The Baby Plan

The Baby Plan What he wants is a baby A child of his own Jake Manning or less raised his younger siblings he loves kids and knows he s a natural father However he s had zero success as a husband So he comes up wit

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  • Title: The Baby Plan
  • Author: Susan Gable
  • ISBN: 9780373711031
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • What he wants is a baby A child of his own Jake Manning or less raised his younger siblings he loves kids and knows he s a natural father However, he s had zero success as a husband So he comes up with a baby plan, one that requires a woman but not a wife What she needs is money Security An education A home Harley Emerson might be a crack mechanic, butWhat he wants is a baby A child of his own Jake Manning or less raised his younger siblings he loves kids and knows he s a natural father However, he s had zero success as a husband So he comes up with a baby plan, one that requires a woman but not a wife.What she needs is money Security An education A home Harley Emerson might be a crack mechanic, but a false conviction makes jobs hard to come by She has no family and few friends Jake s proposition offers her a way to get what she needs But before she ll agree to have his baby, Harley insists on two things a marriage of convenience and an old fashioned conception.What they find is love Neither of them expected it Neither knows what to do with it But sometimes plans change for the better Sometimes you need than you want and want than you need.

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    1. This was a really good book, the hero Jake is someone really good who loved taking care of his siblings and now that they are married wants one of his own but is having problems, his wife chose her career over him and his efforts at adoption gave him heart-break & he is considering the option of surrogacy.Then he meets Harley who loses her job as a mechanic when something from his car is taken, Jake knows she didn't do it and feels guilty so he visits her & finds that she lives in povert [...]

    2. Very good read. This book touched on very real issues/problems from childhood that can cause problems in developing adult relationships. The heroine after being abandoned by her mother and then her father dying when she was 10 was raised in foster care. She suffered from feeling abandoned, alone and unworthy. As an adult she was convicted of a crime she did not commit and as a result had difficulty in finding employment.This book had a very sweet romance but more than that I liked how it address [...]

    3. Very readable book. The heroine had a rough upbringing and a rough recent life. The hero wants children and but doesn't want to get remarried in order to have them. So they get together on a surrogacy. I liked the down on her luck heroine and the kind but rather dim hero. After all he should have figured out that he really wanted her sooner. The brother that didn't approve was a nice touch and I really liked the parole officer. The ending was pretty great and the hero really came through for her [...]

    4. 4 1/2 Stars! ~ Jake's a natural when it comes to parenting, successfully raising his brother and sister who both now had families of their own. But divorced, he doesn't fancy another marriage, and now he's been rejected twice for adoption. He's come to the conclusion that the only way he's going to be able to keep a child is if he's the actual biological father. So Jake starts to look for the perfect surrogate mother. Harley is a young woman who's always had to fight to prove herself worthy. Wro [...]

    5. Another delightful book from a talented author!There's a common theme in romance novels: two people are wary of love because past experiences make them fear rejection/abandonment/hurt/etc. Susan Gable's talent lies in her uncommon ability to wrap that theme with unusual plots, engaging characters and compelling situations that grab my emotions right up to the Happily Ever After ending, leaving me sighing with pleasure as I shed a happy tear or two. Even more amazing, the author does this without [...]

    6. ***4.5 Stars***Fabulous book! The characters were well developed and the storyline was a bit different from other romance books.Jake was a divorced, hunky man of 35, who desperately wanted a childbut no wife. He has tried to adopt and is considering a surrogate. His wife walked out on him and shattered his heart. He had to find a way to have a baby without a wife.Harley, a female mechanic who has been wrongly charged of a crime, seems like the perfect choice for a surrogate. She doesn't want chi [...]

    7. As an HP book, it's better than the average hp our there. The heroine at least stands up for herself when she's not 'frozen', or tired/sick, or second guessing herself, or moping in 'poor-is-me' mood. A lot of unsatisfactory or rushed resolution in the book. Like the h's arresting officer. I would have put the over-eager/half-c police officer to the 'cleaners' for his harassment of the then very pregnant and upset heroine. I do want the hero's brother to bleed though in this story. Like cut him [...]

    8. This is not the most original, complex or realistic story ever told (though it does touch on real issues), and at times I wanted to give the little brother a smack in the face for being a judgmental arse as well as shake some awareness in to Harley (especially when she seemed to use her crappy past as an excuse to wallow in misery). Yet for all the "problems" this is an incredibly sweet story about two people getting everything they didn't think they wanted without the usual bag of stupid misund [...]

    9. Not bad. I certainly didn't like the parts where he sort of speaks down to her while she is pregnant regarding what she can and cannot eat. I however felt so much for her regarding being scared about being a mother. I am so scared and I'm not pregnant! When he said about his sister dropping her baby after Harley had done the same to Dusty's child I thought huh, my mum did that to me too! Or rather like that situation I rolled off the changing mat. Must be a common parental mistake!!I like Harley [...]

    10. It was an amazing story.A girl that has no one, find her prince charming, who doesn't believe in evil but brings out the best in people, from his obnoxious lovable pets, to his over protective, hardheaded brother. It brings a little bit of everything, an easy read and wonderfully written story that catches the attention of the reader without making stress over the little details.

    11. Read in September 2008.I remember this book and thought the hero took advantage of the heroine when I first started reading it. Then as the heroine listed her demands, I was like 'Ohhh, he's screwed!' It was an awesome novel.

    12. Should've been a good solid sweet story if not for the flip-flop character of Harley "I don't want to be turned away." after a few hours"I'm leaving because I love you." Me: Really? Are you kidding me?

    13. Couldn't put it down!A very good Cinderella story, I love it, fell in love with Jake and Harley. This book has a great plot and wonderful character development. And of course a lovely ending.

    14. I wasn't expecting much from this book but I was pleasantly surprised. The story line is very cute and a quick read.

    15. This was such a cute book. I loved Harley and Jake. The epilogue was perfect. I'm glad Harley had a happy ending she totally deserved.

    16. The book was an easy fun read the characters seem real can kind of relate. Different love story must read!

    17. Absolutely loved it! Harley was amazing and Jake god what a heart. Quick read that rung a few tears from me, very HEA. With a little sass at the end.

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