Forsaken Skies

Forsaken Skies From the dark cold void came an unknown force Their target a remote planet the home for a group of people distancing themselves from mankind and pursuing a path of piety and peace If they have any c

  • Title: Forsaken Skies
  • Author: D. Nolan Clark
  • ISBN: 9780316355698
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the dark, cold void came an unknown force Their target a remote planet, the home for a group of people distancing themselves from mankind and pursuing a path of piety and peace If they have any chance at survival a disparate group of pilots must come together to fight back any way they can But the best these aces can do might not be good enough.

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    1. I don't like to say it is a Seven Samurai (SS) or Magnificent Seven (MS) in space, although it is easy to consider SS/MS as the inspiration. First of all, there are only SIX pilots, not seven. As far as I know, SS, MS 1960 version, and MS 2016 version, all three have the same pattern(view spoiler)[: 4 fighters would dead, 3 would survive. One of the survivor would be the leader. (hide spoiler)]. With only 6 pilots in this story, my petty personality cannot accept this story as a 'Magnificent Sev [...]

    2. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2016/10/10/It’s Seven Samurai set to a backdrop of a rollicking space opera in D. Nolan Clark’s (pseudonym of horror writer David Wellington) Forsaken Skies, the first book of The Silence series. This is the kind of science fiction story I love listening to in audio, so I was grateful to be offered the audiobook version to review.From the depths of space comes a new enemy, and their first victim is a remote planet called Niraya, home to colon [...]

    3. The other reviews of this point out the similarities to the Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven and that's a fair assessment.Mankind has been an interstellar species for two centuries and colonized over a hundred solar systems due to wormhole technology and terraforming. But the human society of this time is one of constant minor wars between the corporations that control everything. A small, barely viable planet in the process of being terraformed comes under attack by a mysterious force and they [...]

    4. Now I’m a sucker for a good space adventure in book form and Forsaken Skies worked on many levels for me – I fell for all the characters, loved the world building and this had enough action to shake a stick at without losing sight of the story and the people.So a planet in trouble, nobody is coming to save them because, well, politics, just not worth it. Cue a motley crew of pilots deciding (or in one case having not an awful lot of choice) that they’ll just pootle over and save the day. B [...]

    5. When I read a space opera, I expect first and foremost to connect with the characters and to be drawn in to their interpersonal relationships. That's the kind of stuff that keeps a book in this genre alive despite the crazy & often ridiculous background of SPACE! ALIENS! ROCKET SHIPS and AIs! There are characters in this bookI just didn't connect with any of them. They all seemed to act as supports to prop up the main character, Aleister Lanoe, who seemed to be a Gary Stu type of gruff and m [...]

    6. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. DNF @ 39%. I'm just not connecting with the characters or the plot. Surprised about this, too, since David Wellington is a favorite of mine (D. Nolan Clark is a pen name). I did enjoy the space battles and the potential is great, so I may come back to this one at another time.

    7. Ahoy there me mateys! I received this sci-fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. So here be me honest musings . . .I wanted to like this novel. I really did. But I just could not finish it and had to abandon ship. The ideas were awesome. The characters were fun. The writing style was great. The execution of it all – not so much.The premise is great. Aliens are coming to attack a small planet that no one cares about. A small group of rag-tag pilots is determined to fight despi [...]

    8. Humanity has colonized about a hundred star systems, and found no signs of intelligent alien life. Now a low-value colony on a barely-terraformed world, Niraya, is under attack, and the "poly" (corporation) that owns it has decided it's simply not worth defending from whatever other poly is attacking it. Its inhabitants aren't ready to lay down and die, yet, though, and they dispatch Elder McRae and Aspirant Roan to Hexus, the nearest major space station, to seek help.They first make contact wit [...]

