The Disappearance

The Disappearance Utterly compelling Judy Finnigan In a family built on lies who can you trust Audrey Bailey will never forget the moment she met Ralph Templeton in the sweltering heat of a Bombay caf Her lonely life

  • Title: The Disappearance
  • Author: Annabel Kantaria
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Utterly compelling Judy Finnigan In a family built on lies, who can you trust Audrey Bailey will never forget the moment she met Ralph Templeton in the sweltering heat of a Bombay caf Her lonely life over, she was soon married with two small children But things in the Templeton household were never quite what they seemed.Now approaching 70, and increasingly a bu Utterly compelling Judy Finnigan In a family built on lies, who can you trust Audrey Bailey will never forget the moment she met Ralph Templeton in the sweltering heat of a Bombay caf Her lonely life over, she was soon married with two small children But things in the Templeton household were never quite what they seemed.Now approaching 70, and increasingly a burden on the children she s never felt close to, Audrey plans a once in a lifetime cruise around the Greek isles Forcing twins Lexi and John along for the ride, the Templetons set sail as a party of three but only two will return.On the night of her birthday, Audrey goes missing hours after she breaks the news that the twins stand to inherit a fortune after her death As the search of the ship widens, so does the list of suspects and with dark clues emerging about Audrey s early life, the twins begin to question if they can even trust one another

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    1. From the beginning of the read we know that Audrey Templeton has disappeared, vanished into thin air from a cruise ship and is presumed drowned. We then follow Audrey’s story which spans the last 40 years and takes us from India to London and Cornwall before this all important cruise. Told from Audrey’s point of view and also that of her daughter Alexandra, it is a story of a marriage and family that has an unspoken secret at its heart.I really liked the flow of the read which was constantly [...]

    2. Loved this story full of twists and turns. Thrilling, poignant and page-turning. Especially loved the ending.

    3. Audrey Bailey's changes beyond anything she could imagine when she meets Ralph Templeton. Although it is her friend Janet, who first spots him in a bar, it is Audrey who captures his heart.The Disappearance is told in four parts and each tells of a different time in Audreys life.What makes this book so special is that, although it is quite tragic, Audreys devotion and love for her children makes her do something that will not only devastate them, but will also give them the lives she feels they [...]

    4. Well well has been an unexpected pleasure! A "couldn't put it down" book! Having picked it up earlier to read a few chapters I can honestly say that apart from a few necessity breaks, I did not let go of this beautifully written story of family secrets and betrayals set in 1970s India and present day Cornwall, oh and with a few Greek Islands thrown in for good measure!The opening of this book is quite a shocker as we are told that the captain of a cruise ship is abandoning the search for [...]

    5. At the beginning of the seventies Audrey moves from England to Bombay to stay with a friend. She needs a change and is happy she has chosen the beautiful India as her destination. Then she meets Ralph, a charismatic man who promises her the world. They get married and Audrey becomes the mother of two children. There's something about Ralph that he's carefully hidden before their marriage and Audrey has to live with the consequences of her choice.Over forty years later Audrey has become a burden [...]

    6. The story begins in London in 1970. At the age of twenty seven Audrey Bailey is alone in the world. Her father has died leaving her an orphan. At the urging of her friend Janet she boards a ship and travels half way round the world to India. In Bombay a new life awaits her. A vibrant, noisy and hot city that is very different to London but soon she calls it home. When she meets Ralph Templeton she can’t believe her luck. The handsome stranger in an expensive suit who soon begins to woo her and [...]

    7. I love books that deal with disappearing people (is that weird?!) I have such an interest in how some people can just suddenly vanish and then no trace of them ever be found again. So when I read the blurb of The Disappearance I was hooked. Set in the present day with flashbacks to 1950’s India, The Disappearance follows the story of Audrey who met and fell in love with the enigmatic Ralph Templeton in Bombay. They lived the apparent life of bliss with two children and a gorgeous house. As Aud [...]

    8. The very opening pages of this book immediately grab the reader's attention, the captain of a cruise ship is calling off the search for a missing passenger who is suspected to have gone overboard. The passenger in question is Audrey Templeton, celebrating her 70th birthday with her grown up children on a cruise of the Greek Islands.The author then takes us back to the 1970s where we encounter a much younger Audrey aboard a boat destined for India where her friend Janet lives. The death of both o [...]

    9. I really like Annabel Kantaria's writing style, it's so fluid and velvety giving an instant warmth towards the characters so they feel like friends from the very beginning.The Disappearance is set on two timelines, Audrey's early life in 1970's India and present day in Cornwall and, latterly, aboard a cruise liner. This is one of those intriguing stories which starts nearly at the end, goes back to the beginning, and catches up with time and characters through the body of the book. Here we start [...]

    10. Surviving life’s many curved balls.Audrey Templeton is turning seventy. She wants a “last hurrah” and invites her twin children, John and Alexandra, to celebrate her life by going on a cruise around the Greek islands.This tale of how Audrey ends up by going on a cruise with her children is told by flashbacks to her life as a young, innocent twenty-seven-year-old sailing to India on the SS Oriana after her father dies and her decision to join her friend who is living and working there. We a [...]

