The Time Thief

The Time Thief Peter Schock has been left behind in Kate Dyer is beginning to suffer some disturbing side effects from time traveling And the Tar Man who was terrifying even in the eighteenth century is loose

  • Title: The Time Thief
  • Author: Linda Buckley-Archer
  • ISBN: 9781416915287
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peter Schock has been left behind in 1763 Kate Dyer is beginning to suffer some disturbing side effects from time traveling And the Tar Man, who was terrifying even in the eighteenth century, is loose and wreaking havoc in twenty first century London with twenty first century technology at his disposal Can Kate find a way to bring Peter back and stop the Tar Man for gooPeter Schock has been left behind in 1763 Kate Dyer is beginning to suffer some disturbing side effects from time traveling And the Tar Man, who was terrifying even in the eighteenth century, is loose and wreaking havoc in twenty first century London with twenty first century technology at his disposal Can Kate find a way to bring Peter back and stop the Tar Man for good

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    1. This was not one of my favorite reads. I’m not saying I hated it but I definitely did not love it. First of all the back of the book was very misleading. It said, “And the Tar Man, who was terrifying even in the eighteenth century, is loose and wreaking havoc in the twenty-first-century.” In all the parts that the Tar Man was in, he only did two things that I would consider “wreaking havoc.” For the rest of the parts, he was just learning about the twenty-first century and planning wha [...]

    2. Please don't hold it against the book that it took me forever and a day to read. I was feeling sick, and wasn't much in a reading mood, but this book was truly fantastic. I really liked the first book, and was looking forward to this one, a little worriedly. Imagine my surprise when I liked it better than the first book!At the end of the first book, Kate has returned to the present, but Peter accidentally is left back in the 1700's when the villian of the book, the Tar Man, takes his place, and [...]

    3. This was a nice read but I liked the first book better. Somehow I wished for something more, the characters stayed strangely flat.

    4. *Sudah terbiasa dengan kekuatan super efek perjalanan waktu ala trilogi ini, aku menganggap buku kedua ini lebih baik. Ini tentang Peter dan pergolakan emosinya, yang mampu diolah oleh penulisnya dengan cukup sukses, sehingga membuatku baper*Terjawab sudah kelanjutan ending buku sebelumnya, dan menghasilkan dua hal dalam buku ini.Pertama Tar Man, yang menikmati petualangan di masa depan, masa kita terbuai dengan teknologi modern namun masih dibayangi oleh suasana abad dari mana dia berasal Lalu, [...]

    5. The Time Thief is just what readers look for in the second book in a trilogy: more adventures with the same characters and settings but with enough plot twists and turns to keep them guessing; a chance to get to know their favorite characters better; and a building tension left to be resolved by the final book.Buckley-Archer once again does a nice job of weaving all the plot lines together. The action takes place in modern day London, 18th century England, and revolutionary France but it never g [...]

    6. "Apakah tidak ada penunggang kuda di kota ini?”serunya kepada seorang pria muda yang duduk di balik kemudi sebuah Mini Cooper Hitam. "Mati aku!” dia berseru nyaring, ”Mesin itu telah membawaku ke masa depan! Bagaimana aku akan pulang?” Banyak hal yang membuat Tar Man, sang penjahat tangguh abad 18 merasa akrab sekaligus asing berada di London! Bahkan Berkeley Square yang dulu sangat dikenalnya juga berubah. Padahal baru sebulan yang lalu ia mengawal Lord Luxon ke sana. Pada awalnya, bany [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. This was such a clever story, but it was up and down for me. I didn't like the bad guy and his story line, but I enjoyed the tale set in history about a boy, his friend and his father figures.Likes:* Rescue attempt(view spoiler)[* Historic people and events * Anti-gravity machine* Peter being successful* Tar Man horse ride* Tar Man coping in the future* Friends with the Queen* King George's menagerie * Beauty of Louis Philippe * Tar Man preferring to avoid complications of killing, us [...]

