Wild Heat

Wild Heat The police department is no place for shifters something Kaden knows all too well Kaden Grant s protective instinct serves him well in the Seattle Police Department as long as no one knows about his p

  • Title: Wild Heat
  • Author: Alisa Woods
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: ebook
  • The police department is no place for shifters something Kaden knows all too well Kaden Grant s protective instinct serves him well in the Seattle Police Department as long as no one knows about his past But when the mayor s favorite artist is targeted by the local hate fanatic, he orders protective custody Kaden s desperate to land the assignment because any other coThe police department is no place for shifters something Kaden knows all too well Kaden Grant s protective instinct serves him well in the Seattle Police Department as long as no one knows about his past But when the mayor s favorite artist is targeted by the local hate fanatic, he orders protective custody Kaden s desperate to land the assignment because any other cop would get the girl killed If only her wild streak didn t threaten to bring out his long buried secret Terra Wilding s family is being torn apart, and now the Wolf Hunter is targeting her all because her photographs bring out the light in the dark corners of Seattle The only way to keep her baby sister Cassie and the other wolves safe is to leave her mountain refuge and hole up in a small house that feels like a cage If only the human cop who s guarding her wasn t so hot When Terra slips away to meet up with a secretive art collector, Kaden s protective side goes into overdrive He s an alpha s alpha, and he lights a wild heat that threatens to burn them both down Kaden wants to protect and serve, but can he tame the wildest Wilding before the Wolf Hunter catches them both WILD HEAT is a complete novel with HEA, the third in the Wilding Pack Wolves series All stories are standalone, but for maximum reader enjoyment, start with the River Pack Wolves trilogy Contains scorching hot shifters, alpha heroes, and sexy artists Only readers over 18 should dive into the dangerously hot world of the Wilding Pack Wolves.

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    1. ARC received from author for reviewAnother great Wilding book. Terra didn't always act the wisest, but she sure did have heart. Kayden sure did have a big secret. Of course there's great sex, and they're my mate so don't touch them. Nice to know what has the Wolf Hunter so mad, but I can't wait till someone catches him.

    2. Rating 4.5This is another great paranormal thriller and romance aimed at adult only audiences. It is the third story from the Wilding Pack wolves and continues their desperate search for the Wolf Hunter before he kills more shifters. Now he’s announced that he’s targeted the Seattle mayor’s favourite artist, Terra Wilding and he’s assigned a police officer to protect her. The officer concerned is Kaden Grant, he’s volunteered for the role but he has secrets of his own that this role co [...]

    3. Slight SPOILERI liked Kaden from the very beginning but I wasn’t so sure about Terra. She seemed to be a little obsessed with her “art,” as she called it, but it was actually photography. Others may not see a difference but I do. AND it seemed to be ‘all about her,’ what she wanted was upper most in her mind no matter that someone was out to kill her and Kaden was there to protect her. It was like no matter who might get killed she wanted to do what she wanted to do. By 25 or 30% this [...]

    4. AmazingIm loving this book series. It keeps wondering what's going to happen next. And its so hot and sexy. Omg

    5. Alisa Woods created another spectacular book in the Wilding Pack Wolves Series with book three, Wild Heat. Seattle artist, Terra Wilding, is targeted by the Wolf Hunter. Police officer, Kaden Grant, is assigned to protect her. This suspense filled PNR kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved this story.First off, I have worked as a professional photographer, so I could totally relate to Terra. I appreciated all the detail Alisa Woods goes into when describing Terra’s work. Terra is a strong and [...]

    6. I received an advance review copy from the author for a honest review.So good!!! Another layer to the white wolf story has been added and what a surprise. I loved it!!! And crazy Julius, i hope all is not what it seems.Now Terra, she definitely isn't a bright one. I just wanted to shake her!!!!The photos Just broke my heart. Can't wait for them all to be rescued!!!

    7. Another great book in the series with a HEA, suspense with a twist and steaming hot love scenes!! Officer Kaden Grant has gone out of his way to make sure he lands the Mayor's assignment to protect the city's newest up and coming artist Terra Wilding. Terra is now the main target of the Wolf Hunter so Officer Grant has to taken her into protective custody. She brings out all of his protective instincts! How is he going to keep his long hidden secret hidden while just being near her is driving hi [...]

