Island Hope

Island Hope Metal sculptor Hope Michaels gave up on art when her creativity was zapped by another Burying herself in her electrical contracting business Hope takes a job on Wildflower Island She never imagines t

  • Title: Island Hope
  • Author: Kimberly Rose Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Metal sculptor Hope Michaels gave up on art when her creativity was zapped by another Burying herself in her electrical contracting business, Hope takes a job on Wildflower Island She never imagines that a job at the Wildflower Resort will turn everything in her life upside down But that s exactly what happens when her best friend and employer, Piper, plays matchmaker.Metal sculptor Hope Michaels gave up on art when her creativity was zapped by another Burying herself in her electrical contracting business, Hope takes a job on Wildflower Island She never imagines that a job at the Wildflower Resort will turn everything in her life upside down But that s exactly what happens when her best friend and employer, Piper, plays matchmaker A lonely widower throws all his energy into raising his teenage daughter, but when he is promoted to manager of the Wildflower Resort, things at home don t go as smoothly as planned Worried about his relationship with his daughter, he seeks advice from a feisty but sweet newcomer Will she help smooth his path or will things only get complicated

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    1. Island Hope: Wildflower B&B Romance #4***** by Kimberly Rose JohnsonHope Michaels at one time loved creating metal sculptors, but no longer due to the actions of someone close to her. Now she owns and works in her electrical contracting business and lands a job on Wildflower Island at her friend, Piper Grayson's Wildflower Resort Lodge. However, her stay on the Island has an impact on her life she never would have imagined.Widower Derrick Trainer lives on the Island with his teenager daughte [...]

    2. Island Hope is the fourth and final book in the Wildflower Bed & Breakfast Romance Series. It could be read as a stand-alone; however, because it is a continuing story, the previous books in the series add much depth to both the characters and the story. I would highly suggest you pick up the first three books and read them as well.Kimberly Rose Johnson writes great clean romance. Her stories are sweet with a solid moral compass. I have read every book she has published to date, and have nev [...]

    3. Since this is the fourth book in the Wildflower B&B series, I encourage you to read them in sequence. Many of the characters in this one were first introduced in an earlier book, so it helps with background information on the characters. With that said, the book tells a great story all on its own and has a good message of hope and forgiveness. The main characters seem at first glimpse to be almost polar opposites. The introduction was almost hilarious with her in her ripped jeans, hoodie, ta [...]

    4. This is a fantastic end to a wonderful series!This is the final book in a “true” series. You need to read all four books in order to get the full measure of enjoyment out of them.In this book Hope Michaels arrives on Wildflower Island to handle a contract job at the resort. While there she meets Derrick Trainor and the two of them take center stage as they get to know each other. They each have some heavy duty baggage to work through before they are able to venture beyond co-workers and then [...]

    5. Island Hope is the forth book in the Wildflower B & B series. I have thoroughly enjoyed all four books. They can be read stand alone but I would suggest reading the whole series in order. (which I plan to go back and do). This series shows the strengths and weaknesses of characters being brought together under some abnormal situations.Derrick Trainor suddenly finds himself as acting manager of Wildflower Resort and Spa. He has been planning for this temporary move but when circumstances forc [...]

    6. *Sigh* Remember the feeling you got when you saw your first Disney movie as a kid and it all turned out happily in the end after many narrow escapes? Somehow, Kimberly Rose Johnson has reproduced that feeling of satisfied awe in me as I close her Island Hope, book four of the Island Romance series. This book deals with the story of electrician Hope, erstwhile also metal artist, and Derrick, the acting manager of the Wildflower Resort Lodge. Characters from previous books reappear to make the sto [...]

    7. Single father Derrick Trainor suddenly gets promoted to acting manager of Wildflower Resort and Spa. His only worry is now with the long hours, how is he going to juggle his duties at work with raising a teenage daughter. Piper, the manager of Wildflower Resort and Spa, has to go on bed rest. Before she leaves she hires longtime friend Hope Micheals to do some electrical work at the Resort. While Piper has Hope there she decides to play matchmaker.As Derrick and Hope form a friendship, Derrick i [...]

    8. Kimberly Rose Johnson tells a story of forgiveness, love and hope in Island Hope. This author brings the characters to life and makes the reader interested in the lives of each person. I enjoyed this story very much.

    9. Loved itA story about a young lady who has some problems and a hard time learning to trust and to love. Hope is a great person with a hard time in life. Read how she to turned to God for help. This is a great series to read about four different homebound happiness.

    10. Let it goForgiveness isn't always enough. Letting God heal the hurts so one can fully be free is a must. I enjoyed the Wildflower B & B series so much & highly recommend it. This island held friends, healing & love for many.

