Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter

Quentin Heart Vampire Bounty Hunter Quentin Heart is a magical genius with troubles than three people his age His mother is dying of cancer a vampire master wants to own him and he has bone wolves deciding to be his new puppy protectio

  • Title: Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Quentin Heart is a magical genius with troubles than three people his age His mother is dying of cancer, a vampire master wants to own him and he has bone wolves deciding to be his new puppy protection detail When his friend, Glenn, is murdered Quentin Heart has to discover who attacked him and what happened to his body Unfortunately Jakinson, the new vampire masteQuentin Heart is a magical genius with troubles than three people his age His mother is dying of cancer, a vampire master wants to own him and he has bone wolves deciding to be his new puppy protection detail When his friend, Glenn, is murdered Quentin Heart has to discover who attacked him and what happened to his body Unfortunately Jakinson, the new vampire master, has decided to protect Quentin from himself Annoyed with everyone trying to kill or control him, Quentin has to push back against vampires, psychotic fae and magic than he s ever had to handle before It will take than magic to get him out of this one It might even take love.

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    1. Ok, it's official. This is the last blog story book I'm buying. She doesn't change anything or add anything. It's just the blog story took down and put up to buy. This has been happening for a while and it's a bit disappointing. I like Amber's work but if she is not going to put any effort into it I'll have to spend my money elsewhere.

    2. 2.5 starsThis probably going to be the last Amber Kell story I buy. She had 300 pages and squandered them on writing the same things she writes in her short stories: overbearing alpha male boyfriend who makes the decision for both of the characters that they're going to be in a relationship (whether the MC wishes it or no) and that the alpha male is going to pay for all the bills, etc that the MC has accrued for whatever reason and will soon be drowning in, and that the MCs will bond by the end [...]

    3. Even geniuses are not exempt from being in deep sh*t. Or maybe it is especially those with extra talents who have to fight especially hard when bad things begin to happen. In this story set in a world of magical and paranormal beings trying to make a living just like everyone else, I was fascinated by the details and amused by many observations about human nature made clearer in a supernatural context. The characters were a lot of fun, and the slight mystery around what was going on made me turn [...]

    4. 4.5 starsI really liked this book. The some of characters are funny & sarcastic, which is something I love. The story was well played out and kept you hanging on the next event. My only gripe is that it wasn't longer and it kinda felt like a cliffhanger, which I hate.

    5. 3.5, because I liked it and want to read the next book.This story is complicated yet simplistic, and I read it much faster than I thought I would given its length. It's funny in a quirky kind of way, fast paced, and has insta-love between Quentin and his vampire Jaks. A lot happens in the book, a lot, but it feels really lacking. The plot is very simple but strangely complicated. The world building isn't that strong, so a bunch of things happen without explanation and it feels like there are no [...]

    6. 4 HeartsQuentin is a powerful academic wizard who is currently trying to get his PhD in spell-casting (I think?!) and is dealing with the slow demise of his mother, whom is battling cancer.He needs money to pay the medical bills, and stumbles across a flyer advertising for Vampire bounty hunters, on an electrical pole as he is heading to the spell lab. He signs up and captures his first bounty flawlessly, until another vampire decides to claim him as his mate. Now trouble seems to be falling in [...]

    7. *** 1,5 stars ***Amber Kell’s writing style is not one I prefer. It lacks a certain flow and reads like a succession of actions instead. There are times when sentences are extremely wordy, or things are explained at the wrong time, like when the MC is about to get into a fight with a bunch of wolves and while he is holding a ball of energy, that pretty much only he can accomplish to form, mind you, there is a long explanation about a bunch of things that diminish the feeling of action in the s [...]

    8. I thought this sounded interesting but the writing was not great. It was cheesy and rushed in places. The dialogue sounded like it was trying to hard to be quick and witty. There were some interesting ideas but it was overshadowed by the poor writing. It's obviously an amateur job and this is what makes me sad. If it had been edited properly and published by normal standards then it could have been a lot better.

    9. Very good. Quentin in need of more money to take care of his mom's medical bills takes on a bounty hunter's job especially after his friend is attacked and turned. On his first job he meets another master vampire (2cd to the one he just captured) who claims him. While in negotiations with Jaks, his mother is tuned to save her and he breaks the spell on his father and uncles. Lots of action and I really like Quentin's character. Can't wait for the next book.

    10. Quentin HeartI loved this story. Quentin had a lot going on in his life with his mother being sick and college. Jaks found his one in Quentin. These two went through some up and downs and came out stronger and in love. I can not wait for the next book. Erin

    11. Quentin heartDon't read many books with a magic theme in them but I enjoyed this one very much, can't wait for the next in the series x

    12. 2.5 stars “I want you to be whoever you want to be. I just want to be a part of it. Now, how about you stop being so stubborn.” Quentin should argue. He was planning on it. Yep, any minute now he’d tell the tall, sexy vampire that he wouldn’t be accepting his terms…. Maybe after one more kiss.Hmm I liked this. I really did. But it also fell flat.I loved the paranormal aspect to it. I was getting hooked on the mystery and the intrigue to interesting characters but my favorite was the re [...]