    11. Not as good as other reviews had led me to hope. Not a bad story, but I didn't really like any of the characters and therefore, wasn't drawn into caring too much about the outcome of the plot. I did guess the ending pretty early on. Also, the bad editing of the book was quite distracting.

    12. I loved this read, so compelling and clever with great characters. The setting for this gripping story was perfect too, totally unputdownable!

    13. Most of this book has nothing to do with the disappearance - the vast majority are the family matters and other issues which made for an interesting story but a pretty short mystery. I think has this been marketed as something other than a thriller/mystery, that would make it a lot better, because it is a very interesting tale. I particularly enjoyed learning of Audrey’s beginnings. But for a book called “the Disappearance”, it seems odd that only a quarter of the book is focused on an act [...]

    14. EnjoyableI enjoyed this book and really felt for the character and wanted her to be free to do as she wanted.

    15. Clever, very clever. Even when you kind of figured out the ending, she does sneak in a cheeky surprise. Really enjoyed reading this, especially the second half.

    16. A gripping family drama set over two time periods, revealing past secrets and forcing you to look beyond the obvious. I really enjoyed "The Disappearance" and give it 4 stars.You can read a full review on my blog: whatrebeccasread.wordpress

    17. 3.5 StarsThe first part of this book jumps around a lot, between the events leading up to the cruise, and also Audrey's early marriage, how she met Ralph Templeton, and just what went on behind closed doors. I found myself the whole way through really hating Lexi and John, Aubrey's adult twins, who seemed to resent their mother, and determined to put her in a home years before it would be necessary. I found there was no warmth to either character, and it took until almost the end of the book for [...]

    18. Audrey Templeton has disappeared at Sea, leaving her twin son and daughter frantically searching the cruise ship for their missing Mother. The trip was meant to be Audrey's 'last Hurrah' her last big holiday, and a celebration of her 70th Birthday.From the opening where we learn of Audrey's disappearance, we are then transported back several decades to Audrey on another ship, setting sail for India as a young adult to join one of her best friends who already has a life for herself out there.Audr [...]

    19. This is a story flits from three different eras in the life of the three main character, Audrey Templeton and the twins she has acted as mother for. The far past is when Audrey lost her parents and travelled from her home in England for a fresh start with her friend in India. It is here that she meets and later marries the father of three month old twins. The early years of her life in London are the second era and the present is her approaching seventieth birthday, when the twins, John and Lexi [...]

    20. To the outside world, Audrey and Ralph Templeton seemed to have the perfect marriage: two young children, a beautiful home in India and a great deal of wealth. Looks can be deceiving, however, and, behind closed doors, things were very different.Fast forward several decades and, on her 70th birthday, Audrey Templeton disappears just after telling her children, John and Lexi, that they are due to inherit a fortune on her death. What makes this disappeance even more complex is that it takes place [...]

    21. I can’t for the life of me put my finger on which writing style or book this reminds me of. There are no real surprises. It is more like sitting in the garden on a warm summer day and watching the water in the nearby river flow past. Comfortable and cosy.Throughout the book there seems to be a disconnect between Audrey and the two children. Obviously they lack a blood bond, but after at least 4 decades you would think the three of them would have some kind of close connection.In the end I thin [...]

    22. Audrey is a widow who has come along way after her unhappiness led her to travel to Bombay, via ship, to stay with a friend many years ago. There she met, and married the charismatic Ralph who was looking for a beautiful wife to help him raise his young twins. This she relishes, to start withAfter Ralph's death Audrey sells the family home that they had from the time they returned to live in England. For the first time in more than 40 years, she is free to live where and how she likes.After a mi [...]

    23. Audrey’s children are concerned about her ability to live an independant life, and while daughter Alexandra struggles with her dominant twin’s uncaring attitude toward their mother she allows herself to be persuaded that John knows best. And so begins a story, relevant in today’s society, of an ageing parent and a family struggling with associated demands on their time and wallet. However, through alternating chapters, Audrey’s early life is gradually revealed and a mystery begins to bui [...]

    24. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this book, after reading the promising blurb I found it dull and sadly lacking. From the beginning the pace was slow and I felt the consistency was lost as it jumped around between characters and time frames. As a result of this there wasn't much spent on "getting to know" the characters and therefore I had no empathy towards them. I was hoping things would begin to pick up once they were finally on the cruise shipey didn't! The plot still plodded along and not a gre [...]

    25. 5 starsHuge thanks to Annabel Kantaria, Harlequin (UK) Limited, Mira UK and NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.Well so much for me trying to get an early night! At 1am my brain said 'I know, why don't we read a couple of chapters of The Disappearance' and I said 'yeah, go on then, just a couple of chapters though', cut to me putting the finished book down at 4.30am!It wasn't what I expected it to be, I thought there'd be more mystery or thriller about it but there really wa [...]

    26. Right at the beginning of this book we realise that Audrey Templeton is missing from a cruise ship, presumed dead. Her two adult children accompanied her on the cruise at her expense - her last fling before looking at retirement homes. The narrative alternates between Audrey's earlier life in India and her marriage to the twins' father, and her daughter Alexandra's present-day story. Lexi's brother John is behind the move to get their mum to accept sheltered accommodation.I enjoyed this story ve [...]

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