That's Not a Hippopotamus

That s Not a Hippopotamus That s Not a Hippopotamus is a deft and delightful tale packed with word play and madcap energy and with a whole different story to enjoy in the illustrations

  • Title: That's Not a Hippopotamus
  • Author: Juliette MacIver Sarah Davis
  • ISBN: 9781927271964
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • That s Not a Hippopotamus is a deft and delightful tale, packed with word play and madcap energy and with a whole different story to enjoy in the illustrations.

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    1. Story: 3 starsIllustrations: 4 starsRhyming picture book about a lost hippopotamus at a safari adventure park where a class is visiting. Of course, no one in their right mind would allow children to roam around with wild animals, especially not on a school trip. But the story is meant to be humorous rather than realistic. Some issues with both the rhyme scheme and the meter in places. The words "Miss" and "hippopotamus" are overused. Illustrations enhance the text and add fun to the reading expe [...]

    2. That's Not a Hippopotamusby Juliette MacIver, Sarah Davis (Illustrations)That's Not a Hippopotamus is a deft and delightful tale, packed with word play and madcap energy and with a whole different story to enjoy in the illustrations.ReviewI love Juliette MacIver's books, there beautifully illustrated and full of the funniest rhythm's.At Don's safari understanding understand, we have every creature in the land, all roaming wild safe and free, so many beast's for you to see - That"s a lie a whoppe [...]

    3. This is a deft and delightful tale, packed with word play and madcap energy.Julia Marshall, Publisher states:"The clever rhymes are irresistible but the story has much more than that - there is real emotion here and the quiet child has a voice."This new book from an award-winning and very popular author and illustrator is perfectly pitched and full of humour and excellent wordplay. As children read the book they are challenged to find the hippopotamus that is hidden in all of the pictures and id [...]

    4. Liam’s class is on a visit to Don’s Safari Park where many creatures roam wild and free. Although one animal seems to be missing - a hippopotamus.The hunt is on! The harried teacher tries to keep her class under control as they dash off in pursuit of the hippo. The over-excited children discover many animals, including some that terrify their teacher, but the hippopotamus remains elusive. Liam has a hunch he knows where the large animal is hiding, but the teacher doesn’t listen when he tri [...]

    5. This book grew on me as it went. I think it would have helped a lot to hear it read in the accent of someone from New Zealand as pronunciation seems key to the rhyme scheme, but I thought the author did a nice job of both clearly conveying a plot and having fun with the sounds of words. I also loved the expressions and body language of the kids in each illustration. They have the same quirky feel as LeUyen Pham's illustrations. I only read a digital copy, but I'll be on the lookout for the print [...]

    6. Perfect in all respects, a worthy winner of the New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults as best picture book of the year!The text rhymes delightfully and the illustrations are so cute, as the reader follows a group of small children with their teacher at the zoo. There's even the added extra of spotting the missing hippo as each animal is revealed.Totally recommended!

    7. This book is so fun. A class visits the zoo and the hippopotamus is missing. They go looking for it, claiming to have found it on every page but's not the hippopotamus. Only little Liam sees him. My four year olds loved finding the hidden hippo on every page and there was a lot of laughter. Perfect late preschool/ kindergarten book.

    8. When the school class visits the animal safari, they want to see examples of ALL animals. There are a lot here, but where is the hippo??? Never fear. With the help of the intrepid Liam, the hippo is found.I loved the illustrations. The kids are adorable!

    9. Fun to read aloud, and kids ask to "start over again". An example of incorporating highly diverse group of young kids in ways that suggest true culturally distinct differences rather than just various shades of skin tone. Lots of fun.

    10. What a funny book! I laughed so much reading it and seeing all the animals the children thought was a hippo.I feel that ages 7 and up will like this book and laugh as much as I did.

    11. An absolute delight. This story of the missing hippo will have you giggling all the way through as you see the hidden hippo throughout. Love it!Perfect storytime adventure.

    12. With the onset of TV, the internet and colourful books we take for granted that we know what different animals look like. A giraffe has a long neck, a lion has big teeth and a Dodo does not look like much anymore. However, imagine a time before all this technology, the closest you would get to an exotic animal might be the assorted stuffed creatures in a local Natural History Museum. Perhaps the children of Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis’ ‘‘That's Not a Hippopotamus!’’ learnt from so [...]

    13. This book was laugh out loud and toddlers will delight. A class field trip is almost ruined when the hippopotamus goes missing. C an the class find him? Don't forget to look in every picture!

    14. Such rollicking fun! A class takes a field trip to a (free-range???) zoo, where the hippopotamus has gone mysteriously missing. The students and their unawares teacher (she's very dismissive of one student who quietly asserts--correctly--that he's found the hippo until the very end) attempt to look for it, but not quite everyone knows what a hippo looks likeI love that the hippo is actually hiding in every spread, and the dust jacket is AMAZING. The endpapers, too, are pretty awesome. A fantasti [...]

    15. Cute end papers and a repetitive phrase may make this a fun one to read aloud. The illustrations are lively.

    16. In this picture book from New Zealand, Ms. Whiskersniff and her young charges head off on a field trip in search of wild creatures. As they charge through the preserve, they see plenty of other animals but no hippopotamus. In fact, only poor, quiet Liam is the only one who really sees him even though his classmates keep misidentifying various other animals as one. Throughout the story, his teacher just keeps dismissing or fussing at Liam. But he gets the last laugh in the end. The colors are vib [...]

    17. With a set of kids so cute you will want to pinch their cheeks (especially Jessie with his peace sign t-shirt), this book takes young readers on the search for a missing hippopotamus. Visiting Don's Safari, the children notice that there's not a hippo listed on the list of animals to see; however, they are reassured that there is in fact a hippo--he's just not where he should be. So Ms. Whiskersniff and Class 2B go on their own safari adventure. Finding a giraffe and a snake they believe is the [...]

    18. At Don’s Safari the children are on the search for the missing hippopotamus. Filled with gorgeous silly drawings the children find everything but a hippo, including some very stinky and dangerous creatures. The text is quirky and would make a fun read aloud. With lots of things to search for on each page this humorous book will appeal to ages three to seven. I loved this book! The drawings are outstanding and young readers will learn about different animals, and friendship. Look for the hippo, [...]

    19. I was hoping for better rhymes, ala Nanette's Baguette. Instead you get a heck of a lot of Miss and Hippopotamus, and some other rhymes that threw me off with their unexpected pronunciations. Don't really know how I feel about the teacher ignoring Liam the entire way.I like the pictures and the overall story, but the writing let me down.

    20. Pleasure to read the rhyming meter - give to fans of I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!Is long for young storytimes but great for 4 years and Kindergarten as a read aloud.The repeated line That's NOT a Hippopotamus! is perfect for participation.

    21. Young readers can join the field trip and look for the hippopotamus with the kids of story. My favorite hiding spot was when the hippopotamus had a striped sock and on his nose to blend in with the elephants.

    22. Thought it sounded like a good one for storytimes, but print too small as are the key parts to the story, and rhyme just not good enough for me NOT to constantly trip over!A shame!

    23. Fun rhymes, a hiding hippopotamus, and a class trip of school children to the local zoo all make for a rollicking story. A welcome addition to storytimes and class visits.

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