Big Bear, Small Mouse

Big Bear Small Mouse Even the smallest readers can have big fun with Bear in this sweet introduction to opposites from the New York Times bestselling creators of Bear s New Friend Bear is big big big and mouse is small

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  • Title: Big Bear, Small Mouse
  • Author: Karma Wilson Jane Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781481459716
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Even the smallest readers can have big fun with Bear in this sweet introduction to opposites from the New York Times bestselling creators of Bear s New Friend.Bear is big, big, big, and mouse is small, small, small but these friends stick together through all the highs and lows Join Bear and mouse as they spot all the opposites in their little glen Karma Wilson and Jane CEven the smallest readers can have big fun with Bear in this sweet introduction to opposites from the New York Times bestselling creators of Bear s New Friend.Bear is big, big, big, and mouse is small, small, small but these friends stick together through all the highs and lows Join Bear and mouse as they spot all the opposites in their little glen Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman team up again to bring the youngest Bear fans a delightful concept book that begs to be read out loud.

    One thought on “Big Bear, Small Mouse”

    1. In a story of opposites, Big Bear and small mouse begin to notice other contrasting items around the forest. Soon, the group travelling together gets larger and their differences makes for a most exciting recited narrative. Neo liked to be able to predict what was coming, but could not always be sure he knew what was coming. The story is good to show off the importance of opposites and the cumulative listing of them in rhyming fashion.

    2. It was okay, I guess? It just seemed really generic. There are a ton of books about opposites, and it just didn't do anything for me. Maybe I wasn't into it because I was in a bad mood, but I read other books that I was expecting to hate at the time that I thought were surprisingly good. I'll still with my review of "meh."

    3. Karma Wilson explores opposites with rhyming words and a little help from her forest friends. As she names new opposites, she repeats the previous ones. Repetition is a great early literacy learning tool for children. A guessing game could be played as well. For instance, the first opposites are "small mouse, big bear." The next one added is "slow badger, fast hare." As you turn the page for the new opposites/rhyme, you could encourage the child to repeat the previous opposites by saying, "There [...]

    4. Big Bear, Small Mouse, explores the wonderful world of opposites. Bear is very big and mouse is very small, but they also have many friends in the forest. Badger is fast, Hare is slow, some friends are quiet and some are loud; but what do they all do when a large storm comes? Read the story and find out what happens when this loud crowd of opposites comes together. With adorable illustrations and an easy to read storyline, this adorable story teaches little ones that friends come in all shapes a [...]

    5. Perfectly adequate read aloud about opposites using animals. I always like Jane Chapman's illustrations: they're bright, bold, child friendly but realistic and not too cutesy. I also really like how the text is laid out, with the important opposite words in bold. There's not a ton of plot but there's a surprising amount for such a short book. Good for my giant and incredibly young story time audience.

    6. Another beautiful bear book by the Wilson/Chapman duo.With all the regular expressive flow that comes with this series, bear goes exploring and learns about opposites, relativity and the things that differentiate the world. All however still maintaining friendships and understanding within such diversity.A very simple book, but beautiful in its ability to be read on multiple levels.

    7. A cute book of opposites with the same great rhymes and illustrations. We still like the Bear series but we are partial to the earlier stories.

    8. Opposites are sprinkled throughout this sweet, rhyming story of animal friends enjoying a day in the woods. When the weather turns, Bear has a warm solution.

    9. I like the art, and this one is going for getting children to understand the concepts of opposites, sizes, and relative locations. Good for storytime.

    10. my storytime kids seemed to like this one; as the book went on they got more comfortable speaking out and saying the opposites

    11. Karma Wilson is the best. A great cast of characters---Bear, Mouse, Hare, Owl, Badger, Wren---along with lovely-to-the-ear rhyme and a chance to talk about opposites. And who doesn't love Jane Chapman's beautiful illustrations. A complete delight.

    12. Through rhyming text and repetition, Big Bear, Small Mouse brings young children into the story and sets them off on a reading journey to last a lifetime.Big Bear, Small Mouse is the opposite of most concept books—it also tells an imaginative story young children will enjoy hearing many times over. Bear and Mouse are fast friends who enjoy each other’s company. As they wander the forest, meeting friends new and old, a clatter occurs in the glen as the day turns to evening and then into night [...]

    13. Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman are such a stellar team! In my library, Bear books are a big deal among storytime patrons! I love the illustrations and simple text. These books are perfect for storytime. I especially love that this is an 'opposites' themed book. I have been looking for a 3-5 age range book to use in an 'opposites' themed storytime. Yay!!

    14. There are lots of books out there about opposites, but this is one of the very few I can think of that build up the repetition of the lesson. The opposites almost become a refrain - slow badger, fast hare; small mouse, big bear. Hopefully, it will help the Very Small Ones remember the concepts being taught!The illustrations are lovely, as always.

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