    8. While I liked both of our leads, Terra's stupidity grated on my nerves at times. It didn't help that it was so blatantly obvious who the Wolf Hunter is. I called it the moment he entered the narrative! You know how some people yell at the TV during horror movies when one of the cast does something dumb, like go off by themselves into the woods at night while there's an axe murderer around? Well, I do the same thing to my Kindle, and Terra had me going! She puts herself in some very sticky situat [...]

    9. I wasn't sure I was going to like Terra's book, since I wasn't particularly fond of her in Jaxson's story, but this was a fantastic book, I think this brought to light why she behaved the way she did previously. This story had a bit of a surprise plot twist that was great too. Kade is very likable, in turn, Terra is actually very likable in this story. This had me hoping for the HEA for the couple, & happy it happened. The story flowed fast & smooth, couldn't put it down. I'm anxious to [...]

    10. Series Keeps Getting BetterReally enjoyed the third book in the Wilding Pack Wolves series. This is Terra Wilding's story. The artist is as beautiful as she is talented and police officer, Kaden Grant, has met his match! The Wolf Hunter is still on the loose and out for blood. It isn't a secret that the blood he wants is Terra's but he didn't count on Kaden. Her savior. Her protector. Her alpha.

    11. KWhite wolf's and wolf pack princessTessa is a photographer well known in Seattle as also a shifter. Kalen is a Seattle police officer and a white shifter. Kalen lobbies for and gets the job of protecting Tessa from the people threatening to kill Tessa. Romantic, action mystery is well-written with well-developed characterization for adult readers.

    12. Terra is a shifter artist for the city of Seattle. The wolf Hunter is out to get her so the mayor sends in officer Kaden Grant. Terra is not happy about being in a safe house with a human and nit able to create her art. Kaden wanted this task to make sure she is safe. He has a little secret he's hiding. Can Kaden truely keep Terra safe? Need to read great series.

    13. I love the white wolves!Kaden , a cop, not sure what he is until he meets Terra, who grounds him. She thinks he's human but Then of course in steps the villain, Wolf Hunter and kidnaps Terra. I love this world.

    14. Best so farThis book is melting hot. It dragged me out of my Dragonvale stupor and made me smile. The characters are strong and full of flaws. They are the people next door with something extra. I wish the witches weren't the nasty people.

    15. AwesomeContinue with the wolf hunter is now after Terra who is an upcoming artist and the cop protecting her has a wolf secret himself.

    16. Excellent!I purchased and read/listened to whole series in two days. Purchase I am so glad I found this author! Very happy listener!

    17. This is not my first Alisa Woods novel nor will it be my last. I have been faithfully following the River Pack and the Wilding Pack and will continue to do so till the author decides to end the series. Noah's and Emily's story was my favorite till I read "Wild Heat" and now there is a new number one. Alisa takes Kaden and Terra sends them on a journey that will change their lives forever, but it is up to you as a reader to find out exactly how their lives are changed. It is a promise that you wi [...]

    18. Kayden Grant Seattle PD guards Terra Wilding in a safehouse cuz River Pack house was outed by Wolf Hunter. Hayden and Terra mate and she finds out he's a white wolf. She takes him to see Noah Wilding cuz he's also a white wolf. Terra meets up with Julias who loves her photographs he wants her to take photos of wolf's which he is interested in. (I don't like him and think he's the Wolf Hunter or an ally) He tells her he is specifically interested in white wolf's. OH I WAS RIGHT. Terra goes to mee [...]

    19. The Wolf Hunter continues with his quest for destroying the wolves. In this instalment of the series his target is Terra Wilding. Terra is a renowned photographer and currently living with the River Pack Wolves to stay off the radar. When she learns that the Wolf Hunter has released another video which points to Terra as his next victim, she instinctively thinks of the safety of her sister Cassie and the rest of the pack. Kaden is a human Cop who has volunteered to be responsible for Terra's saf [...]

    20. 5 Stars  ☆☆☆☆☆Title:  Wild Heat. Book 3Series:  Wilding Pack Wolves Author:  Alisa Woods Reviewer: (Ingrid)       Stephanie Jordan #Paranormal   #WolfShifters #WhiteWolf○●□○●□○●□○●□○●□○●□○●□○●□○●□First we had the River Brothers from the River Pack fighting and mating. Now we  have Wilding brothers and sisters and the Wolf Hunter. Wolf Hunter who ever he/she is a human who hates shifters and has been killing wolves. Terr [...]

