Chasing the Stars

Chasing the Stars Olivia and her twin brother Aidan are heading alone back to Earth following the virus that wiped out the rest of their crew and their family in its entirety Nathan is part of a community heading in

  • Title: Chasing the Stars
  • Author: Malorie Blackman
  • ISBN: 9780857531414
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Olivia and her twin brother Aidan are heading alone back to Earth following the virus that wiped out the rest of their crew, and their family, in its entirety Nathan is part of a community heading in the opposite direction But on their journey, Nathan s ship is attacked and most of the community killed Only a few survive.Their lives unexpectedly collided, Nathan and OliOlivia and her twin brother Aidan are heading alone back to Earth following the virus that wiped out the rest of their crew, and their family, in its entirety Nathan is part of a community heading in the opposite direction But on their journey, Nathan s ship is attacked and most of the community killed Only a few survive.Their lives unexpectedly collided, Nathan and Olivia are instantly attracted to each other, deeply, head over heels like nothing they have ever experienced But not everyone is pleased.Surrounded by rumours, deception, even murder, is it possible to live out a happy ever after .

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    1. This was the local YA Book Club pick of the month for February! I was given a copy through the library in exchange for an honest review.I have read one of Malorie's books before (Noughts and Crosses) when I was 11 and at the time found it a tricky book to read. I was nervous to try reading another one of her books but seeing this was a Shakespeare reimagined version of Othello set in space, I was intrigued. If there's one thing I love about books, its when they are set in space. Also, having not [...]

    2. Unfortunately, this book had way too much insta-love, and I felt like I'd read the whole murder mystery in space thing in Across The Universe, so, it's a no from me.

    3. I wanted to love this but I'm so disappointed. The instalove in this is just too fucking much for me. Plus it was a little too predictable. And it had a completely unsatisfying end too. Full review to come.

    4. 1.5 stars.It's never nice to give a book such a low rating, especially not when it's a book that you were really looking forward to. However, I can't lie and say that I enjoyed this. I really didn't. Sadly, this book didn't work for me at all and that's a shame because I was so certain that I was going to love it.This book is marketed as a YA gender-swapped retelling of Othello which takes place in outer space. Although I'm not a sci-fi fan, I was fascinated by the premise because Othello is my [...]

    5. It physically pains me that this book is written by the author of Noughts and Crosses. I'd like to think it doesn't exist and that I never read it. Because believe me when I say that Chasing the Stars was laughably dreadful. Just utterly, laughably dreadful.Olivia and her twin brother, Aidan, have been travelling alone in space for three years and are headed towards Earth after their entire family and crew were wiped out by a virus leaving just the two of them to survive. But when they receive a [...]

    6. So this book as some defaut. The book cheesy in so many way but I love what malorie did and the risk she has taken. I closed my book and I just laught which does not happen thaht often.I know this book doesn't work for a lot but I really like it. And maybe we could have a sequel, because there is a lot of stuff to work on.

    7. (No spoiler review)I loved, loved the beginning and the ending!!! So one star for each!!!The beginning was so hooking and instantly gripped my attention. I was so excited about reading it. I think because it started off so basic it made me what to know more and more about the story and the characters. However when it reached the middle with Nathan I didn't like it at all!!! I felt as though it dragged and dragged. But not only this the story just got incredibly cheesy and annoying. I felt as tho [...]

    8. Screw you, Blackman, for lulling me into a false sense of security, making me believe I was reading something light and fluffy, before ripping my heart out and tearing it to pieces! But then again, what kind of an idiot would believe that a Shakespeare tragedy retold by Malorie Blackman would be "light and fluffy"? I brought this onto myself.

    9. I am a HUGE Malorie Blackman fan, and not just because she sent all of us booksellers Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes that one year! I remember reading Noughts and Crosses back when I was at school, and it's one of my favourite books, and I remember waiting for each new book to come out with baited breath! It was a given that I was going to read her latest book, but I mean.Shakespeare in space!? Blackman's book is begging to be read for that alone! I will admit, I've been in a near book slump so I a [...]

