The Weather

The Weather In the middle of a barren wasteland a small town goes through the motions as if nothing s changed Lolly has school a part time job a senile grandmother that needs looking after But everything has c

  • Title: The Weather
  • Author: Caighlan Smith
  • ISBN: 9780765389367
  • Page: 108
  • Format: ebook
  • In the middle of a barren wasteland, a small town goes through the motions as if nothing s changed Lolly has school, a part time job, a senile grandmother that needs looking after But everything has changed, and Lolly s always one storm away from facing that.

    One thought on “The Weather”

    1. Lolly doesn’t feel anxious, for herself or her mother or the storm. She knows staying home will give her a stomachache, because she’ll sit around smelling Granny Ma’s rotting flesh and rotting ointment and the house will creak and squeak with every breath of air. But when her mother’s face and shoulders are covered in smears of burn cream that haven’t been rubbed in properly, Lolly knows she’ll cave to the smallest request, because her mother doesn’t even take the time to check and [...]

    2. you can find this short story for free here:tor/2016/03/23/the-wea not sure what to make of this one. it was interesting but I'm not sure what the point of it was. I did like how Granny Ma was an old senile woman who kept talking about posting and reblogging and how many followers she lost that day lmao it's kinda crazy how one day when this generation gets super old and senile, there will be lots of old people talking about that kind of stuff and all the grandkids will probably think they're nu [...]

    3. This felt less like a short story, than the blocking for a longer book. It had an interesting twist on the post apocalyptic genre. There was a delightful contradiction between the mundane aspects of the girls life and the preparation for the "the storm." I really feel there is a great story buried in these pages, but it is just not there yet.

    4. If I were to rate this short on pure enjoyment I would give it 4 stars. It had elements I really love in a story, but with some consideration it's faults hold it back and in the end I just wanted more detail.

    5. This one didn't provide enough details to feel like a fully fleshed out story. I'm not sure what exactly was going on here.

    6. That was deeply disturbing and sad, the way all zombie stories are--spoiler alert, the incoming "storm" is actually a rambling zombie hoard. It's clear pretty early on that the story's world is some sort of post-apocalyptic setting, but it wasn't until the very last scene that I understood how. There was no indication until then that the weather referenced and fretted over was anything but some kind of actual weather. Admittedly, I assumed it was some sort of unnatural weather--I spent most of t [...]

    7. This felt kind of like how Jericho was trying to be… Small town, apocalypse, making-do while still retaining those small town concerns regarding gossip… (view spoiler)[Now just add zombies. Maybe The Walking Dead would be a more apt comparison. (hide spoiler)]Anyways, I liked it. And I liked it more for not reading spoilery reviews ahead of time.Read it for free here.

    8. the entire story felt unfinished so many details that didn't lead anywherefelt like I was reading the premise of a much longer storymany inconsistencieslike Lolly and her mother board up the windows for the storm, but eventually end up crawling to the roof with the storm underneath them, but if they are on the roof wouldn't they be IN the storm?

    9. This incredibly short story, has many interesting, yet just sketched out ideas. It also has a nice narrative voice and interesting characters. Unfortunately it reads as an incomplete draft, as a set of notes for something that could turn into a good story. I can tell that the author is definitely very talented, and I am eager to read more of her, but this story needs some more work.

    10. A short story about the future where zombies exist and ordinary dread is just an everyday thing. Works well as a short vignette, but doesn't offer much new on a very saturated topic. Might be interesting to see an expansion of the story if the social media commentary actually ties into the overall narrative.

    11. This is like a little snapshot of an interesting world, but it ended just when things really started. I did enjoy the flip of social media obsessed grandma and completely tech illiterate teenager.

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