Stones Garnet Havelock was always a bit different from other guys He never quite fit in and he was okay with that Now in his final year of high school he s just marking time waiting to get out into the re

  • Title: Stones
  • Author: William Bell
  • ISBN: 9780770428754
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • Garnet Havelock was always a bit different from other guys He never quite fit in and he was okay with that Now, in his final year of high school, he s just marking time, waiting to get out into the real world When a mysterious girl transfers to his school Garnet thinks he might have found the girl of his dreams, if only he could get her to talk to him.As Garnet struggleGarnet Havelock was always a bit different from other guys He never quite fit in and he was okay with that Now, in his final year of high school, he s just marking time, waiting to get out into the real world When a mysterious girl transfers to his school Garnet thinks he might have found the girl of his dreams, if only he could get her to talk to him.As Garnet struggles to win over one girl, another girl is trying to get his attention unfortunately she lived over 150 years ago Garnet becomes fascinated by her history and that of the black community she belonged to As he draws closer to the truth, he uncovers a horrifying chapter in his town s history, and discovers the ways in which deep seated prejudices and persecution from the past can still reverberate in the present.From the Trade Paperback edition.

    One thought on “Stones”

    1. I honestly don't understand how on earth this book won an award,or how any teen reader could focus on its story. It seems like the author was trying so hard to make Raphaella mysterious that he lost touch with the original plot. This books has topics flying everywhere, from a mom who's out helping refugees across the world, to a new-age, stuck-up girl with an overbearing mom, to a ghost story taking place in an abandoned church. It tries to focus on all these topics at once, yet fails miserably. [...]

    2. The novel Stones by William Bell was a very interesting read. When I first started reading the novel was so intrigued by it I couldn't put it down. Reading the novel felt so real as if I was watching everything happen in front of me. I loved how Bell had clashed modern with a historic twist. The story starts off with Garnet just trying to get through his senior year of high school before he can finally leave and "get into the real world." His plans are cut short when this intriguing girl catches [...]

    3. Stones is a truly gripping read, when compared to other Young Adult fiction novels. I enjoyed the mystery the plot held, and was filled with suspense as I turned each page. The protagonist of the story, Garnet Havelock, is a twelfth grade student, who has no liking of going to school. Like any other typical Young Adult novel, William Bell also includes romance into Stones. (view spoiler)[ Raphaella Skye and Garnet's relationship is not as smooth as they want it to be. They do encounter conflicts [...]

    4. Honestly, I really enjoyed this book. To start off, I found the overall plot and main characters extremely intriguing and fascinating. The mystery that the author decided to add to Raphaella and the town kept me wanting more from the book. However, I felt that the author rushed the relationship between the two main characters, Raphaella and Garnet. <*spoiler*>After all, he forcibly kissed her and declared his love for her after only meeting her a couple of times. On the other hand, instead [...]

    5. In my Opinion, The novel Stones by William Bell is an unique book since the theme of the book is black magic, spirits and dark history, which a lot of writers tend to not write about. Basically Stones is about a teenager who wants to get a job and work in the business world instead of reading textbooks and memorizing useless information he wouldn't need in real life. Through the book the protagonist meets his soulmate during an intense debate which was unusual and funny because he liked a girl w [...]

    6. The novel Stones by William Bell was a very interesting read. Stones is about a senoir year student, Garnet Havelock who has no interest in school and cannot wait to move on. During a debate in class he had fallen in love with Raphaella Skyla. Most of it is based on Northern Ontario history and touches points like ghosts,myths and spirits to involve old facts and beliefs. However, the book did have many things going on at the same time so it was hard to keep track on the actual plot as alot of i [...]

    7. The novel Stones by William Bell was an interesting read. When first diving into the book, it was hard to put down as it was very intriguing. The book starts off with some funny situations about the main character, Garnet’s love life. The funniest predicament he’d put himself in was kicking a girl he’d liked in the shin. He described his beautiful crush turning into a monster as she howled in pain. That is one way to get your crush to notice you. Asides from the comedy, and romance aspect [...]

    8. Stones is a very interesting book and I would recommend it for a pastime reading. Stones follows senior year Garnet Havelock as he trudges along his last year of high school, waiting to get out and go in the real world. Garnet is a genius and doesn't believe in love at first sight. Well, that is until he meets Raphaella Skyla. He immediately falls in love with her after their first debate. Overall, this story is mostly based around historic facts about northern Ontario. There is a lot of ghosts, [...]

    9. Absolutely atrocious book. The plot was entirely out of order, Garnet is a complete fucking weirdo that can't talk to people. his mom even fucking hates him. He hates him so much she goes to the middle east so she can join ISIS just to not put up with his autistic shit. AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON RAPHAELLA. This dumb fucking broad can't even comprehend what a normal life is. She's the creepiest fucking girl on this planet. This dumb bitch spent a WHOLE NIGHT with another dude in a cabin AL [...]

    10. Please remember these are solely my ideas on the book. You don't need to agree. Everyone has their own opinion.Reading books for school can be a bummer. Especially when you get this book. Okay, so it wasn't all bad. You did get to learn some history about Canada that may or may not be trueI felt this story lagged in its writing style and in character development. Garnet seemed fully developed the first two chapters. And Raphaella, please don't get me started. At the end of the novel when she tel [...]

    11. The book Stones by William Bell, took place at the old church in Orillia called the African Methodist church. The main character intros book is Garnet, he is a very shy and polite. He was almost finished high school, but then he dropped out. He is a type of boy who doesn’t have a lot of friends. And he is not really smart. The girl from this book named Rapahella. Garnet thought he found the girl of his dreams. He wanted to date with her. As they got closer they were in a relationship. Because [...]