    10. (Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Random House International for a free digital copy of this book.)Olivia and her twin brother are the only survivors of an epidemic on board of their space-ship, they rescue Nathan and a bunch of other slaves and suddenly have to add about 30 people to their ship, some things get easier, but not everybody is pleased to be commanded by a teenage girl-captain. Olivia and Nathan fall head over heels for each other, but as things get more complicated aboard, their [...]

    11. I always have a highly emotional reaction to books, and in this case I have to say that I feel betrayed.I feel betrayed because I nearly DNF'd it and now I wish I had. There are so many problems here. The plot here was good but the execution was just ridiculous. Instalove? This was instantaneous love. The characters were so confusing. Maybe it's a British/American cultural difference but I found almost all the characters' actions unbelievable. For all their heartfelt emotions, they were cool, di [...]

    12. I wanted to like this book. I thought that I would like it. It sounded right up my alley with a plot which is based on Shakespeare's Othello but set in space. How awesome does that sound?! I usually love books that are a spin on a Shakespeare play but this one didn't do it for me at all. There was too much sci-fi, I thought that the dialogue was quite wooden and clunky and I didn't find the relationships between the characters very believable, especially the insta-love between Vee and Nathan.The [...]

    13. Colour me disappointed! I loved the Noughts & Crosses series, but none of Blackman's other YA novels I have read could live up to my expectations. As for this one, I'm not even sure who the intended audience is. Some sex scenes are a little too explicit for middle schoolers, but teenagers and young adults will be bored by run-of-the-mill phrases, the instalove, cheesy vows of eternal love and the lack of a gripping plot. Plus, the characters' behaviour was too annoying to give the book three [...]

    14. oh i am confused if i liked this book or not. I can say that I got disapointed as hell, cause of the insta love and their personality. I mean how fucking dumb can you be?? i got annoyed at both main characters, they have seriosly trust issues. they either think the worst of each other or of themselfs the only thing that I actually liked was how close Vee or Olivia and aidan where as siblings. they where so sweet and you could se how much they loved each other. this book is supposed to be an re t [...]

    15. Despite the fact that it got surprisingly better towards the end, it was still so slow and clunky that I can't give it higher than 3 stars.Full review coming tomorrow.EDIT 24/05/17:'I kept telling myself I had to be cracked to put myself in the hands of someone I'd known for such a short space of time, but it felt so right, so natural.'Vee and her brother Aidan have been alone on their ship since the entire crew - including their parents - died three years ago.Nathan is a fugitive, on the run wi [...]

    16. There are two stories here: one is a sci-fi adventure, and the other is an 'insta-love' romance with shades of Othello (jealousy, insecurity, paranoia, and some Iago-like manipulation). Although I suspect that there are plenty of the holes in the sci-fi world-building, I wasn't bothered to figure out if the story really knitted together or not; the point is there was some suspense and adventure and intrigue and aliens and spaceship technology. Not to mention drones, robots, ion fields, worm hole [...]

    17. 3.75 stars! This book was like nothing I have read before. It was set in space which as a starting point usually isn't my ideal setting but it worked! The characters were very likeable although I found the Insta-romance between vee and Nathan not very realistic! Call me crazy but I enjoy the tension that builds between two characters who are attracted to each other and sadly this just happened way to fast for my liking! I kind of found myself thinking a quarter of the way through the book.w what [...]

    18. I don't even know where to beginWhat the hell is this? How come I have to wait 300 pages for this book to surprise me? The doctor was the murdererAidan was a robot all along And finally the cheesiest couple of all time doesn't live happily ever after. WowAlso I should've expected the latest coming from Malorie and her slow burn love stories (nought and crosses) Anyway I'm annoyed that it ends this way but I'm glad too.Nathan characters sounds a bit too girly when we read his POV. I can see that [...]

    19. I adored this. Utterly adored. It's completely batshit crazy. Filled with toxic, all encompassing (insta) love, jealousy, hatred, betrayal, murder. Basically it's one shiny book of soap opera type drama set in space and loosely inspired by Shakespeare's Othello.WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE????? I mean okay It's utterly ridiculous with a big ol' dollop of far fetchedness regarding SO many things which might be a problem for some people Just not me. I loved it. It's trashy over dramatic brilliance appeals [...]

