Flap Your Wings

Flap Your Wings When a strange egg appears in their nest Mr and Mrs Bird kindly take it upon themselves to raise the baby bird inside But when the egg hatches the Birds are in for a big surprise Junior is the oddes

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  • Title: Flap Your Wings
  • Author: P.D. Eastman
  • ISBN: 9780375802430
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a strange egg appears in their nest, Mr and Mrs Bird kindly take it upon themselves to raise the baby bird inside But when the egg hatches, the Birds are in for a big surprise Junior is the oddest looking baby bird they ve ever seen with big, long jaws full of teeth and an appetite to match In fact, he looks like a baby alligator than a baby bird NeverWhen a strange egg appears in their nest, Mr and Mrs Bird kindly take it upon themselves to raise the baby bird inside But when the egg hatches, the Birds are in for a big surprise Junior is the oddest looking baby bird they ve ever seen with big, long jaws full of teeth and an appetite to match In fact, he looks like a baby alligator than a baby bird Nevertheless, the devoted Birds run themselves ragged feeding Junior until he gets so big, he must leave the nest or it will collapse underneath him But how can Junior fly without wings To the delight of the Birds and readers the dilemma is solved when Junior takes off from a branch overlooking a pond.

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    1. Read to me by my wife while we were enjoying a lake view.We were watching the birds fly. Some of them were plunging into the water for their food and my wife decided to read this poem, asking me to flap my wings. :) Interested in reviving the memories of childhood? Then it is a must read.

    2. Maybe the best Bird Book I read this month!So adorable, cute and funny. These birds are getting on my mind. Guess I'll be reading more bird books now. Teaching family values and sweetness.Mr. Bird and Mrs. Bird : This ones for you!

    3. An egg appears on the pathway and someone places it in an empty nest. When Mr. and Mrs. Bird return, they are baffled to see the egg, but take it upon themselves to take care of their new little one. They sit on the egg and keep it warm, day and night. When the shell cracks and ‘Junior’ emerges, he surely does not look like a bird. However, Mr. and Mrs. Bird will not forget the promise they made and take to feeding their little one, day and night. As Junior grows, he is soon unable to remain [...]

    4. Unbeknownst to them, a nesting pair of birds hatch an alligator, work their tails off to feed it and then try to teach their baby "bird" to fly. In the end, Jr. falls in a pond while trying to flap his "wings" and the mama bird says "Oh well, maybe he was meant for the pond--he seems comfortable there." I smile to think that maybe our best parenting efforts to teach our children different kinds of flight (piano, for example) may come to this same end one day ;).

    5. Another great story by Eastman. The birds find a strange egg in the nest, decide to hatch it out, and (you guessed it) the find themselves raising an alligator. Knowing that something non-bird would hatch made it fun for both my preschooler and me. It was fun to watch the birds valiantly sitting on the egg. And we laughed ourselves silly with the problems that come from raising an alligator in a tree. I'm going to need to get us a copy of the book.

    6. My mom had this book in her collection from when she taught preschool and kindergarten. My daughter is 2.5 now and my mom has been anxious to start teaching her things from her units. She is teaching her about birds right now.This is a cute book about a boy who finds a random egg on the ground. He saw a nest in the tree without an egg so he put it up there. The two birds who own the nest adopted the egg even tho it wasn't their's. When the egg hatches, it's clearly an alligator but the birds con [...]

    7. I love P. D. Eastman. I love how so many of his books are about traditional families with a mom and a dad and a child. This darling book's theme is loving your child no matter what they are like. And it shows how hard parents have to work to provide for their children. The love of a parent for a child is evident in this book.

    8. Oh my this book had both my 3 year old and me chortling! Such a silly book! Mr and Mrs Bird find a large egg in their nest and decide to take care of it. Turns out to be an alligator egg! And they feed it and feed it and finally it's too big and they try to teach it how to fly! The pictures are perfect, text is very simple, story is just plain silly! Nice also to teach little kids that things other than birds lay eggs. And it shows what birds eat. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    9. Originally posted on You Have Your Hands FullFlap Your Wings was written by P.D. Eastman and was originally published in 1969, but I think our Best Book Club Ever edition was published in 1979. Our particular copy has my husband’s name in it. Most of our Best Book Club Ever books used to be his, but very few have his name in them. Flap Your Wings is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bird, who return to their nest to find a strange egg in it. When the egg hatches, they are surprised to find a strange c [...]

