Released Jax Flynn s life just went from bad to worse He was already sharing his body with a demon named Azirak but after killing its mate Well shit got real Now the demon has taken control of Jax s body and

  • Title: Released
  • Author: Jus Accardo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jax Flynn s life just went from bad to worse He was already sharing his body with a demon named Azirak, but after killing its mate Well, shit got real Now the demon has taken control of Jax s body and everything he cares for is at stake, including Samantha, the girl he loves Yeah, that s not going to happen It s time Jax showed everyone what he was really made of.

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    1. Released by Jus Accardo is the third book in The Eternal Balance series. I was really looking forward to the wrap up of this one based on how Accardo ended book two. If you haven’t read books one or two yet you might want to hold off on reading this review. I always do what I can not to give anything away but seeing as how this is a book three, I can’t promise I won’t give anything from books one and two away. You have officially been warned. Released picks up shortly after Embraced ended. [...]

    2. Released was as entertaining as the other books in The Eternal Balance Series. I was anxious to read this because of how things ended in Embraced. Jax had to kill Azirak's mate to save Sam. Azi took control of Jax body.He can see, hear and feel through the demon but his essence is fading. Sam tries to get Jax back but the demon has no intention of giving up . I enjoyed the way these three interacted with each other and how Sam handled Azi and Jax. Both have such distinct personalities. But one t [...]

    3. This is the last installment of The Eternal Balance. The story line is good, fast pace and lots of suspense. However, except for the h and H, every body speaks in riddle and incomplete explanations. It droves me nuts while reading it

    4. This is not my normal go to genre. I don’t know why I was so drawn to this series. I only know that I loved the characters and some of the redeeming qualities of Azi and the love Jax has for Samantha. It also happens to have so much going on that I need to know how it will end!The battle between good and evil ensues in this last Chapter of the series. There is nonstop action and twists and turns. Every time they turn around something new is revealed and sometimes Sam feels hopeless. But there [...]

    5. So, what if you were born cursed? What if because someone in your ancestry forever ago committed a sin you are now forced to share your body with a demon? That's where our main character, Jax, finds himself. He's sidled with a demon riding shotgun in his head all because of that first murder ever committed by Jax's ancestor Cain. While Jax may be a caring and good person, the actions that his demon demands of him most certainly aren't. Jax's demon craves violence and sends him images of the dest [...]

    6. Where do I even begin… When I first finished this book I was a bit surprised. At first glance I felt like the ending was anti-climactic. But the more I thought about it and reflected on the series as a whol, the more I liked it and applauded Jus on her choice. I expected an explosion of something different and what I got was the best ending possible. There is a high level of tension all throughout this book. Jax and Azi are struggling to co-exist and Azi has basically taken over, something tha [...]

    7. I wanted to read this book, yet I didn’t want to read it. I loved Ruined, Embraced not so much. I enjoyed to book but I so wanted the happy in love butterfly feel that loving Ruined got me. For Embraced it wasn’t there. Hence apprehension when starting Released, unwarranted apprehension.Released is the final book in The Eternal Balance series. It starts right were Embraced left off. Azirak is now in charge of Jax’s body (he is trapped inside) and Sam is mad as all get out. Not at Jax, but [...]

    8. Firs of all, I enjoyed it A LOT. But I can't give it more stars, there were many inconsistencies in the storyline regarding previous information given in the first 2 books AND plot holes filled with poorly supported arguments. Still, like I said, I enojoyed it very much, and fell in love with Jax and Azi (poor demon 3 )

    9. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Wow - you ever read a series that just gives you everything you want? This series has taken me on a rollercoaster that had me crying, laughing, and smiling at various times, but it ultimately left me incredibly satisfied. I'm happy to have met these characters and been introduced to this world, but so very sad to see it end.It's here, the final showdown, only none of the characters really know yet. When we last left our main charact [...]

    10. Received in exchange for a honest reviewThis is a terrific ending to this series. We see the bonds of love shine through and how after all they went through love conquers the good and evil. JAx and Sam had already gone through so much. They survived Jax’s brother, Malphi and all the other demons who want to claim Sam and now they are being punished by Jax’s own demon. a new interesting twist. Azirak isn’t a bad demon but trying to harm Jax because of what he did to Malphi even though Malph [...]

    11. SHY3.5 starsThis was a very entertaining read about a woman named Sam who is in love with a guy named Jax who just so happens to be inhabited by a demon named Azirak. Due to some events that took place in the previous two books Azi is now in control of the body the two are sharing and has no intentions of giving it back. Sam on the other hand is equally determined to find a way to not only put Jax back in the driver seat of the body, but to get rid of Azi once and for all.I found Sam to be a ver [...]

    12. Originally posted at:* I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.What an exhilarating ride! This story ends on a perfect note. I loved the epilogue in particular. After all the suffering spread out into 3 books Sam & Jax finally get their well deserved happily ever after.Sam was so strong in this novel. Her personality just took on this stone cold resolve to outsmart a who-knows-how-old demon. She never stood a chance, but I can safely tell you that fate was on th [...]

