Don Juan in Hell

Don Juan in Hell Using intriguing characters and sparkling dialogue George Bernard Shaw explored ideas and issues that transformed the conventions of British theater Don Juan in Hell showcases the master s art at its

Don Juan Don Juan Spanish pronounced do wan , also Don Giovanni , is a legendary, fictional libertine.The first written version of the Don Juan legend was written by the Spanish dramatist Tirso de Molina nom de plume of Gabriel Tllez His play, El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest , was set in the fourteenth century and published in Don Juan Ce site propose de voyager avec Don Juan dans l Europe du XVIIe sicle. Adventures of Don Juan Adventures of Don Juan released in the UK as The New Adventures of Don Juan is a American Technicolor swashbuckling adventure romance film from Warner Bros produced by Jerry Wald, directed by Vincent Sherman, that stars Errol Flynn and Viveca Lindfors, with Robert Douglas, Alan Hale, Ann Rutherford, and Robert Warwick.Also in the cast are Barbara Bates, Raymond Burr, Don Juan Lord George Gordon Byron Don Juan is a long, digressive satiric poem by Lord Byron, based on the legend of Don Juan, which Byron reverses, portraying Juan not as a womaniser but someone easily seduced by women It is a variation on the epic form Unlike the tortured early romantic works by Byron, exemplified by Childe Harold s Pilgrimage, Don Juan has a humorous, satirical bent. Don Juan , la enciclopedia libre Don Juan es un personaje arquetpico, configurado en la literatura espaola y con larga descendencia literaria europea, creado por Tirso de Molina DON JUAN MATUS Real or Imagined The wanderling DON JUAN MATUS REAL OR IMAGINED the Wanderling In both his second and third books, A Separate Reality and Journey To Ixtlan , Carlos Castaneda, telling the same story as in his first and last books, presents to the readers seeming different scenarios and because of discrepancies and seeming inconsistencies Castaneda critics dismiss him as nothing than a charlatan. The Teachings of Don Juan A Yaqui Way of Knowledge A Yaqui way of knowledge The teachings of don Juan is the story of a remarkable journey the first awesome steps on the road to becoming a man of knowledge the road that continues with A Separate Reality and Journey to Ixtlan For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart. Carlos Castaneda s Don Juan s Teachings History of this Carlos Castaneda compilation and my thoughts on Carlos Castaneda s work I was first introduced to Carlos Castaneda when there was just one Carlos Castaneda book The Teachings of Don Juan. Carlos Castaneda s Don Juan s Teachings Las Enseanzas Nothing in the world is a gift Whatever there is to learn has to be learned the hard way Turn my concepts into a viable way of life by a process of repetition. Don Juan Tenorio Don Juan Tenorio is een legendarisch vrouwenversierder die rond voor het eerst in een boek opduikt, in El Burlador de Sevilla van Tirso de Molina. Deze Don Juan is mogelijk een fictief persoon, maar het zou ook kunnen gaan om Pedro Tllez Girn.Het verhaal van Don Juan is

  • Title: Don Juan in Hell
  • Author: George Bernard Shaw Mary Carolyn Waldrep Janet Baine Kopito
  • ISBN: 9780486448459
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Using intriguing characters and sparkling dialogue, George Bernard Shaw explored ideas and issues that transformed the conventions of British theater Don Juan in Hell showcases the master s art at its best.An episode from Act Three of Man and Superman, Don Juan in Hell is often presented independently of the rest of the play Rooted in the Don Juan legend particularUsing intriguing characters and sparkling dialogue, George Bernard Shaw explored ideas and issues that transformed the conventions of British theater Don Juan in Hell showcases the master s art at its best.An episode from Act Three of Man and Superman, Don Juan in Hell is often presented independently of the rest of the play Rooted in the Don Juan legend particularly as it appears in Mozart s opera Don Giovanni this dream sequence forms a play within a play It consists of a dramatic reading in which three characters from Man and Superman appear in archetypal guises Don Juan, the libertine turned moralist Do a Ana, the eternal female and the Commander, a hypocrite transformed into a statue The Devil himself joins their spirited debate on the nature of heaven and hell, of good and evil, and of human purpose, for a captivating blend of Shavian wit and Nietzschean philosophy.

