The Girl in the Cellar

The Girl in the Cellar A woman comes to consciousness with no recollection of who or where she is and there is a dead body with her in the cellar Luckily Miss Silver is not far away

  • Title: The Girl in the Cellar
  • Author: Patricia Wentworth
  • ISBN: 9780340839294
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • A woman comes to consciousness, with no recollection of who or where she is, and there is a dead body with her in the cellar Luckily, Miss Silver is not far away.

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    1. The Girl in the Cellar (Miss Silver #32), Patricia WentworthMiss Silver helps a woman with no memory reconstruct a terrible crime She awakes Miss Silver on a fantastic adventure--the last written by Patricia Wentworth, تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و نهم ماه ژانویه سال 2002 میلادیا. شربیانی

    2. LOL.OK, this was a pleasant little "cozy mystery", the last one written by Patricia Wentworth before she died at 83 (1961). I think it's supposed to take place in the 1950s, but the characters behave more like turn of the century or earlier. Everyone is very prim and proper, the women don't appear to have a lot of strengths or rights, and the men are very much in control.The story is about a young woman who awakens from a faint in a dark basement but doesn't know who she is or remember the dead [...]

    3. In The Girl in the Cellar (1961) by Patricia Wentworth, a young woman regains consciousness in the dark on what she soon realizes are the steps of a cellar. She doesn't know where she is or how she got there.In fact, she's not even sure of who she is. All she knows is her name is Anne (but Anne what?) and that if goes to the bottom of the staircase she will find a dead body. She finds a flashlight in what she believes is her handbag and discovers that she's right. But her bout of amnesia doesn't [...]

    4. This book kills me. Quite literally. The girl discovered murdered in the cellar is called Anne Borrowdale. That's why I have a soft spot for this book, even though it's not one of Wentworth's best. The tension of the story, with a different Anne struggling to recover her memory of who she is and what she has witnessed, is very well done. But the motive for the murder and the threat the heroine is facing, are not very convincing, nor is the connection between the two girls. There are some sloppy [...]

    5. a nice traditional crime story. a woman comes to on a staircase and at the bottom of it lies a dead girl. she finds a letter in a handbag and goes to the address, then her supposed husband turns up and things start happening - some thoughtless spinsters and do-no-gooders thrown in for good measure seemed to hop about a bit and sometimes i could not follow the motivation of the people at times. occasionally i was put out by the sudden changes of perspective. too many coincidences as well but hey, [...]

    6. I'm disappointed to have given up on this book so soon (chapter 3) after being given it from an elderly neighbour with a promise to read it, but although the story seems interesting I just can't read it comfortably. Written in 1961 and I think set in the 50's the writing is very repetitive, sentences often drawn out with repetitive wording when they could be a lot shorter. I understand that Patricia Wentworth writes cosy mysteries and I've no doubt I would have enjoyed the plot but unfortunately [...]

    7. Anne knows two things: She can't remember anything but her first name, and she just found a dead girl. Fortunately, Anne meets Maud Silver, who recommends checking her purse. That indicates that Anne is Mrs. James Fancourt and is expected by his aunts in the country. The mystery grows, involving, eventually, Scotland Yard's Frank Abbott as well as Miss Silver and James Fancourt himself, who has never seen Anne before. Wentworth leaves a lot of loose ends, but the suspense is high enough that you [...]

    8. It looks like many of the reviewers did not think this was one of Patricia Wentworth's best in the Miss Silver mysteries, but I rather liked it in spite of some short-comings and coincidences. It had a really different twist on who the criminals were and why. I did feel a little sad that, with this reading (listening to the Isis audio recording), I had come to the end of the 32-book series. Since I did get all of the series as audiobooks, I will probably give them all a listen again sometime in [...]

    9. Years ago I read many of the Miss Silver mysteries and perhaps this one, as well. I remembered liking them a great deal, but this time I was somewhat disappointed. The mystery was simpler than I would have preferred and Miss Silver was in it a lot less than I would have liked. Even the descriptions of the time and place were not as complete as I remembered as Wentworth's style. It was worth reading as a light, simple cozy but not as a complex mystery.

