Wolf Star

Wolf Star The U S Merrimack was the finest battleship in Earth s fleet able to withstand the best the Palatine Empire could throw at them Only her sister ship the Monitor was her equal So when the Palatine f

  • Title: Wolf Star
  • Author: R.M. Meluch
  • ISBN: 9780756403836
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The U.S Merrimack was the finest battleship in Earth s fleet, able to withstand the best the Palatine Empire could throw at them Only her sister ship, the Monitor, was her equal So when the Palatine forces secretly captured Monitor, Merrimack s security was compromised and that was just the opening salvo of a whole new stage of war between Palatine and Earth.

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    1. I am a bit suspicious of this book, because I cannot pin down precisely why I enjoyed it so much. In general, I do not enjoy military fiction, but this one took me from "stayed up late" to "stayed up early." It's a sequel to The Myriad, a book which gives you a very decent military SF story, and then in the very last chapter gives the reader a surprise kick to the balls. (I am not equiped with balls, so my surprise was extreme.) I think I would recommend it if you enjoyed David Feintuch's early [...]

    2. After a story reset at the end of the first book, RM Meluch does a switcheroo on certain characters, and makes the Roman allies the main villain, which is to the benefit of series. The characters, with names like Farragut, Steele, Kerry Blue and Cowboy, are stoic and true, have a black & white sense of honor that we expect out of military folk, and speak in jargon and off-colored witticisms that feel familiar to anyone who's served aboard naval vessels.Meluch gets it. These characters have s [...]

    3. This is an exciting, fun space opera military war adventure series. It is a futuristic alternate earth history story based on the premise that the Roman Empire never fell, but went underground until deep space travel and colonization was possible and they could come out of hiding, leave earth, and re-establish the empire in space where they run neck and neck with the US in an ongoing war of ideals and trade. There is intrigue, military shipboard life and action (feels like old wooden ships and s [...]

    4. Whyyyyyyyyy is this series so addictive? I read the first one and immediately ordered two more and twitched until they arrived. Then I got one on my Kindle, because I could not stand to wait for an order to arrive. I read each one over the course of a single day, at the fastest possible pace, reading while doing things like changing diapers and failing to sleep. And this book is good, and the series is good, but it's not, you know. That good. I don't understand it at all.Okay, I partly understan [...]

    5. I see that a lot of people have a love/hate feeling about this book, and many seem genuinely mystified as to why they don't really like it yet find it compulsively readable. I think I know why.The first reason is that it is formulaic and generic in the sense that Meluch has taken the usual tropes of "wet navy = space navy" and simply run with them, while serving up straightforward action performing swashbuckling acts of derring-do by black-and-white characters.The second is that the writing is a [...]

    6. The Wolf Star, the second book in the, Tour of the Merrimackpicks up right after The Myriad. If you haven’t read The Myriad I honestly suggest that you stop reading this review now as any information about The Wolf Star will spoil the major twist towards the close of The Myriad. Consider this ample forwarning of major spoilers from the first book.(view spoiler)[Things were irreprably changed in The Myraid. What was no longer is and while what we discovered about the crew of the Merrimack remai [...]

    7. I’m re-reading this series because I can’t find any new good space opera and I’ve already read the Vorkosigan books three times. There is too much of the ridiculous in these books for me to strongly recommend them, but they have a goofy charm, and I like the way they’re written.This entry held up pretty well for a re-read, and I stand by my earlier review. The only thing I would add is that this time around, I was inordinately amused by Farragut’s swearing: “Oh, for Jesus.”Original [...]

    8. I enjoyed this as much as the first for the most part, with a few minor reservations and some things I liked even more than the first. Anyone who's read the first will understand that it's very odd reading what is in some ways like a prequel without the certainty that the characters alive in book one will necessarily make it through this book. Because of course it's not a prequel, it's rather that they went back and changed history, so it's now later in time, but a different time. (Clear?) I was [...]

