God's Not Dead 2

God s Not Dead God s not dead but they re trying to kick him out of the public square Welcome back to Hope Springs where Grace Wesley teaches high school history She is on the hot seat with the school district after

  • Title: God's Not Dead 2
  • Author: Travis Thrasher Dean Gallagher
  • ISBN: 9781613758311
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Audio CD
  • God s not dead but they re trying to kick him out of the public square Welcome back to Hope Springs where Grace Wesley teaches high school history She is on the hot seat with the school district after she answers Brooke Thawley s question about Jesus during a classroom discussion Suddenly, Brooke becomes a pawn in an epic court case that could cost Grace the carGod s not dead but they re trying to kick him out of the public square Welcome back to Hope Springs where Grace Wesley teaches high school history She is on the hot seat with the school district after she answers Brooke Thawley s question about Jesus during a classroom discussion Suddenly, Brooke becomes a pawn in an epic court case that could cost Grace the career she loves Tom Endler, a lawyer with the teachers union, is tapped to represent Grace in her fight for her First Amendment rights He finds himself fighting for a cause he doesn t even believe in Tom s research leads him to Amy Ryan, a reporter and former skeptic who found faith while battling cancer and watching the classroom battle unfold at Hadleigh University a year ago Both are soon on a journey to understand what genuine faith really means, as they fight to save Grace s job and avoid a court decision that could cripple the free speech rights of all Christians in the marketplace.

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    1. Long story short: I absolutely loved it!I hadn’t read a novelization before and for me the author did a great job! It’s awesome!This book has ignited in me the willingness to stand firm and fight for the right of speaking boldly about my faith.“I’m not going to be afraid to say the word Jesus”, as Grace said.This is the kind of story that keeps going with you even after you finish it. It leaves you with a passion for proclaming confidently what you believe in.The plot is engaging. I wa [...]

    2. About the Book:God's not dead . . . but Tom Endler doesn't believe it.Hope Springs, Arkansas, seems an unlikely setting for a battle over religious freedom, but the conflict that started at a small local college has spread to a high school campus, where a young Christian teacher named Grace Wesley is on the hot seat with the school district for talking about Jesus in her classroom. Tom, a young lawyer on retainer by the teacher's union, is tapped to represent Grace in her fight for her First Ame [...]

    3. RESEÑA COMPLETA EN ESPAÑOLAn inspiring book.Needless to say it is Travis Thrasher is one of my favorite authors, but what he has made this novelization is simply amazing.For those who don’t know, this book is not the continuation of the previous film, but instead, the story follows other characters’ lives and how they find God in the midst of all those situations.The novel takes us into the minds of the protagonists, making us reflect and encouraging us to think about how we would react if [...]

    4. Thanks to the publisher and author for providing an advanced reader copy for review.This is a follow up to the first book, God's Not Dead. There are some familiar characters, and reading the first book, or having seen the first movie, is not necessary to enjoy this novel.This is a story that is very relevant with what is going on here in the United States and around the world. I would say religion is being forced out, or made to disappear from the public eye. But as Islam is being taught in some [...]

    5. I’d seen the first movie and thought it was powerful. I looked forward to seeing the sequel. I wanted to read the book before seeing this second movie for two reasons, one; there is always more information in the book and second I am a Travis Thrasher fan.The sequel is set in the same town as last book, Hope Springs. This time the situation takes place in a high school. Grace Wesley is a twenty-eight-year-old teacher, taking care of her 80-year-old grandfather. She has taught in in Martin Luth [...]

    6. Having recently seen the first God's Not Dead and not being able to get out to the sequel, I jumped at the chance to read this novelization of God's Not Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo. Considering that this is a novelization of a film I have not seen, and that there is no novelization for the previous film (which was named after the non-fiction text by Rice Brooks God's Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty), I will do my best not to compare this to either of the God's Not Dead films, a [...]

