Perfect Illusion

Perfect Illusion Daniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire s son He s got the whole package blonde hair piercing blue eyes killer lips He s absolutely swoon worthy Too bad his personality is so full of shit Daniel Kerr

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  • Title: Perfect Illusion
  • Author: Claudia Tan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: None
  • Daniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire s son He s got the whole package blonde hair, piercing blue eyes killer lips He s absolutely swoon worthy Too bad his personality is so full of shit Daniel Kerrington is arrogant Cocky Insufferable A walking one night stand Ever since our horrible encounter two months ago, we have pretty much established the fact that we hDaniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire s son He s got the whole package blonde hair, piercing blue eyes killer lips He s absolutely swoon worthy Too bad his personality is so full of shit Daniel Kerrington is arrogant Cocky Insufferable A walking one night stand Ever since our horrible encounter two months ago, we have pretty much established the fact that we hate each other So there s no reason for the both of us to cross paths any, right Wrong Now that my parents company has gone bankrupt, they have to turn to his father for help Harry Kerrington offers to help the company and my parents on one condition I m to be engaged to his son So basically I m thrown together with the guy I loathe for the next three years of my life Daniel and I have to push our feelings of mutual hatred aside and play our own part in making our fake engagement believable We ve got a lot to do if we want to make this work But little did we know that we would be so wrapped up in our very own perfect illusion.

    One thought on “Perfect Illusion”

    1. Really cuteI feel like sometimes the female MC got away w lot of things! What really happened that night? Im starting to think that all of it were all made up,But he is cute haih ahhaha

    2. I really liked this book because The writing was really really good.The plot was a little bit stupid but as was read it, it make sense. I loved the main characters, the h was a bitch sometimes, but all in all, her character was really good.The H was the AMAZEBALLS. He was really really good after he realized that he loved h.But the h is stupid as always. :P but i loved her strength, her sarcasm, and the way she dealt Nate in the beginning.Their banter was worth reading. It was really long but it [...]

    3. I don't know. Read this if you're in the mood for a complicated romantic couple/situation (or, IMO, an overly dramatic borderline ridiculous and annoying love story). My problem with most wattpad stories is the underdeveloped characters and settings; there's usually no real notion of time and the overall story is just predictable and angsty. I guess you'll like it if you're into that sort of thing.This just wasn't my cup of tea and didn't help my reading slump at all- if anything, it made it wor [...]


    5. Honestly i couldnt connect with the book, first of all no way the characters were 18! Couldnt buy it! They seemed well in their 20s Secondly the plot was too cheesy for my taste and and the drama didnt seem real. It was well written though and maybe someone who's looking for something simple would enjoy it

    6. SUCH a good story. I love Dalex's relationship and Claudia's writing. Everything about this book was so perfect ;) 5/5 just couldn't stop turning the pages.

    7. Why the hell did I read this? but my poor emOTIONS! I can't HANDLE this! I want a SEQUAL! I'm not GETTING one! fML!

    8. I have to admit the first few chapters were a bit boring but the story ended being a favorite of mine. I just love the way that both Alex and Daniel made their relationship work (after a really long while) I loved that the story had me so in my emotions that I could not put it down for a single moment. This is definitely a book that I would pick up and read again if it were to get published or even again on wattpad. Amazing love story Dalex forever!!!!

    9. So damn perfect!!I am a big fan of this young author! Hell yeah, she is a shakespeare's heir i guess.Keep up claudia, you re more than just a writer!!Loved your way of narration!!

    10. Most relationships start with hatred then changes into loving that's why we should never " judge a book by its cover".This book is about 2 university students - Alex ,and Daniel- . Destiny brought them together with its unpredicted events, it all started when Alex hit Daniel's head with a bottle of champagne at the restaurant where she worked, because he was using girls for his benefits, what made things worse Alex's parents company bankrupted so they signed a deal with Daniel's parents who also [...]

    11. The story started out strong, but I eventually became annoyed with Alex. The story felt like it spent too much time figuring out ways to keep the two main characters apart - even after the admittance of feelings. Lots of people love this story; it's just not for me.

    12. This book was cuteeeeeee. Even if it weren't amazing I still enjoyed it a lot and will continue with the series!

    13. This book is soooooooo amazing. I sped through this but had to stop every once in a while to yell at the characters. It was an emotional roller coaster but I loved it and will read it again.

    14. THIS BOOK IS AMAZEBALL!!!First I read the prolog, I knew I will love this book, and I do.I love the way the writer describe her characters and never left them after they introduced. Even not main chacters, they still make something for the story.It is about Alex (Alexandria) and her complicated life. First, she meets someone horrible, Daniel Kerrington, as a womanizer. She hates him more than anything. However, her life is begin with that hatred.She enters college and meets Nate (Nathaniel) and [...]

    15. Perfect Illusion by Claudiaoverhere is a kind of teen fiction book that really gets you with thinking about how you can’t think you know someone without talking to them, or getting to know them. This book is about Alex Woods, she is a freshman in college. Her parents own the company Woods and Co . Kerrington Enterprises is owned by Daniel Kerrington’s father, he is also a freshman in college and attends Boston University with Alex. “ ‘But you put me in the situation anyway. I prioritize [...]

    16. it was a terrific book i'm surprised someone like me who can hardly even bother to look at a hard cover of a book and actually read it. it was great book although it took me around a week to finish, but i'm beating i would have finished in 3 days tops if i had actually come to my senses and opened the book it was just really relatable see this happen often the good girl falls for the bad boy that doesn't care about her and the good guy who does doesn't even get looked at by the girl with mixed e [...]

    17. LOVEEEEEEEDDDDDDMy favorite quote from the book "I love you sweet heart. I fucking love you. I loved you when you poured that champagne over me. I loved you when you told me to go fuck myself. I loved you when you kissed me that night the lights went out. I love you more than forever, more than eternity, more than all the infinities put together. And I want to spend the rest of my life convincing you that you're the one for me. Because you are"

    18. THIS WAS REALLY GOOD! Got too attached to the characters, Fell in love with them and their complicated love. Definitely worth all the time I spent on reading it, this book never disappointed me, and am so happy that I came across it, made me like wattpad even more! The characters, the story and everything was so perfect and well written.

    19. I read this over at Wattpad and with the lack of good easy reads on that platform, I think my judgement is clouded by that.I really like the story. A few things were off but other than that good. A bit "too" fan fictional character wise and the story was in the same line as another story I recently read on Wattpad. Still it was different enough to not say it's a copy.

    20. This book is straight out amazing no arguments, no jokes it was sooooo good and gives you the feeling of joy, love, and, anger everyone needs to read this book there are no words to describe how good it is so read the book and experience the emotions.

    21. Ehhh, a veces quedaba como re impaktada y embroncada pero bueeeeno, por lo menos tuvo final happy sino me hubiera molestado y mucho.A veces me molestaba mucho, mucho Alex, tal vez por eso la estrellita menos. Y Daniel cambió demasiado rápido um.Lo que sí, rapidísimo de leer y entretenida.

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