    9. Thoroughly entertaining SF first contact adventure! Part 1 of a new series - very glad there's more to come.

    10. Well it's 2.5 but doesn't do half stars!As always my fellow bookish peeps this review along with other cool stuff can also be found on my blog: TheTattooedBookGeek.wordpressI received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Forsaken Skies is the first book in The Silence trilogy. It’s space opera but on a more intimate scale than epic featuring a smaller cast of characters and predominantly the fate of a single planet though there’s definitely the [...]

    11. From the first moment I saw it, this book grabbed hold of my attention. This is the first part of a series (three books announced so far) called The Silence and I'd classify it as space opera with a definite military sci-fi vibe and a good dose of hard sci-fi. I think it's a very well-balanced mix that many fans of these genres will enjoy. It's quite long but is wonderfully easy to read and the story kept me engaged easily, not exactly on the edge of the seat, but firmly locked in nonetheless. T [...]

    12. Forsaken Skies gets 3.5 stars. This is the first book by D. Nolan Clark so I wasn't sure what to expect. I found it long and complex and far more than I expected in a first novel. This is a standalone with a soft cliffhanger for what will be at least one more book in a series. This story is violent and not for sensitive readers.Overall I enjoyed the book. It isn't your traditional space opera, but will appeal to readers who prefer hard core SciFi. At first the characters are hard to relate to an [...]

    13. A tale of military adventure in a universe of star spanning colonies.It starts with a pilot chasing a frightened young man in a yacht, and a near collision with a freighter, and after an ice giant. Untangling this brushes on the history of Earth and other planets, the fights known as the Establishment Crisis, and a con man. What unfolds out of this is that a poor planet is under attack -- it's not clear from whom -- and the poly (read: corporation) that nominally controls the system thinks it's [...]

    14. This book reminded me of an episode of Stargate SG-1 (which I absolutly love)! It had a great storyline with interesting characters. The only downfall of this book was the length. I did feel like it was a little longer than it needed to be. Overall, I give this book 4 stars.

    15. Loved this Space Opera. From the striking cover, to the rip-roaring start all the way to the end. If you are a fan of Star Wars, The Expanse, Battlestar Gallacticais is for you. Great book.

    16. 3.5 STARS“Flying down a wormhole was like throwing yourself into the center of a tornado, one where if you brushed the walls you would be obliterated down to subatomic particles before you even knew it happened.”So begins Forsaken Skies, the first installment in a new space opera by D. Nolan Clark (a pseudonym for the horror author David Wellington). And if that first line doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will. Premise: “You can’t just let drones do their own thinking. [...]

    17. Love Sci-Fi! Love it. This offering is along the lines of fantasy more than science, but still is a good offering.If the author and editor would remove about 200 pages, this would be an excellent offering rather than just good. I like the idea of getting to know Lanoe and the other characters through their actions and their thoughts, but with no transitions between head hopping, it makes for disjointed and rather jerky prose instead of a smooth flow. This is a good story, with good writing, and [...]

    18. Actual rating is 3 1/2 stars. In Forsaken Skies a small group of ragtag characters are enlisted to help fight a dangerous, unknown force that threatens a nearby planet. It's full of many of the things that I enjoy in a science fiction book: a plethora of spaceships, a massive underdog scenario, new planets with different cultures to explore, and, of course, an unfamiliar threat that must be dealt with.The beginning started off a bit slow for my taste and it took be about a quarter of the way thr [...]

    19. I wrestled with this book, especially considering the number of current reviews that have been published already. However, I strongly feel that this is solid start to a series, and I would be interested in reading the second book.Things that stood out to me: Instead of the main character being a young, upstart, going against authority whenever possible, we have someone who's retired, and was a hero long ago. I enjoyed this change. The length -- most of the Space opera's I have read recently were [...]

    20. It's 400 years in the future, and corporations rule everything. Which means decisions are made based on whether it's profitable or not. So when two people travel across space to ask for help after their planet's been attacked, they're told no. It's cheaper to just lose the planet than to send help. But hope is not lost. Lanoe, an ex military hero and his ragtag bunch of ace pilots are willing to help. If it sounds like Space Seven Samurai, that's because it is. Despite traversing the galaxy thro [...]

