Seduced by 2

Seduced by Maya learns that best friends share everything even her Happy to spend the night at home watching movies with her live in lover Max Maya is surprised to find out Max has made other plans for them

  • Title: Seduced by 2
  • Author: Kat Crimson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Maya learns that best friends share everything, even her.Happy to spend the night at home, watching movies with her live in lover, Max, Maya is surprised to find out Max has made other plans for them Plans which include inviting his drop dead gorgeous, tongue tying, panty meltingly hot best friend, Foster over Max thinks Maya doesn t like Foster, but he s convinced he caMaya learns that best friends share everything, even her.Happy to spend the night at home, watching movies with her live in lover, Max, Maya is surprised to find out Max has made other plans for them Plans which include inviting his drop dead gorgeous, tongue tying, panty meltingly hot best friend, Foster over Max thinks Maya doesn t like Foster, but he s convinced he can fix the problem if he can just get the two of them to spend some quality time together.Maya s feelings for Foster are complicated She feels guilty for harboring an attraction to Foster, that borders on obsession, even though she s head over heels in love with Max and obsessed with him too She s so mixed up that she gets flustered whenever she s in Foster s presence and she acts tense, nervous and weird, when really she s crushing so hard she can barely manage to speak.No matter these things tend to work themselves out when a threesome of attractive, attracted, twenty somethings sit together, on a small couch, in front of blistering hot porn, while the alcohol goes down like water

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    1. Kat Crimson is always one of my favorites because she puts smart in sexy. Her writing jumps off the page and lodges itself deep in the brain. I find her work hard to define since it's so unique, but one thing is it's always hot and Seduced by 2 may be the hottest one yet. This is a must read!

    2. The title of Seduced by 2: A Sexy Menage A Trois says it all. What you can't know from the title is how well-written and unrelentingly steamy this story is. A tempted and initially reluctant Maya succumbs to temptation with her boyfriend Max and his friend Foster. What unfolds is a master-class in finely wrought erotica. I'll certainly be looking forward to book 2.

    3. ExcellentExcellent read perfect for a quiet naughty read!! Will be downloading more books by Kat! Topic was erotica with class

    4. Fast Paced, Well Written, Erotic Ride!!!*** I was graciously provided a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. The following thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. ***Well, I am just going to cut to the chase just like Kat did in her book and say that this novella is a no holds barred and go for the throat erotica whirlwind of a ride!! Maya loves her boyfriend Max, but every time his best friend Foster shows up, she gets a little uncomfortable, nervous even to the point o [...]

    5. A short, erotic read has to get to the point, right? But can it still be about people who deeply connect? Whose introduction and backstory immediately endear the reader? For anyone who can appreciate a more faceted kind of short with inventive detail and meaningful, steamy interactions, this story and its sequel, After the Ménage is Over: Breaking Him by Accident are quite satisfying.I immediately liked Maya (Mai), Max and Foster and their interconnection. The author's plausibility in writing t [...]

    6. Maya, Max, and Foster what a thrilling little trio they are!Max invites Foster over to hang out, innocent enough of a night, right? WRONG! It starts off slowly. Whiskey, beers, a movie. Foster leaning over to hand Max the whiskey. I can't offer up too much, because I don't like spoilers and I believe this story is HOT enough to keep you interested. You need to read this to see what I mean A few of the things that happen and the phrases that hooked me:"He was moaning and looking down at me like I [...]

    7. *I received a free copy of this story to review*Last night I had finished my current read and decided to dive into a new story. I received a copy of the e-book yesterday and though the title sounded hot, so why not! This book is short, but so good. I wish it was longer, because within the first few pages I was so into the characters and story idea that I wanted more. Ever get a story where it’s just never long enough? This was one for me. By the title you can guess that the female lead Maya is [...]

    8. I feel Kat Crimson should have warned me that Seduced by 2: A Sexy Menage A Trois would be up there with one of my hottest reads. I blush just thinking about it, not only are the characters smoking hot this night is set up to be one night to remember for Maya. SeriouslyMaya's boyfriend Max plans a night that will bring his bestfriend Foster closer to his girlfriend in the most sensual way possible. Foster adds liquor and porn to seduce Maya, it starts of slow and seductive with passionate kisses [...]

    9. This is a sinfully sexy, hot, short read. The entire thing is a long scene between the three characters. I enjoyed the read for what it was: an erotic threesome between Maya, Max, and Foster. There were certain aspects that seemed a little far-fetched (an erection that lasts hours and hours, post-ejaculation?), but it worked for this story. There are no character backgrounds, no epilogue or what happens next. Just one steamy night between best friends and their girl.

    10. I really enjoyed this story, it was only 37 pages but I could not put it down ! Max has asked his best friend Foster over and he tells Maya. At first she says she will go out and let them spend time together, but Max wants her to stay ! What have these men planned for Maya ? After a few drinks Maya is in for a big surprise ! I was gifted a copy for an honest review barwatts@telus

    11. Everyone wants a little spice but you don't have to go do anything to jeopardize your marriage. Just read a steamy romance book and you'll be good. This book really will have you clamping your legs tightly together it's that good. Please read if you want to just unleash your inner feelings without stepping out.

    12. this one is supppper hot like yowza hot and the character intetaction is awesome but i dont like the fact that the authore is giving this story out in "episodes" i want the entire story at once im greedy but because of the smokin hot factor i shall probably grudgingly keep reading.

    13. Oh wow this is a short hot light read.Super duper hot.Maximun hotness from the beginning 'till the end.Got me panting the entire time.If you're looking a very hot panty melting short book.This is totally for you

    14. Best Ever MFM threesome (that I didn't write ;>) ) ever and the sequel is so good too, dealing with what happens when love takes over three ways. Two men can share a woman's body but can they really share her love? The first book is HOT and the second thoughtful. Good job Kat!

    15. Holy smoke!! Such a hot read, short but full of characters that have extreme sexual chemistry. This was an interesting story line that involved a great deal of caring, respect and total trust. Enjoyed this story very much.

    16. Amazingly hot!This book was hot!! Full of lots of explicit sex scenes. Can wait to read her other books, especially if they are anything like this one.

    17. A full on, no holds barred ménage romp. Maya's boyfriend Max invites his hot well endowed friend Foster over for a movie and drinks, they have a plan to make all Maya's fantasies come true.

    18. Erotic and lust-filled. Can these three remain unaffected and just enjoy the sex?I liked it and can't wait to read what happens next.

    19. This was my very first erotic novel that I've read. It was a quick read, and to be honest, I really don't know how to review a book like this. I will just sum it up by saying, "wow"!

    20. AmazingI was pulled into the story feeling every twinge splash or grunt. Kat gave me the fantasy in words. Amazing WOW!

    21. Aptly titledA free book to get a sampling of Kat Crimson's graphic, precision erotic writing! A bit of a rough start, with minimal character development, not my usual genre.

    22. just finished my copy i got.And this is an amazing book if like hot steamy erotic then is book is for you.i recommend it and i recommend kat crimsons work

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