Beautiful Crazy

Beautiful Crazy Vibrant and sexy The chemistry between Kevan and Mason is explosive and I was cheering for their happy ever after from page one Stefanie London USA Today bestselling author of the Dangerous Bachelors

  • Title: Beautiful Crazy
  • Author: Kasey Lane
  • ISBN: 9781492636496
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Vibrant and sexy The chemistry between Kevan and Mason is explosive and I was cheering for their happy ever after from page one Stefanie London, USA Today bestselling author of the Dangerous Bachelors Club series You confound me You re all these maddening contradictions that don t make any sense And I can t get enough of your special brand of beautiful crazy She Vibrant and sexy The chemistry between Kevan and Mason is explosive and I was cheering for their happy ever after from page one Stefanie London, USA Today bestselling author of the Dangerous Bachelors Club series You confound me You re all these maddening contradictions that don t make any sense And I can t get enough of your special brand of beautiful crazy She s a rocker with attitude and inkHe s a sexy suit who gets what he wantsKevan Landry is trying to keep her life on track and her brother in rehab If her fledgling marketing firm can sign the hot new band, Manix Curse, it will make a world of difference Mason Dillon heads the most successful music PR firm in Portland He s desperate to breathe new life into the company by signing Manix Curse.The last thing either one needs is a one night stand with a smoldering strangerThe stakes are high when a battle for the band in the bedroom and the boardroom becomes a battle of the heart But if these two can set aside their differences, they may find they re the right mix of sexy savvy to conquer both their worlds Get ready for your new auto buy author Kasey Lane s debut hits all the high notes in this rock infused love story I loved it Megan Crane, USA Today bestselling author of Edge of Control and Devil s Honor Beautiful Crazy is like driving a vintage convertible in August hot to the touch and sexy as hell Kaylie Newell, author of the Wolfe Creek series

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    1. 3 StarsIf I could describe this book in one word, it would be "kick-ass". Tatted and with punk personality, our heroine Kevan Landry is on a mission and that is to sign the coolest metal band known as "Manix Curse" as her first major entertainment marketing client. However, someone is ruining her chances and that is Mason Dillon-- CEO of Global Entertainment Marketing who happens to also pursue Manix Curse for the same project. Worse, he also happens to be the guy she had a one-night-stand with [...]

    2. I really enjoyed Beautiful Crazy. Kasey Lane creates a great story with interesting characters. I loved Kevan. She’s girly, unique and tough. She’s also very good at what she does. It’s no wonder Mason can’t resist her. You’d think straight-laced Mason with his wealthy parents and Ivy League school would prejudge the tattooed, fits no mold Kevan but it’s the other way around. Mason must work hard to get through to her even though the sexual attraction is there from the beginning.Maso [...]

    3. Originally posted at Smexybooks-smexybooks/2016/11/review-Favorite Quote: “I wasn’t broken till you broke me.”Kevan Landry never thought the sexiest more intense one night stand of her life would turn into a nightmare that could ruin her and her fledgling PR company…but it did. Now Kevan will have to put her libido on the shelf and pull up her big girl panties if she wants to save her company.Mason Dillon, CEO of one of the most successful music PR firms, saw the smoking hot pin-up, tatt [...]

    4. I had so much fun with this book! It hit the perfect mix for me with contemporary romance: a heroine who is intelligent and business savvy while also being vulnerable and kind, a true alpha male hero who is also considerate of other people and can have doubts of his own, an engaging story about a business rivalry and the music scene, and a hot, Hot, HOT and fun to read romance. I definitely recommend!

    5. I was thrilled to receive an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Beautiful Crazy.What a tremendous debut! This book is knock your socks off hot with heart. Kasey Lane holds her own with the big name stars of spicy romance, delivering a tale that will leave you breathless and turning pages like a mad man to find out what happens next. Lane's saucy prose is so beautiful written, it's a pleasure to read. She delivers the hero and heroine's personal thoughts through each of their unique points of view.The [...]

    6. Kevan knows how to drive her man to distraction with the way she dresses, and I loved how Mason got all alpha, “How the eff am I supposed to get any business done tonight if I’m distracted by that tattoo and the hot body it’s drawn on?” Mason growled. The familiar low vibration instantly made her wet and wanting." I really loved this book, Mason and Kevan were so damn entertaining.

