Wild One

Wild One Marco s pack is being hunted but he needs a mate to keep them strong Marco Wilding s pack is being picked off one by one The Wolf Hunter s mercenaries are snatching wolves off the street then dumping

  • Title: Wild One
  • Author: Alisa Woods
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
  • Format: ebook
  • Marco s pack is being hunted but he needs a mate to keep them strong Marco Wilding s pack is being picked off, one by one The Wolf Hunter s mercenaries are snatching wolves off the street then dumping the tortured bodies inside Marco s territory When they go for a shifter kid, Marco s patrol is on it until a beautiful female wolf steps in and kicks the kidnapper s ass.Marco s pack is being hunted but he needs a mate to keep them strong Marco Wilding s pack is being picked off, one by one The Wolf Hunter s mercenaries are snatching wolves off the street then dumping the tortured bodies inside Marco s territory When they go for a shifter kid, Marco s patrol is on it until a beautiful female wolf steps in and kicks the kidnapper s ass The delay saves the kid, but Marco can t stop drooling over this brave, unmated female who mysteriously landed in his lap.Only she wants nothing to do with him.Julia Holloway s life was finally turning around she was getting her degree and getting out of her mother s house with its parade of abusive step fathers Then her wolf went wild and ruined her life Now she s on the run, but her wolf is still out of control When it once again tries to save someone, this time a kid who was being kidnapped, she gets an offer she can t refuse safe harbor inside a shifter pack while she gets her life together.Only the hot shifter leader with the passionate eyes wants a mate and wants her to stay.As Julia and Marco race to stop the Wolf Hunter s men, Julia will have to do than just tame her wild wolf she ll have to decide whether giving up everything she wants will bring her the one thing she really needs.WILD ONE is a complete novel with HEA, the fourth in the Wilding Pack Wolves series All stories are standalone, but for maximum reader enjoyment, start with the River Pack Wolves trilogy Contains scorching hot shifters, alpha heroes, and sexy halflings Only readers over 18 should dive into the dangerously hot world of the Wilding Pack Wolves.

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    1. ARC received from authorAnother great shifter book. Marco who we meet in the previous book, and a new face in Julia. Yes, there's insta-love and she's my mate stuff, but there's also a kidnapping and chasing the bad guy. We do get to see Grace again. The Wolf Hunter really is a nasty guy, and I can't wait till they catch.

    2. Oh boy, this series just keeps on getting more intriguing! This is the fourth book in the Wilding Pack Wolves series and the focus this time is on the urban shifters, living in the largely derelict areas of Seattle and led by their Alpha, Marco Wilding. He’s just the sort of Alpha you’d like to meet - caring, protective, strong, insightful, intelligent and, of course, attractive. He’s also immediately attracted to the feisty female fighting to protect one of his youngster pack mates but sh [...]

    3. Alisa Woods creates yet another amazing story with the fourth book in the Wilding Pack Wolves Series, Wild One. Shifter gang leader, Marco Wilding, is trying to stop the Wolf Hunter from attaching his pack. He comes across she-wolf, Julia Holloway, while she is trying to help rescue one of his pack’s children from the Wolf Hunter’s men. His wolf thinks she might be “the one," conversely; Julia wants nothing to do with him. This contemporary shifter PNR is appropriate for new adult and adul [...]

    4. Fierce and feisty Julia, can she handle bad boy Marco Wilding?Marco Wilding is young to be the alpha of his pack, but he and his Beta had to take out the previous Alpha because he had abused his position and the wolves in his care. This bunch of displaced, neglected, abused, unemployed wolves and halfings with no place to go; are fighting for their very survival on a daily basis from the police, rival gangs and shifter haters. But now they are fighting to protect the pack members from being kidn [...]

    5. Marco is a shifter gang alpha. With a big pack of orphaned to elderly couples, Marcos wants to keep his pack safe from the wolf Hunter. While on patrol one of the kids is trying to be kidnapped when a unknown female jumps in to help out, while doing so she gets tranquilized. Marco takes her back to the shelter to find out what she is doing in his part of the city. Julia is hiding from her past. She's unsure about Marco, but her wolf is howling for him. She is unknown to her wolf because no one t [...]

