Spawn Collection, Vol. 1

Spawn Collection Vol Witness the power of pure McFarlane with this essential collection of comics that have been out of print for years The first issues of McFarlane s smash hit Spawn are here in a brand new collection

  • Title: Spawn Collection, Vol. 1
  • Author: Todd McFarlane Alan Moore Frank Miller
  • ISBN: 9781582405636
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Witness the power of pure McFarlane with this essential collection of comics that have been out of print for 10 years The first issues of McFarlane s smash hit Spawn are here in a brand new collection bigger and badder than ever This collection includes issues 1 8, 11, 12, featuring the pulse pounding art of the master himself, Todd McFarlane

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    1. 3.5 stars. I loved the concept of Spawn both as a hero and as a series. An anti-hero whose powers, though formidable, are finite and we get to watch the powers run down as the series progresses. It was also nice to see a successful independent comic that could compete with the big boys.

    2. I read these back in middle school and into high school. I went to Cosmic Comics one day and heard the clerk talking about these new Image comics. Spawn #1 was expensive, around $2.99, but I got it. And I got all the rest. Boy, I wish I didn't take those posters out!These are excellent reads. I like how the story evolved even after McFarlane left and other writers and artists came in. I liked all the weird and fascinating characters introduced, even in the later issues, like the 60s and 70s.I st [...]

    3. While I haven't read every issue of "Spawn", I was into the series in high school and my early college days. I just picked this "collection" to signify that I've read a good chunk of the run. I think I started around Issue 60 (or so) and got pretty close to Issue 100. I've read some random other issues here and there as well. The movie is TERRIBLE. Avoid it at all costs. I'm hoping someone comes along and reboots it.But the comic is pretty amazing. Some of the best artwork out there, and the sto [...]

    4. Spawn isn't a comic I trust myself to rate fairly one way or the other. I read these back when the series first started in '92 and loved it. Loved it.I still love the premise, but am not sure how quickly I would overlook the flaws in dialogue or ham-fisted problem solving if I had come to this in my mid-thirties with a clean slate. But I may have also allowed the art and ideas to wash over the rough areas. I just don't know. So this is 4 stars from teenager me. Adult me is just along for the nos [...]

    5. Actually finished all the volumesძალიან საინტერესო ტიპია სპაუნი. მომენტებში (განსაკუთრებით ძველ ნომრებში) სენდმენს წააგავს. არის პერსონაჟი, რომელიც ანტი-გმირია, ჩვეულებრივი ხალხისგან გამორჩეული და რაღაც დოზ [...]

    6. Leído en su inmensa mayoría, y no sé si en su totalidad, de las viejas y queridas revistitas de Vid que supieron estar de saldos en algún verano marplatense de década y pico atrás. Spawn estará lejos de ser un comic perfecto, pero sí muy ideal para leer en la playa entre mate y mate, o entre pispeada y pispeada a las vecinas de sombrilla. Lástima que perdí como diez números prestándoselos a un amigo que volví a ver una sola vez en la vida.Cualquiera de estos años me pongo en campa [...]

    7. FOR VIDEO REVIEW CLICK HERE - youtu/QNdx7-6OoRQ its the perfect place to start reading Spawn this has great Mcfarlene art. its a story about a former mercenary who has come back from the dead to watch his wife move on with her life with out him. he's cought in the middle of a lot of shady business all while trying to remember who he was & figure out why hi's here. this has a few different writters so some issues are a lot more dialogue heavy wish can ruin the pasting at times but its a good [...]

    8. art was fairly impressive during the original run, but the narrative? not for me. I recall when a series of guest writers came on board early in the series' run, perhaps to help push the narrative along.

    9. Todd McFarlane's art is one of the few things I like about comics in the 1990s. It's evocative and an amazing balance of hyper real and over the top that makes my heart sing. His art is so good it helped create an independent comics revolution with the formation of Image Comics along with six other artists. But as great as an artist and visual story teller as McFarlane is he is not a writer and ultimately that holds this collection back. Even with Frank Miller coming in at the end what is really [...]

    10. A little bloodier, ickier, and scarier that I remember, but I definitely can distinguish a lot more of the political and religious ideas in the comic that I used to when I was 12.And the action, drawings, and Spawn himself are still the coolest. I am really excited to come back to it.

    11. ***I had to source issues #9 and #10 because they aren't included in this TPB (they are necessary if you're into story continuity)***The story is great, but the writing suffers from time to time from constantly repeating the plot points that were established in the first two issues.If you've watched the movie, there will be nothing here that will shock or surprise you, but it's worth your time, purely for the artwork alone. McFarlane can'alf draw.

    12. More amazing than a spiderman. More incredible than a hulk… SPAWN is one of the seminal comic books of the 90s. Conjured from the mind of Todd McFarlane, it’s an explosion of creativity, bursting with energy that bounces off the pages. Someone could be illiterate and still love it as a visual masterpiece. What Dante is to poetry, is what McFarlane is to illustrative art.The story revolves around Al Simmons who is more or less a good guy in the eyes of society, a dutiful soldier, a Captain Am [...]