    21. *EDIT* Review added 2/16/17.*REVIEW ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN BOOKLIST (9/1/2016)“Humanity cannot work miracles . . . What we can do, when faced with impossible odds, is build a solution.” And so the citizens of the distant planet Niraya are in desperate need of a solution, if not a miracle, when it becomes apparent that they are about to be at the mercy of an alien invasion. Having been abandoned by the rest of humanity, the Nirayans’ solution comes in the form of Aleister Lanoe, a much-hai [...]

    22. Good (if derivative) mil-sf space opera. I'll refer you to Kate's fine review for the details:forwinternights.wordpressThere's not much here that's original, but the execution is very good, with a few caveats. This is a humans meeting a hostile machine-civilization story, with modern cosmology, standard mil-SF trappings, standard-archetype characters, and space-battle scenes that are thrilling, but sometimes feel padded. First contact is with fearsome "Lander" mecha-warriors that are strong, ver [...]

    23. Have you ever read a book that just seemed to go on forever? If so you may feel that way about Forsaken Skies. I certainly did. It was not because it was a bad story. Quite the opposite. It is a very well crafted story full of interesting characters, great backstory and excellent world building. It also had very long passages full of explanation about the mechanics behind the technology. That was also very well done and easy to understand. However, that part of the book was what made me feel it [...]

    24. One of the best space operas I've readd I've read a lot. This one had it all. Because the writing was so exceptional, it was a pleasure to read from start to finish. The world-building was spectacular, with many unique and fascinating settings. The characters were well developed and multifaceted.The plot was intriguing and believable. The story moved along at just the right speed, and the ending was satisfying. When reading other longish space operas, even good ones, I often find certain parts t [...]

    25. Loved it!Very much space opera, but great relationships between the characters, in between all their surmounting of great odds, heroics, sacrifices, and flying by the seat of their pants.I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel, "Forgotten Worlds." If the author can keep up the tension and excitement of the first book, it'll be great.I read it in two days flat, with much staying up past my bedtime, and have recommended it to three people so far.It reminded me of John Ringo, or David Weber, but with more [...]

    26. Read the full review over atWorlds In Ink Forsaken Skies is a compelling space opera where you can get completely swept up in the story for hours on end. While it might not offer anything particularly revolutionary it is still a damn good read with loads of promise for what is still to come. Highly recommended!

    27. I like space opera and especially stories about fighter pilots. Ian Douglas springs to mind for such stories. I saw the thick book of _Forsaken Skies_ at the bookstore and while the back cover was sparse, it seemed good. But I never really got into the story or thought the characters had more than a single dimension to their personality. Everything seemed cliche or flat.For the characters, Lanoe is just a old, gruff fighter pilot who doesn't do much other than fly straight at the enemy. Zhang is [...]

    28. Der Klappentext klang mal wieder sehr spannend, ist aber nicht wirklich korrekt. Es herrscht kein Frieden, die MegaCons führen gegeneinander Krieg. Und statt sieben ehemaligen Kampfpiloten sind es nur fünf und von denen kann einer wegen einer posttraumatischen Belastungsstörung nicht mehr fliegen.Eins vorweg, das Buch fing interessant und spannend an. Es zog mich sofort in seinen Bann. Die Welt, die Clark hier geschaffen hat, ist äußerst interessant und ich denke, das wird auch der Grund se [...]

    29. Rating: 5 out of 5 starsGenre: FictionAge Recommended: 14 and upThis book was courtesy of NetGalley.At 500+ pages, this book is a “hefty” read. The story was great and very detailed, but I think the author can afford to trim the book a bit without losing much.The idea behind the book was certainly unique but I think the author is likely to get more readers if the book was set up as two volumes – some may find the sheer size daunting in its current form.———————————— [...]

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