The Playmaker

The Playmaker This is it Tori Lomax s senior year Her last chance to leave Nelson High without a bucketload of regrets Number one priority get Colt Burgess to fall in love with her So what if he s the Raider s numb

  • Title: The Playmaker
  • Author: Jordan Ford
  • ISBN: 9781530275304
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is it Tori Lomax s senior year Her last chance to leave Nelson High without a bucketload of regrets Number one priority get Colt Burgess to fall in love with her So what if he s the Raider s number one playmaker So what if he s so far out of her league, the idea of them together would rupture the school s social order She has to try, before it s too late.She s comThis is it Tori Lomax s senior year Her last chance to leave Nelson High without a bucketload of regrets Number one priority get Colt Burgess to fall in love with her So what if he s the Raider s number one playmaker So what if he s so far out of her league, the idea of them together would rupture the school s social order She has to try, before it s too late.She s come up with the perfect set of plays All Colt has to do now is buy into them.Colt Burgess wants one thing to play football after high school But his grades are tanking and his dreams of playing college ball are fading fast He shouldn t waste time on Tori Lomax However, she was a friend back in middle school, and he can t really ignore her small request for a favor How hard can it be to get the guy she s lusting after to notice her He ll help her out, and then he ll focus on what s really important football.Assuming he can stop thinking about her

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    1. 2.5 Stars!95% is when they finally get together. Ugh! By then I didn't care for Colt! What a pu$$y!!!! Will I be reading more from this series? Maybe because I am curious but I hope the others aren't like Colt!!

    2. Yay! It's here. It's finally here!I'm so excited to release this book. Tori and Colt have found a place in my heart and I hope they find one in yours too. Creating the Nelson High world has been so much fun and I can't wait to share the rest of the Big Play Novels with you.Colt is totally the kind of guy I would have fallen for in high school. Just like Tori, I would have watched him from afar, quietly swooning. I guess Tori's story is a way of me living out a dream I once had. There's no way I [...]

    3. 🌟 4.5 Stars 🌟ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewI can almost guarantee that you will enjoy this story if you love those 80's and 90's teen romcom movies like I do. It plays out just like one! For this to be the author's first attempt at writing a young adult novel with American high school football, she did a phenomenal job! I could even compare this book to Abbi Glines' Until Friday Night, and we all know how much I love Abbi!Tori Lomax has a plan. Phase one: Get Colt [...]

    4. 4.5 Pixie Stars!!“When he falls in love with a girl, she’s going to be the luckiest human on the planet, because if he looks like that when he’s talking about a game, imagine what he’ll look like taking about the woman of his dreams.”Full review to come closer to release date!

    5. celebrityreaders.wordpress4.5 stars -- Well I started this book at bedtime, and stayed up til 6am finishing it. I was so in the mood for a great YA romance, and this book sucked me right in. It was everything I was looking for in this moment, and I was so glad I had the ARC in my greedy little hands. (which I guess I should say -- I received an ARC of this book from the author)This was one of those books where you both love and cringe for the characters -- both Tori and Colt. They had such endea [...]

    6. I laughed at the end of the first chapter and that's where I knew I was going to love this book.The story of how Tori wanted to get Colt's attention reminded of my highschool years when I talked to my best friend about my crush and what I wanted to do to make him fall in love with me. Of course my plans didn't work. I really think people, specially girls, can feel identified with Tori about feelings you have had for a boy for a very long time and just want to do something to be attracted by him. [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this book. It's a great YA book. Tori is the daughter of soap making hippie parents. She's set out to win Colt over but asks him to help her win over w team mate. Will he do it without falling for her?I received a copy of this book for my honest review

    8. There were quite a few times where I felt bored while reading this, and I didn't love the characters, but it wasn't a bad read overall.Not sure if I'll continue the series or not.Overall, An okay read.