    11. Looking for small-island, big romance love stories? You’ve found the place. The characters become your friends and each story brings the friendships closer. Island Hope is the last book in the Wildflower B&B Romance series. You do not need to read them in order, but you will want to read them to follow the characters’ stories. Derrick Trainor is named acting manager of Wildflower Resort and Spa while Piper is on bedrest. He’s still learning to be a single dad to his 15 year old daughte [...]

    12. Island Hope ( Wildflower B & B Romance, #4)By: Kimberly Rose JohnsonIsland Hope is the fourth book in Wildflower B & B Romance series. I would suggest that you read them in Sequence where you can understand the background and the characters better. Both the story and the characters are easy to follow. Ms. Johnson did a great job of weaving us a good clean romance, and I loved it . The two main characters Hope and Derrick seem to be totally opposite from each other. They both are working [...]

    13. Island of Hope is the last book in the Wild Flowers series, from book 1 to book 3 they just got better and better.Even tho they can be read as a stand alone, i would read them in order, to get to know each one and thier history Island of Hope its like old friends coming in to say hello. Hoep goes to the Island to get away from her past where she was deeply hurt by a family member, she takes a job of rewiring the cabins, Derrick comes to the Island as manager and with a teen age daughter hes very [...]

    14. I liked how Hope worked at retrieving her love of art when she felt that it was gone forever. The Resort seems good for those who have hurting souls. Hope is working her friend Piper's Resort and finds herself impacted more than she could imagine. Her friend works at getting her paired up with the most unusual candidate, but she soon realizes that when given a chance, Derrick is not too bad. I liked seeing how the characters learned to evolve and to grow and how their faith carried them into the [...]

    15. Island Hope is a heartwarming story! It’s always a pleasure to visit Wildflower Island, and I delighted in Hope and Derrick’s story of finding hope and happiness! Kimberly Johnson paints a vivid picture of this charming island and its residents, and it has been fun to revisit characters as this series has progressed, as well as meet new ones. Island Hope is the fourth and final book in the Wildflower Bed and Breakfast series. Each of the stories can stand alone, but I believe they are better [...]

    16. All of the four books in this series have been well worth the time to read, and I have enjoyed them.However, this last one has more action and plenty of conflict to keep the reader's attention and interest. It was impressive watching the characters grow and mature in themselves and in God.There were a couple of love stories to tell, but the novel also deals with trust, forgiveness, letting go of the hurts, and good Christian values without preaching--they were simply a part of the characters' li [...]

    17. Island Hope by Kimberly Rose Johnson is a very good read I love this series of how people from the first book in this series show up in this book.Piper set it up so Derrick and Hope would be spending time together in hope they get to get.They ended up together with the help of piper and Derrick daughter Alyssa .Hope house burn down on the main land and Hope ends up moving to the Island. And just don't want to give it all away but it sure is a very good book and you won't be sorry if y [...]

    18. I thought this book was a wonderful ending to the series. Hope and Derrick did not appear to be a good match on the surface, but when they were able to get past appearances. One thing I liked about the book is the author brings out that just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you automatically get past the hurt. That takes time and a lot of prayer. I would recommend this book and this series. I had a great time reading them.I received a PDF copy of this book from the author in exchange f [...]

    19. Kimberly Rose Johnson’s latest in the Wildflower B & B Romance series, Island Hope, does not disappoint. The conflict is handled well and I enjoyed reading more about the island community. The author does a good job developing the story, setting, community, and characters so that the island becomes a real place beckoning me to visit. Along with the author, I’m sad to say good-bye to these characters.

    20. This is a sweet romance, Book 4 in the Wildflower B&B Series.I loved the developing relationship between Hope and Derrick and Derrick's daughter,Allyssa.Piper, Derrick and Hope's employer acts as matchmaker much to their consternation.I am glad we had a reunion of all the characters in the series and will miss them and the Wildflower B&B.Good series and I eagerly await the next one.A copy of the book was given in exchange for an honest review.

    21. enjoyed reading all four books in this series. BINGE READING!When I find a book I like, that is written in a series, I am glad they are all out there; I do not like WAITING on the next in the series. Although, I have several out there I am waiting on. LOL!So Kimberly please give us some more!

    22. I enjoyed this new chapter in the Wildflower B&B series. The theme of not making assumptions because of how someone or something looks worked well in the story. While there were a few minor grammatical issues, the story overall was well told and kept my interest. I received this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    23. 03/03/16 Last in series Enjoy the stories. The strong religious bent still allows a good flow to the story. The writing style and the character interactions make these a sweet gossipy read. I'll check out her next series.

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