    9. I'm in love with this series. I just finished up #2. I know there are 4 more to go. But that's ONLY 4 more to go and at the rate that I'm devouring them, well, a pretty sad day is coming up here. I love the characters and all the little quirks that absolutely work in this story: the swords (yes, sometimes nothing beats the ability to hack something to pieces; never runs out of bullets; doesn't need batteries; hack-proof too; and it looks cool!) the judge with a Bible (gasp!) and a Colt 45 on his [...]

    10. Wolf Star by R. M. MeluchThe U.S.S. Merrimack battle class starship continues her journey battling the forces of evil. The Roman Empire’s strange behavior is explained by a new and ominous development. The book has lots of great battles and epic heroics.I’m an admitted space opera addict. I love the action and the charismatic leaders. I enjoy the hard bitten marines and the no holds barred Captain. The political aspects of combat are not ignored. The knee jerk reaction to intrigue and politi [...]

    11. Less fun than its predecessor, but still strangely captivating. In a weird way, this book feels oddly unnecessary—it kind of just resets the universe back to where it was at the beginning of The Myriad, so reading the first two volumes of this series makes you feel like you’ve simply come full circle. There’s also not nearly enough Augustus in this one (though still way too much weird gender fail). And yet, despite these flaws, I still really want to read the next book in the series. These [...]

    12. The first book in this series was amazing. In many ways it was a standalone, and in fact, I think Meluch could have left it like that and not done anything wrong. Thankfully, she did not, and she continued on the series. This is a brilliant piece of sci-fi and well worth the read. Four and a half StarsPlot: Four and a half Stars Continuing on from where the first book left off, this was a brilliant tale. The twist at the end of the last book adds so much more character to this book, everything i [...]

    13. Wolf Star is the second book in the Tour of the USS Merrimack series from R.M. Meluch. I liked the first book quite a lot. It's sci-fi with a slight Star Trek feel to it--action, mystery, horrible alien creatures, interesting science, etc. Great fun. This book wasn't quite as engaging as the first one, but still good fun.The premise: There are basically two political powers at work here--the US and Rome. Each holds different sectors of space and each is vying for what's left. The Merrimack "acci [...]

    14. When I pick up this book the first thing I wondered was, where will it pick up, seeing where the first book ended. What do I mean? Read the first book to find out, I don’t like leaking spoilers. The way the first book finishes is not mentioned anywhere in it description.Back to this particular book though okay? Wolf Star picks up some time after the first book, though not as interesting of a tale, it does entertain.I must admit, and those that know me, when it comes to military, anything, I ca [...]

    15. No spoilers!This one is tough to review, because although it does move along several critical plot points in the series, this book ends so abruptly that I'm really disappointed. We're not talking about a sense of "wanting more" here. No, this is a clear case of "did they accidentally leave a couple chapters off of the kindle edition" kind of reaction.There was a major event at the end that came upon with means to anticipate, which can be fun for sure, but there was no aftermath, and it completel [...]

    16. So anyone who has read The Myriad knows this is where the Series truly begins. Though there are some differences to pick up on from The Myriad, Wolf Star returns to a time before the Hive when it was just the US and the Romans warring it out for more section in the Galaxy to 'plant their flag' so to speak. The building of a Roman Empire in space was very interesting to me, RM Meluck I read has a major in Ancient culture, one being Roman culture, so it is done very well. The characters are back i [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book very, very much. I had started to read the first book, something held me back and I put it aside. Months later, I ended up reading this one and this one clicked with me. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I ended up reading the one I put aside, and enjoyed that one quite a bit.John Farragut and crew have been fighting the Roman Empire - which has risen again in the far future, now claiming their own planet and trying to claim many others. The new Roman Empire would like nothi [...]

    18. Absolutely a delight! Meluch has done a superb job melding an interesting perspective of a possible future with an Alien invasion, all held tight together with a narrative which just plain moves. The characters are rich and deep, unfolding and developing in the most natural way throughout the story arc.The most interesting part about reading this second book in Meluch's Merrimack trilogy is that the first introduced you to a whole range of characters who developed, matured and evolved to meet th [...]

