Every Color

Every Color A simple story about a bear that meets a girl who introduces him to the world and changes how he sees everything

  • Title: Every Color
  • Author: Erin Eitter Kono
  • ISBN: 9780803741324
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A simple story about a bear, that meets a girl, who introduces him to the world, and changes how he sees everything.

    One thought on “Every Color”

    1. I don't think this book was very good.It's about a polar bear who lives at the North Pole.Bear lived at the top of the world.He was surrounded by white ice and white snow, and he longed for color.We see that all animals in the North Pole are white, for some reason. Even the walruses?!?! This book has lost me already.His seagull friend flies to a girl, who improbably wears a little white animal outfit all the time o.O, and she sends the polar bear a painting of a rainbow.It was the most amazing t [...]

    2. Cute book with nice illustrations. I hate to sound knit-picky, but kids who read picture books are learning new things. There is no such thing as a seagull, there are however gulls. We need to teach children the proper names so that we can break of cycle of misinformation.

    3. A white bear living in the arctic longs for something he doesn't know is missing until a young girl takes him on a world wide journey where he is introduced to color. I didn't like the colors weren't named. Sweet story. Toddler and up.

    4. The contrast of white and rainbow colors was visually appealing, but the text did not excite me. I thought it was a bit awkward. I miss how the trip around the world helped Bear see the Northern Lights.

    5. Everyone needs color in their lives, including polar bears! My favorite part was how the paintings he made throughout his travels were all hanging, lined up at the end, telling a story.

    6. I liked this one, but it could have been more. Looking at other reviews, there are a lot of objections to this one: the literal-ness of the all white animals at the North Pole, the seagulls at the Pole, etc. I didn't mind those so much - the whiteness of the North Pole made the colors more striking in other pictures. Simply adding in the names of the colors as Bear traveled would probably have earned another star in my opinion. It's a little more subdued a story, too, though it is a good reflect [...]

    7. Kono, Erin Eitter Every Color. PICTURE BOOK. Dial Books For Young Readers (Penguin), 2016 $16.99. Bear is lonely up north where it is white as far as the eye can see. His winter animal friends devise a plan to cheer him up. Bear needs some color. His friend Seagull sends for a little girl to come and take Bear on a colorful world-wide adventure. When Bear returns to his northern home of white, he realizes it was full of color all along, he just needed someone to help him see it. This story not o [...]

    8. diverse picture book (colors, travelling, friendship, pen pals ; preschool ages 3 and up)* Features diverse characters: a bear makes friends with one little girl (who happens to have dark skin and straight black hair). They travel the world together but the other people they encounter (in London) are relegated to the background and not prominently portrayed.* Suitable for preschool storytime: yes, this is a subdued, quieter story for a crowd who is accustomed to sitting through circle time. The [...]

    9. This book is lovely! At it's core, it's a friendship story about a girl who shows a polar bear the wide colorful world. Through colors you see landmarks from all over the world. I have many students interested in geography and I know they would love identifying all the landmarks and where they are from. Layers of lessons in this book.

    10. I totally dig this book! It was white all white. Can you imagine a life like that! So Bear goes to see the world.d all the colors can be found in the world! Great illustrations and lots of color! Could be a travel book, could be a color book, could be a bedtime story! Great fun!

    11. The art for this book is just so beautiful that it earns 4 stars on that alone. I wish the story had as much of an impact.

    12. Author: Erin Eitter KonoIllustrator: Erin Eitter KonoPublisher: Dial BooksCopyright: 2016Keywords: polor bear, colorsTarget Audience: 1st grade read aloud

    13. This was ok. The illustrations are gorgeous in this story of a bear who sails around the world, in order to appreciate what he has home.

    14. Bear was depressed because he was surrounded by white. He goes on a journey with a girl to show him all the colors of the world. Would be great for color or bear storytime.

    15. I love mixed media illustrations and interesting bear characters and this book has both! A great picture book that offers the opportunities to explore basic colors, different world landmarks, and friendship.

    16. This is such a great book! It has amazing art and it's a cute story as well. I didn't find a connection to it or I didn't find much of a meaning towards it. I felt like it was entertaining and it was interesting to read. I loved that the bear traveled everywhere to see more colors! It was great!

    17. Kind of cute but not super remarkable. It has a good message I guess but it takes a really awkward round about way of getting there.

    18. Some of the words would be a little beyond the scope of a child, but this was a sweet little story with feeling. I loved how the colors unfolded as the story progressed.

    19. This book is interesting. Open to lots of discussions about color, about places and things around the world, about landmarks, about helping, and friendship, and awareness.

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