Horowitzi õudus. #2

Horowitzi udus Astu Anthony Horowitzi veidrasse ja haigesse maailma kui sa ikka julged See on maailm kus k ik paistab normaalsena kuid silmanurgas varitsevad imelikud jubedad ja t eliselt kohutavad asjad Nagu h l

  • Title: Horowitzi õudus. #2
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz Mario Pulver
  • ISBN: 9789949975006
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Astu Anthony Horowitzi veidrasse ja haigesse maailma kui sa ikka julged See on maailm, kus k ik paistab normaalsena, kuid silmanurgas varitsevad imelikud, jubedad ja t eliselt kohutavad asjad Nagu h letaja, kes pole p ris see, kellena paistab hirmutav maamaja, millel on jube saladus ja mobiil, millega saab r kida surnutega Igal lool on okeeriv sutsakas varuks HorAstu Anthony Horowitzi veidrasse ja haigesse maailma kui sa ikka julged See on maailm, kus k ik paistab normaalsena, kuid silmanurgas varitsevad imelikud, jubedad ja t eliselt kohutavad asjad Nagu h letaja, kes pole p ris see, kellena paistab hirmutav maamaja, millel on jube saladus ja mobiil, millega saab r kida surnutega Igal lool on okeeriv sutsakas varuks Horowitzi udus 2 on kuri kollektsioon vastavaid jutte kuulsalt ja populaarselt kirjanikult Anthony Horowitzilt ra unusta ka sarja avaraamatut Horowitzi udus 1 Anthony Horowitz on kirjutanud terve hulga lasteraamatuid, mida on t lgitud enam kui tosinasse keelde Lisaks on ta ka tunnustatud televisioonistsenarist, kelle t de hulka kuuluvad seriaalide Poirot , Midsomeri m rvad , Crime Traveller ja telekanali ITV sarja Chiller episoodid.

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    1. As I have praised the first book so much, I am going to praise this one too, but it's also true that I felt like the stories in this collection created less impact on me than the first one. I would have given it 4 stars but the last story made me change my mind. I must admit, it was a brilliant idea to come up with. Any reader would have had his heart beat stopped for a split second because of the story. Simply a clever and excellent way to end a horror collection.

    2. 9 More Spooky Stories1) The Hitchhiker - A family stops to pick up a man in the rain.2) The Sound of Murder - A girl's hearing aid starts to pick up things it shouldn't.3) Burned - His Uncle is determined to get a tan this vacation.4) Flight 715 - A premonition of Danger5) Howard's End - He's been a very bad boy.6) The Elevator - A boy leaps from one elevator to another and disappears. 7) The Phone Goes Dead - Did a lightning strike do something supernatural to this phone?8) Twist Cottage - A li [...]

    3. It just kept on getting better and better alll along. Totally loved it. Just a warning ⚠ don't read it at night if you are scared of ghosts

    4. This was a pretty good book. Instead of one long, boring story it was alot of little horror stories. This book also makes you want to keep reading.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes horror or scary books.

    5. Yeah, I said I wasn't going to read this one, but that's only if I have to get it off the shelf myself. It was my brother. I'm going to take a tip from one of the other reviewers and list out all of the story names so I can review them one by one. First off. The Hitchhiker creeped me out. (Well, more like startled me. Takes a lot to creep me out.) You never think that the narrator is evil. Never. But then nothing is sure in horror stories. *creepy laugh* The Sound of Murder was pretty weird (I d [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. Anothony Horowitz is an amazing horror author and he did a great job with the story's in this book. I really enjoyed the variety of scary and interesting story's. my personnel favorite story's in this book where Flight 715, Burned, The Phone Goes Dead and Twist Cottage but all the story's were great! I highly recommend this book to any Anthony Horowitz fans or scary/horror story fans. The Story's arnt too scary but they are scary enough to keep you on edge until the e [...]

    7. This book was better than the first one. I liked the story the hitchiker what was shocking is that the kid was actualy the phycopath.

    8. This was a good book. Anthony Horowitz used something I like to call comical humor, where the story is creepy but the end is funny. It's a cool style of writing horror, and I really liked it.

    9. Again a really great set of horror short stories by one of the masters of horror whose books I grew up with. These stories make me think of a mix of Roald Dahl and Stephen King what's more to love?

    10. Excellent book. Really enjoyed all the stories. Only drawback is wish their were more stories. Recommend highly.

    11. Přesně tohle jsem od druhého dílu čekala, takže nezklamala :D Stopař - celkem šok na konci, Zvuk vraždy - pěkný masakr, bavila mě a opět ten konec, Spálený - huh, trošinku nechutné :D ale opět ten konec like wtf :O, Let č. 715 - jop, další, která mě bavila a dalo by se tomu věřit i v reálu, takže palec nahoru, přesně tohle jsem od ní čekala, Howardův konec - nic neříkající název, tohle jsem nečekala alá nebo vs peklo :D, Výtah - už jen název zaujal, ale [...]

    12. I love short stories, and you should too!!!!! This was a cool collection of y/a horror/suspense tales.1. The Hitchhiker- 4 stars- What a cool and well crafted twist, upon this frequently visited storyline. Don't wanna say anymore2. The Sound of Murder- 4 stars- I have always felt that suspense is scarier than so called horror and this was suspenseWhat starts as a cute story about a deaf girl, whos hearing aid sometime malfunctions turns horrifying when she hears threats of murder in itwhat happe [...]