    9. Gotta Stick To The Plan To Get Yo Man! . . . This novel is a sweet high school romance that will have you believing dreams can come true. If you make a plan that is. ;) The dialogue and characters are real but quirky giving you taste of reality with all the feelings of a classic romantic comedy flick. Issues of social status, race, learning disabilities and self esteem are addressed in this novel making great for young adults and up. Deciding that her senior will be different and she will land t [...]

    10. This was such a wonderful read, with just the right amount of heartbreak and sweetness, that left me hApPy and with a big smile on my face ♡Tori is so very lovely, you can't help but fall in love with her. I instantly connected with this sweet and quirky girl. Maybe because she reminds me of a childhoodfriend but mostly because she is so openhearted and brave and amazing, my heart rooted for her from page one.Her girlfriend Amy expressed how I feel: „I love that you were brave enough to try, [...]

    11. The Playmaker is the first book in The Big Play series. It's senior year for Tori Lomax and she has one goal and that is to make her childhood friend, Colt Burgess, fall in love with her. Colt is a high school football superstar but with school being a issue for him and having Tori acting not herself, this last year of high school is surly to make waves for the both of them!As Tori comes from a hippy family, her mother makes candles and soaps and her dad makes really great burgers at a local caf [...]

    12. Full Review can be found at thegraduatedbookwormBefore I dive into this review, I need to say Thank-You to Jordan Ford for sending me a copy of this novel for review! I am so ecstatic to have finally read the beginning of this series, and believe me, it did not disappoint!!While reading The Playmaker, you get a lot of different references. Not only is there a lot of football talk-which I loved!- but there were also references to old school movies which made it even better! I really got the vibe [...]

    13. Tori isn't something like me at all, yet reading The Playmaker felt like I rode a time machine to my high school years. This book brings the feelings you have back then, the worries you used to have thinking life revolves around those. Actions you badly wanted to take thinking it was your last chance. This book was well written and I believed it portrayed well what it wanted to portray. I love all the characters in this novel too. There are mature ones, a little too childish ones, arrogant ones [...]

    14. Wow. I received this book as an arc. This is a spectacular read. I loved Tori and her quirky - less than perfect antics. I loved Colt and his own self doubts. The characters were flawed and had real high school Problems. They had imperfect friendships and families. They were on individual journeys of self discovery and doubts. I read this book in 1 day. I couldn't put it down. Tori is a quirky girl with a secret crush. She's watched to many Rom-coms and she's playing it out - in her real life. C [...]

    15. Tori is a quirky teen in her last year of high school. She is determined to make senior year the year of her dreams. Tori has been crushing on Colt for years, but he's the cliche high school jock. Despite the warnings of her best friend, Tori has a plan. I mean, she's watched all kinds of RomComs and read all kinds of books, this should be easyh. Colt is your All American football guy. Great on the field, great with the ladies, and great with schoolok the last one is a lie. All he needs is a C a [...]

    16. ~~I received this in exchange for my honest opinion~~Jordan Ford has made the play of the year!! This book is amazing! I couldn't put this down once I started it. Tori is an awkward Senior in high school, her parents are known as the weird parents, and Tori is just as weird. Colt is the star running back on the high school football team. He can't be seen with anyone but cheerleaders. Tori has a plan, and Colt is part of it. Tori comes to Colt to see if he will help her, he can't help but help he [...]

    17. I received this book for an honest review.I love a good YA in between other books and this was one not to be disappointed with. In fact I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it.Teenage angst long ago for me and I'm an Aussie so American sports is another world away.Tori is not one of the 'popular girls' as she is different and unique, she's hot for the football jock who is also a childhood friend. Colt the football jock has his own self doubts that he keeps hidden to stay cool. Circumstances bring t [...]

