Shark Trouble

Shark Trouble Master storyteller Peter Benchley combines high adventure with practical information in Shark Trouble a book that is at once a thriller and a valuable guide to being safe in on under and around th

  • Title: Shark Trouble
  • Author: Peter Benchley
  • ISBN: 9780812966336
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Master storyteller Peter Benchley combines high adventure with practical information in Shark Trouble, a book that is at once a thriller and a valuable guide to being safe in, on, under, and around the sea The bestselling author of Jaws, The Deep, and other works draws on than three decades of experience to share information about sharks and other marine animals ShaMaster storyteller Peter Benchley combines high adventure with practical information in Shark Trouble, a book that is at once a thriller and a valuable guide to being safe in, on, under, and around the sea The bestselling author of Jaws, The Deep, and other works draws on than three decades of experience to share information about sharks and other marine animals Shark attacks on human beings generate a tremendous amount of media coverage, Benchley writes, partly because they occur so rarely, but mostly, I think, because people are, and always have been, simultaneously intrigued and terrified by sharks Sharks come from a wing of the dark castle where our nightmares live deep water beyond our sight and understanding and so they stimulate our fears and fantasies and imaginations Benchley describes the many types of sharks including the ones that pose a genuine threat to man , what is and isn t known about shark behavior, the odds against an attack and how to reduce them even further all reinforced with the lessons he has learned, the mistakes he has made, and the personal perils he has encountered while producing television documentaries, bestselling novels, and articles about the sea and its inhabitants He tells how to swim safely in the ocean, how to read the tides and currents, what behavior to avoid, and how to survive when danger suddenly strikes He discusses how to tell children about sharks and the sea and how to develop, in young and old alike, a healthy respect for the ocean.As Benchley says, The ocean is the only alien and potentially hostile environment on the planet into which we tend to venture without thinking about the animals that live there, how they behave, how they support themselves, and how they perceive us I know of no one who would set off into the jungles of Malaysia armed only with a bathing suit, a tube of suntan cream, and a book, and yet that s precisely how we approach the oceans No longer Not after you ve read Shark Trouble.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. So the library made a cute little 'Shark Week!' shelf and my son picked this one out to read. I swiped it when he wasn't looking and am glad I did.Benchley wrote 'Jaws' almost on a lark; he literally cranked the book out to make a paycheck to support his young family. We all know what happened next. 'Shark Trouble' was written later in life after Benchley worked with many marine experts and had years of diving experience under his belt. While he admits to not being a shark expert despite his yea [...]

    2. Rating: 3.5"The first rule of sharks," he said, "is this: forget all the laws about sharks."This book was not one I was anticipating reading, but caught my eye (this one I found in the aquarium gift shop - imagine that). Sharks terrify me. I grew up watching Shark Week with my brothers, but I swear all I can remember out of those nights of interesting videos, stories, facts are the videos of the shark attacks and interviews with the survivors. I liked this book because its written by the author [...]

    3. I recommend that EVERYONE read this book. It's interesting, colorful, informative, and just gets better and better. I agree with Benchley that the main trouble with sharks is that man is killing them at an increasingly alarming rate. man does with everything.

    4. This is Benchley's "apology book" for Jaws and if you are a fan of the movie or book, this was a good read. He certainly has a way of keeping you interested in a book that mostly consists of non-fiction and information. I did enjoy this book, as a diver, one who has had many encounters with sharks, and I person who still feels the respectful dread of the animals. I did have a few issues with the book. First of all, for someone who got to dive in so many amazing experiences, Benchley scared me al [...]

    5. The author of Jaws trying to correct any damage he did with the book. In Shark Trouble, Benchley discusses the different types of sharks and their natural instincts. He includes ways to stay safe in the ocean, although he doesn't seem to follow some of his own advice getting into various precarious situations while diving. He talks about other ocean life and drowning prevention techniques. Some of it was enlightening and will have me thinking differently the next time I go to the ocean, but it d [...]