    6. Marco Wilding told his father, Donald Wilding, to fuck off for the last time, he left the sprawling Wilding pack landed here in the toughest shifter territory in downtown Seattle. he and Stefan had worked to create a safe haven for anyone who would submit to him and pledge loyalty to the pack as a whole.Terra had taking pics of his pack for her exhibit. Killed by the Wolf Hunter: Three funerals in three weeks. Meredith, an older wolf who ran a grocery store in the middle of his territory, and Ti [...]

    7. Marco is one Wilding that got awayJulia is starving and hiding away but not when someone is kidnapping a child. Marco is an alpha of a Seattle intercity pack and gang. The gang is doing the things gangs do but behind the scenes it is caring for the homeless and disenfranchised. The werewolves are trying to stop a group that is killing werewolves and putting the snuff films on the internet. Well-written with well-developed characterization makes this a stand alone adult novellas. Mystery, romance [...]

    8. From gang to gloryMarco Wilding is a gang shifter pack alpha. He takes on every wolf that needs a home but had to do things illegally sometimes just to keep them in food.Julia Holloway just found out she was a shifter and had a hard time controlling it. She tries to save one of the kids in Marcos pack and they come together after he talks her into staying. Not adventure, not romance, got read.

    9. Wild OneSexy shifter bad boy and gang leader, Marco Wilding, meets brave and tenacious halfling, Julia Holloway when she rushes to save a young shifter being kidnapped. Things get heated between the two very quickly but is Julia willing and able to be what Marco needs or will her past continue to keep her on the run?

    10. Another great book in the series. The book flowed smooth & fast, kept me on the edge of my seat in a few places too! Marco & Julia are very likable (love how the bad boy really isn't a bad boy after all!), I was so glad they got their HEA! Gosh, that dang wolf hunter needs to get taken down!

    11. AwesomeContinue with the crazy wild wolf killer and Marco is estranged from the wilding shifter family, helps catch one if the younger wolves from being taken while a she wolf helps save him

    12. New favoriteMarco is my new favorite wolf. I adore men in shades of grey. The heroine is strong but flawed . Great relationships throughout.

    13. Love this series!I binge bought and listened to entire series. It was so well done! Very happy to add this author to my purchase everything she can put out list!

    14. IntriguingMarco and Julia's story is one of my more favorite storylines in this series. They just seem to connect. I liked that Marcos character was a gang but under the tough exterior he has such good and honest intentions though there are shady business dealings. Julia's story was intriguing because she didn't know much about herself or the shifter world. The bad boy falls for the mystery. I liked it.

    15. This fourth instalment of Wilding Pack Wolves is centered around the shelter where the not so privileged shifters are housed. It's in one of run down and dangerous parts of Seattle. The Wolf Hunter is now targeting these residents from children to the elderlies.Marco is the Alpha of the shelter pack. He runs a facility for those shifters who are jobless, orphans or homeless. Some of them have businesses but to be able to meet up to his responsibilities, he is involved in some illegal activities [...]

    16. Alisa Woods has done it again. My God, just when you think she can't do any more than what she did with the last book, she pulls another best seller out of the air!!!! "Wild One" is right in there with all the other books in the series. How in the hell can you pick a favorite, when they all ROCK!!!!! This is a love story and a fight for freedom from persecution because you are different. Gut wrenching and heart felt book. A definite must read for mature readers over 18 years of age because of ex [...]

    17. Received this book from the author for an honest review.Having read the first three books in the series I'm still seriously impressed with the author. Marco was is the black sheep cousin who is the alpha of an Intercity Wolf gang. It's not your typical type of gang. He takes in anyone wolf that has no one to see after them, abandoned pups, widow's, and anyone who just ask. Oh, don't get me wrong they still do some bad in order to do some good.Marco is the Wolfie is today a protector of the week [...]

    18. Loved itI have such a hard time when someone has a name and friends talk about their personality, just enough for the reader to like them, before talking about their torture and death. Either don’t talk about the people as real or don’t talk about what they must have gone through before they died. Christoph’s death didn’t have to be described the way it was. IMO.And, boy! Marco was some kind of Alpha. He was the most loving and caring Alpha I’ve ever read about. He would lie, cheat, st [...]