    7. I absolutely loved this book! I devoured it, once I started I couldn't stop!Kevan is a great character! She is tough, confident and yet is sweet with a girly side. I love books with strong female leads. Kevan is struggling to save her small marketing firm and also keep her brother in rehab. She feels if she can sign this new up and coming band that it will turn everything around. Mason is the CEO of the most successful pr firm in Portland but is also struggling. He feels that he needs to revamp [...]

    8. Beautiful Crazy is the first book in the 'Rock n' Ink' series, and unbelievably the debut novel of author Kasey Lane. I say unbelievably, because, it was amazingly good. Let me start by saying that I am not a heavy metal fan, I have one small tattoo, and I don't normally like to read books that are full of swear words. That said, this book included all those things, and yet I absolutely loved every minute of it.The story is about Kevan Landry. She owns and runs a very small promotions business, [...]

    9. Beautiful Crazy contains some of my favorite things. Music, tattoos, and sex. Who doesn't love those three things!? But there is so much more to this story than just that. Plus, who doesn't like sweaty metal heads with tattoos?What I loved most about this book was the uniqueness of the characters. The rockabilly feel to it is what stood out the most for me. I have never read anything with a mix of business and rockabilly culture. I thought I would never meet a girl as stubborn as me and then Kev [...]

    10. SpeciallyPretty freaking cool. I loved how the author worked song lyrics into the story to show how the characters were feeling. Specially when you can work a Chevell's song! Karven was specially cool. I would love to been able dress like her.

    11. Reviewed for: Where the NightKind RoamBeautiful Crazy is by a newbie author Kasey Lane. The cover grabbed my attention first and I was snagged with the description. A sexy rocker chick and a hottie guy in a suit Yeah, Im going to give this one a whirl. Kevan’s fledgling business needs to sign this band. Mason needs to bring in new talent into the company he works for to keep his job as CEO. The band needs someone to take them to the next level. When Mason and Kevan meet they are just two peopl [...]

    12. Kevan Landry is at the end of her rope. She's just dropped off her brother to rehab, again, and is at a club to try to sign a band she knows to her PR company. She really needs this deal to pay the bills and try ti figure out how to pay for her brother's rehab. At the club she sees a sexy suit wearing stranger. She sets up a meeting with the bands manager for the next day and then goes to enjoy the bands. Sexy suit wearing man tracks her down and takes her home where they have one amazing night. [...]

    13. What a debut novel, it was fantastic. I got so caught up in the story and Kevan is such a great female character to read. Kevan is feisty and feminine but not a woman to be messed with, she has a life it is complicated and she cannot be falling for sexy Mason. Mason is smooth,charming and everything you would want in a book boyfriend. Super impressed with this debut novel. Will most certainly be wanting to read more from this author.Final point the cover is gorgeous i love it so much.

    14. "She never thought she'd find love in a suit & tie."If I had to describe this book in two words, I would say : dirty and sweet.I've never heard of this book or this new author before, but when I saw this pretty cover at the bookstore, I added it to my basket because it was just too gorgeous. Well, it's not just a beautiful packaging, the content was awesome too. When a too hot, too charismatic stranger with old-fashioned manners catch her eyes in a bar, Kevan allow herself one wild thing to [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsJaneWow, what an adventure this story took me on. Loving this first read from author Kasey Lane’s style, it was great to have a refreshing and unique read.Kevan Landry is struggling in all ways of life. After going out on her own, she is trying to keep her flailing marketing company from going broke, her brother in rehab and her heart intact after being jilted by her ex.A lover of heavy metal music, she needs to sign up-and-coming band ‘Manix Curse’ if she has any hope of survivin [...]

    16. People, think of a novel that seems so electric adventure? My Father in heaven !!!! GREAT.The book starts showing that came with the rocker Kevan entering decided a hard rock bar to get to be a producer of Manix Curve band and save his brother who is addicted to drink and drugs and just makes confusion.Kevan is a strong, determined, hardworking and working women, even with this so remarkable features has low -autoestima because of bad relationships had also put through that dreams of finding the [...]

    17. Beautiful Crazy is the story of Kevan Landry, a sexy pinup and up and coming marketing consultant and Mason Dillon, drop-dead sexy in a suit, CEO at one of the biggest marketing firms.Kevan has troubles and with a fledgling business she's trying to get off the ground, she's eager to sign her friends in metal band, Manix Curse. Manix Curse is on the rise in popularity with extreme potential for blowing up huge in the industry. As Kevan gets her company off the ground, Mason works hard to keep his [...]

