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Ruminations Define Ruminations at Dictionary Ruminations definition, to chew the cud, as a ruminant See . Rumination psychology Rumination definition of rumination by Medical dictionary rumination roo m nashun in ruminants, the casting up of food out of the rumen and chewing of it a second time in humans, the regurgitation of food after almost every meal, part of it being vomited and the rest swallowed this is sometimes seen in infants rumination disorder of infancy and in individuals with mental retardation Ruminations definition of ruminations by The Free Dictionary There were darkies and loafers and hackmen, and also vague individuals, the loosest and blankest he had ever seen anywhere, with tufts on their chins, toothpicks in their mouths, hands in their pockets, rumination in their jaws and diamond pins in their shirt fronts, who looked as if they had sauntered over from Pennsylvania Avenue to while away half an hour, forsaking for that interval their rumination Dictionary Definition Vocabulary If someone asks you to make a difficult decision like what to have for dinner it might lead to rumination, or a long period of deep thought. Rumination definition of rumination by The Free Dictionary meditation, speculation continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature the habit of meditation is the basis for all real knowledge

  • Title: Ruminations
  • Author: William Steig
  • ISBN: 9780374252830
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
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