    13. Not bad, not goodI finished it, which says it wasn't horrible. Could use with a good edit. Story moves way to fast to not feel like a sort of fan fiction piece. Insta attraction, acceptance cause he's sexy, easy answers

    14. Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Quentin is nearly at the end of his rope; with his mother’s medical bills piling up faster than they’re being paid down, he needs to find a job and fast. To make things worse, Quentin’s friend, Glenn, is murdered while waiting for him and he somehow finds himself the new owner of a group of bone wolves which are both illegal to make and expensive to register. Working as a bounty hunter was never what he envisioned for himself but with everything else i [...]

    15. Wizards, Wolves and Vampires – oh my! I was excited to read this story that seemed to contain an orgy of magical and paranormal creatures to satisfy my hunger for something in the fantasy realm. I enjoyed seeing how all of these characters related to one another in both humorous and unexpected ways and I also enjoyed the sense of adventure and air of mystery along the way. As luck goes, Quentin’s was definitely in short supply. He had so many bad and quirky things happening to him that I don [...]

    16. So far, I’ve not read a Amber Kell book I didn’t like and this one was no different.We have everything in it. And at first I was thinking oh gosh, we really are getting the magically kitchen sink thrown at us. But true to this author writing skill it all worked.Quentin and his mum have been a two person family his whole life, so when his mother got sick to the point of not recovering, he’s been on a single focus. Get the bills paid. This will lead to one job that will change his life forev [...]

    17. So I've been downloading short stories and small novellas to read to try and find some new authors since I have moved more towards modern fantasy books (vampires, shape-shifters, withches, etc) with m/m relationships in them. That way I'm not committing to a big long book that may take me forever to get through since I don't like to start something and not finish it. Quentin Heart by Amber Kell was one of those books and I'm very happy I found it. While I was expecting a little more Bounty Hunti [...]

    18. My Video Review on VimeoMy written and video reviews contain spoilers!4(view spoiler)[Cover⬡ Well doneGrammar⬡ Very few/no typosEngagement⬡ Read all at once (riveted)Likes⬡ That Quentin and Jaks are both strong-willed, and Quentin won't back downDislikes⬡ All the dying peopleSex Scenes⬡ Decently hot and/or sweetCharacter Depth⬡ Neck deepEmotional Depth⬡ Full gamut of emotionMood Upon Completion⬡ Eagerly awaiting the sequel!Content Warnings⬡ Character death (minor)NotesIt’s [...]

    19. A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsOnce again Kell serves up several humorous characters and places them in near untenable circumstances and manages once again to make them witty, interesting, and sexy. Poor Quentin is trapped hook, line, and sinker, but thankfully has landed not only a genuinely caring vampire, but a loyal one as well. This is a good thing particularly when the Queen of the Fae is hunting you, some mysterious vamp turns your only human friend into one of its kind, and the guy you ma [...]

    20. 3 stars I really wanted to give this book 4 stars, but I just couldn't. I loved the characters, and I liked the story, but the entire thing was so rushed, it lost something. I didn't like how the relationship was so I don't know, just meh. It was rushed, and the world wasn't as well built as I would have liked there are so many things that need building and the author chose not to put them in the story, which would have made the book longer and the telling better. I think this book has great pot [...]

    21. primo libro di una nuova serie molto interessante e sorprendente.avevo già letto altre serie di questa autrice ma questo libro è sicuramente di qualità superiore protagonista è particolare e certamente il suo "fidanzato" e non vedo l'ora di leggere i seguiti.mi ha ricordato la saga di Anita Blake

    22. The book has a lot of potential as an Urban Fantasy book, unfortunately the execution falls short with little mix-ups in the story. As a character Quintin is arrogant and flat. Nearly everything we know is all told. There are little to no emotions in the story. The way everything is connected in the end is just a quick fix it. I've read better by this author.

    23. Well written with great characters but the book just ends. No cliffhanger and no resolution, also no warning that its an incomplete book and the beginning of a serial. And yes, I know some will call this a series but I don't. Had the outstanding issues been resolved, this book would have gotten a higher rating.

    24. I really enjoyed this book but it didn't feel like a full book to me. The book felt like the first half of a book(a great first half but still a first half only), nothing was really resolved and the book just ends out of nowhere and i was left just thinking: What?I loved the book and it would have gotten a higher rating if i felt like it was complete. 7.5/10 will continue with the series.

    25. Another great book by Amber KellAmber Kell never disappoints with her books. Quentin's story hits all your emotions and leaves you wanting more. I am looking forward to reading more stories about Quentin, Jaks, Glenn, Grevin, Braed, and Trina and learning more about their world.

    26. WowI bought this book on the off chance as it sparked my interest and I have to say I loved it as well as the excerpt at the back.I'll now look at more books from this author I'm intrigued

    27. AdventurousQuentin had a pretty boring life until he decided to take the bounty hunting job to help his mom. When he meets Jak he starts on an amazing journey that I can't wait to continue.

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