Dangerous to Know

Dangerous to Know Natalie King is back back from a stay on the psych ward Her reluctance to live a quiet life has contributed to a severe depressive episode and now it s time for a retreat to the country A borrowed ho

  • Title: Dangerous to Know
  • Author: Anne Buist
  • ISBN: 9781925240887
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Natalie King is back back from a stay on the psych ward Her reluctance to live a quiet life has contributed to a severe depressive episode, and now it s time for a retreat to the country A borrowed house on the Great Ocean Road a low key research job at a provincial university nearby.But Natalie and trouble have a strange mutual fascination Her charismatic new boss FrNatalie King is back back from a stay on the psych ward Her reluctance to live a quiet life has contributed to a severe depressive episode, and now it s time for a retreat to the country A borrowed house on the Great Ocean Road a low key research job at a provincial university nearby.But Natalie and trouble have a strange mutual fascination Her charismatic new boss Frank is friendly, even attractive But it turns out his pregnant wife is an old enemy of Natalie s And when Frank s tragic personal history is revealed then reprised in the most shocking way Natalie finds herself drawn deep into a mystery And even deeper into danger.

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    1. 3.5 starsDangerous to Know is book #2 in the series featuring forensic psychiatrist Natalie King. This is a hard novel for me to review. There were many things I liked, even loved, yet other things that I did not care for so much. Will get the NOT SO GOOD STUFF out of the way first:-Even though I had read book #1 (Medea’s Curse), it was many months ago. That story was very complex. Dangerous to Know continues on with a couple of the major threads from that book and mentions several of the char [...]

    2. I feel a bit bad about not finishing this book. I requested it because I did enjoy the first book and wanted to check this out and because I was basically on my way to my holiday and thought this would be the perfect read for that. As I sad in my review of the first book Medea's Curse I don't really read much crime fiction and I think this is the reason why I did not connect to this book. While the first book was about a subject matter that I found highly interesting (and so so grim!), this one [...]

    3. Following Medea's Curse, this is the second book featuring forensic psychiatrist Natalie King. Ideally, these should be read in order. There are several threads that continue on from the previous book. Although I read Medea's Curse last September, I found it difficult to get my bearings and remember who was who and how things had been left at the end of book 1. There wasn't much of a recap to help me along. Once I got past that little issue though, I found this installment even better than the f [...]

    4. Anne Buist is back again with an another fast-paced psychological crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Natalie King is back from a stay on the psych ward. Natalie takes Lithium to treat manic episodes of bipolar disorder. Frank Moreton who is Natalie's new friendly boss has problems of his own. His first pregnant wife thirty-nine-year old Reeva died. She had been dead too long for the baby to have survived. Reeva had made a lethal miscalculation with her insulin. Frank's s [...]

    5. “I want myself back…I’ve tried, but trouble attracts me, and vice versa. Honest truth? I like it that way”Dangerous To Know is the second book in the Natalie King Forensic Psychiatrist series by Australian author, Anne Buist. As it follows on almost directly from Medea’s Curse with many characters in common and minimal recap, readers will do well to read that book first. Readers who enjoyed Medea’s Curse will be sure to find this one even better.Natalie King, a Ducati-riding forensic [...]

    6. A rollercoaster crime novel that makes you feel smarter for reading it. A brilliant, flawed detective. A delightfully complex, page-turning plot. Absolutely fantastic. Review to come.

    7. Welcome back, Natalie King!After having serious personal issues, Natalie King has spent a time in a psychiatric ward and now has exiled herself to the country, trying to lead a quieter life.But that's not possible at all. It's just not in her personality.And as the world is small, she finds out that the wife of her new boss is an old "enemy". Not a good situation in which to be, especially as the boss uses Natalie as a personal therapist and downloads all his personal problems on her. There's a [...]

    8. Thank you to Anne Buist, the publisher, and Netgalley for an advanced reader copy of Dangerous to Know. What a thrilling read!This book is mysterious, dark, and brooding. From page one, the author's artfully constructed prose, lush settings, and multi-layered characters had me hooked and wanting to know more. The star of the book is Natalie, a psychiatrist who is not only edgy and complex as people come, but someone who genuinely cares about the people in her life despite her mental issues and p [...]

    9. This was a good read and I really enjoyed meeting Natalie King again. There is an edginess and unpredictability to this character that makes for entertaining reading. The story line was quite gripping and the twists were unexpected and kept me reading to the end. I'm hoping there is a third in the series as I would like to know where life will take Natalie. So please Ms. Buist don't make us wait too long!!! A 3.5 star read for me.

    10. ‘Satisfying and twisty.’PS NewsFull of authenticity and gravitas.’Daily Telegraph‘An excellent thriller writer who delivers great psychological insights.’Mark Roberts‘A thrilling read that will have you on the edge of your seat.’Buzzfeed‘Keeps the reader guessing to the very last page.’Lisa Hall‘A plot-twisting page-turner…I was completely gripped.’Emma Healey‘An intelligent, well-paced thriller.’Adrian McKinty

    11. "Dangerous to Know" is the second book of the "Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist" series by Anne Buist. Because I didn't read the first book "Medea's Curse" and the fact that there are so many characters in common, I felt like I lost some of the story's context. But, as I kept reading the chapters, it got easier to understand character's personality and stories!Complete review: eternasaventuras/

    12. In a great follow up to Medea's Curse, Anne Buist brings us another installment in the life of Natalie King, forensic psychiatrist with a serious twist. Natalie's romantic entanglements combined with a murder plot full of equally serious twists make this a thriller not to be missed!

