The Lost Tomb

The Lost Tomb s t In an American Egyptologist Discovered the Burial Site Of the Sons of Ramesses II This Is His StoryDr Weeks an Egyptologist with the American University in Cairo draws on his own diaries

  • Title: The Lost Tomb
  • Author: Kent R. Weeks
  • ISBN: 9780688172244
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • s t In 1995, an American Egyptologist Discovered the Burial Site Of the Sons of Ramesses II This Is His StoryDr Weeks, an Egyptologist with the American University in Cairo, draws on his own diaries, as well as those of his wife and foreman, to describe the excitement and risks that surrounded the most significant archaeological discovery of our time the burial site ofs t In 1995, an American Egyptologist Discovered the Burial Site Of the Sons of Ramesses II This Is His StoryDr Weeks, an Egyptologist with the American University in Cairo, draws on his own diaries, as well as those of his wife and foreman, to describe the excitement and risks that surrounded the most significant archaeological discovery of our time the burial site of the Son of Ramesses II.

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    1. Part memoir, part history lesson, part archeological treatise this book has something for everyone. A document of what is probably the greatest archeological discovery of our time is more than an academic book concerning the burial place of Ramesses II; it is also an engaging piece of narrative non-fiction written in a warm personal style that should please readers of all ages and walks of life. Kent Weeks has a writers eye for detail and an ability to convey the tedious, laborious task of excav [...]

    2. An interesting book about the exploration of KV 5, the possible tomb of the sons of Ramesses II. It is scholarly enough to give you some insight into ancient Egypt; but not so scholarly that it comes across as lie a text book. Like most of these explorations it is still a work in progress and open to various theories and interpretations.

    3. Libro fascinante, te engancha desde el principio y no te deja hasta el final, prosa muy fluida sin entrar en tecnicismos propios de la profesión de arqueólogo, contado para todo el mundo y que poco a poco te va metiendo en la Historia de Egipto a través de esta tumba.Recomendable 100%.

    4. Great book. I've had this on my shelf for several years and finally took it down. I don't know why I waited so long. A compelling story and a fascinating time of history.

    5. I first read The Lost Tomb in the early-to-mid 2000s, and it's long been one my favourite books about Egyptology. Luckily, I now own a copy. :DIf you knew me at all during that time, you'd know that Ramesses II was my absolute favourite pharaoh, so any book about him had to be good. So, okay, The Lost Tomb – which is about the rediscovery and excavation work of the tomb of Ramesses II's sons (known as KV5) – already had a lot going for it. Not only is The Lost Tomb the story of the discovery [...]

    6. Ancient Egypt through the eyes of someone, who loves what he is doing. And it shows in his writing. He tells us, what the Theban Mapping Project is and how it came to exist. It eventually leads him to re-discover KV5, "the greatest discovery at the Valley of the Kings since Tutankhamun". Great read, very exciting, you feel as if you are digging that tomb together with Kent Weeks and his team. And he throws in some new theories of his own on what it could all mean. Very readable, not just a dry r [...]

    7. I've always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, and I remember the news of the discovery of KV5 back in 1995. At that time, I watched a documentary with my Dad (who passed away a few years ago) about its discovery literally beneath where the tourist coaches used to unload streams of tourists who had no idea what lay beneath their feet. I've been dutifully following the progress of excavation (still ongoing today - and now the largest tomb in the Valley of the Kings). This book adds wonderful first [...]

    8. The Lost Tomb begins with Kent Weeks beginnings and his interest of being an archaeologist since childhood. Needless to say, Weeks dream came true. Weeks was working on the Theban Mapping Project and the project's aim is to know the location of every tomb in the area. While working on the project Weeks and his team rediscovered KV5.Kent Weeks goes into explaining the excavations of KV5 and the excitment surrounding it all. I don't read nonfiction very often. I like reading fiction much better. B [...]