    21. I received this book from the author for review.This was my least favorite book in the series so far.Terra was really selfish, and more than just a little rude to the person assigned to protect her. The plot of who the wolf hunter could be should have already started to reveal who it could be, but we spend all our time with the two people who are supposed to have romantic tension. But all I see is just resentment and judgement.Then there's the blatant unprofessional-ism of sleeping with the pers [...]

    22. Kaden Grant is one of Seattle Police Department's finest. He knows that SPD does not have the best relationship with shifters so when he finds out that the SPD is supposed to protect Terra Wilding he knows he has to step in if he wants her to get out of this crazy situation alive.Terra Wilding’s family is broken apart because of a crazy wolf hunter that wants to kill everything and everyone that has the Wilding. When the city decides she needed to be under police protection she thinks she is g [...]

    23. the search for the wolf hunter contiues. he's made his next target clear and that's Terra Wilding. she's in the public eye as an accomplished artist. now that her life is in jeopardy they want her to go away to a safe house, away from pack land and with a body guard 24/7 : Kaden Grant from the Seattle PD. spending time together gets on her nerves, she wants to go outside, exploring, taking pictures. when an interview for a future job leads them into the city again, terra couldn't be more happy! [...]

    24. PRAISE Wild Heat and it's author Alisa WoodsSpoiler Alert. Emotionally charged!Wilding Pack Series is perfectly sequenced and perfectly written capturing readers and sustaining them on the very edge of every twist, turn, and sideways revelations!!!Bullet Expelling Magic Throwing White Wolves/Witches BRILLlANT!!!!!!Officer Kaden Grant although a fictional character created by the author is a true example of how the RULE of PROTECT and SERVE. is the belief of men and women of law enforcement. NOT [...]

    25. We finally get to read about Terra Wilding the way she felt rejected by Jaxson when he didn't turn out to be her mate, and how she always looks out for her siblings, taking the role of mother. We get to find out more on the backstory of the White Wolf and we get a glimpse into more shifters in the city. Terra is the Wolf Hunter's target in this book and the man sent to be her bodyguard is nothing short of sexy and the one capable of sending her wolf into a frenzy but Officer Kaden Grant is hidin [...]

    26. In the continuation of the Wilding Pack series, the Wolf Hunter directly targets Terra Wilding. Since she’s a known artists, the mayor wants the police to step in and protect her. Kaden Grant makes sure he’s the one to protect her, only once he’s near her, it’s all he can do to keep his hands off of her. Terra has never been attracted to a human before, but something about Kaden has her wolf begging to be dominated. Unfortunately, he only seems willing to protect her…I really liked rea [...]

    27. Wild Heat is the third book in the Wilding Pack Wolves Series and the focus turns to Terra Wilding and Kaden Grant. Terra has been present since the beginning, with Jaxson in the River Pack Wolves.I was excited she was finally getting her happily ever after…except I found her character to be self-centered and completely unconcerned with the outcome of her actions. Terra is a lofty local artist, who clearly doesn’t take no for an answer.Officer Kaden Grant has a job to do…keep Terra out of [...]

    28. Take a picture and see MagicWild Heat did not disappoint in fact it surprised not because it was a bad book but because it was even better than the previous two.Terra and Kaden are very strong characters so they needed a strong story and Alisa Woods supplied that back ground. In book 3 you're learning more about the wolf Hunter and his agenda which enhances the story. Terra has to learn that she can't control everything and to trust when she least expects it. Kaden will share a hidden secret and [...]

    29. This is book three in the series of the Wilding Pack Wolves it can be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend reading them from the start ,I will be waiting for the next one. These stories have pulled me in from the start and I do not want to put them down, until I know what will happen next! It is a mystery and romance story as one. This is Terra Wilding’s story she is an renowned photo artist and someone wants her dead! Kaden Grant is the officer sent by the mayor to protect her, he know [...]

    30. The Wilding Pack Wolves continue to get better and hotter with each book. In this one we get to know more about Terra who came across a little unlikable in earlier River Pack books. But this time around we get into her head and can better understand where she was coming from. As a result, I enjoyed her in this book and liked how she interacted with sexy repressed shifter cop Kaden. We get ever closer to find the big bad guy and the heat keeps ramping up. I received an ARC of this book from the a [...]

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