    10. I thought I was going to like this novel - a mystery from the Golden Age of detective fiction, Wentworth was a contemporary of Agatha Christie, but it wasn't long before I discovered why Christie is still widely celebrated and Wentworth isn't.It isn't so much the plot that is the poblem, it begins quite promisingly; a girl wakes up in a cellar with a dead body and she has lost her memory. The problem lies with the writing and the high melodrama. Wentworth feels the need to keep repeating the plo [...]

    11. I've been floating in a pool of syrup reading these Miss Silver mysteries. They are all very similar, stock characters, repetitive descriptions, overbearing men, good girls, bad girls, and baby doll girls. The attitudes reflect the times. A comfortable belief that the English class system is inherently correct and that lower class people either know their place and are comfortable in it or are cheap, shoddy and immoral. Still it's been relaxing to retreat to these formulaic reads after reading p [...]

    12. A pretty poor thriller, not a mystery really as most of the book follows Anne who has lost her memory, apparently due to her finding a body in a dark cellar in an empty house. She is threatened throughout the book by master criminals who are able to trace her wherever she flees. Although in the final scenes the reader wonders how? Master criminals? Hardly. Patricia Wentworth's final book, published the year she died, aged 82. This may explain the multiple repetitions. At one point, near the end, [...]

    13. One of the last of the Miss Silver mystery series. This is an intriguing thriller in which the protagonist is suffering from severe shock, so devastating that she has lost her memory from the moment she awoke from a faint, staring at a body in a cellar. The girl is assisted by Miss Silver, who sees her on the bus and realizes she is in very dangerous mental condition. Through a series of coincidences, the girl later comes to rely on Miss Silver's assistance as she tries to escape from captors, s [...]

    14. An unfortunate ending to this series; certainly the weakest of the lot. It's not a spoiler to say that the main character has amnesia for most of the book. There are hints of plot at the beginning that turn out to be nothing at all, and the "mystery" is wrapped up in about a page and a half of disjointed information that doesn't really match up with much else that happened earlier. Very odd.The good news is that I have read every single Miss Silver book and can now move on to something else!

    15. A frightened young woman becomes conscious standing in the dark above the murdered body of an unknown girl. She has no memory before that. Wentworth successfully puts us in her place as she tries to find safety and divine who her real friends are. This tense, scary story relies for its impact on our inner knowledge of the heroine, who takes the name Anne. Again, her appeal is a major factor in gluing us to the story.

    16. A young woman finds herself alone in pitch darkness. She doesn’t know who she is, and she doesn’t know where she is, but she knows there is a dead woman at the bottom of the stairs. As you might expect from the beginning, this is more of a thriller than a mystery even though Miss Silver plays a role in the story.

    17. A nice cozy crime story with main characters that you can rather like. Anne's romance with Jim seems perhaps a bit contrived - they hardly know each other - and Miss Silver is her usual comforting self and acts as deus ex machina when need be. Nothing stellar but a comfortable, nice read for an afternoon by the fire in a pub or something similar.

    18. Okay to pass the time, but really no big mystery and exciting finish. Not sure if it's because it was written in '61 and my expectations are higher in general, or if it's just not great. Either way, not something I'd recommend.

    19. The Miss Silver mysteries are much of a much! Usually involves a crime, someone knowing Miss Silver and some sort of romantic tangle. Easy read, you know what you are in for before you even start. can't complain.

    20. This started so well, the first few chapters were absolutely gripping then it just completely ran out of steam, such a shame.

    21. Good but would have improved with a bit more editing. Kept on restating what had happened again and again

    22. I enjoyed this one but I feel that her earlier books were better, there was quite a lot of repetition in this one, which I found annoying.

    23. kind of Miss Marple but in a shorter and simpler way. Good for younger readers or light reading on holidays.

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    25. Early Bird Deal and gift card | Pretty standard, better than some in the series. | I read this the same time as another, then waited to write the review until I could use my laptop, and now can't recall which I was pleasantly surprised by.

    26. This is so repetitive. I understand the felt need of it but it is too much. Unresolved questions such as why were they out of country and why was that so bad? And, who the HELL is Maxton - or did I miss a page?

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