    9. Sois book grabbed me at the library. A happy return to non-fiction. Some parts were dry, but the detail was appreciated. Weeks (the author) truly loves being an Egyptologist and this shines through. A very interesting read: excellent, helpful description of Thebes area, the Valley of the Kings, deified pharaohs, construction of tombs, and archaeology in general. And a nice reminder of the year 1995 when KV5 and its expedition exploded in the news.

    10. Sometimes history can be much better than fiction. This is the wonderful story surrounding the rediscovery of KV5, the tomb at the Valley of the Kings where some of the numerous sons of Ramesses II were buried. With more than a hundred chambers this was revealed as the largest subterranean tomb in Egypt and one of the most thrilling discoveries ever.A real tale, to dream with other eras and other worlds; to admire the boldness and passion of people you wish you were like.

    11. When I was a little girl I always liked to watch documentaries about Egyptian antiquities wishing one day I can see these amaizing book have lot of dry parts it was like reading school book but there was interesting parts and I learned lot of things about Pharaohs and there traditions.

    12. Really enjoyed reading parts of this to my kids as part of their history lessons. Have seen Kent Weeks give a talk about the Theban Mapping Project at a museum in San Francisco and it was great. The book was very easy reading, and had good human interest, which I don't usually expect from scholarly types.

    13. One of the most fascinating archaeological finds in the 20th century is chronicled in this book. The tombs of Ramses II sons were found by Egyptologist Kent Weeks in 1995. This book is very exciting, and shows that there is still a lot to discover about the ancient world. This project has been popularized by shows on the Discovery channel and TLC.

    14. Fascinating account of a great discovery by the archaeologist who made it. Enlightening to see and hear it from an archaeologist’s point of view, gives me a good sense of how they think. Really lays out all that goes into conducting a dig and what happens when you find something that rocks the world. Excellent combination of memoir and science with mystery story plotting and pacing.

    15. Interesting, but I think Dr. Weeks published his book too soon after his excavations. There was a lot left unaccounted for and too many questions still hang in the air. It did leave me wondering what have further excavations into KV 5 have uncovered.

    16. A bit of a mixed bag for me. Parts were fascinating, but there were some dry sections as well. Plus, he published this before he really knew anything at all about the tomb, so mostly there are no answers at all in this book, only questions.

    17. Honestly surprised to read that in the 90's traditional problems with bureaucracy, funding, etc. continue to plague egyptian archaeology. (Fun to look for sources of inspiration for Elizabeth Peters' works too )

    18. A well-rounded account of the discovery, the construction, the purpose & history of KV5 - the most massive & unique tomb found in the Valley of the Kings to date so far; the Egyptophile along with the archaeology student/enthusiast will revel in this book. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

    19. This was an amazing read. Dr. Weeks writes beautifully. No need to be a student of archaeology or Egyptology to understand what he's saying. Very insightful about the profession in Egypt over the years.

    20. For a book written by an archeologist I wasn't bored.That is usually my pet peeve that they don't engage the reader well enough to keep it from being boring.This book was good and informative.

    21. A 'lost tomb' in the Valley of the Kings! How exciting. Who knows what mysteries still lie hidden in the sands of Egypt? This is one such discovery. Recommended.

    22. True account of Dr. Kent Weeks and his discovery. Interesting if you're into this sort of thing. I'm enjoying it.

    23. I really enjoyed the ins and outs of this story that included mystery and romance in the current era, as it also touched on the fascinating topic of ancient Egypt (a personal favorite.)

    24. Wow! If you're a fan of Egyptology this book is a must. The fact that the Valley of the Kings still keeps coughing up its secrets is enlessley facsinating.

    25. Remembering when this discovery was made, reading about it in such depth was really a treat. I look forward to seeing what other discoveries Dr. Weeks makes as he continues to explore the tomb.

    26. Uno splendido viaggio lungo più di 30 anni nella Valle dei Re, alla scoperta della tomba dei figli di Ramses II, ripercorrendo storia, religione e credenze.

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