    12. I had trouble deciding what to rate this book. On one hand, I enjoyed Garnet's voice. It wasn't quite like the other books with a first-speaker perspective I'd come to hate with a burning passion *ahem* Twilight *ahem* And it was amusing being inside Garnet's head, seeing what he sees. But, on the other, I hated how the part where everything was revealed seemed so unbelievable. It was rushed. When Raphaella explained to Garnet her life, her father, her "gift," it felt like it was scripted. A who [...]

    13. There are two ways to read this book (and any book really, I suppose): with the knowledge of everything you know about the world and with an open mind. This is one you really need to stretch your mind wind for. I had trouble with this at first. It's one that really gets you thinking and questioning, way beyond what most books do. Not just questioing right and wrong. Questioning knowlege and spirituality and science, and everything assumed to be true.If you can get past this barrier of "knowlegdg [...]

    14. Well it was a insightful book I will give you that and it was quite depressing and amazing about the haunted story at the Maitland property and the church but the author never did explain Raphaella's theory wrong. (view spoiler)[ She said that spirts cannot harm someone physically and only emotionally and because they let off Phermones they leave their soul behind. When the stones were thrown at the trailer I felt that the author didn't explain why it happened and that spirts as you say cannot p [...]

    15. I did not like this book. I feel like it was a waste of time. I didn't like Garnet, Raphaella or anyone else for that matter. I feel like their empathy for the characters was very staged and their romance was to awkward to like. Then the 'ghosts' and the soldiers It was just too weird.I didn't like how both of the relationships were female dominant. Not that I'm against that, but it was because these relationships were just awkward. I've read books where the female is dominant in the relationshi [...]

    16. This read very much like the first in a pair or series of books. I didn't realize it WAS that until just now when I see "#1" as part of the title. But, not realizing it until now, I had a couple of issues with it. It seemed odd to have two supernatural elementse ghost story AND Raphaella's "gift". It was especially strange to wait to announce the "gift" until the very very end, by which point it wasn't even necessary to say. (Except, that it's the first in a group, so it makes sense because pres [...]

    17. A young adult fiction involving mystery, history, an unsettled old murder, and a teen aged boy growing up in Orillia. Garnet Havelock is 18 and in the last year of high school and on the threshold of his adult life. What to do? The pressures of family, society, his own desires combine with a mysterious new girl in school and some ghosts from early settlement of Oro Township are buffeting Garnet. It is a sensitive look at a confusing time in the transition from youth to adult, from school to care [...]

    18. This is seriously the best book I have ever read. Originally I wasn't too thrilled about getting this book for a school project. I normally dislike this genre of book. But when I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. There's so much depth in the story and it is actually (surprisingly) relatable for many people, including myself. It's very interesting to read about the characters changing throughout the book and how their relationships change. It is an extremely interesting and suspenseful [...]

    19. I borrowed this book from a friend, having never heard of it before. I'm glad I did! Stones definitely deserves more recognition, because it deals with the difficult issue of racism in a skilled, respectful and fun way. It also deals with the supernatural, spirits and ghosts, which is not something that you find in young adult novels very often. I love the predictable, but still meaningful love story at the center of the plot, and the theme that you can do whatever you want with your life, and y [...]

    20. THE YEAR: 2004THE PERSON: meTHE STORY: I got a door prize at the library's writing contest (at which I had already won a writing prize, so you know, things were going pretty good for me) and this was that prize so I took it home and read it and then I clutched my face and screamed a lt about history and ladies and Raphaella, always Raphaella basically what I do now, only with fewer sexually explict jokes.

    21. Good story, and Garnet's voice was very well developed, along with his relationship with his parents. As a young adult book it's quite good; I just felt it wasn't quite up to the level of some of the other juvenile/teen fiction I've read lately. The revelation about Raphaella's father felt a little clunky, and I'm a little weary with the trope of the incredibly beautiful/perfectly self-assured/mysterious female protagonist.

    22. Very creepy! I like how the book remained mysterious all the way to the end. The author kept us in suspense by not revealing the ghosts' secrets untill the last chapter, and only letting us onto the secondary character's past in the epilouge. I wont spoil the surprise here, so read the book to find out the shocking secrets!

    23. This book was really good. I was sucked in five pages in and couldn't put it down. It also scared me to the point I slept with the lights on. It's a creepy book but the main character Garnet really is a great character and I love the writing and point of views. I clicked with this book and highly recommend it!!!

    24. I read this at fourteen and freaked me out so much. I was pretty sure this was a horror as it has ghosts and also a very graphic stoning scene. It has been 6 years and I can still see the words appearing that describe the stoning. Proceed with caution. I also didn't see the purpose it would have been fine if there was a purpose but the plot seemed little and he compensating with gore and ghosts.

    25. This book is amazing!!! Reading it was so mush fun and interesting. Garnet is a young teenage boy living a crazy life, working at his dad's small antique shop and having a love at first sight; Raphaella. He try's to win her love and the story is just beginning. I really recommend this book!! You'll love it

    26. A young boy and his new girlfriend discover the secret of the past of their Ontario community, once a final stop on the Underground Railroad. This is a great book—full of emotion and mystery and alternative characterizations of boys and girls and parents… a successful text for the young teen reader.

    27. Since this was a teen book, it was a lot less detailed and tended to skip larger chunks of time. I liked the history on Orillia and the county of Or. I did want to learn if raphaella and garnet stayed together as they got older, but that would make a second book.

    28. This is one of my favourite YA novels and I am actually rereading it after a few years – love the characters and the dialogue as well as the plot. I've only just started reading it again, but after a few chapters, can't put it down.Loved it~

    29. This is one of my favorite books.I read this in grade 9 for English class but the story behind it really impacted me.I like the characters and their quirks,as well as the historical values of it.I actually cried near the end,it was too heart wrenching for me.

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