    18. Tori Lomax creates a plan, Operation Fall For Tori, to get Colt Burgess to fall in love with her before the end of her Senior year. This is a challenge because she is not part of the popular crowd at school and doesn't fit in with Colt and his friends. Part of her plan is to convince Colt to help her get the attention of his teammate, Mack. Colt secretly meets with Tori after school to teach her the rules of football and gives her tips on how to get noticed by Mack. As Colt and Tori spend time t [...]

    19. This is an awesome début for Jordan Ford - it has everything here that a Young Adult Contemporary Romance should have. Tori and Colt are both fantastic characters, with enough quirks to make them interesting and 'real'. Of course, the miscommunication and confusion leads to some amazing scenes, that will make you laugh and wince at the same time.Well-written, with no editing or grammatical errors that I could see, this book was a delight to read from the first page to the last. I loved the diff [...]

    20. This was a really cute book! I absolutely loved it! Bringing back my HS days (even though it was only 6 years ago).This book is on key. Meaning if you aren't part of the inner circle then you don't belong. And disrupting that circle will only cause trouble! Tori is your typical outsider. Wanting to live her senior year of HS out to the best as possible, well that includes the boy. Colt is your typical HS boy, on the football team, all the girls desire (including tori) But Tori's plan. To make Co [...]

    21. I received this book as an ARC exchange of an honest review.I loved this book and I'm anxious for the next one in this series!I found myself laughing in various parts with Tori, she's a really weird girl, but in a good way. And Colt's a great kid too, facing his problems in school and chasing his dream of playing football. They are a really special couple!Colt partners on the football team and Tori's best friend are also very interesting and well-developed characters.

    22. I absolutely fell in love with Tori and Colt.The journey they each took, as they are starting their senior year, was interesting, and easily sucked me into each of their emotional ride's.The slow budding of a renewed friendship was so sweet to read.This fell exactly into the teen/ya genre the way I would hope it to. Nothing crossed the line that shouldn't have, it was a sweet story, with just the right amount of teen angst.I look forward to reading the next book!

    23. The sweetest light read with a high school setting. It is a bit clichè but without it, it would be bland and boring. I love how sweet and considerate Colt is, most of the time. Tori can be so naive and be so reasonable at the same time. This story really highlights the two of them. There aren't much scenes about family time and whatnot. I think that the ending could have been better. It felt too concluded. Maybe it's just that I need more of them!

    24. You know what? I loved this book.A little on the short side and with a slightly underdeveloped plot but lovable nonetheless.The idea was very cute and the characters felt real. I especially loved Amy and her attitude towards conformity. I think she would make a great pair with Finn.I really can't wait to read the next books in this series because I've had so much fun reading this.

    25. This book is predictable cute and sweet. It was everything I was looking for in a quick easy read. I liked it and I definitely be checking out which player gets his heart stolen next.

    26. This series and writing kind of reminds me of Abbi Glines and her 2 series. I loved them and after reading this book I have no doubts that I'll love this one too.Tori and Colts story is so sweet. I love how their story evolves. Tori is already in love with Colt. Colt not so much with Tori. The growth of their relationship throughout the book doesn't happen too fast or too slow it's just right and realistic which is very important to me when it comes to relationships in books. The more realistic [...]

    27. Its senior year and Tori Lomax has decided she is going to get her guy like the girls do it in romcon movies. So she sets up a plan discusses it with her bff and put its into motion. However what she doesn't factor into it is that her man doesn't think of her that way or at all. Colt Burgess is all about football however when he does date its with one of the cheerleaders no way would he chance his reputation and risk dating someone his friends wouldn't like or approve of. Although they hung out [...]

    28. The synopsis explains the story to a "T".A teen could read this. I don't feel like there is anything inappropriate in this story. Some drinking and those girls/guys that think they are better than everyone but other than that a few kisses and thats about it. Oh, Wait. There is a scene (not graphic) where Tori is made very uncomfortable. Nothing happens but it does makes Tori realize this scene isn't for her. It doesn't last but a few sentences but wanted to add this incase you didn't want your t [...]

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