Accusing Elizabeth

Accusing Elizabeth What must a lady do to receive a decent proposal After refusing an atrocious proposal from a gentleman she dislikes Elizabeth Bennet wishes she had never come to Hunsford Foolish decisions and silent

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  • Title: Accusing Elizabeth
  • Author: Jennifer Joy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What must a lady do to receive a decent proposal After refusing an atrocious proposal from a gentleman she dislikes, Elizabeth Bennet wishes she had never come to Hunsford Foolish decisions and silent tongues conspire against Elizabeth, bringing accusations against her and those whom she holds dear when a valuable pair of diamond earrings go missing from Rosings ElizabeWhat must a lady do to receive a decent proposal After refusing an atrocious proposal from a gentleman she dislikes, Elizabeth Bennet wishes she had never come to Hunsford Foolish decisions and silent tongues conspire against Elizabeth, bringing accusations against her and those whom she holds dear when a valuable pair of diamond earrings go missing from Rosings Elizabeth finds a surprising ally in Mr Darcy the man she had so recently refused Can Elizabeth see past her prejudice to understand her own heart Or will she ruin her prospects to protect her friends Fitzwilliam Darcy s dream of a happy union is dashed to pieces when Elizabeth Bennet irrevocably refuses his offer Sincere in his affections, he determines to win her heart If only he can defend her when his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, suspects Elizabeth and Miss Maria Lucas of theft Can Darcy overcome the obstacles his relatives place before him on the path to love Will Elizabeth give him a second chance

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    1. I have had this author's books on my radar for some time and I was glad to finally take the opportunity to read one of hers. The fact that it is a blend of P&P variation, mystery, and sweet romance was a decided plus.The story assumes the reader is moderately familiar with the original P&P and starts at the point that Elizabeth comes to Hunsford to visit her friend Charlotte and Darcy is at Rosings visiting his aunt. The disastrous proposal has been made and rejected.But right when Darcy [...]

    2. This author presents a premise I personally have not read of before is which Elizabeth is accused of theft. I have read a book in which she is accused of murder and one is which a servant girl is accused of theft but, then again, the blame seems to shift from one person to another depending on where you are in the story or even as you read one person's thoughts or another's.The beginning of the story is set at Hunsford parsonage and the setting does not stray far as we visit Rosings or the nearb [...]

    3. Oh, this was a fun read! I started reading it at work yesterday, read all evening, and finished it this morning. What made this P&P variation so compelling was the mystery to be solved that threatened our dear couple. Elizabeth is visiting at Hunsford, per canon, and has refused Darcy's proposal, also per canon. However, Colonel Fitzwilliam begs Darcy to stay at Rosings a couple more days as he has some unfinished business. Darcy reluctantly agrees, hoping time spend with Elizabeth will be m [...]

    4. This starts with Darcy's poorly worded proposal to Elizabeth and their acrimonious exchange when she refuses him. The plot quickly diverges from Pride and Prejudice, as Colonel Fitzwilliam begs Darcy to remain at Rosings instead of leaving immediately, yet he won't give his reason for wanting to stay. Not long after that, a pair of diamond earrings belonging to Anne de Bourgh are stolen. Things quickly get even more complicated as Lady Catherine, Darcy, Mr. Collins and Elizabeth each investigate [...]

    5. Will the secrets between Hunsford and Rosings Park conspire to keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart for the rest of their lives?Rating: 4 stars out of 5Source: I received an ARC from the author for a fair and honest review of this book.When I saw that Jennifer Joy was in the process of publishing her fifth novel, I was looking forward to reading this book based on all of the positive feedback her other books have received from other readers. After reading “Accusing Elizabeth,” I can say that once [...]

    6. frompemberleytomilton.wordpreJennifer Joy is one of those authors whose releases I’ve come to eagerly expect.After reading Col. Fitzwilliam’s Challenge I heard she was working on a new Darcy and Elizabeth book, and I immediately started wondering what it would be about. The outcome is Accusing Elizabeth.What if something prevented Mr. Darcy from leaving Kent after the proposal? And what if that reason jeopardised Elizabeth’s future? What would Mr. Darcy do? Which would be the consequences? [...]