    19. Title: Wild One  Series:  Wilding Pack Wolves Destination: Book 4Author: Alisa WoodsReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #Paranormal #WolfShiftersMy Score: 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆♡■□●○•°♡■□●○•°♡■□●○•°♡■□●○•°□■♡As far as I'm concerned Ms. Woods could take this whole Series and just keep writing, book after book it's a goldmine. She has brought the characters together to where each one of themhas their own identity and attitude t [...]

    20. Review:I received this Arc from author for review.I enjoyed this book more than the last one. I liked the characters a bit better, and their 'romance' felt a little less forced to me. I would have liked more focus on the Wolf Hunter part of these stories over the romance, I find that more interesting than the romances. While I still like the romance portion, the mystery and suspense are what I really enjoy about these books. This book took a while to get to that part of the story, in the next bo [...]

    21. The fight against the Wolf Hunter continues. We get to hear Marco Wilding’s story and meet many new characters. Characters from the previous books also make an appearance as everyone tries to work together. Marco’s pack is being picked up by the Wolf Hunter’s people and he has to work extra hard at keeping them safe. Enter a new character that is as bad ass as they come. Julia is running away from her past and trying to make the best of her life, yet knows nothing about being a shifter. Th [...]

    22. And of course Alisa Woods brings us a book with the same theme of sexy wolves and the big bad wolf hunter and somehow keeps me wanting more. Every couple in this series may have the same enemy but they all bring something different to the table.I loved that in this book Maro is clearly a strong and mighty Alpha but you see that he is far from perfect. He makes ruff decisions to keep his pack safe and is not ashamed of anything that he has to do. When he sees that Julia needs a safe haven he can' [...]

    23. Marco Wilding is the Alpha of a gang of shifters that have been kicked out by society after being outed as shifters. While on patrol, keeping an eye out for the shifter Hunter, he sees a beautiful female shifter attack a group of men trying to kidnap a child. Julia Holloway didn't know she was a shifter until she had to defend herself. Now she's on the run and has found herself in gang territory.I've read a number of this author's books, which I thoroughly enjoy. For some reason, I've found Marc [...]

    24. Marco Wilding, the Alpha of a pack of wolves that live on the edge of society finds Julia Holloway, the Wild One when she helps same one of the young pups of the pack, Ethan. The Wolf Hunter's men have him trapped and Julia attacks to save Ethan and that allows time for Ethan and another wolf to save both Ethan and Julia from capture. It is instant attraction to Julia an unmated female wolf for Marco, but Julia is just learning about her wolf and life as a shifter. Alisa Woods has written anothe [...]

    25. This is the fourth book in the Wilding Pack Wolves, and they are still a series I look forward to the next one there is mystery ,and romance in each story. Marco Wilding’s pack is being tortured and murdered by the Wolf Hunter’s, the hunters try to take a young boy . Marco is to far away to help the boy but Julia Holloway is not she rushes to the boy’s side. Julia is only a halfling but she has courage, Marco gets to them in time to stop them from being taken,Marco and Julia have not meet [...]

    26. Wild One focuses on shifter gang leader and fellow Wilding, Marco and Halfling Julia Holloway. Meeting Marco in Wild Heat gave a cursory view of Marco’s character.His pack is being picked off one by one, almost as if there is a spy in their midst. And in comes Julia Holloway. Risking her life for a pack youth, Marco is captivated. Unsure of where Julia came from but thankful she was there that fated day.As pack leader Marco needs to take a mate, putting it off for as long as possible…that is [...]

    27. I received an advance review copy from the author for a honest review.Pack life, I find this fascinating and I was excited to see this return to the series. Marco, a black sheep, of the family seemed so bad a**, in the prior book I was so excited to read his story. I'm sad to say I was quite disappointed. He had no character development. I feel like I don't even know him. He was just blah. I wanted the sex vibes to ooze from him. The wolfhunter storyline is getting boring now as well. Them being [...]

    28. Marco is the Alpha of a shelter pack, meaning they really have no home and live on the streets and now members of his pack are being taken by the Wolf Hunter. Julia is working to get out of her mother’s house and abusive step-father when her wolf goes wild to protect her and she ends up a member of Marco’s gang. Will she learn to control her Wolf and can they protect the kids on the street from the Wolf Hunter? This is a fast paced read with so much drama and suspense I was glued to my e-rea [...]

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