One thought on “Building Faith With the Book of Mormon”

  1. Reed Benson, Son of Ezra Taft Benson, used this book to teach the Book of Mormon in my first religion class at BYU. Then we were asked to use it as missionaries before the new missionary guide came out. It teaches a person how to properly study by topic, and is full of examples.

  2. When I got home from my mission I went to BYU and took the class, Book of Mormon for return missionaries. I took the class from Reid Bankhead, one of the authors of this book.I met a girl, (kids this is 18 months before I met your mother) in the class, named Mary Lou Pearson. Turns out she was the daughter of the other author of this book, Glenn L. Pearson. She and I went to homecoming, dated for a semester and parted on mutually good terms.The book is amazing,(read dazzingly difficult) It has a [...]

  3. I had read the book's "great-grandfather" back in the '60's. It was really good to have this expanded and revised version. My love for the Book of Mormon has increased continually over the years.

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