    10. Warning: I used to tear up while reading this book! This was one of my children’s first “favorite” books, because they could follow the story just by looking at the pictures, even before they understood the English words. A boy finds an egg on the ground next to a pond and decides it must belong to the empty nest above. He puts the egg in the nest, to the great surprise of Mr. and Mrs. Bird who return shortly thereafter. Mrs. Bird wants to know whose egg it is. Mr. Bird replies, “If an e [...]

    11. This book is about two birds that find an egg in their nest. The egg eventually hatches, out pops an alligator. Paying no mind to what type of animal it was, the two birds raised the alligator like a bird. The alligator grew and grew until the birds decided it was time for him to fly. The alligator leaped out the nest and splashed in the water. The birds saw how happy the alligator was in the water and let him stay. This book teaches a good lesson on accepting people and things of all types. Whe [...]

    12. A fun book about a helpful boy who puts a "fallen" egg back in a birds nest. The birds raise the egg into a baby alligator and try to teach it to swim. It's a fun book but my daughter's main learning point from it was that the boy should have got a book on types of eggs and learned that it was an alligator and not out it in the next! She has an inquiring mind!! Funny though and delightful faces and comments from the birds although it does make Mr Bird look a bit silly.

    13. Cute book for beginning readers. It's a book that our girls have grown out of, so I have to read them on my own now. It has an entertaining narrative and the big baby in the nest is very humorous. The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and remind me of the author's work in Are You My Mother?, which was a favorite of our girls when they were younger.

    14. Oh my goodness! Mr. and Mrs. Bird arrive to their nest to find a rather large egg in it. However, the egg does not belong to them, but Mr. Bird is determined to treat it like their own. Such a cute story that could be interpreted as "family is family not matter what you look like or where you came from" and unconditional love.

    15. This was such a funny book. My son and I cracked up laughing at Mrs. Bird's expressions. Of course, this book gave us a chance to talk about birds, alligators and other creatures. We talked about similarities and differences, about how to care for a bird versus and an alligator, and more. Great book!I secured this title from my local library.

    16. An ebook from the Coppell library. I wanted something short so that I could give the process a try. It uses the 3M Cloud Library reader, and I don't like it compared to my kindle. It turns the pages really slow. I'll play with this some more.Regarding the book, this is a short book that you can quickly read to your kid.

    17. What a funny book about a bird couple hatching and raising a crocodile thinking he was a bird. They had loved him through the egg stage and through him being a baby. But when it comes time to train him to flyey have a bigger job ahead of them than they can imagine. My adult special needs son enjoyed listening to this book.

    18. Flap Your Wings is a cute book about two birds caring for an egg. They kept the egg warm until it hatched. This book can connect to science because we know that we must eat in order to grow. It shows the life cycle from eggs to reptile. Also, can birds raise an alligator? This book will question the knowledge of animals and it's atmosphere. Grades 1-4.

    19. P.D. Eastman is one of our favorite authors for early readers. His books also make wonderful read-alouds.This is a funny book about a pair of birds who hatch an egg which doesn't contain what they think it does. My kids loved the surprise twist and laughed all the way through it.It's a neat story about the love a parent can have for a child as well.

    20. Mr. Bird and Mr. Bird come home one day to a rather large egg in their nest. They take care of the egg until it hatches only to find it is the strangest bird they have ever seen! Their baby "Junior" eats and eats and grows and grows. He is crowding the nest so they decide to teach him how to fly. It is only when he leaves the nest that they are able to find out who he really is.

    21. Love this little book. As I read it to grandchildren it's parenting message inspires. Dealing with challenges early in life makes all the difference to teen years. Step 1: he/she is my child so I take care of it.

    22. A cute book about Mr. & Mrs. Bird who find an egg in their nest that does not belong to them. While the end is rather flat, the story in between does bring out the importance of being kind, no matter how different you are from each other.

    23. This is a story about two birds that pick up the wrong egg and it turns out to be an alligator and they decide to raise it and teach it how to fly. This is a good book to use to teach and introduce students to sequences and elements of a story.

    24. Adorable and funny, this is a great book for kids. There are lessons to be learned here, so you can adjust it for ages (up to a certain point anyway). All the adults in the room enjoyed this book, plus all 21 children so 5 stars!

    25. I remember reading this one as a child. Maren was a little intrigued. PD Eastman is not my favorite. I prefer a little Dr. Seuss.

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