I love shopping a Las Vegas

I love shopping a Las Vegas Dopo Hollywood Las Vegas Il seguito delle avventure americane di Becky Bloomwood Becky Bloomwood da poco trasferitasi a Los Angeles con Luke e la piccola Minnie viene raggiunta negli Stati Uniti dal

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  • Title: I love shopping a Las Vegas
  • Author: Sophie Kinsella
  • ISBN: 9788852071195
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
  • Dopo Hollywood Las Vegas Il seguito delle avventure americane di Becky Bloomwood Becky Bloomwood, da poco trasferitasi a Los Angeles con Luke e la piccola Minnie, viene raggiunta negli Stati Uniti dall amica del cuore Suze e da suo marito Tarquin, nonch dai genitori e dalla loro vicina di casa Janice Quando all improvviso suo padre scompare nel nulla insieme a TarquinDopo Hollywood Las Vegas Il seguito delle avventure americane di Becky Bloomwood Becky Bloomwood, da poco trasferitasi a Los Angeles con Luke e la piccola Minnie, viene raggiunta negli Stati Uniti dall amica del cuore Suze e da suo marito Tarquin, nonch dai genitori e dalla loro vicina di casa Janice Quando all improvviso suo padre scompare nel nulla insieme a Tarquin, Becky decide di intraprendere con gli altri un viaggio avventuroso sulle loro tracce a bordo di un camper che li porter fino a Las Vegas Ma dove sono finiti suo padre e Tarquin Perch se ne sono andati in fretta e furia senza dare spiegazioni a nessuno L atmosfera sul camper molto tesa perch Suze, che sembra essere sempre pi legata ad Alicia, la famigerata Stronza dalle Gambe Lunghe , le ha chiesto di unirsi al gruppo e la madre di Becky, comprensibilmente scossa per l assenza ingiustificata del marito, decide di coinvolgere anche la temibile consuocera Elinor Guai in vista Sullo sfondo di luoghi desertici e paesaggi mozzafiato ha cos inizio una vera e propria missione di soccorso capitanata dalla nostra indomita protagonista, che si trover di fronte a non pochi ostacoli ma inventer mille strampalati stratagemmi per ritrovare suo padre e Tarquin e scoprire cosa si nasconde dietro il loro viaggio misterioso Con I love shopping a Las Vegas Sophie Kinsella scrive con l immancabile stile e arguzia un nuovo capitolo della vita di Becky, che si cimenta in un esilarante viaggio on the road nel selvaggio West americano, regalandoci momenti di pura spensieratezza.

    One thought on “I love shopping a Las Vegas”

    1. I had a nightmare where I discovered yet another fucking Shopaholic book underway. Oh, wait.Psst, Ms. Kinsella?

    2. Sophie Kinsella. Finish the fucking series already, stop dragging it out! Just hurry up and solve Luke's problem with his mother. The last book was so unneeded! This series started off like shitty but enjoyable mindless fluff, but now it's JUST shitty and mindless. But by god I'm no quitter! I will finish this series!

    3. So, not going to lie, I adored the first couple of shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella, then they got a bit meh. The last one was ridiculous and not really necessary, but I'm morbidly curious as to what will happen after the cliffhanger ending and need closure from the seriesp.ybe this will be the last one?!?*post-read*4 starsOK, while not my favorite of the shopaholic series, I did enjoy itIt was definitely better than the last one. It was a quick, fluffy read and I'm happy knowing how it all e [...]

    4. This book made me:1. Smile. Not Laugh. Smile.2. Roll my eyes - a lot!!3. Not like characters I liked before.4. Rooting against Becky and her crew.5. Question what other people questioned before me, and back then I questioned their quetioning. The big question was: Why did Sophie Kinsella wrote another book in the Shopaholic series?6. Think about how unnecessary this book in the series was.By the tone at the end of this book I could guess that this was the last book in the Shopaholic series.I am [...]