    13. Once again Horowitz has done it for me. More horrific stories that were just as good as the first book.The Hitchhiker: This was a great way to start things off. This story was creative and just crazy and insane.The Sound of Murder: This story went all out with the whole chase scene at the end. Not really my fave but still an interesting story.Burned: This was a gross story but an unfortunate one. Still good.Flight 715: I always get Harriet's Horrible Dream from the first book mixed up with this [...]

    14. Book reviews The book Horowitz Horrors by Anthony Horowitz is a book full of individual, independent horror stories each unique in its own way. It doesn't have one solid story line. It has many individual story lines. It was intended for audience from teens to adults. Not children. Well the book is a book full of several horror stories. It has everything thing from horror stories in the city, to horrors stories in the far out country.One story is about a man gets a camera that when ever you take [...]

    15. Firstly, I have read Anthony Horowitz. I am a huge fan of the Alex Rider series, so he is not a new author to me.I like the concept of 8 different stories in one book, as it stopped me getting bored of reading one long horror story. My personal favourite was Howard’s End. The thought that heaven was quiet and, as Howard put it, boring, was an interesting one. Then the twist ending tied everything nicely together. I didn’t really like Twist Cottage, as the main character’s father ended up b [...]

    16. I decided to read More Horowitz Horror because I decided that I would explore reading short stories and I am also making a start on reading horror books.I was introduced with a good impression of what simple horror stories would be like. After finishing the Alex Rider series made by this same author I thought this book would make a good start on horror books.I liked all of the short stories that were made up in this book by Anthony Horowitz. Every page was filled with suspense. There was nothing [...]

    17. why did I decide to read this book:I decided to read this book because one of my friends was reading a book like it by the same author so I decided to give it a go and becuase I needed to read a book of short storiesWhich category on the bingo board this book completes:A book of short storiesWhat I liked about this book and why:What I liked was that it contained lots of different stories so you can read a whole story that is only about 10-70 pages long instead of reading a big longe book and tha [...]

    18. (no spoilers)More Horowitz Horror is a collection of horror stories all written by Anthony Horowitz. Though this was written in 1999, reading it now barely gives any chills. The last story, cited "the shortest horror story ever written" was particularly horrible and was in fact very cringeworthy and just awkwardly painful to read. A few stories were pretty cliched and the ending may be satisfying, but I would expect a more saddening/unexpected or sudden one. "Howard's End" would be the best (or [...]

    19. I wanted to read some scary stories around Halloween and I needed to read something to discuss during Teen Read Week in October for our book chat, so this is what I chose. I'm glad that I did because one of my teens had read this book and was excited for me that I had yet to finish one of the stories that I told the beginning to. The first couple of stories are great and hook you. The very first story is a satisfying twist on the hitchhiker story of someone who is picked up on a dark night when, [...]

    20. I loved this book my favourite one was the sound of murder when their was this girl she was half deaf which is really sad and then all of a sudden she gets a new french teacher and she apparently could read his thoughts and he was thinking of killing his wife and he did but in the ending the teacher ends up dead but the scary part was when she went to his funeral and she read his thought and he said he will come back and kill her and he was dead like how could he do that but otherwise it was a r [...]

    21. Anthony Horowitz one of my favorite authors. He doesn't write the common horror story with the ghosts. In this book he doesn't use supernatural as an angle. He uses fears that could happen to anyone and he really proves that! The victims are children, women, men. The book More hororwitz Horror is by far my favorite book by him. In the book it is not one long story it is a new story every chapter and that's one of my favorite parts about it because you don't get bored.There is great detail throug [...]

    22. Anthony Horowitz is one of my favorite authors. In this book he uses shorter stories, instead of long boring chapters. The stories are new and different in each chapter . I really enjoyed the variety of scary and interesting stories. The stories were different from each other. This is my favorite book by him so far. Throughout this book there is great detail. The author used words that creeped me out. The book is full of suspense and you never know what will happen next. I recommend this book to [...]

    23. These twilight zone-ish horror stories will not disappoint kids who are ready to go a step beyond Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Topics include: insanity, haunted houses, cannibalism, hell, clairvoyance, a cell phone that dead people call, and a dysfunctional hearing aid that receives the thoughts of a murderer. Great spine-pricking stuff. I like Horowiz's style, in this collection and in the Alex Rider books. Fast moving plots with lots of strong verbs and punch, but enough character develo [...]

    24. I personally loved this book. Mostly because of all the different stories in it. Some stories were spooky, others were creepy, and the rest were horrifying. Trust me, all of these words are different and you can tell which book has which description. My favorite stories were the creepy ones because the author had the most description when they were the creepy stories. I highly recommend this book to the horror readers out there, it certainly it horrifying.

    25. I learned, not to pick up hitchhikers 10 miles away from an asylum for the criminally insane. To stay in the elevator with your parents or you will get eaten by cannibals. To stay away from the new French teacher if your hearing aid is acting up and saying stuff about "killing her". Not to go on a plane if you have a dream about it crashing. And not to stay in the sun too long if your wife packed the sun tan lotion

    26. Excellent writing! I read these stories every night (it was the only time I had with school keeping me so busy!) and they practically scared me to death. They were scary and creepy, which made me want to read them so much more. I like a good scare now and then and this book did just that! I give it 5 stars and I would recommend it to all you scary story fans!

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