Dark Destiny: Proprietors of Fate

Dark Destiny Proprietors of Fate Edited by Edward E Kramer

  • Title: Dark Destiny: Proprietors of Fate
  • Author: Edward E. Kramer
  • ISBN: 9781565048119
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edited by Edward E Kramer.

    One thought on “Dark Destiny: Proprietors of Fate”

    1. A great anthology. I miss the days when White Wolf was a respected publisher, instead of a purveyor of crap.

    2. Long a resident of The Pile, picked up as an interesting looking new read at the store, probably while I was tending the horror section at Borders in Chestnut Hill. Finally it was time for it. The interesting thing about it was that all but the last of the stories were laid out chronologically through historic periods and featuring historic figures. One that was particularly good, “Death of a Demi-god” by Basil Copper, was very subtle about the fact that it took place in the past. It just dr [...]

    3. To come up with a rating for this dark fantasy anthology I rated each story and calculated the average which resulted in a 3.4, so I was pretty close to rounding up to a 4. The outstanding stories for me were In The Garden by Esther M. Friesner, Night Games by Richard Lee Byers, and Blood Magic by Scott Ciencin. Interestingly, these were all historical fiction pieces but that's not why they stood out. They had the distinction of having a solid, original story and being extremely well written. Ot [...]

    4. This book was very close to getting a 1 star, but since I'm currently reading another crappier book, it got 2 :-) This was a book of short stories based on the WW roleplay world. Some stories were okay, but overall I would never tell anyone to read this book. I think it's time has completely passed.

    5. This is "An Original WORLD OF DARKNESS Anthology". The stories are twists on history and reality and feature mostly vampires, although in a variety of types. I found the stories hard to read for the most part, some of them being too esoteric for my lunch-time read. Others just seemed to belabor the point. Not my favorite.

    6. Rating for "Beloved Disciple," my second favorite Jesus story (after the one in The Master and Margarita).

    7. Too many vampires, not enough variety in the monsters. Some of the stories were just too clogged up in historical fact and weren't that entertaining. There just wasn't enough to keep me interested.

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