Rane Everything was easyuntil I met her If at first you don t succeed f ck it and move the hell on I m Rane Wilder and I m not one to hold on to sh t Life as the guitarist in the biggest band on the plane

  • Title: Rane
  • Author: Vivian Lux
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everything was easyuntil I met her.If at first you don t succeed, f ck it and move the hell on I m Rane Wilder and I m not one to hold on to sh t Life as the guitarist in the biggest band on the planet is fun Which is good Because the second it stops being fun, I m out Being in the music video with Madeline Cole, that was fun too Sure, the band had misgivings MadEverything was easyuntil I met her.If at first you don t succeed, f ck it and move the hell on I m Rane Wilder and I m not one to hold on to sh t Life as the guitarist in the biggest band on the planet is fun Which is good.Because the second it stops being fun, I m out.Being in the music video with Madeline Cole, that was fun too Sure, the band had misgivings Maddie s a crazy former child star who hit rock bottom hard, and is now trying to revitalize her career She s a fiery redhead with big blue eyes and a bad reputation, but her mom is dating my dad, so I thought I d do her a favor by giving her the work.That s when things get difficult.Because falling for Maddie is really easy I can see the fire inside of her, and I love it that I m the one who makes her burn.But being with her That s hard as hell Especially when our parents announce their engagement.I ve fallen for a force of nature and she s about to become my stepsister.And for the first time in my life, I can t move on.

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    1. WOW! I know I'm starting my review out with that awesome, and yet very pat sentence about loving the book, but I freakin' LOVED LOVED LOVED this story! Like seriously gush like a crazy fan girl LOVED this story! And here's another author that I'm kicking myself for not reading sooner! Rane Wilder is the guitarist for a hugely popular rock band. He approaches everything in life with a "The second it stops being fun, I'm out." mantra. That comes crashing down the minute he comes face to face with [...]

    2. OMG How have I not read any of her books before?? This book was amazing! I fell in love with in the first sentence and couldn't put the book down. Fact: I had gotten completely wasted in the company of an achingly sexy rock star. Fact: I had passed out in said company. Fact: The sexy rock star had carefully and caringly put me to bed, preserving my modesty by enlisting a friend to change my clothes. Fact: He let me sleep in his bed while he took the uncomfortable chair. Fact: He was fetching me [...]

    3. I really enjoyed reading this book. Maddie & Rane are put together by Rane's father. Rane's rock band Ruthless needs a girl for their music video. Maddie was a popular tv child actress, who need to get back into the business. I loved Rane & Maddie's characters. A good storyline! Can't wait to read more from the band members.

    4. IncredibleThis is an incredibly well written, compelling story. It had me hooked from the first chapter. Knowing a few musicians myself I recognize some of the character trades described. I absolutely loved it! Can't wait to read the other books in this series!

    5. Rane and Maddie are brought together by their parents. She needs a boost to her career after a major meltdown and his band needs an actress for their video when the other actress drops out suddenly. His dad is dating her mom and recommends they give her a chance.Rane is not that unusual from what you expect from young rock stars. He loves the perks of his job - the booze, the parties, the women. He and his brother formed the band and they have had tremendous success. Rane did not expect to want [...]

    6. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book Madeline Cole and Rane Wilder. Maddie is an actress and was on a hit show until she had a breakdown and chopped off all of her hair. From that moment on she was dubbed 'Mad Maddie' and she hasn't been able to get work since she got herself back together. So when she is given the opportunity to work on the Ruthless video she takes this chance. It isn't what she wants to be doing but it shows a different side to her acting skills an [...]

    7. **ARC provided by Author, in exchange for an honest review**Rane is a fast pace Stepbrother/Rock Romance. A light and easy read, so easy to follow. The characters all have their own demons to fight, which made everything very believable. Madeline was the it girl in Hollywood, until she came tumbling down her own mess. While trying to get her life together, she meets her soon to be stepbrother and didn’t even know it. They connected right away, being around each other was easy and they understo [...]

    8. It grows on you. Rough start had me thinking that all the five star reviews out there were from teens or close friends. But I gave it the benefit of the doubt, even when it seemed that every plot set up was stolen from a decade old gossip magazine featuring Britney and Justin. Even down to the similar to Timberlake's "what goes around comes around" song and the video that the H&h film together. The name of the princess she played was so close to being Parker Posey (who I love BTW) that every [...]