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    1. چقدر خوب بود , مکالمات بین شیطان و دون ژوان و آنا و مجسمه دقیقا عکس باورهای زمینی ما در مورد بهشت و جهنم بود , برعکس گفته هایی که از کودکی در ذهنمان فرو کرده اند که بهشت جای لذت بردن و زن و حوری و پری و شراب حلال هست :) در این نمایشنامه جهنم همچنین جایی بود و بهشت جایی برای تفکر و تعا [...]

    2. اینجا هیچ چیز واقعی نیست. دهشت ملعون بودن در همین واقعی نبودن استاین نتیجه یک انگیزه ساده مرد بودن من نسبت به زن بودن او بوداسم طبیعت را غیراخلاقی می گذاری، بگذار. اگر بخواهید حاضرم از شرم سرخ هم بشوم اما کاریش نمی توانم بکنم. همین است که هست. طبیعت دلال محبت است و زمان خرابکار و [...]

    3. Man and Superman = Don Juan in hell‬, George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)Man and Superman is a four-act drama written by George Bernard Shaw in 1903. The series was written in response to calls for Shaw to write a play based on the Don Juan theme. Man and Superman opened at the Royal Court Theatre in London on 23 May 1905, but it omitted the third act. A part of the act, Don Juan in Hell (Act 3, Scene 2), was performed when the drama was staged on 4 June 1907 at the Royal Court. The play was not [...]

    4. داستان های بسیاری دربارۀ دون ژوان، شخصی بی‌بند و بار و اغواگرِ زنان به اشکال مختلف گفته شده است.دون ژوان اعيان‌زاده‌اي بوده است از مردم قرون وسطي، شايد. شايد هم تنها تصوري و مثالي بوده است از تجسم شور حيات و حس جسم، زائيده ذهن مشترك مردم در زمينه يك تمدن مسيحي .دون ژوان عنوان [...]

    5. Ana: I am going to heaven for happiness. I have had quite enough of reality on earth.Don Juan: Then you must stay here; for hell is the home of the unreal and of the seekers for happiness. It is the only refuge from heaven, which is, as I tell you , the home of the masters of reality, and from earth, which is the home of the slaves of reality.

    6. دون ژوان در جهنم نمایشنامه ای از جورج برنارد شاو می‌باشد که در اصل ادامه ی اپرای دون جووان موتسارت استتو این نمایشنامه با چهار شخصیت رو به روییم که در جهنم حضور دارند :۱.دون ژوان:او یک فیلسوف،اندیشمند و جوینده است و در اصل حاصل پیام زندگانی است۲.آنا:زنی است سطحی و پر مدعا.او وقت [...]

    7. نمایشنامه‌ی زیبایی بود از برنارد شاو و ترجمه‌ی زیبایی بود از ابراهیم گلستان. جدل شیطان به عنوان مروج نادانی و بی‌خبری و سرخوشی در زندگی و دون ژوان به عنوان نمونه‌ی انسان خردمند و دانا و عمیق و در نتیجه افسرده، اما باورمند به معنا و جریان زندگی.

    8. اولین کتابی که از برنارد شاو خواندمکتابی متفاوت که دوستش داشتم.خواندشن برام جذابیت خیلی زیادی داشت.من رو برد به دنیایی که تا به حال تجربه اش نکرده بود

    9. خوندن این کتاب رو به همه توصیه می کنم البته اگه بتونین گیرش بیارین

    10. This is the long and often cut third act of Shaw's play Man and Superman. It shows Don Juan having a conversation with several characters in Hell. Although it is considered a digression, it still tackles Nietzsche's idea, and central theme of the play, that mankind is evolving, through natural selection, towards "superman," and that women have a central part in it. The female character, Ann, is referred to as "the Life Force." A rich, fresh, funny, wonderful play, with power to bring light to ev [...]

    11. This play is actually a part of the longer drama, Man and Superman. I found it a bit heavy going, being concerned with metaphysical and philosophical questions but Bob Neufeld's narration was well done and gained an extra ½ star for my rating. I will have to mull over some of Shaw's ideas but here are a few quotes which caught my attention:DON JUAN. Patience, lady: you will be perfectly happy and at home here. As saith the poet, "Hell is a city much like Seville."THE OLD WOMAN. Happy! here! whe [...]

