A Shepherd Watches, a Shepherd Sings

A Shepherd Watches a Shepherd Sings Reminiscences of the author s youth as he assists his father a Basque immigrant to California with their sheep business

  • Title: A Shepherd Watches, a Shepherd Sings
  • Author: Louis Irigaray Theodore Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780385116527
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reminiscences of the author s youth as he assists his father, a Basque immigrant to California, with their sheep business.

    One thought on “A Shepherd Watches, a Shepherd Sings”

    1. One of those books that should still be stocked at the local library, one I'd like to read again. Set in geographical area I'd like to wanderRKUS REVIEWA sunny, textured portrait of the Basque shepherds of California, limned by Irigaray who grew up there in the Thirties. What he recalls, besides a father quick to temper and a mother regretful of missed adventures, are Mexican shearers with hands velvety from lanolin, ignorant boy-wonders from the Forest Service, skillful collie dogs (txakurrak), [...]

    2. A shepherd watches, a shepherd sings by Irigaray_ Louis - Taylor_ Theodore Interesting story of how a boy became a shephard. Learned so much about the band of sheep he was in charge with and how hecame to sing while doing his job. Have seen how the border dogs corral the sheep in person and it's so cool to hear that they understand each other.Ring of bells also gives the dogs a clue as to who is astray. Interesting facts about sheep and how they survive and live with one another, their habits, e [...]

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