    7. I absolutely adored this book!!! A tightly written, compelling P&P what if that delivers on every aspect. Set almost entirely at Rosings and Hunsford it begins immediately following the 'failed proposal'. The first twist is that Col. Fitzwilliam begs Darcy to give him a few more days to speak with Lady Catherine; so Darcy cannot flee to London. Then a pair of Anne's diamond earrings disappear and everyone is a suspect; with Lizzy and Maria as the leading candidates. Lizzy, Darcy and Mr. Coll [...]

    8. This book really is about learning to trust other people. If everybody had just trusted and confided in one another none of the events in the book would have happened. If anything Colonel Fitzwilliam could really be the one to be blamed for the whole mess because if he hadn't have been in the situation he had put himself in nobody could been blamed for the theft of Anne's earrings.They wouldn't have gone missing in the first place. It really was sort of funny how Mr. Collins and Mrs. Jenkinson p [...]

    9. Reread 10/9/16Enjoyable the second time around, too, though the whole theft plot seemed more convoluted to me.Original read 1/29/16My only real criticism of this story is a fault that I've found with a lot of stories that choose to start the variation at a change happening at Rosings--Elizabeth's feelings for Darcy changed far too quickly. The progression of them was good, but given that it only took around a week, it was hard for me to buy. Still, if I ignore that part, the rest of the story wa [...]

    10. 3.5 Stars*** Gift from author/giveaway winner via Just Jane 1813 (justjane1813/) - provided with no expectation of, or promise of a review (favourable or otherwise). ***

    11. Accusing Elizabeth: A Pride and Prejudice VariationCould Elizabeth possibly get herself into more trouble? Yes, we still have the Meryton Assembly debacle. The famous Hunsford proposal that went astray. Darcy is upset with her for refusing him, but still is totally committed to her regardless. She's in trouble for not telling Charlotte what Maria did, thinking that Maria had told her sister. In trouble for speaking up to Lady Catherine, only from Lady Catherine. While at Rosings practicing on Mr [...]

    12. ACCUSING ELIZABETH - or - WHAT HAPPENED TO ANNE'S DIAMONDS?This tale opens just as Darcy has made his ill-advised proposal to Elizabeth at the parsonage in Hunsford. Her reaction is still the same: he's the last man in the world she could be prevailed upon to marry. However after that, the story diverges in a major way. A pair of valuable diamond earrings, belonging to Anne de Bourgh, go missing. Have they been stolen? If so, who has taken them? Who is Mr. Badger? What is Richard's involvement, [...]

    13. After turning down a proposal of marriage from Darcy, Elizabeth and Maria are targeted as possible targets for the thrift of Anne's missing earrings. Darcy is determined to prove Elizabeth's innocence and Elizabeth gets to know the real Darcy. Elizabeth is determined to find the thief and Colonel Fitzwilliam, Anne's companion, Maria herself are all starting to look like possibilities. Elizabeth realizes she turned down the love of a good man early on in the book which makes the emotional respons [...]

    14. Love conquers all!An original and intriguing plot, masterfully executed, that kept me wondering what would happen next. A treat for me from one of my favorite authors.

    15. Guilty or not?My rating is really 31/2 stars.I am finding it really hard to rate this book because in the beginning "I loved it". It was fast paced and the mystery of who stole Anne's diamond earrings was awesome. Just loved the P&P who done it premise. But about 2/3rds of the was through the book it just seemed to get tedious for me. The characters didn't really ring true for me, except Lady Cat. The Col was a little to woosified for me. And the thing I disliked the most was Darcy's wedding [...]

    16. This great little P&P variation made it so difficult to leave the world of Darcy and Elizabeth that I ended up reading it everywhere. I read it in the carpool line, in the car as my husband drove and even during my daughters basketball game. My family is happy I finished Accusing Elizabeth and I'm happy I experienced this gem of a book. Once again, I put off reading this book based on the summary. The premise of a "who done it" just didn't appeal to me so I put this one off. Another big mist [...]

    17. Meh. It was a bit drawn out and the wrap up was unbelievable. It was well-written, though. I didn't find the thievery plot to be all that compelling. For a P&P variation, I prefer the changes in the story to actually make it more entertaining. A few minor characters were written in entirely new ways and I didn't agree with the characterizations, as well.