    13. ‘I have examined my life; but examining murder is another thing altogether.’Natalie King is a forensic psychiatrist, all too familiar with mental health issues. Natalie has bipolar affective disorder and is recovering from a major depressive episode that had her spending time in a psychiatric ward. Natalie is seeking (temporarily, at least) a quiet life: she’s living in a borrowed house on the Great Ocean Road and has sought a low-key research position at a nearby university. Riding her Du [...]

    14. This is our second encounter with psychologist Natalie King (you can read my review of the first book in the series, Medea's Curse, here). Natalie has her bi-polar in hand (for now) after a stay on a psychiatric ward, but she treads a dangerous path when she ends up working for Frank Moreton. Frank is an enigmatic, attractive man, who has the somewhat unfortunate misfortune of losing pregnant wives. He and Natalie are both drawn to each other, but not in the usual way.Jealousy weaves its way thr [...]

    15. I didn't realise that this was the 2nd in a series of books, and having not read the 1st I wasn't familiar with the characters.It was a slow starter for me BUT once I had a hold of who was who I was gripped! So many shocking twists and turns to this story! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of Anne Buist's work!

    16. I enjoyed the first book and didn't even register that it was rather dark until a friend commented on that. I instantly realized what she meant and why I didn't see the same.I related to Natalie King's bipolar disorder. No two people suffer it the same but I had no trouble following the ups and downs and left turns she experienced. And for me, these things just are, good or bad.This book picks up the story some time after the first book. And it threw me a bit where it does. She had been playing [...]

    17. The sequel to Medea's Curse, Dangerous to Know continues the story of Natalie King, forensic psychiatrist. This time, Natalie is taking a break both from the city and her practice to try a quieter life by the sea. She needs to recover from the traumatic events depicted in Book 1, and to see whether her mental health will improve with a reduction in stress. Trouble follows her, however, and once again she trips the line between madness and sanity as she attempts to unravel a mystery. There were a [...]

    18. Dangerous to Know by Anne Buist is a tense, compelling thriller that keeps you guessing with all the twists and turns. The story, at times, is told from the points of view of Natalie who is a forensic psychiatrist trying to work out her own mental health issues while also helping a woman accused of murdering her children and Frank who is her extremely handsome, charming yet narcissistic supervisor who may have committed some murders of his own.It's really character driven and you really get insi [...]

    19. All the ingredients necessary for a compelling psychological thriller are here and it’s a well-constructed and well-paced novel that keeps the reader guessing right to the last page. Natalie, the main protagonist, is an unusual and engaging character, a psychiatrist who has her own psychological demons to contend with, and whose mental health is always on a knife edge. The author is a psychiatrist herself and knows what she is talking about so the mental health issues portrayed here feel very [...]

    20. All reviews can be found at thereadinglodge.wordpress/Following on from Medea’s Curse, the first in the Natalie King series, Dangerous To Know continues on a few months from the previous novel with Natalie having fallen into a state of depression resulting in time spent at a psych ward. At the behest of her own psychiatrist, Natalie has moved away from her more bustling, wild life for a more quiet, and sensible life within the countryside moving from working in practice, to research. But, what [...]

    21. Loved this book. First time reading this author and would definitely want to read more. Easy to read but with a gripping plot that made me keep reading 'just one chapter more'. Lots of twists and turns, that kept me guessing until the last few chapters. Definitely worth a read.

    22. I would highly recommend this book as it had me hooked by the Prologue! With this type of genre I tend to find that the main character is usually a Police Officer or a someone who was close to the victim so it was really refreshing to read one from the POV of a psychologist. And a female It was also refreshing to have a female lead who is actually the main character and more importantly felt real. Natalie goes through a lot in this book and I was invested in what happened to her throughout the w [...]

    23. Dangerous to Know is book two in the Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist series, following book one: Medea’s Curse. Like many series, a story begins and ends in this book so it can be enjoyed as a standalone but for maximum enjoyment, I’d highly recommend starting with book one.As stated in the blurb, Natalie moves to the quiet countryside to take up a position in research after her stay in the psych ward. Her new boss, Professor Frank Moreton, needs someone to confide in; his first wife die [...]

    24. I feel I need to start my review with a disclaimer that I had not read the first book following Natalie King. This I felt did hinder me getting into the story as quick as I imagined others could. It also took me a little while to follow the switch of characters within the chapters at times and found myself rereading some points. Having said all that the story was full of twists and turns and edge of the seat thrills. You can't help but love Dr King and her honesty about her own mental health. Ve [...]

    25. Despite Natalie's yearning for peace and tranquility, she soon finds herself embroiled in yet another fast-paced, exciting and dangerous adventure, which kept me guessing right up until the final pages. There are red herrings a-plenty and the author purposely throws out fake leads along the way. I really enjoyed learning more about Natalie too, and the final scenes, not least of all the destruction of her beloved Ducati, suggest that her life may be about to veer off in a whole new direction. I' [...]

    26. I received an arc of this book from the publishers via net galley in return for an honest review. Thank you. Unfortunately I read this book as a stand alone. Sometimes in a series this is possible, but not in this case, and I definitely think it influenced my appreciation of the book. At times I was overly confused and unfamiliar with characters who clearly had a much larger role in the first book. I though that this was an interesting spin on the current crop of psychological thrillers on the m [...]

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