    19. A twist at the end of the first book made me throw up my hands in exasperation and wonder if I had just read an entire book for nothing. I need not have worried, the author took the characters in an interesting direction paying off in a big way. Wolf Star is very enjoyable even better than the first outing. I have read a lot of complaints about paper thin characters and stereotyping, neither of which I found to be deal breakers here.It was apart refreshing to know what you will get from characte [...]

    20. Another enjoyable space opera, which is a sort of prequel to The Myriad (and best read after it). I say 'sort of a prequel' because (view spoiler)[Wolf Star takes place after the events of the alternate universe ending in The Myriad, but much of what happens is expected because of events in the original universe of The Myriad. It's a little confusing. (hide spoiler)]Overall, this was pretty good, and I appreciated that Kerry Blue, while more of a minor character, is not portrayed nearly as negat [...]

    21. My sweet guilty pleasure. Even more sexist than the first one, the Roman patterner Augustus is not there and yet I enjoyed it so much: how's that possible? I can sense a method in the author's choices: it's a military space opera that is a parody of military space operas (whith the author winking to the reader: will you take notice or not of those outrageous, ridiculous things?) with all our contemporary military sexist baggage, pseudoscientific explanations, stereotypical characters and even mo [...]

    22. This is so frustrating. I'm rating this book low & abandoning it not because Meluch is a bad writer or because this is a departure from the first book, because she's amazing, and it feels like we're picking up right as the first one started (if you've read it, you'll know what I mean), but yeesh. After nearly 100 pages, I had to put this down because I was just bored. The writing itself is great, but the plot just felt sooooo dull to me. Why should I care? There wasn't even much of the in [...]

    23. A straight forward story of dashing adventure in space. This second venture in the Merrimack series by Meluch was entertaining, if a little repetitive. The universe holds some appeal in it's simplicity and her space battle scenes hold some interesting maneuvers, but the rest of the universe seems a little too simple. I would have wished that she could spend more time covering different cultures outside the main competing factions. That being said, it was an enjoyable read and fills the role of h [...]

    24. Episodic and somewhat redundant space opera with a bit of humor and lots of action. Interesting to read in conjunction with Myriad, the first Meluch book in this series. Same characters, different context, different outcomes. Fun read But I did just enjoy this one while I I really liked the first one when all was new and discovery was a big part of the pleasure of reading it (missed in this book).

    25. It seems that everything that happened in this second book happened before the first book. Apparently this was due to a timeline change in the last chapter of the first book. And everything in this second book happened after the last chapter of the first book. The sequel is a prequel. I hope that explains it. I'm still confused. Everything else: plot, characters, fast paced action, is very good space opera.

    26. The "Tour of the Merrimack" series of books isn't the most in-depth series I have read but it is one heck of a lot of fun! If you don't like non-stop action books with new things happening at every page this isn't the series for you, but if you sometimes just want to kick back and read a book that is so fast paced you literally can't go sleep wondering what will happen on the next page - this Series of books is for you.

    27. I would say this book was was a little better than the previous one in the series but it still do not get more than a "It was ok" (2 star) rating from me due to the poor and childish science and military parts of the book.The LEN are still pretty ridicolous by the way, and they remind me a lot of the UN.

    28. I liked it. It was a quick read. It maintains the time twists from book 1, while performing prequel scenes that further explain how the situation came about and completed in a way that leads to book 3. This book is a sequel to The Myriad. This is not great literature, but it is good space opera. It definitely will help to have read Myriad before this.

    29. So nothing else got accomplished. I kept reading till it was bleary, then stated again over cheerio 's. Good action, good characters, even a good enemy makes the series. & this book into a classic for library. And swords ! Then the Roman patterners add near sorcery to the mix, it is a swashbuckler through. & through. Read it. Enjoy. Then get something done!

    30. Almost feel like this should be the first in the series not the second. More of a prequel than a sequel but with the change in the last part of the first book I understand why its second. The action sequences again are top notch, reads like a good sci-fi pirate movie. Characterizations are however worse in this book than the last.

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