    8. The Time Thief is a sequel worthy its name. I think that the plot of this book is more involving than that of the previous one, even though the descriptions of the XVIII century are still realistic I really liked observing a grown-up Peter, whose thoughts, behavior and belief are different but also similar to the young one.Even the part with the Tar Man were interesting, and I suffered when (view spoiler)[ Tom died because he was one of my favorite characters(hide spoiler)]. The only one thing t [...]

    9. This 2nd book in the "Gideon the cutpurse" trilogy isn't as good as the 1st. It lacks a strong central YA character because when Kate goes back to rescue the stranded Peter there is a mishap and she gets there 29 years after the 1st time, and Peter has grown to adulthood. There are nice themes running through it of getting to know a parent once you've become an adult yourself and appreciating the love and life you live, but I'm not sure these themes resonate w/ teens. This will primarily attract [...]

    10. As I wrote in my review for the first of this series, I like it a lot. Some complained to me that the second wasn't as good as the first, but I don't agree. I liked what was going on with characters (good and bad) coming to the present. Some interesting and original stuff going on. I will be interested to see where this trilogy ends up.

    11. An excellent sequel to _The Time Travelers_ (formerly titled _Gideon the Cutpurse_). This fantasy is about time traveling (duh), and features a very quick-moving plot, but it really examines the moral and philosophical implications of time travel. (Who knew?) I can't wait for the third one.

    12. I am quite impressed with Linda Buckley-Archer's ability to not only write a decent time travel story, but to do it in a completely believable way; she manages to come up with an intriguing plot device that explains the lack of paradoxes. I can't wait 'til the next entry into thise series!

    13. Ho letto questo romanzo in tutta fretta. O meglio ci ho messo troppi giorni per i miei gusti, ma è un periodo pesante ed ho cercato di accellerarne la lettura per mettermelo alle spalle entro oggi.Adoro i viaggi nel tempo e tutti i sottintesi che possono esserci e cercando una serie con questa caratteristica ho scoperto una trilogia promettente che non conoscevo.Peccato che questo sia il secondo volume, ma per questioni personali l'ho letto lo stesso.La storia inizia dal ritorno dal 1763 di Kat [...]

    14. Before I start my review I would like to address the quote from School Library Journal on the cover of this book that claims, “Buckley-Archer may very well give J. K. Rowling a run for her money. This wonderfully rich and complex novel, written in lyrical and vivid language, is destined to be a classic” I’m not entirely certain that this trilogy deserves this much praise, and putting J.K. Rowling’s name on the cover of these books gives the impression to potential readers that they are d [...]

    15. This was better than the first book - we got to see the antagonists' stories. But I still wouldn't read this series for deep philosophy on time-travel (I think the results time traveling are a little dramatic, to be honest).

    16. Great 2nd book in the series. This series has a lot more depth than I originally gave it credit for. My kids and I are really enjoying them.

    17. Lanjutan petualangan Peter dan Kate di abad ke-18.Di buku sebelumnya, Kate dan ayahnya berhasil pulang ke abad 21 sedangkan tempat Peter diambil olih oleh Tar Man. Kate yang sudah berjanji pada Peter untuk tidak pernah meninggalkannya segera kembali ke abad 18 dengan membawa serta ayah Peter.Malangnya, mereka berdua terdampar di tahun yang salah. Peter sudah dewasa dan untuk alasan tertentu, sengaja merahasiakan identitasnya kepada Kate dan ayahnya.Bukan hanya itu, mesin anti-gravitasi yang memb [...]

    18. The Time Thief (The Gideon Trilogy: Book Two)Linda Buckley-ArcherTime TravelAge 12 and up368 pagesThe Time Thief, by Linda Buckley-Archer, is the second book of her time travel series The Gideon Trilogy. Without giving away the ending of the first book, The Time Thief continues the adventures of twelve-year-olds Peter and Kate and the many acquaintances they made along their journey in book one. I recommend reading The Time Travelers (book 1) first, because this book does not completely stand on [...]