    5. It was crystal clear that Becky's going to be back, sooner or later, after the cliff - hanger ending of "Shopaholic to the Stars", and personally I couldn't wait for her return. Everything has been told about Becky already, you can love her or hate her, but there wouldn't be chick - lit without her. And this is why I don't understand this hate - campaign, so many people writing - even without reading the book - that Sophie Kinsella should stop writing the series, and I'm asking, why? Because the [...]

    6. Okay, WHAT? First things first, I looove Shopaholic. It's my go-to comfort. Sick in bed? Day at the beach? Long airplane ride? Nothing else around the house to read? Shopaholic every time. I've read each book countless times. But this one was so different. I read Shopaholic because it's lighthearted fun but with incredibly endearing and likable characters that I've come to know and love. I loove Becky and Luke. I love Suze and Tarquin! (view spoiler)[So I really don't want to read about Suze's a [...]

    7. I CAN'T WAIT. ♡♡ I love the Shopaholic series and I loved the latest book. If you ask me, Sophie Kinsella could write about Becky until retirement.UPDATE:I LOVED IT! Such a fun, exciting, lovely read :) I kept a very close eye on whether it was "the same Becky", because some reviews said it wasn't. Well, to me, it was her! **SPOILER** But in this book, she first experiences the feeling of not wanting to shop, because of her suppressed guilt towards her friends and family. Which doesn't mean [...]

    8. I wish I could give this 3.5 stars.Becky Bloomwood and a hilarious cast of beloved family and friends (plus one enemy!) set off in a van to find her missing father, last heard from in Las Vegas.This was miles better than part 7, funnier, and cuter but still not the level that Sophie Kinsella used to write this series. I think it's time that maybe Becky Bloomwood should be done.

    9. Sollte es jetzt wirklich keinen 9. Teil mehr geben, und so etwas hat Sophie Kinsella auf ihrer Lesung vor 2 Wochen ja angedeutet, dann war es ein wirklich schönes Ende der Reihe! :) Obwohl ich ja auf den letzten Teil so geschimpft habe, jetzt werde ich doch ein bisschen wehmütig.

    10. Ik heb er van genoten omdat ik in het verleden ook zo heb genoten van de andere Shopaholic boeken. Maar ik merk dat ik Becky en haar avonturen toch wel wat te bizar en een tikje dom en ergerlijk ga vinden. Het zou goed zijn als dit de laatste was.

    11. Shopaholic to the Rescue is about Becky and her best friend, Suze, dropping everything to search for Becky's dad and Suze's husband Tarquin. They don't go alone due to the whole entire family and friends want to help these two girls as well. Becky is totally out of her element while on this adventure because she's in a motor home, eating at diners in the middle of the desert, and Suze is keeping her distance from Becky during the whole thing. Of course Becky puts on her detective shoes and tries [...]

    12. I have been so excited to receive this book today on my Kindle. I have read all of Sophie Kinsella books right from the start and loved this book too. I could never forget all the character and their amazing and exciting trip to Las Vegas. I can never stop laughing at them all too. I loved this book so much. It took my back so far with memories of reading these book right back to the first ones too. Well done Sophie with this book especially!!

    13. I'm really disappointed and I can't say how happy I am to be done with this book. it was so boring and ridiculously long. they say that this is the last book in the series maybe this for the best consider the last two were such a huge disappointment for me.

    14. Sophie Kinsella has been one of my favourite authors ever since I first read The Undomestic Goddess donkeys years ago. I have read EVERYTHING she's written, and there's not many authors I can say that of, and I look forward to whatever she brings out - her young adult debut Finding Audrey was astounding. After finishing Shopaholic to the Stars I was dying for the next one, after it ended on such a cliff-hanger, but it's actually taken me until the paperback publication day to read it, because I' [...]

    15. I'll read anything she writes as Sophie Kinsella. And the Shopaholic has been one of my favorite series. I was disappointed with the last book as I felt it was just a stepping stone to this one. I was afraid with all the "mystery" surrounding Becky's Dad's Secret and the whole built up (it was going on till almost 60% of this book and I guess 30% of the previous one) , I'd be left disappointed. And in way I was. It would have been a normal plot but the amount of clue searching and importance eve [...]