    20. 3,5*assez rapide à lire. l'histoire n'a pas tourné comme je l'avais imaginé mais j'ai bien aimé ma lecture. quelques défauts à noter notamment un élément qui a envahi toute l'histoire (même un peu trop). je suis curieuse de savoir ce qu'il se passera après. une suite de prévu ?

    21. Barely, barely two stars. I had so, so many problems with this one. Here's just some: (view spoiler)[instalove x 6 million, predictable plot, icky rapey scene between "hero" and "heroine", poor word building, 2D characters (hide spoiler)] . . h

    22. The beginning was quite okey the middle slow paced with a lot of drama and romance. I really enjoyed the plot twist towards the end with Aidan being a robot and everything. The whole space ship setting was cool but the whole thing between Vee and Nathan it was just they meet boom love at first sight, they marry (why? they dont even know each other really) and then there are some missunderstandings they start to hate each other until they take seperate ways and find out that they still love each [...]

    23. I really wanted to enjoy this book, but I'm still at a loss of how I feel over it. At first, the characters introduced;appealed to me, but slowly throughout the book I started to dislike everyone except Vee. Her brother Aidan was somewhat obsessed with his twin, and the relationship she develops with another character-giving it a creepy incest vibe?? And Nathan turned from being sweet to controlling, seeming to want Vee mainly for her body, portraying him as not opposed to degrading women. At on [...]

    24. I have so many feels with this. I fell in and out of love with it so many times, for me the plot, the action, the space travel, the crew politics were all perfect but then the love interest was just unbelievable (it feels weird to say that about a novel set in a spaceship) it was such a volatile up and down relationship it felt forced and fake like they sometimes do in novels, saying that I feel it ended so well because I thought, oh here goes they'll make up in the end and it'll be fine as alwa [...]

    25. Originally reviewed at mythoughtsaboutbooks.Oh dear. I full blown love you, Malorie Blackman, but this was not good. I had heard the premise of this book at YALC last year- a super modern, feisty femaled, gender swapped Othello in space. Sounds good, right? Then it made it to the YA Book Prize shortlist and I was all WOOO! Sci-Fi on prize lists! Shut the air lock door! But then I read it and was so disappointed.So Vee and Aidan are the sole crew of the Earth ship Aidan. Their parents and the res [...]

    26. This book is probably the worst book I've ever read, i feel like it is way to young for the age group it is aimed at but contains graphic sex scenes which make it too old for an age group that may actually enjoy it. I also had a HUGE problem with Nathan, he was rude and a poorly developed character. The icing on the disgusting cake was definitely how Nathan ordered V to perform a sexual act in order for him to forgive her and get back together with her. This is abuse and even know V said no that [...]

    27. I liked this book. It was very gripping and mysterious. I love the fact that it was set in space. The insta love threw me off a bit but do not let that stop you from reading the book. It is a reimagining of Othello. This does remind me a little of Noughts and Crosses purely because that was a reimagining of Romeo and Juliet, I believe.I felt so strongly about how the settlers treated the captain of the ship. They were ungrateful so and sos! They annoyed me enough that I wanted to know what would [...]

    28. Malorie Blackman brings her technological expertise into play in this classic sci-fi story, set on a spaceship with the threat of alien attack - but with threads of love, trust and family loyalties running through it. Secrets are being kept and there's a murderer loose on board. Fast-moving plot with sympathetic characters, would appeal to both boys and girls so a shame about the girl on the cover. Aimed at older readers (13+), this would make a great stepping stone into definitive sci-fi such a [...]

    29. So disappointing. The 'Aw!' and continual explanation points made it feel like it was written my a 13 year old. The instalove was ridiculous and Vee's whole character felt false and immature. It's a no from me. Sorry, Malorie.

    30. Though the insta love at first is a little wtf Blackman crafts an intricate and difficult love story set in an intelligent and complex murder mystery Othello inspired space setting and plot. Read in one sitting and was left crying for the last 100 odd pages. Can only beg and wish for a sequel.

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