous ambiguities for our undead protagonist.Wicked Weeds is put together from Isadore s scrapbook, where she has collected her boss scientific goals and existential agony, as well as her own reflections about growing up as a Haitian descendant in the Dominican Republic and what it really means to be human The end result is a precise combination of Caribbean noir and science fiction, Latin American style.Wicked Weeds, A Zombie Novel combines Cabiya s expertise in fiction, graphic novels and film to create a memorable literary zombie novel of a dead man s search for his lost humanity that can now take its place alongside other leading similar novels like Jonathan Mayberry s Patient Zero, S.G Browne s Breathers A Zombie s Lament, Daryl Gregory s Raising Sony Mayhall, World War Z by Max Brooks, and The Reapers Are The Angels by Alden Bell As for the novel s immersion in orality and Caribbean folk traditions and noir it can very well align with Wade Davis The Serpent and the Rainbow and Karen Russell s St Lucy s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves.

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    1. This is not your little brother's zombie novel, it is an amazing, thoughtful, philosophical, playful story of great imagination. “Our five senses are not portals through which we are conveyed to an external reality, but rather ports that receive stimuli utterly lacking in intrinsic qualities, that our brains adorn in accordance with evolutionary requirements in order to present them as Truth.”So we are trained, according to current requirements, in just how the stimuli we receive are True.Th [...]

    2. Hmmm. Interesting. I read the chapters in the order 'suggested' by the scrapbook contents page, in spite of the caution in the prefatory 'Warning' that this 'convenience' ( grouping like things together) could be lethal. Unless I have unbeknownst to myself turned into a zombie, i survived the experience.

    3. The book starts with a warning: if you read the pages in numerical order, “you will wind up in chaos”; if you follow the page order in the table of contents where chapters are grouped by category, you will be delivered to a “safe harbor”, but “this convenience, however, could be lethal.” I picked possible death over chaos and took the table of contents route, but I’d love to compare notes with someone who read the pages in order. I wonder if a page order reading would be more confu [...]

    4. Excellent genre novel that deserves comparison to Bioy Casares. Impressive multi-voiced blend of horror, Haitian folk culture, and phenomenology -- all couched within a comedy of workplace gender relations with a zombie twist. Also includes a 'Hopscotch'-style alternate chapter order.

    5. "Las tres Gracias", una de las últimas pinturas de Rubens nos dan un preludio de lo que sucede. El amor, la belleza, la sexualidad, la vida en lucha constante serán claves para estos personajes.Un ser, extraño e ignorante de la situaciones que le rodean, y los misteriosos pasados de cada personaje nos mantendrá super atentos hasta llegar al final. No te arrepentirás

    6. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up Wicked Weeds. Labelled as a novel caught in the crossroads of Caribbean noir and science-fiction, it promised to be something I’ve never experience before. I engulfed the novel in a single sitting, and when it was over I found myself in an absolute daze. This book packs a punch few novels on my bookshelves possess. There is not a single wasted page or stray paragraph. Our “undead” protagonist is a curious man. Obsessed with finding a cure tha [...]

    7. I actually liked this a bit by the end but it took me soooo long to get there. My real issue with this novel is the framework or organization. Despite the beginning of the book telling me not to read the book in a linear fashion, that's exactly what I did. BECAUSE IT'S A BOOK. Read front to back this book is a mess. I kept getting distracted and confused who was narrating and what we were talking about. And you know what? At the end I flipped back to that warning in the beginning and read some s [...]

    8. This book was weird, but not in the way I usually like. More weird/puzzling. I feel like I totally missed something, but I don't know what. Even though I read it "out of order" using the table of contents as my compass (as indicated in the introduction), I found it - quite simply put - boring. At least I'm able to check off another box on my reading challenge list"read a book with a genre/sub-genre you've never heard of" (a hard one for me find, but I'd never heard of an ethnobotanist sub-genre, [...]

    9. I received this book as a gift. It’s one that I never would have picked up on my own, but it sounded interesting from the moment I read the flap. It did not disappoint. This book surprised me and fascinated me. It’s a clever and self-award take on the zombie fascination in our society.

    10. 70/100Every night and every morn, some to misery are born. Every morn and every night, some are born to sweet delight. Some are born to sweet delight; some are born to endless night.

    11. What a terrific book! Picked it up at the local library, and found myself reading, not just an outstanding zombie novel, but an outstanding novel. It is a real pleasure to find a book that takes a page or two to examine color perception in terms of cognitive psychology- from the viewpoint of a zombie! Or go into a short aside about the story of Pinocchio as a parable about the undead striving to come to life. Gems like this might only occupy a paragraph or two, but the book is full of them. The [...]

    12. A Zombie's search for lost humanity and the intellectual quest of the only "woman" who can bestow it. That spells out pure wickedness, spiked with wit, literary storytelling and a wee bit of unsettlement. Pure awesomeness :)

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