    16. ☺ I was a bit afraid to start reading - there are all those 'fans' out there saying, ugh, another stupid Shopaholic book - Sophie should just stop doing them, they're nothing like they were at the beginning bla blaI loved it . just like I loved every single one of them!!!It was adorably funny - the whole lot of them in that RV on the way to Vegas - poor Luke driving - it was hilarious!!!The only tiny thing I'm always missing a bit, is the Luke/Becky romance part it's a bit like Sophie is a 13- [...]

    17. Tegen alle verwachtingen in, vond ik deze wel weer leuk. Boek zeven viel me ontzettend tegen, maar dit achtste deel had weer die shopaholicmagie zónder dat Becky telkens aan het winkelen was, en het staat ook niet zo barstensvol met smoesjes.

    18. Becky is still living in LA and Suze and Tark have been visiting. Becky's mom and dad arrive and shortly after her dad and Tark plus Bryce from Golden Peach disappear. They are convinced that Bryce is trying to brainwash Tark and get his money. They are sure that they have been kidnapped and they must find them. Taking out the map of the road trip that Becky's dad took when he was a young man, they go out in a rented RV to find them.The trip is full of highjinks. Becky feels worried because it s [...]

    19. Een serie die nooit gaat vervelen!!! Wederom een heerlijk verhaal, die je vanaf de eerst bladzijde meeneemt. Ik heb echt weer met met volle teugen genoten van Becky en de rest ♡

    20. She needs to stop releasing books in this series. She is simply dragging it and because we readers need closure we're gonna read this too and hate it.

    21. The last book I read in the series was Shopaholic to the Stars and I was so ready to be done with this series, it wasn't even funny. You can see my reviewhere. I was so annoyed with Ms. Kinsella for writing a cliffhanger and what I felt was such a disaster of a book I seriously asked myself would I push on through to the last book? I have a thing about finishing things when I start them.One of the reasons why I cut off a lot of series when they start to go bad is that if I don't, I feel beholden [...]

    22. I love the Shopaholic books. Becky cracks me up, and this book did not disappoint. A helpful tip though: read Shopaholic to the Stars before this one. It'll make more sense. So this book is about Becky looking for her Dad. He took off and everyone is worried. Suze, Becky's best friend, is also worried because her husband has gone off with Becky's Dad. Becky's Mom and HER best friend Janice are also in a panic. They decide to get an RV so they can drive around and find the men. Along the way adve [...]

    23. There were some elements of the story that I really enjoyed, such as the mystery and how everyone was teaming up to resolve the issue that ran through the story. Becky had some pretty crazy schemes, but she seemed to know what she was doing. I also liked the part where they were in Vegas, as I haven't been there in almost 10 years and it was nice to visualize some of the places again. I enjoyed the dialogue between Becky and Suze, as well.What didn't work so well was the silliness. Becky wants t [...]

    24. Alle acht delen gelezen, en toch heb ik deze ook weer met een glimlach gelezen. Soms zijn er stukken in waar Becky met haar dochter leuke momenten beleeft en dan gier ik het uit. Als je even wilt ontspannen zijn dit leuke boeken voor lekker tussendoor. Ieuke recensie over dit boek te lezen op Rachelleest. Nl

    25. It was good to see Becky mature and set everything right in her own way. I liked the fact that it feels like the opposite of shopaholic to the stars. They really compliment each other.I did miss the old Becky of the first four books. I missed the spark.

    26. # of times "Rebecca" is mentioned (2 bonus characters named Rebecca) + Ocean's Eleven references + # of times I LOL'd = 5 starsThis is my new favorite Shopaholic book!!!

    27. How I Came To Read This Book: I got a copy from the publisher and have been reading the series since high school (!)The Plot: If you haven't read the previous installmentShopaholic to the Stars than this recap will be a bit spoilerish. But basically, at the end of the last book, Becky's dad vanished with her best friend's husband in tow, as well as a potentially shady character from Golden Peace, the spa / resort / Scientology-type organization co-owned by Becky's mortal nemesis Alicia. Sound ex [...]

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