    9. This is my first time reading anything by Vivian Lux and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this touching story. The characters in this story had so much determination that make you root for them ,Madeline "Maddy " Cole is sweet, beautiful but struggles with the aftermath of her breakdown and is after that people might think that she's crazy. But Rane is handsome sexy and strong and he knows he has the power to break down the stone walls she has built around her to protect herself. This is Ran [...]

    10. Rane, Keir, Pepper, Twitch and Balzac are the Ruthless band members. They were to record a video clip and needed an actress to make up the character of the music.Mad Maddie was a very successful child actress in the past, but as she grew, went through a turbulent period and freaked out. Now she wants to come back her career but everywhere she goes, people point her as crazy.The mother of Maddie and the father of Keir and Rane were to marry.When Rane and Maddie recorded the video, they immediatel [...]

    11. ARC REVIEWVivian Lux has delivered another well written sweet romance read with some twists and bumps along the way. Rane Wilder is a sexy alpha male who is the lead guitarist in one of the most famous rock bands, he is a love them and leave them type and never works hard, if it is not delivered or he needs to work for anything he leaves it and moves on. Life is about the easy route for Rane.Madeline Cole is a former well known child star who had a public melt down that left her named 'Mad Maddi [...]

    12. Absolutely loved this book! The story line was wonderful and easy to follow. I found it to very believable. The characters became people I was drawn into caring about. Rane is a character, that is for sure. And Mad Madie has her own demons. Mainly herself. What will these two do with themselves?Medeline Cole has a rep. And not a good one any more. Everyones little TV princess is grown up, and gone a little crazy. And now shes looking for work. How did she go from the hottest product on TV to som [...]

    13. LOVED IT! As much as I enjoyed Jax, I have to say I liked Rane about 10 times as much. The chemistry between the characters seemed so genuine and I loved the supporting cast. I've always thought that the sign of a good book/author is that they make you care about the people in the background just as much. And I have to say, Vivian Lux totally delivers. I fiound myself wishing for Keir's story about halfway through Rane and Ms. Lux better be writing about that fabulously broken boy! Maddie and Ra [...]

    14. I have to say this book turned out better than I expected. Rane turned out to be a charmer once he realized what and who he wanted in his life. Realizing that he could give someone the love that he had hidden inside of himself. Maddie was not the girl I expected her to turn out to be or become. As an actress she played her parts well. But, she needed someone to show her that life isn't about being surrounded by what you want, but to push outside your limits and be the person you should be. And R [...]

    15. I will admit, I was somewhat worried. I had recently read Jax by Vivian Lux and it's also a Rockstar Stepbrother romance. In my mind I thought, how can she have another book with such a similar premise and it not be like the first one. Well, I must say. I LOVED Jax. Thoroughly enjoyed that book. But I think I might like Rane better! The story was actually really different. There were some recurring characters from Jax's book which was nice familiarity. I fell in love with Maddie. She might be on [...]

    16. Rane is a rockstar who is used to getting what he wants and doesn't get attached to anyone. Maddie is an actress that is working to come back after a stint in rehab and a public breakdown. Maddies mom is dating Rane's dad. When Rane's band needs an actress for their new video and the give the job to Maddie. When these two meet they become friends but the attraction to one another is undeniable. But there is at least one person who is not happy about this attraction and pull they have towards one [...]

    17. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Rane: A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance by Vivian Lux is a sweet, hot sinfully good romance. From the very beginning I wanted Rane and Maddie to have a HEA. Rane Wilder and Maddie Cole are perfect for each other! GREAT, complex characters within an amazing story. The sex scenes are hot, passionate and full of chemistry that could melt a heart made from alloy steel. BTW, I don’t like Keir one bit.I am rating Rane: A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance by [...]

    18. I absolutely loved this story! This story will have you laughing, angry , sad and laughing again. You will fall in love with all the characters. The chemistry between Rane and Maddie is SUPER HOT!!! Rane cocky rockstar used to getting everything he wants. Maddie former child star that had meltdown. Maddie struggling to get her career going again agrees to star in Rane's music video. Sparks fly but can they get past the fact their parents are getting married? Will they help each other get past th [...]

    19. *I received this book in exchange for an honest review! Vivian Lux is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! Once again she delivers another amazing Stepbrother Romance! Rane is the lead guitarist in a band. Madeline is an actress who had a break down and is now known as "Mad Maddie" who is trying to make a come back. Rane and Maddie decide to be friends seeing how their parents just announced they were engaged. But what happens when you spend time with someone who turns out to be the oppo [...]

