The Escape

The Escape The thrilling prequel to the Adventures in Wild Space series

  • Title: The Escape
  • Author: Cavan Scott
  • ISBN: 9781405283069
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • The thrilling prequel to the Adventures in Wild Space series

    One thought on “The Escape”

    1. This is one of the books released for World Book Day, which children will be able to redeem with one of the £1 World Book Day Tokens that they should receive from school. This is one of four titles produced for KS2 and is a slim paperback, with 84 pages. Milo and Lina, the children in this book, also appear in two longer books – The Snare and The Nest and, in a way, these World Book Daybooks are ‘tasters’ for longer novels that children can go on to explore. What is good here though, is t [...]

    2. This is one of the books released for World Book Day 2016. This is a great short story which has all the action and pace of any Star Wars story.This is the prequel to the 'Adventures In Wild Space Series' and is well written with a good plot (which I won't go into here) and is well illustrated. Aimed at younger readers I think it opens the doors for younger generations to get into the wider Star Trek stories.I highly recommend this book!

    3. World Book Day title - a kickoff novella for a new middle grade Star Wars series. I liked the setup and I think it will be a good series. I have bought them all online as they are only published in the UK. Maybe someday my son will want to read them too.

    4. Cute little young middle grade story: kids versus the Empire. A bit predictable, but ok. Korda is a bit over the top, especially the whole mechanical jaw thing. Lira and Milo are Jaina and Jacen clones for anyone who has read other Star Wars fiction (especially the Young Jedi Knights series). Lira is a techie who groks machines and can fix anything. Milo loves biology and critters. I'm amused by the (unintentional?) callback, and I still appreciate that it's the girl who's the techie and the lea [...]

    5. Intended for young readers, there is little to no expansion of the Star Wars universe outside of the names of some undiscovered creatures and no foreseeable connection to the greater Star Wars saga. The "ugly" robot, CR-8R, is interesting, but its knickname, "crater," feels like a ripoff of the fan-dubbed TFA stormtrooper, TR8R. And the droid's personality doesn't feel new. The evil Imperial officer with the metal jaw is too reminiscent of the iconic Bond villain. A very quick read. I will proba [...]

    6. 3.5/5Toda una sorpresa siendo una novela aunque canon dirigida al público más infantil, tanto por su trama como por sus personajes y la quimica que se gesta entre ellos. Deseando continuar la aventura.

    7. 3.5 starsMilo and Lina were believable as siblings and the writing was decent. It is nice to see a new aspect of the SW universe being explored.

    8. "It was amazing and I loved it. I loved it because the Bird escaped the bombs and I loved it because the Bird also escaped the purple skinned bats." - Clifton, age 6

    9. More like 2.5*This was only an introduction. We got the plot for the next book set. We know the characters and that's all. I hope the next in the series explores more of the universe. This is book 0, so I'm positive the next will be much better

    10. I got this book for free, and it's still a waste of money.When I found out there was going to be a star wars book for world book day, I was really excited. But after reading this I was extremely underwhelmed.On the blurb it says that Milo and Lina's parents have been kidnapped by the empire. In the book, you discover this halfway through. This wasn't great, since you read the first half of a very dull story only to discover what you already know. And as it turns out, the "escape" was from the mo [...]

    11. I got this title and #1: The Snare as an ARC at ALA this year. It's a fun chapter book adventure series set in the Star Wars universe in the time between the Clone Wars and A New Hope. Siblings Lina and Milo Graf, their pet lizard-monkey Morq, and their family's trusted (and cranky) droid, CR-8R (aka "Crater") set off to find their explorer/cartographer parents, kidnapped by the Empire for their data and their skills. But the Empire is after Lina and Milo, too, and they have to try to stay one s [...]

    12. Considering, this is just a short prelude to a series of children books it was a pleasant and quick read. I have to admit I was rather surprised by the mostly uncompromising portrayal of the Imperials, as they seemed truly ruthless and evil.The story itself is merely a jumping of point for the next books. This is no Huckleberry Finn, but if you happen to have it, it is nice read about brother and sister, who are about to embark on what will surely turn out to be a heroic rescue mission slash adv [...]

    13. This is super-designed for younger readers, so a lot of what it lacks can be attributed to that. I like this idea a lot (kids have their parents kidnapped by the Empire and now must roam Wild Space on their own), but honestly I wasn't a huge fan of these characters, and the dialogue often fell flat for me.I'll read the rest of this series because I'm a completest, but this doesn't seem to be essentially Star Wars.

    14. If you live in the UK and can get this for a low price (as it was a World Book Day book), it is probably much more worth hunting it down than it was for me. If you're looking at having to import, I would suggest just moving on to #1 in the series. There is very little, if anything, here that is necessary to know going in to the series.

    15. This is a fun little book despite its simplicity. While it understandably doesn't have a lot of details due to its demographic, I found the implications about the Empire interesting as well as the little things one learns about being a cartographer in the Star Wars universe.

    16. Don't let the 3 stars fool you. This is a solid adventure for younger readers, but it's still enjoyable. The story is straightforward and has a similar style to the 'galaxy of fear' books of the '90s.

    17. Not bad, my 6yo who loves all things Star Wars was a little bored through most of this book. Needed faster pacing and shorter chapters.

    18. Good enough fun and proper sci-fi fantasy with a strong nod to the Star Wars Universe. I actually thought it starts off the story for the first book quite nicely.

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