Frozen Dreams

Frozen Dreams Libby lives in the shadow of her sister a skier and Olympic contender Her sister is younger athletic and attractive whereas Libby struggles with food issues is curvy and uncoordinated On a journe

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  • Title: Frozen Dreams
  • Author: Nikki Steele
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Libby lives in the shadow of her sister, a skier and Olympic contender Her sister is younger, athletic and attractive, whereas Libby struggles with food issues, is curvy, and uncoordinated On a journey to the slopes, she meets a handsome mysterious stranger, and they share a single wild, hot night together The freedom of a one night stand lets her do things she would noLibby lives in the shadow of her sister, a skier and Olympic contender Her sister is younger, athletic and attractive, whereas Libby struggles with food issues, is curvy, and uncoordinated On a journey to the slopes, she meets a handsome mysterious stranger, and they share a single wild, hot night together The freedom of a one night stand lets her do things she would normally be too timid to do because she thinks she ll never see him again But all is not as it seems on the slopes Because the stranger is there to stay Frozen Dreams is a tale of sisters, food addiction, self discovery and a very sexy Billionaire It is a short, steamy romance which includes a smoking hot scene which is for adults only It is book one in a four part series It is a self contained story, but is part of a larger storyline so contains a minor cliffhanger Read if you want intelligent, curvy romance with all the sexy bits left in

    One thought on “Frozen Dreams”

    1. I enjoyed getting to know the main characters in this tale. Libby’s insecurities and easily explained via her sister, both the way in which she is treated by her and the epically different lives that these two lead. Jax’s heartfelt attitude is perfect for Libby, especially since he never pities her. And the chemistry between them, wow! But there was more to the story than just that. The storyline was compelling. The chemistry simply heightened it for me. This was a quick and satisfying read. [...]

    2. Interesting quick story. The start of a short series comprising four books.Libby is a curvy little baker strangling with her insecurities and her food issues. After quiting her job, she became the helper of her sister's Erica. Erica is the exact opposite of Libby. She is pretty, athletic, confident, a ski champion trying to qualify for the Olympics. And she is also the sister from hell. We are talking about the complete BITCH. Poor sweet Libby is basically a doormat for her sister.One night Libb [...]

    3. This first book introduces Libby, a long suffering sister to Erica who is a hopeful for the Olympic ski team. Libby has always been in the background and unnoticeable compared to her supposedly much more talented sister. Having become a certified baker and pastry chef, Libby felt she had no choice but to give up a job she had had at a bakery for years in order to be Erica's PA - or general dog's body as it soon becomes clear. I LOVED Libby and all of her insecurities and lack of self confidence. [...]

    4. In Book 1 we meet Libby and her sister Erica. Erica is the younger sister who is trying out for the Olympic ski team and has always been the one everyone seems to pay attention to. Libby is a gifted baker and went to culinary school and worked in a bakery living her dream, but unfortunately no one seems to really care. Due to this Libby has many hang ups--low self-esteem, no confidence about her curvy figure, and eating issues. Now that she is her sister's PA 24/7, it's only worse. When she runs [...]

    5. It is exactly like one blurb said. "Frozen Dreams is a tale of sisters, food addiction, self discovery and. a very sexy billionaire." I loved the two main characters, Libby and Stephen or "Jax". Libby has always had self esteem issues and her way of dealing with it has always been to cook or eat. When she first meets Stephen "Jax" Petersen, she has no idea,who he is. When she finds out, she knows that she will have to stay away from him to protect her sister's chance of making the Olympic Ski Te [...]

    6. A great start to the seriesI really like the main characters and the situations that they get themselves into, it is a rather quick read but with enough going on that you are not disappointed by the length of itI must say in my opinion Erica is a real B-I-t-c-h with a capital B or else she is very clueless about the world around her and how she treats other people“I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review”

    7. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed getting to know Libby and Jax. (Her family, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired.) I want to hug Libby and tell her it's going to be okay. I can't wait to read the next book to see how Jax is going to make it okay.

    8. The TutorReally enjoyed this short story. I already love me some Jax. And Libby, our leading lady, is very likable. But, a little bit TOO insecure. Her sister is my only complaint. She portrays the "evil", or "mean girl." I have a difficult time grasping the idea that a sister can be that cruel. But aside from that, this is a pretty good read. I already Pre - ordered book 2.

    9. This is one super hot and sexy dream with some "snowflakes"on top. Handsome, charming Jax is so dreaming and he's beautiful both outside and inside. He's not shallow and he sees the best of Libby. I'm in love with him, can't wait to read the next book for more. Seriously Hot!!I received an ARC copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

    10. OMG!!!! I so need more of this story. The pages just kept turning and turning and next thing I know it was done and I was yelling for more. Great story that keeps you wanting more. Next part please.

    11. Love me some Jax and Libby. But her sister!!! OMG!! I wanted to reach through the book and just pull her out by the hair of head and just beat the crap out of her. She was so mean. I'll have to keep reading more from Nikki to see if she gets hers in the end.

    12. Awesome read!Gotta love a dysfunctional family and cheering for the underdog.Loved the character development and interactions.

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