    7. This book… oh my God! You know those moments in your life were you feel there’s no hope. Those moments when you’re just wondering helplessly trying to believe in something you’re not even sure of. Second-guessing everything around you. Well… yeah. That’s exactly how I was feeling when I first started reading this book.I’m not saying a went through some life changing journey while reading this book. I mean, it’s good, but you know, it’s not the bible. Or Harry Potter lol (not co [...]

    8. God's Not Dead 2 is the sequel to the widely popular book and movie God's Not Dead that came out in 2014. In the first book, a student is tasked with proving God's existence to his atheistic philosophy professor. God's Not Dead 2 is novelized by Travis Thrasher, and focuses on a high school history teacher who is put on trial for discussing the name of Jesus in her classroom.Grace Wesley is Teacher of the Year at Martin Luther King Jr. High School. When she answers a student's question regarding [...]

    9. Welcome back to Hope Springs . . . where Christian Grace Wesley teaches high school history. She is on the hot seat with the school district after she answers Brooke Thawley’s question about Jesus during a classroom discussion. Suddenly, Brooke becomes a pawn in an epic court case that could cost Grace the career she loves.Tom Endler, a lawyer with the teachers’ union, is tapped to reluctantly represent Grace in her fight for her First Amendment rights. He finds himself fighting for a cause [...]

    10. He is surely aliveI loved this book as it gives you courage to stand up for your beliefs. Not everything will work out the way you want it to. But God never leaves you and loves you very much. Anyone can enjoy this book and be encouraged.

    11. I remember watching the first movie that the book was from and thinking how powerful it was. The challenge was to prove that God was real . I loved how the author gave the character strength and wisdom to fight for what he believes. In this second installment the same premise exists except it is now about a teacher. Grace is a sweet and lovely young woman who teaches history at a high school. When she references Jesus in an answer , that starts a downward spiral for her job. It seems that everyo [...]

    12. God’s Not Dead 2 by Travis Thrasher is a novelization based upon the blockbuster movie from Pure Flix. I enjoy this author’s works; they are always first-class. Although I have not read God’s Not Dead, this title is a stand-alone work, with just a few references to the previous one. His plots are entertaining but provide a deeper, more substantial theme.In this novel set in Hope Springs, well-liked high school history teacher, Grace Wesley, is under fire for answering a student’s questio [...]

    13. I Saw this audio-book on Hoopla through my local library and since I found the movie "God's Not Dead" so powerful, I wanted to listen to this and it didn't disappoint. While the first movie focused on proving God is not Dead- that there is a God, this one focuses on proving the fact that Jesus Christ was a historical figure after a teacher is fired for answering a student's question about how Martin Luther King's teaching were like Jesus's teachings in a High School world history class. Two auth [...]

    14. Following along with the movie God's Not Dead, this book is a Christian based book that is tied into a realistic struggle. It is not all rainbows and sunshine and there is honesty with how even Christians are not perfect and struggle not just with their faith but even in life. It is a great quick read that I would encourage anyone to read. This is about a young teacher who is challenged due to discussing the historical value of Jesus; a set of parents and the school turn against the teacher and [...]

    15. have been Blessed to read and watch both of the God's Not Dead 1 and 2 stories. I love how these stories seem to parallel what is happening in America today. The author Travis Thrasher has brought the premise of those wishing to abolish God from our lives alive for all to read and see.While the first book focused on a conflict between professor and student within a class setting, this second book tells the story of a teacher put on trial for simply stating facts and answering a question posed by [...]

    16. This book came at a perfect time for me to read. Struggling with many issues, this helped re-ignite the stance that God is not dead, He's surely alive. There are going to be times when you feel you can hear God. "That's because the teacher is silent while the student takes the test." One of the best lines for me in the whole book. Opened my eyes to looking at my issues in a much different way. I'm looking forward to doing the devotional for this book. I know this is definitely one where the book [...]

    17. God's Not Dead 2 by Travis Thrasher is a contemporary Christian novel filled with faith that will speak straight to the reader's soul. I had seen the film and read the book God's Not Dead, so it was great to be able to catch up with old characters and to meet new ones. It can also be read as a stand-alone.There are many themes within the novel but a major one is that of being a survivor. Amy is a survivor of breast cancer. "Remission means you can start thinking of yourself as a survivor." Every [...]