    6. Interesting, informative quick read. Although the focus was on sharks, there was an impressive amount of information on conducting oneself safely around various types of ocean life, and a lot of stories regarding his own close encounters. There was also an entire chapter dedicated to reading the tides and currents around beaches, and how to extricate oneself from strong currents, undertows, rips, etc. A good book on learning to respect the ocean and its denizens.

    7. I loved this! It was an excellent book of his stories of when he's gone into the ocean with the sea creatures. His love of them is evident. I will never forget the story of the ray they rode! If you love the sea as I do, this one is fun to read. I listened to the audio book, which Peter read himself.

    8. *Audible*A mildly compelling listen that doesn't contain much in the way of revelations about the production of Jaws, but does feature several tales of real-life expeditions upon which Benchley embarked. Far from essential, this is 100% a quality time-waster.

    9. A short book about the experiences of the author of Jaws. There is no doubt that he has had a lot of interesting experiences in the ocean. Still, the book feels a bit meandering - mentioning sea anemones here, a chapter about sharks there, etc. A short and entertaining read nonetheless.

    10. It was a pleasure to read a non-fiction book by Peter Benchley. His stories are great and it seems he lived a very interesting life exploring the sea and learning about its creatures.

    11. "You're gonna need a bigger boat." ~Chief Brody; JawsThis book was written by the same author that wrote the book Jaws which led to the blockbuster classic film of the same name. Benchley knows that his book and the movie caused a lot of misconceptions and misguided fears of sharks. This book was his way to make amends to the sharks. There were definitely things I liked and disliked about the book:The good stuff:As the author mentions, all boys love dinosaurs, sharks, or both. It's so true; they [...]

    12. I actually enjoyed this book more than Benchley's fiction. His fiction seems forced and indulgent, and not nearly as nerdy-science-fact-laden as the film adaptations of his works. In Benchley's last book, I think he actually found the niche he was made for in his love of the ocean and all of it's mysterious fascination without the frills and chills of fiction; the ocean is a beautiful, unforgiving, intoxicating, and often inexplicable world that this book captures the nature of perfectly. While [...]

    13. It was a very enlightening read and I was just in absolute awe of all of Peter Benchley's amazing underwater adventures. He has truly had some incredible experiences.d he became a better man because of them.I loved how much he stressed that "Jaws" was just a story and how he has come to respect and admire sharks after he had close interactions with them. They are not mindless killers, but in fact play an absolutely crucial role in the health and balance of the world's oceans. And if sharks are h [...]

    14. OK, so I have always loved this book – this must be my eighth or ninth time reading it. I bought it for Nook so my son could read it. I hope he does. Benchley adds humor along with wonderful facts about the ocean and sharks in general.Having written Jaws – the book/movie that raised shark terror throughout the world – Benchley decided he should get to know the truth about the magnificent Great White. His book sent fisherman out to slaughter the great beasts though there is little factual i [...]

    15. This was a perfect book to hear read by the author. Benchley talks about his history of swimming with sharks and other creatures of the sea, plus how the reaction to his book and the film made of it changed his life. It's a personal story of his encounters and also a discussion of the importance of preserving the oceans for our future.Growing up in Connecticut, we were only a few miles from Long Island Sound so my parents often brought us to the beaches of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Long befo [...]

    16. Peter Benchley is the author of the creature-feature JAWS. It is the popularity of this book and others that got him involved with American Sportsman (or something to that order). They invited him to scuba/cage dive with great whites. It is Benchley's life experiences and friends written here with great anecdotal sense. Seeing as I got this from the library near science/animal/non-fiction books, I was expecting more facts than ancdotal stories. This is why I rated it a 3. I think it the title Sh [...]

    17. In this book are some of the most amazing tales I've ever heard. Benchley narrates his life-long love of the ocean and all the adventures he's had with it. He also tells briefly of his early days of journalism and writing and how that lead him to write Jaws. Most of the book deals with his life after Jaws, since the book launched a career for him as an ocean adventurer. TV shows and documentaries wanted him in the water in front of the camera, and the stories that stem from this are just incredi [...]

    18. I found this book to be a bit embellished when it came to recounting Benchley's shark adventures. I was particularly irritated when he told a story of a tiger shark attempting to eat and adult sea turtle. He repeatedly described how the turtle tucked his head and "legs" inside its shell to hide from the shark, and bobbed on the surface. If you've ever seen a sea turtle, you would understand that it's unable to tuck its head and flippers inside of it's shell, since they have highly specialized fl [...]