    12. بی جهت نیست که برنارد شاو را پس از شکسپیر توانمند ترین نمایش نامه نویس بریتانیایی می دانند .دوژوان - یا با تلفظ ایتالیایی دو جووان - در جهنم نمایشنامه ایی در کتاب انسان و فوق انسان است که بر اساس اپرای موتزارت نوشته شده است . نمایش نامه مکالمه دوژوان است با شیطان - با همراهی آنا و [...]

    13. هرگز از روی آگاهی یک قدم برنداشته بودم بی‌آن‌که عقلم آن را بررسی کرده باشد و اجازه داده باشد. به این حد رسیده بودم که فکر می‌کردم آفریده‌ای هستم کلاً و کاملاً عقلی. متفکرم. مانند آن فیلسوف نفهم می‌گفتم «من فکر می‌کنم، پس من هستم.» این زن بود که به من یاد داد بگویم «من هستم، پس [...]

    14. Don Juan in Hell by George Bernard ShawA different version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at:- youtube/playlist?list and realini/ George Bernard Shaw, with his sympathy and at times admiration for one or another dictator is not my favorite author.On the contrary, I now come biased to his plays, given what I know about his support for Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini.Don Juan in Hell might change that.For the play is very good and it could balance the penchant to reject somethi [...]

    15. This is Shaw’s philosophical contrarian play in which he runs contrary to his expected contrariness, and where one thinks he would prefer Hell, he actually prefers Heaven. The beginning is devilishly funny (pun intended) as Dona Ana finds out she’s in hell, but as the philosophy goes down its various rabbit holes (for nearly two hours), the viewer/reader/listener tends to grow numb to the argument. Don Juan (Shaw) eschews beauty, music and love to pursue the life force. Hardly something to g [...]

    16. it was my second reading of GB Shaw and i can understand why he is one of the greatest dramatists of all times. his subtle humour is just mind boggling. all through the book i kept laughing. there are many teasing remarks on certain major art forms and they are all so subtly done that you will be amazed.

    17. The idea had been around for a while, in various - genuine, not cartoon - forms, one supposes. At any rate various people developed it according to their best capacities of conception and perception. And it was a natural idea, after all. When one looks at evolution, it is only natural to expect that it might not be yet finished, and there might be higher rungs. If one thinks of creation, why suppose it is over? Who are humans to dictate that Divine can appear only once or is finished with Creati [...]

    18. دون ژوان: هه، همه ی این حرف ها کهنه است . نقطه ضعف تو دوست شیطان من ، این است که تو همیشه خرف بوده ای ، تو آدم را از چشم خود آدم نگاه می کنی ، برای آدم هیچ چیز خوشایند تر از این عقیده ای که تو درباره اش داری نیست . آدم عاشق این است که خودش را خشن و بد بداند. اما آدم نه خشن است نه بد . کم د [...]

    19. Witty, eloquent, and short. Almost every phrase of every speech is quote-worthy. The whole book is full of great arguments refuted by even greater arguments. It can be hard keeping track of where the discussion is going because of the wordiness of the dialogues but, if the reader puts enough concentration on it, it can be a very enjoyable, fun read.

    20. آدم حماقتی است که از شناختن واقعیات زحمت و فقر،شوم و شقی شده است،خیالبافی است که گرسنگی کشیدن برایش آسانتر است تا روبرو شدن با این واقعیات،اوهام را روی اوهام میریزد تا واقعیات را بپوشاند،و آنوقت اسم خودش را ذکاوت و نبوغ میگذارد.

    21. ترجمه دوست داشتني ِ سر ابراهيم گلستان البته رواني كلام برنارد شاو هم بسيار ستودنيه ميگن همونجور كه حرف ميزد مينوشت بدون اينكه به اين فك كنه كه آخر قصه چي ميشه منو مجاب كرد كه حتما نمايشنامه بشر و فوق بشر رو هم بخونمجمله اي از اين كتاب: يك شعار خوب ، نيمي از نبرد است

    22. A humane and thoughtful diversion, both funny and philosophical, without taking itself too seriously. It feels as relevant today as ever.

    23. "Hell is the home of honor, duty, justice, and the rest of the seven deadly virtues. All the wickedness on earth is done in their name: where else but in hell should they have their reward?"

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