Retribution Ice and Angel cross into Canada and try to make a new life in a small vacation town

Retribution Definition of Retribution by Merriam Webster The elastic faced Ruck is a real find his Cameron is a guilt ridden, father dominated nerd almost paralyzed with fear of parental retribution David Ansen, Newsweek, June The two purposes that sustain the death penalty in the Court s view are general deterrence and retribution Thurgood Marshall, Gregg v. Retribution Define Retribution at Dictionary Retribution definition, requital according to merits or deserts, especially for evil See .

  • Title: Retribution
  • Author: Susanne M. Beck
  • ISBN: 9781930928244
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ice and Angel cross into Canada and try to make a new life in a small vacation town.

    One thought on “Retribution”

    1. As far as sophomore books go, this one has me at odds. The domesticity and good feels from at least half of this had me pretty much enjoying it. The last half however had me furiously page flipping past the bad feels. To such end I'm not even sure I'm wanting to dive into the last in the series. But I'm loyal to a fault so I probably will Sigh.

    2. This is a phenomenal story. Retribution is nearly as good as Redemption and is, for the most part, a far gentler read. Angel and Ice try to build a life together in Canada but constantly looming over them is Ice's past. With both the mob and the police after Ice, you just know there are easy solutions in their future.The characters are easy to like, Angel especially because her past and actions are justifiable. Ice is much more complicated because her actions are not as easily justifiable or con [...]

    3. Ah, otro de los libros que olvidé reseñar. Bueno, en este caso, Susanne se pone absolutamente tediosa e insufrible pero (increíblemente) es por un buen motivo. Las charlas en verdad esconden el motivo final que es darle el pie psicológico para un gran error de una de las protagonistas.En sí, a mí me aburrió lo suficiente como para que se me cierren en más de una parte los ojos, y los respiros que dio en la trama no me aliviaron en absoluto.En verdad, la protagonista absoluta, una vez má [...]

    4. This Series is Part of my all time top 10 Novels. A Must Read. Prepare yourself for a healthy block of time. You will not want to put the book down or stop until the series is completed!

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