    19. Before I checked this out of the library I read the intro to make sure it wasn't about drumming up terror or demonizing sharks, since I have no idea what Peter Benchley has done since Jaws, but it is decidedly not like that. He points out that the "shark attacks!!!1!!" media frenzy in 2001 was ridiculous and uncalled for since there were actually fewer attacks that summer than previous years. ETA: This is a quick and satisfying read. Peter Benchley talks about his own dangerous encounters (never [...]

    20. Non-Fiction. Shark apologist and author of Jaws, Benchley talks about all the things in the ocean that can kill us (including the ocean itself), gives advice for ocean swimming and shark safety, and even goes into the origin of Jaws.Light on science, depending mostly on anecdotes and personal experience, but personable and funny. It made me laugh several times, but also wonder aloud how Benchley had not yet managed to get himself eaten by sharks considering some of the stuff that's happened to h [...]

    21. I was totally absorbed by this book, contrary to what my suspicion was going into it. Benchley's fictional works are, in my opinion, not really worth reading, but for some reason he is a lot more open, funny, and honest in his non-fiction work. In Shark Trouble, he tells some hilarious and scary stories about encounters with sharks, rays, barracudas, and other aquatic creatures. He also speaks passionately about conservation and gives some tips for people like me about how to enjoy the ocean saf [...]

    22. loved it, Peter Benchley made me, as many others in the world, fascinated by sharks, great whites and otherwise. Steven Spieberg's movie version of Jaws first introduced me to the thought of man eating sharks, and I couldn't get enough. When I reached the reading ability to read the novel, I was hooked (no pun intended) and quickly became a fan of Benchley's, reading all his works. This non fiction work was captivating, his many encounters with dangerous creatures of the sea was astonishing. I e [...]

    23. A very interesting read about our misconceptions of the seas and oceans (as well as a fair representation of their true dangers) from the man who scared so many people away from them. After stressing safety and fair understanding of sea life (sharks in particular, of course), it becomes an environmentalist argument to better respect, protect and explore the waters of our planet. I had the pleasure of listening to this CD production, and the reading is quite pleasant, without being overbearingly [...]

    24. Peter Benchley apologizes for scaring everyone out of the water with "Jaws." This book, a collection of essays about sharks and shark attacks, allows Benchley to wax poetic about how endangered sharks are and how we as humans can protect ourselves from these creatures since we occasionally share the same ocean. Not a bad book (not nearly as bad as "Beast" or "White Shark") but not a great read, either.

    25. Shark Trouble: True Stories About Sharks and the Sea by Peter Benchley (Random House 2002) (597.3). Peter Benchley made a fortune from his book Jaws which taught us all that sharks are coldblooded merciless monsters who must be destroyed. As Benchley has aged and matured, he has learned that sharks are an important part of the ecosystem which must be protected. This book is Benchley on his tallest soapbox. My rating: 7/10, finished 2004.

    26. This was an informative book about sharks, sea swimming safety, and the sea in general. The author wrote Jaws, and has spent his life researching sharks and other dangerous sea creatures that not a lot is know about. The book has great information on shark species, and an even better section on how to swim safely in the oceans (looking for dangers and signs of current and riptides and other non-shark dangers).

    27. Enjoying this one on audio in the car. Very exciting! The dangerous stories are thrilling, and benchley is a good reader. When he relates tales of being yanked towards the depths by an enormous tuna in the 1970s, you fear for his life, despite knowing that he is still alive and telling you the story! Swears and sexual situations clued us in that this can't be the book of his that's on this year's MCBA list. Whoops!

    28. Here is what I learned from this interesting book: boy am I lucky to have been in the ocean and survived!! Also, the riches of the ocean are so vast and we have scarcely scratched the surface. We have much to learn and much to gain from learning more about this source of all life and something that is so vital to our very existance. And one more thing - sharks don't target people! We are not as much a delicacy as we think.If you go in the ocean, read this book!

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