    18. "God's Not Dead 2" by author Travis Thrasher is a 400 page Christian fiction paperback published by Tyndale. This is the Novelization of the movie by the same name and sequel to "God's Not Dead". It is a 60 chapter book, but the type is a nice size and the chapters not long. It isn't large print but it also isn't the very small print either. While this is based on the movie, there were no pictures inside the book as some novelizations have. The front and back covers are all.This is the passionat [...]

    19. We loved the movie so i had to read the book. My whole family loved this book. The story, the fight, the faith. The story leaves you hanging with several open ends that are not finished. This will lead up to God's not Dead 3. Each day we seem to see a new battle that Christians have to face in regards to their faith and freedom.I received this book in return for my honest reviews from bookfun

    20. Title: God Is Not Dead 2 Author: Travis Thrasher Published: 3-1-2016 Publisher: Tyndale House Publishing Pages: 378 Genre: Christian Fiction Sub-Genre: ISBN: 9781496413611 ASIN: B013PTYXVYReviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley My Rating: 5 stars. Why is it that every religion but Christianity is guaranteed the right to practice in public buildings and schools must revolve around their religious rights. Yet if child bows their head in prayer over their meal [...]

    21. I received this book from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review.I really enjoyed the 2014 movie, God’s Not Dead so of course I was excited to see that a sequel was being released this spring. I was even more excited to have the opportunity to read the novelization of the movie and offer my review of the book.If you saw the first movie, you’ll notice that this is not a sequel in the sense that it continues the story of the same characters. The main characters in this storyline [...]

    22. I enjoyed the movie "God's Not Dead," and was skeptical when the studio announced a sequel to this film. Although I have not seen the film yet, I saw this book at a local library and decided to check out the book. This book was a surprise. It was good and kept me reading throughout. The story takes place a year after the first movie with a lawyer named Tom takes on a case where a well liked teacher gets in trouble with the school board when a student's parents object to her mentioning the name J [...]

    23. Maybe you’ve heard? The movie, God’s Not Dead 2 opens the weekend of April 1-3, 2016. My family enjoyed the first God’s Not Dead movie a couple of years ago and I’m pretty excited to see the sequel!In addition to the excitement over hearing that the movie is coming out soon, I received an offer for a copy of the paperback God’s Not Dead by Travis Thrasher. It is a novelization of the upcoming movie. It’s been fun to get to “read” the movie before it comes out and I am purposely w [...]

    24. This book is exceptionally good! It makes me want to read more by this author. It helped me to understand the story line better than the movie, which was also good. The truest statement of all, for sure: "God's not dead! He's surely alive!"

    25. This book is wrote based on the movie by the same name. I did see the movie before reading this and there are a lot of similarities.The way the storyline is written, there are different people that come together in the end. The book does a much better job explaining the stories of all the different characters and how they come together.A student asks a question relating Jesus and another historical figure and the high school history teacher who is a Christian, Grace Wesley, answers with scriptur [...]

    26. Here is one more God's Not Dead story, one more fight for faith, but this time it is in court. There is one stubborn teacher, one talented but unlucky lawyer, and one journalist, whom we have previously met. These people are on God's side. Even though the book is about the court hearing, and this big God's case, it focuses more on what's going on inside people's heads. There is a great deal of thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Every chapter starts its narration from the first person singular, f [...]

    27. Title: God's Not Dead 2Author: Travis ThrasherPublisher: Tyndale House Publishing God's Not Dead 2 takes place in Hopes Springs, where Grace Wesley teaches a high school history class. She comes under fire when she answers a students question concerning Jesus. Tom Endler is a lawyer for the teachers union, and assigned to Miss Wesley's case. He's a non-believer and skeptical that they can win, but agrees to take the case.Amy Ryan, who we met in the first book, is a cancer survivor, And is now qu [...]

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