    18. While staying at Hunsford Elizabeth reject Darcy appalling proposal. Unfortunately events overtake them before the letter can be given.A valuable pair of diamond earrings go missing from Anne de Bourgh's room. While everyone seem to want to find the guilty person, why is Lady Catherine determined to blame Elizabeth. What secrets are Anne, and the Colonel hiding?Can the situation ever be resolved.An entertaining read.

    19. ExcellentGreat story, mystery, fun and love . A read you cannot pass up Austen lovers. One of the better books I have read in a while.

    20. A decently solid Pride & Prejudice variation/alternate universe. I enjoyed the writing, and the addition of the mystery element was unique and interesting. However, I think that the story got overly sappy in the back half, and that undercut a lot of the dramatic tension.

    21. Oh what a delight this book was! It starts off just near the end of the Hunsford proposal with Darcy offering his insults along with his love and he is soundly refused. However, he doesn't leave Rosings as in canon but is asked to stay a little longer by Colonel Fitzwilliam. Details as to why are minimal at best. Darcy also does not get to give Elizabeth his letter until a bit later. Then with the theft of Anne's diamond earrings, the problems of Colonel Fitzwilliam and the actions of Maria Luca [...]

    22. Was pretty disappointed in this book. The entire premise seemed utterly ridiculous - they all needed to learn to trust each other. Seriously? The entire 'mystery' was pretty easy to understand early on in the book and what happened to the earrings. I was a little surprised with who actually consipered to frame Elizabeth at the end, but it was very clear that's what was happening.

    23. Among the best of Alternates and Impossible to put down.Jennifer Joy has written one of the best P&P alternatives. There are changes that I very much like. This is a wonderful story of love and tenderness with a wonderful surprise at the end after the missing earrings of Anne. The author writes with heart and understanding of emotions good and bad of all characters. I felt drawn into this story. It has more than one happy ending after a lot of anguish on Elizabeth's part. A wayward pig provi [...]

    24. I went on a Pride & Prejudice binge this weekend. First I watched Lost in Austen (brilliant) and then I had to watch BBC's Pride & Prejudice (because of Lost in Austen). I still hadn't quite gotten my fill of P&P, so to wrap everything up I went on a hunt for a P&P variation novel on .This one had lovely reviews and was free to borrow. I ended up reading it in one sitting. It is quite lovely. It is only missing a fifth star because the characters occasionally break out of charact [...]

    25. Pride and Prejudice variations can be hit or miss with me. I was able to borrow this using Prime, and I loved it!! It begins with Darcy's terrible proposal. There is a mystery of stolen earrings, everyone seems to be keeping a secret from everyone else, Elizabeth comes to realize that Darcy is not as she thought, and Darcy realizes that Elizabeth had good reason to refuse him. Collins wasn't nearly as disgusting in his book and Wickham was nowhere to be seen, to my relief. This book was a treat [...]

    26. A very original variation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Accusing Elizabeth is almost more mystery than romance. A pair of Anne De Bourgh's diamond earrings go missing, and Lady Catherine is all too ready to toss Elizabeth in jail (to perhaps hang) in order to remove her from an admiring Darcy. Richard also has something mysterious going on as well, and he refuses to tell Darcy what it is. An intriguing and highly enjoyable variation on (nearly) everyone's favorite "classic"!

    27. An interesting alternative version of Pride & Prejudice, can't deny that, but lacking credibility for my taste.I had some difficulties "believing" in the plot, because I'm so familiar with the original novel and its characters that I can't actually see them in that kind of situation That aside, I enjoyed reading this story but couldn't give it more than 2 stars because of my previous point.

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Quick paced, many twists, some foreseeable and some right out of the blue. Main characters were well written, and mostly like their original counterparts. But the biggest surprise was Mr Collins! Even knowing the ending (and the earrings were really a macguffin) this is one mystery I will read again and again. Also loved the pig!

    29. This was fairly well written but I was disappointed there was not more depth to the characters of Anne and Colonel Fitzwilliam. Also, the ending was totally unrealistic (don't want to spoilt but a certain character would never have given up his birthright for $. He has his progeny to think of)

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