    13. This was my favorite thing as a kid. Others may disagree, but I think it holds up. It's heavy on atmosphere and light on actual story, but it still feels epic. The guest writers do a good job telling single issue stories while still moving things forward.

    14. Ahhhh Spawn next book on my "nostalgia comics tour", and the starter and Flagship title of the Image Universe. This wasn't really a comic I read very much of growing up, but I was always a "fan from afar" having watched the movie and the HBO cartoon series. There's just something that appeals to me in this character. Perhaps its the amazing art. Maybe the incredible powers. Probably it's the story. Al Simmons comes back to life after making a deal with "the devil" to be able to see his wife agai [...]

    15. What can I say, I really got involved with comics because of this story. I read alot of Marvel and DC growing but this was totally different feeling. Our hero was really more of an Anti-Hero. Ex Assassin brutaly murdered by his boss. Makes a deal with the devil to make him flesh again so he could see his true love once more - on the agreement he leads Satans Army to earth and burn it down!! This guys has some serious issues:) He's got the Mafia, Hell's Minions, Heavens Bounty Hunters, Gangs and [...]

    16. Please note that while this review is intended for the entire series, the ratings are individual to each books. Spawn (short of Hellspawn) told you the accounts of Al Simmons, an ex US spec ops operative killed of as a part of a conspiracy, then reanimated as an unwilling agent of hell. I'm not gonna spoil the fun part, just so you know it is very different from your run of the mile superhero comic. Also, unlike in big two comics, characters that have been killed of or died would stay died. No s [...]

    17. Ok so I guess this collection has 1-8 and 11 and 12 but not 9 and 10, can't remember if those are absolutely necessary to the story line, it has been too long. But how can you not like the Todd McFarlane original. There is even homage to his awesome Spider-man run on his 1st cover of Spawn. So you get to know this new Hell Spawn, Al Simmons and what he is supposed to do, be the devil's general, but he don't wanna. One of the stories is how the hero goes after a child killer and well does what a [...]

    18. My boyfriend recommended this to me and I'm glad he did. I'm not a comic-book girl. I grew up with chapter books and was never introduced to comics until a few months ago when the Avengers craze hit and I picked up a few. Then I was handed this and told to read it. I was skeptical but once I started reading I found it was hard for me to put it down. "just one more page" turned into ten and then twenty! I enjoyed the characters and the plot and it was very intriguing, if a tiny bit gruesome at ti [...]

    19. This was my first contact with the Spawn and I will continue reading because I want to know what happens next. I grew quite fond of Al. He is a really nice character but I usually do not like this pseudo-christian mythical story plots : Devil here, Angels there, I really doubt that there will be less of this stuff here. Art was very 90's which does not bother me at all. So overall I enjoyed quite a bit

    20. This is where Todd McFarlane made his break from Marvel and DC and took his life into his own hands, I think he's very glad that he did. For the serious comic collector, this is what a hero is, thrown into dark circumstances and surrounded by those that would corrupt or mislead you, but focused and unwavering from a soul purpose.

    21. Spawn is fast-paced and exciting; it intrigues the reader with both imagery and storyline. This collection has been an inspiration to comic book graphic artists everywhere. Todd McFarlane delivers imagery in a unique way that has a great following. This collection draws a reader in jus like readers were back when the comic first printed. These comics are highly recommended.

    22. Its bout this guy who dies and comes back from hell and is having these flashbacks.He cant think of what it is so hes tryin to figure out what all these memories are from and he does not recallHe finally does and he changes back to human to go see his wife but he is white and hes wife is married to his friends and they have kids

    23. the illustrations were fantastic and so detailed. after i read this , i just had to draw the cover, the story line was very interesting as well as the characters. At times i would get lost in the story or i don't understand something so i just reread but that's me. this comic book is good to read if you like marvel or Dc comics.

    24. My first exposure to McFarlane's Spawn came from the less than good film and the very good HBO cartoon series. I'd never read the comics. This collection of the first handful of issues is both enjoyable from a nostalgic perspective and enjoyable in its own right as one of the seminal comics of the 1990s.

    25. This is just a collection of earlier issues. Personally, the comic lost its shine after the first year or two, it just became somewhat repetitive after that. But the first few issues really packed a great story that involved betrayal, the supernatural, and vengeance times ten. McFarlane was also handeling the art at the time and he really has a style that I've always enjoyed.

    26. i, personally, like spawn. this super hero is one of the more demented and the most problematic super hero you'll ever read about. the story was a little slow in the beginning, but gradually it ets better as you meet some of the villains and learn about the world spawn lives in. very cool and very bad ass.

    27. I guess it did leave me wanting to read more of it, so that says it was ok. Just startling the difference that the 'super-writer month' issues have un writing quality and imagination compared to mcfarlane written issues. Can't even tell what ideas he had for backstory that weren't from moore and gaiman. Interesting concept but wanted 'moore' from the writing!

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