    13. The book takes place just after Embraced, Jax is prisoner of Azirak in his own body and Sam must find a way to help him.This is the last book of the series and Sam, Jax and Azi are living some great adventure, they haven’t got the chance to be at peace. Heckle send them on a mission for the life of humans beings.I like Sam, she’s always protective with Jax, she knows that her life will never be the same but she wants him in it. She will fight with Azirak and in the end she will finally accep [...]

    14. I received this book in advance of release in exchange for an honest review so here it goes. As this is my first official review. I want to explain my process a little. In my reviews I am going to try to not only review the book itself, but also describe the authors writing style a little, as I feel that this contributes to how much a person will enjoy any given book. Also as a side note, I read freakishly fast, so don't look at my date started/date finished and think that this is a short book.I [...]

    15. Jax is sharing his body with the demon Azirak. But Az is mad at Jax for killing his mate and has taken control of Jax’s body. Jax is watching everything happen but has no way to do anything. And the longer that Az is in control the less Jax will be until he disappears. Both Az and Jaz love Sam and I like how Az lets Jax and Sam be together before disappears. I have not read the other books in this series and I think that would make a difference. But I did catch on to the story and couldn’t t [...]

    16. I made a bit of a boo-boo when I agreed to review this book. I hadn’t read any of the previous novels in the series and I just dove head-first into this one. I felt like I was arriving in the middle of a show, but things quickly became clear. Although the book is probably more enjoyable if you’ve read the previous stories in the series, Accardo did a good job of filling in any necessary details to the story. In fact, I found the action at times at bit slow. If I wasn’t playing catch-up, I [...]

    17. Review:Points:Plot: There is many twists and turns in this one.Mood: Suspenseful, AdventurousPace: The pace was a steady pace and it move quickly.Characters: The characters were developed and I like the characters.Writing: This book has GREAT writing!Level of Violence: Explicit Violence Sexual Content: New AdultThoughts:Oh my gosh. Jax/Azirak was more predominant that before. There is Dual Points of view. I enjoyed this one more than the other books. I feel that we get more from their characters [...]

    18. Kindly provided with an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewOkay, not much has to be said here peeps. I means come on it's Jus Accardo !!! Lets also reflect on the amazing cover*sigh*. Well alright then if you need a little review to wet your appetites.This is book 3 of Samantha and Jax's story. Gah, Jax has been possessed by some evil nasty (Azi) in revenge who basically wants Jax to DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY !! Not gonna happen !!. Although Azi loves SamJax ain't sharing buddy !! [...]

    19. 3.5 stars And at last I've finished this book. I've waited a long time for it and I was curious about how it was going to end.Now, this series wasn't that amazing and there were some bad parts, but I liked it enough that I stayed until the end. No regrets about that.I love happy endings and that's the reason I gave this book 4 stars. Lately the authors like to ruin our lives and make us suffer, but not this author. She gave me a happy ending and I'm grateful for that.The ending was cheesy and sw [...]

    20. Although I enjoyed this book, it would have been better if I had read the previous one. It was a bit like walking into cinema half way through the film. Jax Flynn is a hitch-hiker in his own body. The demon who has always been a part of him has taken control . Samantha Merrick is pissed that the demon has control of her man, and will do all she can to put it right. There is a dangerous task they must accomplish, but with another demon and his devil dogs out to stop them it will not be easy. It d [...]

    21. 3.5 starsEven though this book was a bit slower in terms of plot movement and action and repetitive in parts, I thought it was a great end to the series. I loved the growth Azi showed. Jax and Sam were great as well. My only complaints are that some things came together too easily, the action wasn't as interesting, and (view spoiler)[Sam basically did nothing with the whole pure thing until the end. I get that it's purpose was mostly for the end result, but it was kind of a let down. (hide spoil [...]

    22. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Released by Jus Accardo is Book 3 of the Eternal Balance Series. Seeing the cover and having read the description, I just had to read this; I wasn’t let down at all. So much goes on in this book with lots of action, suspense, good v. evil, and of course, those things that go bump in the night and are of a demonic nature. The author has crafted an exciting and believable world together with an intriguing storyline and developed characters. [...]

    23. Released is the conclusion to Jus Accardo’s Eternal Balance trilogy. The story picks up on the heels of the second book, with Jax’s body taken completely over by his demon, Azirak. With the help of Jax’s girlfriend Samantha, Jax must finish the job he and Sam started to ensure her safety once and for all. A man and his woman struggle to be together despite the demonic forces trying to tear them apart. Released is a different sort of romance, where a demon may not be all bad, and angel’s [...]

    24. loved the build up. it has been so long since I was in this world I had forgotten how much I loved Jax. the ending was a bit anticlimactic for me but the epilogue was GREAT. full review to come

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