    20. Rane was a rocker who was used to getting what he wanted and when things got to hard he was OK with walking away. Maddeline, Maddie, was an actress trying to come back after a breakdown and rehab. Maddie's mom is dating Rane's dad, when Rane's band needs an actress for their video Maddie is suggested. Maddie and Rane connect when they meet, but try to just be friends. Just friendship doesn't work, but when a tragedy hits will they be able to weather the storm? Rane is cocky and sure of himself w [...]

    21. Give you that Wow, this book is so great! I can't believe how all gushy and excited I got reading this just like you do when your watching a romantic movie!! Rane and Maddie's love is so well written and you can't wait to find what their happily ever after is. Also, the supporting characters were just as entertaining and you want to invest in what they have going on too! It was great to check in on Lily and Jax is there a possible follow up with Harlow and Casper or maybe Keir and Scarlett??? I [...]

    22. This is the first I have read from this author. I enjoyed the story. Rane and Maddie have a chemistry, but they also have something else, parents who are getting married to each other. Does that make a difference for them? At first yes, but when you are together it's a little hard to hide the feelings that so desperately want to come out. The story is well written. It flows smoothly and is easy to keep up with. The characters are written very well so that you feel as if you know them. Great job [...]

    23. I LOVED Rane!! He is this hot rocker, no worries, do what he wants, type of guy. When he sees Maddie the sparks fly. She's had to deal with this horrible "Mad Maddie" rep for too long and she is able to hide her true self behind a mask. Rane sees HER through the cracks and it is a great journey while he pushes her. They have struggles and obstacles to deal with but it is well worth the ride! Great story that should definitely be on your list!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an hone [...]

    24. Rane is so freaking sexy. The careless guitarist, nothing gets him down. Everything serious just rolls off his back. Until Madeline. Mad Maddie is desperate to get her career restarted. If that means starring in a music video as a favor to her mother's boyfriend, so be it.The chemistry between Madeline and Rane is combustible. They fight, laugh, love, and fall HARD. I loved every second of this book. Even the one that had my eyes bugging out of my head and skimming ahead. It's was just perfect. [...]

    25. Arc for honest review I loved this book it was brilliant, music themed romance books are one of my favourite to read and I haven't read any in a while. The chemistry in this book is electrifying it is mad how drawn maddie and Rane are to one another and what a storyline I wasn't expecting that to happen. This is my first book by this author but I will definitely be reading the rest of this series, brilliant.

    26. First, why is Ms. Lux a new-to-me Author? Second, why didn't anyone tell me about her?!? This book is so much more than you would think It is not a typical 'stepbrother' type of story It is so sweet, so romantic and so full of love, true love! Rane shows Madeline that she can be loved for herself. They are better, because of being in each other's lives. I won't say anymore, because you need to read this well written tale.

    27. 4*Rane is in a band & offers maddie a massive chance to redeem herself & star in his music video. She's been nicknamed mad maddie after having a break down. There is definitely chemistry between them but they are due to become step siblings.Can she get her career back & will they manage to fight their attraction?I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.Can they fight their attraction?

    28. I love reading Vivian Lux. Her books never cease to amaze me. I thought book one was my favorite. Nope I was wrong. This is my favorite!! Rane is the rocker who see’s something he wants he gets it. And Rane wants Maddy. Too bad they find out that Maddy is about to become his step-sister. Do you think that’s going to stop him? Read and find out! I can’t wait to see what else Vivian will come up with. Way to go Vivian!! Defiantly a must read!

    29. This was a really Good Rockstar Stepbrother Romance! I haven't read anything like it.Maddie reminds me of a cross between Miley Cyrus and Lyndsay Lohan at different stages of their careers.Rane - He is one explosively hot Rockstar. If you touch him, I would have no doubt you'd sizzle.Put these two together?BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!I most definitely recommend this series.****I received this ARC in exchange for an honest Review. ****Laura RedmonCutting Muse Blog Review

    30. Not just your average rock star step brother romance. No this is a book about two people that fall in love but fight it all the way. Two people that need each other to be better people. Okay so maybe it is essentially the same, nut I guarantee that as you read about Rane and Madie it won;t feel that way. They are electric they are full of life and they will win your heart. Fighting against the odds to make their lives happy and full.Oh and we some more of Jax and his cockiness to boot!

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