    18. Beautiful Crazy is the first book in the Rock n Ink series by Kasey Lane. I was immediately drawn to this book by it's amazing cover, which is a perfect fit for this story line.Kevan is a fabulous character. Kasey has done a really wonderful job of bringing her character to life. You can really envisage her character and her rockabilly style in your mind's eye. On top of that she is strong, feminine, unique and a bit vulnerable and battered by life. Mason proves that appearances can be deceiving [...]

    19. ***ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley***There were parts of this that I really enjoyed, and there were parts that I thought were a little overwrought and dragged a bit.I liked Kevan, although I am not sure I ever bought that she was as "broken" or "crazy" as she was portrayed to be, but I liked her. I thought her story was interesting, I liked her character and I believed in her. The relationship with her brother was also compelling and you were invested in the relationship and understo [...]

    20. Addicting and intense, Beautiful Crazy has rockers, ink, and heart. This is a book not to be missed! Kevan and Mason are fighting for control of the same band, but the explosive energy between them endangers that possibility. So you have the beautiful tattooed Kevan, who is struggling to save her small, fledgling company, and Mason, the suit who is trying to remain in control of his large company. What happens when these two are forced together? Sparks, all the fireworks you can think of. I love [...]

    21. Holy hotness and angst! Absolutely adored this book. The characters were real, the sex was hot, and the story line was fresh. I loved Kevan. She was an upstanding character with a whip-snap personality. And then there was Mason. Sweet God in heaven, was he delicious. Not to mention completely adoring. I loved the way these characters interacted, their banter, the depths of their emotions for one another in he end I stand by my word when I say that Kasey Lane's new name should seriously be Chemis [...]

    22. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Want more? Subscribe to my Newsletter on The Sassy Bookster.Follow me on Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin’. Like my page on Facebook.

    23. Beautiful Crazy is a fast paced and sexy romance. I enjoyed the alternating points of view throughout and the competitive banter between Kevan and Mason.  Kevan is a determined pinup rocker, which I find unique and engaging. Mason is a sexy CEO with a Texas drawl and when he says "Darlin" I just can't help but get all the feels.  The two may have come from different worlds, but their chemistry is intense.

    24. New Rock Romance for the Keeper ShelfThis is a new to me author, but it won't be the last one of hers I read. Have to say I enjoyed this novel very much. Great cast of characters, engaging story that kept me turning the page all set in the rock and roll world. Extremely enjoyable read. Look forward to reading book 2 in the series.

    25. Omg my first Kasey Lane book! WOW! I couldn’t get enough of this ! Great quick fast paced story & I adored Mason & Kevan ! HOT HOT HOT ! Her love for her brother and desire succeed with snagging the band for contract was such a great storyline ! Mr alpha Dom Mason was a pure joy to read how he was able to handle Kevan & really turn up the heat . I know nothing about heavy metal rock music or how to manage a band but this book kept me highly entertained ! Superb! Already ordered the [...]

    26. My Review of Beautiful Crazy by Kasey LaneMy Rating 4 StarsThis book was a “Rocking Read” I enjoyed every page!Kevan and Mason’s story is intense and sexy. Kevan is a fun and likable character she is tough as she is feminine just what I like to see in my female leads. Mason is all alpha hot male and when these two collide it makes for a beautiful crazy!*Received an advanced reader’s copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review***Reviewed for Hellmouth’s Bookblog & Reviews** [...]

    27. I absolutely devoured this book! This was a different take on a rock star book but I liked it. It's fun,fresh and fierce. I love a good competition book that ends with the characters falling in love. Kevan is a strong determined woman who loves hard and fights for what she wants. She doesn't back down on many things. What I love about her is that she tough yet sweet at times. There is an instant connection between Mason and Kevan. They thought one night would be enough but boy were they wrong! M [...]

    28. Fresh. Fun. Fantastic.Great words to describe Beautiful Crazy. It’s a fresh story that’s fun and flirty and just fantastic.Going on tour with someone you think you shouldn’t like and just can’t like but have such a lust filled bodily reaction to him…well that’s just torture. Will she get over herself and let him in or continue on her lonely path?He’s fun even though he’s a “suit” and he’s got parent issues. He’s hot and cute and fun and flirty. He’s sweet and he’s…w [...]

    29. When you pick up a debut novel, you never know what you are going to get. Will it be good or bad? Will writing or with lots of glaring errors? Will the story be captivating or lacking and dull?Well have no fear, Beautiful Crazy is a debut novel that will definitely deliver. The story line and characters are will written and developed. The chemistry between Mason and Kevan is electric and flies off the pages. Two people that would first appears don't belong in the same room epitomes that age ole [...]

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