    19. The Time Thief starts as the Tar Man explodes onto 21st century London. He makes a scene and already causes havoc. Meanwhile, Kate's dad and a team of NASA scientists try to decide to rescue Peter or not, because if they go back in time again, it may destroy the fabric of space-time continuum, which may destroy the multiverse. While this is happening, the Tar Man gets a guide around 21st century London. He meets Tom, his apprentice, who got to the 21st century by mistake. Meanwhile, Kate hates t [...]

    20. The Tar Man (a.k.a. The Time Thief) by Linda Buckley-ArcherAn excellent sequel that has its own important tale to tell and is not simply a hold over until the denouement. Kate has to go back in time to find Peter when the NASA scientists, and even her own parents, believe that it would be too dangerous to try and rescue him, fearing the effects of further tampering with the linear progression of time. Unable to live with that decision, Kate enlists the help of Peter’s father and together they [...]

    21. I won't lie, I picked up The Time Travelers, part one in the Gideon trilogy, mainly because it had awesome cover art. James Jean is such a deadly awesome artist, and I was so excited that he'd illustrated a middle school book, I just had to read it.As a first book, The Time Travelers was a bit cumbersome. The story was a lot of fun and I was digging the characters, but I found her style was a bit stilted. It was almost as if she was attributing a 7 year olds' way of reading to her 9-13 year old [...]

    22. This is a great follow-up to The Time Travelers and centers on Kate and Mr. Schock (Peter's father) as they head back in time to rescue Peter. But the antigravity machine has been fiddled with and they arrive in a different time zone, which totally messes everything up for them. Without wanting to give much away, we're now in a paradox -- how can they rescue Peter when his future has already been foretold?The author deals with this paradox in an acceptable but not entirely unique way, by introdu [...]

    23. This review originally appeared at bookishserendipityThe Time Thief is just as interesting as the first book in this trilogy. In The Time Travelers, the two young protagonists Peter and Kate spend an equal amount of time (*pun intended*) with the reader. This changes in The Time Thief because 12-year-old Peter is stuck back in 1763. This story really belongs to Kate. I was okay with that. Kate is a great character.This novel breaks a so-called rule for writing childrens' fiction by including adu [...]

    24. I finally started, and finished, The Time Thief by Linda Buckley-Archer. I'm glad I read it. The second in the Gideon trilogy, it was hard to put down.The book starts where the last one left off. Peter has been left behind in the seventeenth-century, while Kate and her Dad successfully transported back to their present time period. But as Peter was getting ready to transport, he was replaced by the villain in the first book, the Tar Man, or Blueskin. Kate and Peter's father, Mr. Schock, transpor [...]

    25. It’s a very rare treat when the second book in a series outstrips the first one. The Time Thief did it.I went into this book with mediocre expectations. The first book was good but not great and I was expecting more of the same. I got a pleasant surprise when the expectedly linear story time took a term for the abnormal. The first hint of which you see in Gideon’s writings which filled me with both dread and anticipation.The plot is well done, there are parts that are predictable but Buckley [...]

    26. The first book, Gideon the Cutpurse, was excellent. There was also a cliffhanger ending. What choice did I have but to continue?About:The unthinkable has happened — Kate and Peter’s promise to not return to the future without one another has been broken. At the last minute the Tar Man and Peter traded places. Now the Tar Man is loose in London, taking on the contemporary police force on horseback and creating havoc wherever he goes. From the start he realizes that he’s going to need a ‘g [...]

    27. Review originally postedHEREThis is a review for the entire trilogy.The Gideon Trilogy is a well-told story that keeps you coming back for more. I had a hard time putting the books down, especially the first two. Buckley-Archer is compared to J.K Rowling. I wouldn't go THAT far, but it is a good, entertaining story.The character development is decent. I read this trilogy after reading the amazing 100 Cupboards Trilogy which has phenomenal character development, so try as I may, it was hard to no [...]

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